Love & π (Taiwanese Drama Review)


Love & π (Taiwanese Drama Review)

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  • AKA: Love & Pi, 3.14159
  • Genre: Romance, Coming of Age, Youth
  • Date Release: July 2018
  • TwDrama: 15 Episodes



  • Wu Ben as Zhao Wu Xian
  • Shao Ivy as Zhao Yuan Man
  • Chen Daniel as Hou Zi Cheng
  • Lee Jenny as Zhang Ruo Yun
  • Lin Mike as Sun Zhi Hao
  • Yang Candy as Lin Mei Xin
  • Kerr Shu as Xu Shi Ming
  • Blue Lan as Liang Yi Qing


This is the second drama I have seen Shao Ivy in a matter of months.  I last saw her in the recently concluded Sweet Combat, starring the real-life sweethearts Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong.

Anyway, this drama started well.

Wu Xian and Yuan Man both grew up in an orphanage, with their identity unknown.  The dean of the orphanage then gave them his name and bestowed to them the same date of birth.

Wu Xian is the feistier of the two, she was always allowed her to get what she wants, thus she was spoiled and full of pride.

Even at a young age, she dreamt of going to Taipei to earn money.  When she was ten, she convinced Wu Xian, Zi Cheng and some other young kids to run away to Taipei.  But the kindly dean found them and brought them back.

He promised them that when they have grown up he will help them get to Taipei.

When they turned 18, the time that they need to leave the orphanage, the Dean sent them off on their way to Taipei. Wu Xian and Yuan Man to study and Zi Cheng to look for a job.

The three friends pooled their money together to rent a small place for them.  A place for Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan to come home to during the weekend when they both leave their dorm.  Unfortunately, they gave their money to a swindler.

Episode 2

Zi Cheng was in trouble when he found the swindler all bloodied.

Any Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan began to settle into a life as university students.  Both started to make friends but they started to realise that they may be attracted to one another. This also meant that they felt jealousy whenever the other has a more meaningful friendship with the opposite sex.

Wu Xian has a rather well-off girl who seems to be after him which hurt Yuan Yuan.

That weekend, there was a scooter rally in which Wu Xian decided to participate in.  He made an agreement with Yuan Yuan to partner with him. He will tie a red ribbon to the key ring and expects Yuan Yuan to pick it up to ensure that they will be fellow riders in his scooter.  But Yuan Yuan saw beforehand that Wu Xian seems to be rather friendly with the well-off girl.

Yuan Yuan chose another key ring instead which confused Wu Xian.

Episode 3

Yuan Yuan and Wu Xian suddenly learned that the world is big and wider than just the two of them.  There are just so much to see and experience which challenged their closed friendship.

Poor Zi Cheng became a victim of a scammer.  He was tasked to swindle an elderly person of his life savings.

Yuan Yuan, feeling that she was being left behind by Wu Xian was beguiled by Sun Zhi Hao.

Wu Xian was upset by this turn of event because he does like Yuan Yuan and questions why she did not pick him.

Zhang Ruo Yun confessed to Wu Xian, telling him that she likes him and would wait for his reply.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Yuan Yuan broke up with her boyfriend.

Wu Xian changed courses, from design to medical school.

But poor Zi Cheng ended up in prison.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan broke up.

Wu Xian flew to Denmark as an exchange student.

Three years later, Liang Yi Qing was meeting Yuan at the airport.

Yuan Yuan is now a successful executive.

Episode 12

Zhang Ruo Yun finally got her claws on Wu Xian and they work at the same hospital where Wu Xian is a doctor while Ruo Yun is in management.

The YuanYuan gang as the friends like themselves to call had a dinner reunion which went well.  This dinner also initiated the return to the friendship between Wu Xian and Zi Cheng, which became fragmented because of jealousy and perceived betrayal.

There was still that undeniable chemistry between Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan but at this point, both are resigned that their past love affair was all water under the bridge.

Shi Ming and Mei Xin are still going strong as a pair, very successful in their business but there is a little bit of intrigue that might rock their marriage.  Their waitress Yi Qing is slowly seducing him.  Shi Ming has been begging Mei Xin to start a family but Mei Xin wants to grow their business more and dreams of starting a few branches over the city.

Episode 13

Yuan Yuan is having a stressful time at work.  Her manager below her, who is related to the president of the company (Yuan Yuan was just appointed as Vice President) is sabotaging all her innovation for the company.  The president was of course siding with his niece, who was bitter because she had worked for the company for a number of years and expected to get the vice presidency but found out that her once underling, Yuan Yuan, got it instead.

One of the repercussions of the sabotage was unemployment for some staff, who included Yuan Yuan’s best friend from university, who had become a member of the Yuan Yuan Gang over the years.

Fortunately, the CEO of the company who is also Yuan Yuan’s sponsor and mentor helped her out and revealed the sabotage.

Also in the middle of that stressful time for Yuan Yuan, Wu Xian took her to a nursing home where he introduced her to a woman who was almost in a vegetative state.  Wu Xian then broached the subject that the woman could possibly be Yuan Yuan’s mother, who abandoned her in a train station.  Good one Wu Xian! 🙁  🙁  Is that some sort of Freudian revenge?!!!

Episode 14

Episode 15

Ruo Yun’s father had a talk with Wu Xian about this relationship with his daughter.  He intimated that his daughter truly loves Wu Xian and had waited long enough to be a bride.  The father then produces a diamond ring he wishes Wu Xian would give to Ruo Yun and ties the knot.

The engagement ring was left sitting on his cupboard until Ruo Yun found it while putting away Wu Xian’s washed clothes.

She then presented the ring to Wu Xian under the eagle eyes of staff at the hospital and also Yuan Yuan.  They chanted to put the ring on Ruo Yun’s finger which rather forced Wu Xian to make the engagement official.

Episode 16

This is a very sad episode.

Mei Xin and Shi Ming are about to divorce.

Yuan Yuan had a change of heart and confessed that she regrets letting go of Wu Xian.

Wu Xian had a heart to heart with Ruo Yun.

He then went to Yuan Yuan and told her to ask what she meant with the confession she made which he and Ruo Yun overheard.  But at the last minute, he chickened out in asking her outright.

And the final and saddest scene was the death of Zi Cheng.

Episode 17

Zi Cheng from the grave helped Yuan Yuan and Wu Xian reconcile.

The confession from Yuan Yuan seemed to wake up all the emotions and feeling Wu Xian had in him for her.

He tried to break up with Ruo Yun but she was making excuses not to talk with him.

In the end, she cannot escape the inevitable and accepted that she was not really meant for Wu Xian.  With dignity, she let him go.

And he went quickly to Yuan Yuan.  The poor girl was so shocked to have wu Xian hugging her from out of the blue.

He courted her promised to look after her forever.

Mei Xin and Shi Ming did not divorce because they both realised that they can’t live without each other.  When Mei Xin told him that she knew he was going to get together with one of their waitress, Shi Ming was so shocked,  He said it never entered his mind to be together with anyone other than Mei Xin.

Mei Xin then rewarded him with news that she was pregnant.  Shi Ming was in ecstasy.

The End

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