Just Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2018

Just Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Just want to see you smile poster

  • Aka: Smile, Sm:)e
  • Genre: Romance, Youth
  • Date Released: 2018
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes
  • Based on a novel


  • Li Wenhan as Shu Shan
  • Du Bella as Xiao Xing
  • Hou Jung Chen as Xin Yuanling (Mr Xin)

Other Characters:

  • Zhao Duona as Shen Xun – Superstar Product Endorser
  • Zhang ShaSha as Jiang Ye, Shen Xun & Shu Shan’s manager
  • Lin Xiao as An Ge, young new actor
  • Huang Xin Yao as Du Nian, ambitious actress and Xiao Xing’s flatmate
  • Lin Shi Jie as Ye Ling (Director Ye)
  • Liu Daphne as Du Ruo, XiaoXing’s bestfriend and flatmate
  • Yan Li, Director
  • Fang Li, Mr Qin Assistant


Two damaged individuals, fated by a long time ago accident , overcome their difficulties by being together.

Episode 1

First few minutes of this drama and I love it already.

Xiao Xing is an actress but with a difference.  She suffers from lens aphasia, which is the inability to talk when faced with a camera/lens.

Due to this condition, Xiao Xing plays mainly roles of a dead person.  When not acting dead, she is an all-around girl, doing props, make-up and in charge of the clapper.

Omigod, this drama is so cute and Li Wenhan is just too adorable.  Du Bella is feisty and appealing.  Really loving this drama.

Shu Shan is a superstar.  He’s a singer but for some reason, he developed haphephobia, the fear of touching and being touched.  This was due to an accident in the past that has yet to be revealed.

He went to the studio with his manager and a budding actress called Shen Xun, who is a superstar product endorser.  In the chaos of the over-excited fans, Xiao Xing was tasked to bring in Shen Xun into the studio.  But Xiao Xing dragged the wrong person.  She took Shu Shan instead, who was absolutely surprised that her touch did not repel him.

Now he had to convince her to be his assistant!

Episode 2

Shu Shan has been courting Xiao Xing to become his assistant but she had turned down his offer repeated.

Xiao Xing is really desperate to become an actress but she just can’t do it .

Her role as an extra in a historical drama was made bigger by the director because she has a great screen presence.  He gave her a dialogue but when the camera started rolling she froze..

It seems she has no choice but to accept Shu Shan’s offer until she can get over her fear with the camera.

Episode 3

Shu Shan found Xiao Xing in a corner looking very upset. Shu Shan told her to go with him and they had a lovely talk.  In addition, Xiao Xing was pleased to receive the designer dress she wanted but can’t afford and nowhere really to wear to.

There was a funny scene where Xiao Xing was storytelling a horror story.  She was standing in a chair with a noose on her neck for maximum effect.  Unfortunately, her best friend accidentally kicked down the chair and she was left hanging hysterically for a few seconds.

Xiao Xing finally accepted that with how things are, she cannot be an actress.  She made a decision to be Shu Shan’s assistant instead.

This episode is a visual treat.  There are lots of half-naked scenes with Shu Shan.  hehehe When he was in bed, after a shower.  yey

Episode 4

Shu Shan is being cast in a drama called Life Target.  Du Nian, a young ambitious actress is trying to get closer to Shu Shan.

Episode 5

Shu Shan finally confessed to Xiao Xing his fear of touching and being touched.

To help Shu Shan get used to his leading lady, Xiao Xing bought online a sex doll, she then pasted Du Nian’s facial photo on the doll.  This scene was hilarious.

Shu Shan was watching the news report about a man who has been assaulting women near where he dropped off Xiao Xing.

He rushed the place and when he heard scream he run to Xiao Xing and lovingly assured himself that she was not hurt.

The thing is that Xiao Xing’s sideline was vlogging horrific scenarios and she was rather popular at it.

Episode 6

Xiao Xing’s tender moment with Shu Shan was trending, which was a headache for the producer and Shushan’s manager, who were busily thinking of damage limitation control.

An idol, ideally, should be footloose and fancy-free to cater to the fans’ adoration. 🙂

Shu Shan was advised to lie-low for a few days but the incident just got worse when the producer, Mr Qin, trying to control the situation was photographed in a rather compromising position with Xiao Xing.  Now it was trending that it was a love triangle. LOL

Episode 7

Poor Xiao Xing was being harassed by ShuZhan’s fans.  He had to do a live stream to pacify his fans and in the background, Mr Qin had to use money to make the issue go away.

An Ge ,a promising young actor is rather interested with XiaoXing.  Shu Zhan was very jealous of this.  The scene where An Ge gave Xiao Xing flowers was hilarious.

There was a gathering dark cloud in the form of Du Nian, Xiao Xing’s flatmate and sister of her best friend.

Du Nian wanted to get closer to Shu Zhan but Xiao Xing was always there preventing her to be near the idol.

Shu Shan was absolutely adorable in this episode, he kissed the surprised Xiao Xing, which was witnessed by Mr Qin, who called Xiao Xing to explain how many men she’s got! 🙂

Episode 8

This episode is the most stupidly funny one so far.

Because Xiaoxing thinks  Mr Qin is going overboard in telling her off about romantic involvement with Shu Shan, she tried to get her revenge.

She arranged the sex doll into his office couch and threw feather downs like confetti all over the doll and office.  He went to clean himself up because he was allergic to the feathers, but he found her hiding in his bathroom.   She managed to run off.

Poor Mr Qin was not having a good time.  He was tidying his office and picked up the sex doll but it was misconstrued by Shen xun when she barged into the office.

Director Ye was being driven by his inexperience assistance.  When he got down from the car, he fell straight to an open manhole.  You have to watch it to believe it.

Episode 9

Shu Zhan was about to confess to Xiaoxing but Xiaoxing interrupted him, telling him that what he feels for her was all due to his illness.  The attraction he feels is because she is the only one he can touch.  What if he recovers will his feelings not change?!!!

Episode 10

Xiaoxing almost drowned because she can’t swim when she accidentally fell on the pool with Mr Qin.  It looks like Xiaoxing has so many admirers, including Mr Qin.

Episode 11

Oh no, the love triangle between Shu Zhan, Xiaoxing and Mr Qin is heating up.  I love Shu Zhan and Xiaoxing together but Mr Qin with Xiaoxing is also romantically adorable and it seems Shu Zhan has began to notice it too.

Xiaoxing had her midnight live stream again, which was gatecrashed unintentionally by Mr Qin.  With the disturbance, Xiaoxing just naturally spoke while being filmed.  This was noticed immediately by Du Ruo.

Xiaoxing immediately decided that she needed Mr Qin to put her in an irate mode so she will overcome her phobia with cameras.

She was watching Shu Zhan and An Ge rehearsed when she up and left to go to Mr Qin.  They ended up in a storeroom.  She told him a garbled explanation about her camera shyness and then she hugged him.  He then pushed her towards some boxes which were going to topple over her but he tried to protect her.  They were then trapped by the boxes and can’t get out.

Episode 12

The boxes started to explode and created a fire, much to the freight and worry of Shu Zhan who received a brief call from Xioaxing.

Thank goodness she was fine.  Their reunion was heartwarming but rather heartbreaking for Mr Qin as he watched them hugging as if their lives depend on it.

Xiaoxing and Shu Zhan are now officially together and Shu Zhan is proving to be a very caring boyfriend.

There was a news exclusive that he was dating Du Nian.  He tried to delay the shooting with Du Nian so as not to upset Xiaoxing, who told him off that he was being unfair to the staff and crew.

Episode 13

This episode is almost the opposite of No 12.  There is more angst.

Shen Xun is upset because it looks like Xiaoxing had managed to seduce Mr Qin, whom she had had a one-sided love for ages.  Because she was upset, she left the filming, which causes delay.

What Shen Xun doesn’t know is that Mr Qin is in a conference with his management to sort out the finances.

Episode 14

Du Nian, having sprained her ankles, is throwing tantrum because Xiaoxing is going to replace her in her role.  Du Nian was going mental calling Xiaoxing a psychopath when she is the one who was so spoilt.

Xiaosing spoke to Mr Qin about her Lens Aphasia.  She also mentioned that she has found a cure and it was him.

Episode 15

This is a rather poignant episode.

Shen Xun took Mr Qin aside and confessed to him, unknowingly allowing all the staff, crews and actors and actresses in their set to hear.  She forgot to turn off her mic.

Everyone heard Mr Qin telling her that she was only ever a friend to him and nothing could ever happen between them.

Shen Xun asked him if he was in love with Xiaoxing.

He readily said yes, much to Shen Xun’s distress.

Xiaoxing and Shu Zhan heard this too.

This incident was rather embarrassing for Xiaoxing as she became a topic of gossip.

Mr Qin came to find her and confessed to her personally 🙂  He is so cute.  (When is he going to get the girl in a drama? He lost the girl in Ugly Girl, Hua Rua Ha)  He said too that if she was to be with him, she can get better roles.  Xiaoxing told him off and left.

Mr Qin will not go down without a fight.  He called Shu Zhan and told him that as far as he is concerned, it was an open field and he will fight Shu Zhan for Xiaoxing.

Episode 16

Finally, Shu Zhan can now touch anyone and he has been touching everyone with impunity. 🙂   Xiaoxing substituted a placebo to his medication and found out that he has no trouble holding on to his leading lady.

Episode 17

Du Nian created such a big fuss with her microblogging that she lost her job because of the man-eater Xiaoxing having seduced both the producer, Mr Qin and the lead star, Shu Zhan.

Du Nian was being manipulated by a vengeful powerful woman, Mrs He.  She’s the one who told that immature Du Nian to share her feelings against Xiaoxing.

It seems there is a mystery here as Mrs He has a daughter, who looks like in a coma.

Episode 18

Xiaoxing reconciled with her father but then she found out a long buried secret of her past.  It is intriguing because it is explained completely yet.  But it seems she was always been connected with ShuZhan.  As kids they were involved in an accident where another little girl was left bleeding on the road.

Xiaoxing remembered this and then said that it was her fault that ShuZhan suffered from his condition.  Her father said that she must not let ShuZhan find out after he had just overcome his illness.  He must not be traumatized and revert back.

Her father told her that she must leave the film, Life Tide,  and go abroad to study acting.

Episode 19

Xiaoxing has left the film and Du NIan has been re-reinstated to her old role.  Yan Li, the cinematographic director has been spying for Mrs He.

Episode 20

The film had finally wrapped up.

At last Du Nian developed a bit of a conscience.  She refused the order of Mrs He to publish some document in her Du Nian’s blog.

Episode 21

Du Nian and Du Ruo reconciled.  Du Nian told her about how she misjudged Xiaoxing.

Xiaoxing and Shu Zhan had a heartbreaking breakup.

Episode 22

Shu Zhan had gone back to being mentally disturbed after finding out that Xiaoxing was the girl her little step-sister saved, which led her to be in a coma for the last 14 years.

Mrs He was being very vindictive. She wanted both Shu Zhan and XiaoXing to suffer as her daughter is nothing but a vegetable at the present time.

Episode 23

Mrs He forgave them.

Episode 24

Everyone lived happily ever after! 🙂

I don’t know about Mr Qin though because he went to America for at least 2 years to find himself, as one does 🙂 🙂  But beforehand he had a heart-rending goodbye meeting with Xiaoxing, who was really upset to see him go.

And then fast forward two years later…

Du Nian is now a reformed character, not so bitter anymore, who is an awarded actress.  She is in a budding relationship with An Ge, who was about to embark on the extreme sport, in collaboration with Mr Qin.

Director Ye had become a devoted husband to Du Rou, who is now six months pregnant.

Mrs Ye and Shu Zhan’s father might get it on again.

As to Xiaoxing and Shu Zhan, they are still going strong.




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