Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)


Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)

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  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Date Released: February 2017
  • CDrama: 20 episodes


  • Song Wei Long as Gu Shi Yi
  • Zhou Yu Tong as Xue Ji
  • Wang Riley as Li Zhe
  • Wang Xu Dong as  Shun Shan
  • Gao Xi Er as Jiang Huai
  • Zhang Nan as Lin Bei La
  • Zhao Yao Ke as Lisa



It is about an immortal looking for the boy/man of her dreams.

I have to admit that I am watching this drama because of Song Wei long.  But having just seen the first couple of episodes, I like the lead girl immediately.  She is strong and feisty and pretty.

Episode 1

The story started in France.

A billionaire who has a harem of wives dies leaving the bulk of his fortune to his daughter who had been banished in a remote island.

This legacy became a contention among the family especially to the current young wife who expected to get everything.

This young wife has a French lover.  Between them they arranged the murder of the daughter.

Episode 2

The assailants shoot the girl pointblank in the chest.  They took photo of her dying and sent it to the young wife.

The daughter had previously engaged the butler of her father.  He became very anxious when the girl did not come home.

He suspected foul play immediately as the signing of documents was about to happen.

Back in the forest, the dead girl started to come alive.  She found her mobile phone and called the butler to pick her up.

The butler was half aware of the secret as he was the father’s most trusted personnel. 🙂

The girl is actully badass.

She called the young wife for a talk.  Over dinner, she had it confirmed that her ‘death’ was the young wife’s machination.

With a gun, the daughter played Russian roulette with the frightened wife.  The girl made her promised not to do it again, not to touch her, come near her in the future.

Listening to this was the adopted son, Li Zhe.

Episode 3

Li Zhe interrogated Xue Ji who she was. She told him that she’s looking for a man in her dreams.  He said that could it be him the man she dreams?

He told her that he doesn’t want the money from the inheritance.  He wanted her to be safe.

Xue Ji has gone back to China and promptly drove a Lamborghini which Gu Shi Yi with his friend, Jiang Huai had crashed into.

Gu Shi Yi is a newbie driver without insurance and together with Jiang Huai are just students.  They begged Xue Ji to give them a discount with the repair of the car.

Xue Jin contacted Jiang Huai with the amount of the repair which was 200,000 Yuan, more than she and Gu Shi Yan can afford to pay.

Xue Jin proposed that Jiang Huai becomes her butler for a year to pay off the money.  Jiang can’t really refuse and in a way, it was a blessing as she needed to look for a cheaper place to stay at.  Xue Jin told her that they knew each other from a long time ago.  Their mothers were friends.

Gu Shi Yi was rather skeptical and he said that he was the one who crashed the car and therefore he should pay.

Song Wei Long looked so young.

Episode 4

Gu Shi Yi is a budding pop star and had just been recently signed it by an agency and one of the rules was not to have a girlfriend.

Gu Shi Yi met up with Xue Jin and Jiang Huai.  He later gave Xue Jin a lift to her place.  In the car, Xue Jin said that they are fated which surprised Gu Shi Yi.  Xue Jin then asked him if he doesn’t dream about her.  If he doesn’t then he was not the man she was looking for.

Li Zhe has gone back to China himself as well and went to see Gu Shi Yi.  Again he asked her whether he was the man of her dreams.  When she told him that she already found the man, he became very sad.

Xue Jin moved in Jiang Huai but they ended up moving in with Gu Shi Yi because Jiang Huai has only a week to stay at her place.

Episode 5

The progress was very quick.  Gu Shi Yi ashed Xue Jin why not become his girlfriend.  He also a bit perturbed that she likes the man in her dreams who looks like him rather than him now.

Xue Jin is popular with the housemates because she buys them loads of presents.

Li Zhe came to visit her in the house and was jealous so he ended up staying the night and slept with Gu Shi Yin on the floor and woke in each other’s arms.  So cute.

Episode 6

Gu Shi Yi dreamt that was in ancient China and being married to Xue Jin.  But it looked like he was very emotional, shedding a few tears.

He told Xue Jin of having dreamt about her but he said probably it was because she was stressing him too much talking about dreams.

Xue Jin and Jang Huai moved into the mansion.  To create a reason to visit the girls or rather Xue Jin, Gu Shi Yi put his phone charger into Jiang Huai’s bag.

He then later went to collect the charger but had a lovely cute moment with Xue Jin, carrying her to her upstairs to her bedroom while she slept in his arms.

Jang Huai asked Xue Jin if her mother can stay with them for one night.

Episode 7

Xue Jin’s brother died in an accident,so she had to go back to France.

Gu Shi Yi called her to commiserate with her but she said that she was not sad.  Gu Shi Yi ended up saying that if something happens to him she will be far from being sad and then he hang up.

A new girl, Chairman Lin appeared in the agency.

Episode 8

Xue Jin has come back from France.

An elderly woman also came back from France.  She has been tracking Xue Jin.

Episode 9

Gu Shi Yi had another instalment of dreams.  It was on his wedding night with Xue Jin 1000 years ago.  They were about to consummate their marriage when from under a pillow Gu Shi Yi pulled a knife and stabbed Xue Jin.

The elderly woman was dying of cancer and for some reason, she had Jiang Huai abducted in order to force Xue Jin to meet with her.

Gu Shi Yi is being stalked by President Lin, who appears to be another immortal as she killed Li Zhe’s mother when he was still very young.

Episode 10

Jiang Huai’s mother approached her again because she needed money as their investment including their house have been lost.  She wanted Jiang Huai to borrow money from Xue Jin.

The Elderly Lady appeared and said that she will pay all the money her mother had lost as long as Jiang Huai’s convinces Xue Jin to donate blood to her.

Episode 11

Xue Jin promised Jiang Huai that she can have anything she wishes for her birthday.

It was her 21st and she wishes that Xue Jin donate blood to the Elderly Lady.


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