Battle Through The Heaven (Chinese Drama Review)


Battle Through The Heaven (Chinese Drama Review)

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  • Wu Leo as Xiao Yan
  • Lin Yun as Xiao Xun Er
  • Baron Chen as Yao Chen
  • Li Qian as Xiao Yi Xian
  • Koo Jason as Hu Jia
  • Wu Jia Cheng as Wu Hao
  • Xiao Zhan as Lin Xiu Ya
  • Pen Chu Yue as Han Xian
  • Su Qing as Yan Yan
  • Chen Emn as Ye Lan
  • Li Zi Feng as Gu Yuan
  • Yan Xi as Xiao Li
  • Xin Zhi Lei as Medusa
  • Guo Zi Yu as Fan Ling

Episode 1

I was so tired last night so I was only half awake watching the first episode of this drama.  I have to admit, though I was really knackered, the drama did keep me awake for most of the time but the subtitle was so fast my befuddled brain was extremely challenged.

Anyway what I can gather from the moving pictures rather than the subtitles, 🙂  Xiao Yan lost his mother when he was nine years old.  His mother was a bit of a warrior renegade.  She had to sacrifice herself and commit seppuku to ensure that her interrogator does not get any information from her.

Xiao Yan saw his mother killing herself and this affected him greatly.

Seven years later, Xiao Yan grew up into a rather skittish young man, who often gets bullied for his weak grasp of martial arts.  No matter how much he practices, he can’t just develop enough stamina that would be comparable to the other students in their dojo.

Even his childhood friend Xiao Xun Er (a girl)  was stronger than him.  This was really upsetting for him as he was once upon a time the star pupil of the dojo.

He was in a doldrums as his father, a known martial artist, refuses to teach him a special lethal move. His father thinks it was not right for him; it was too soon.

Xiao Yan then met a mystic man, Yao Chen, who lives within Xiao Yan’s ring.  Yao Chen knew of Xiao Yan’s mother, whom he respected and cared for.   He started showing Xiao Yan some snazzy martial art’s moves.

(I have to say Baron Chen as Yao Chen with purple-gray long hair is still as gorgeous as back when he was lead in Bromance.)

Meanwhile, at home, Xiao Yan’s father had accepted a marriage alliance for Xiao Yan.

Episode 2

Episode 2 got me totally hooked.

Xiao Yan was jilted.  The Clan Nalan refuses to have a closer relationship through marriage with the Xiao clan as they were deemed not worthy enough. T

he beautiful princess of Nalan was the last hope of her clan, Xiao Yan is not good enough for Yan Ran.  He cannot protect her or their clan, he is not fit to lead the clan Nalan.

The engagement celebration came to an embarrassing bloody fight between Yan Ran and Xiao Yan.  She defeated him easily but Xiao Yan kept at it.  In the end he had to surrender after receiving a serious punch from her.

Yan Ran said in three years time they will fight again and if he wins, then she will be at his service.

Xiao Yan told her that they would certainly meet again in three years but only to right the embarrassment the Xiao family suffered that day.  He does not want a marriage with her.  This rather shook the princess which was noticed by Xuao Yun’er.  She told the princess that she will regret her decision she made today.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yan is desperate to learn the special Qi, level 3, whatever that is?!!!  He went to Yao Chen, who was once her mother’s teacher and mentor.

Yao Chen, who lives in the ring, said that he will start training Xiao Yan only if he could defeat a giant scorpion in a mortal combat.

Though Xiao Yan was badly hurt, he killed the scorpion.

Episode 3

As promised Yao Chen has become his mentor.  He taught him the Fighting Qi but in order to strengthen him he allowed Xioa Yan to undergo the dangerous energy bug to open up his drive and bouyancy (or something like that 🙂  )

It was time for enrollment to different academies.  Yao Chen advised Xiao Yan to ensure to Jia Nan Academy.  Xiao Yan told him that was impossible as he has no background in the martial arts yet.

Yao Chen made him practice the impressive 8 points strike.

During the tournament, Xiao Clan was rather the underdog as they had hardly enough candidates to represent their dojo at least until Xiao Yan put himself forward.

Everyone was surprised as it was widely known that Xiao Yan is a weakling.

But everyone was taken aback when Xiao Yan showed extraordinary improvement in so short a time.  His mastery of the 8-point strike was awesome.

Xiao Yan, Xiao Yun’er and two others from their dojo eventually got to Jia Nan academy.

Xiao Yun’er was curious how he managed to improve so quickly and asked his secret.

Xiao Yan asked for advice with Yao Chen how to reply to Yun’er.  He was told by Yao Chen to tell her the truth.  This is another exciting episode.  It is just getting better and better.  Fingers crossed it continues.

The ending OST was so catchy.  It is by XNine

When are they going to appear in this drama?  Remember the XNine from the Oh My Emperor?!!”

Episode 4

Yes in this episode the XNine finally appeared.  They were also some of the students from all over the world to come to learn and polish their martial arts at Jia Nan Academy, reminiscent of Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The trek to the academy is fraught with danger and failure.  They found out that the trail would involve a test of stamina and ability.  They had to undergo smelting trials involving being ‘tortured’ by the senior of the school.  It was a game of cat and mouse.

Here the four members of XNine banded with Xiao Yan and Xiao Yun’er to get pass the trail.  This episode is fun and pretty exciting.

Episode 5

Almost from the first day of school, Xiao Yan became a victim of the martial arts’s instructor’s. bullying.

Episode 6

The instructor would beat up Xiao Yan and then send him to clean up and polish a room.  This went on until it got worst.  He allowed Xiao Yan to be framed as a thief.

He was about to be expelled when one of the big wigs of the school intervened because he was not convinced that Xiao Yan was indeed a thief.

Due to having fought back, he was put into a detention, a solitary confinement for three days.

During his confinement, he overheard some of the senior students discussing joining the Blood Sect.

When he got out he took Lin Xiu Ya with him to investigate the blood sect secret meeting.  It was led by a man with a hidden face and he was helped by an enormous snake, who bit the faceless man finger for bloodletting to make his new followers drink from it.  At least two of the seniors drunk the blood before Xiao Yan interrupted to proceedings.

He told them that once they drink the blood they would be a slave to the blood sect.

He then runs with Lin Xiu Ya but the snake followed them.  Lin Xiu Ya run but Xiao Yan fought back the snake.  It was a long fight but Xiao Yan used his fire Qi which reduces the snake into a cube.

LinXiu Ya, however, met the faceless man.

Xiao Yan reported his exploit to the school.  No one at first preferred to believe him until he gave them the finger, which was the secret sign of the master of the blood sect.

Apparently, those with the blood bugs from the blood sect would turn into a zombie.

Episode 7

The freshmen are fed up being the victims of harassment from their seniors that they decided to form their own gang which they wanted to originally call Yan Gang after their leader Xiao Yan.

Their instructor adviser thought better of it as Xiao Yan seems to attract trouble, which is contrary to what they were trying to sell to the adviser.

So they had to rename their group as the Flame gang.

Episode 8

The newly established Flame Gang was given their own Practice Room, which was rather derelict.  They need funds to rebuild and decorate.

To make money they decided to manufacture Qi drugs.  Within days they have the funds to decorate but by then they attracted the attention of the Medical Clan who they price cut from the market.

The Flame Gang was duly challenged by the Medical Clan.

The Flame Gang had a great difficulty winning the challenge at first but Xiao Yan can through in the end.

Episode 9

The defeated leader of the Medical Clan was rather vengeful.  He would not let things lie low.  He said that every day a challenge will be issued to the Flame Gang from the Medicine Clan.

During the inauguration of the Flame Gang HQ, the leader of the Medicine Clan gatecrashed the celebration.  They ended up fighting which got found out by the teachers.  This meant Xiao Yan and the leader of the Medicine Clan were confined together.

They had a heart to heart and decided to be brothers in arms.

Episode 10

Xiao Yan’s trouble is not over yet.  He was personally challenged to a duel by the leader of the White Clan, who is a know starfighter.

He did not really want to fight and certainly, his gang begged him not to accept the challenge but he does not any choice as the leader of the gang.  The leader of the White group had told him that if he does not accept the challenge he will force his gang to fight him one by one and he would love.  He taunted Xiao Yan that he would especially enjoy a good fight with  Xun Er.

Xiao Yan prepares for the fight including undergoing some death-defying rituals like being sat on a burning Kiln to burnt off all the impurities in his body.

Finally, he was given the bone spirit ice fire ritual which zapped all his energy and yet he was still determined to fight the White Gang leader.

To begin with, he was beaten up left, right and centre and it seems hopeless.

The even for a fantasy drama, the scene was surreal, he was speaking to his younger self and telling him to love his mother and not let her leave.

Then the most amazing thing.  Rather spectacularly divine, he started to grow huge purple cloud wings.  And then nothing can stop him.  He is unbeatable.

Episode 11

Their first mission as a team was go to the mountains amongst the beast.  There was a truce between the beast kingdom and the human kingdom but each should be wary of each other.

While on their expedition, they were almost assaulted by a purple wing lion with a green hair girl on its back.  The girl is apparently a cannibal.

The students were tasked to go deep into the mountains in groups.  Xiao Yan group encountered a rather ferocious beast giant centipede.

When the centipede was defeated it left a huge chest box from its stomach.  When they opened it, there was a frightened girl inside.

Episode 12

The frightened girl was anything but.  She is a disciple of some sect who forced Xao Yan to accompany her to look for the mountain hidden within a mountain.

The had a bit of a chemistry but they parted ways but the girl said she’ll look for him when she comes out of the mountain.

Episode 13

Xiao Yan had a confrontational fight with his uncle, who killed the master, which Xiao Yan’s mother was blamed of.

Xiao Yan ended up falling in a ravine and meeting the green hair woman and the lion.

Things are getting complicated for Xiao Yan.  He may be creating a harem of his own as he inadvertently promised the green haired girl/poison girl marriage.  Now Nalan Yanran is also showing concern for him.  But his heart is really with Xun Er











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