Devilish Joy (KDrama Review & Summary)


Devilish Joy (KDrama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Chaebol Romance
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes
  • Origin: South Korea


  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Gong Ma Sung
  • Song Ha Yoon as Joo Gi Bbeum
  • Hoya as Sung Ki Joon
  • Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Ha-Im
  • Lee Soo Ji as Ko Nan Joo
  • Kim Min Sang a Doctor Yoon
  • Kang Yoon Je as Joo Ja Rang
  • Oh Gwang Rok as Joo Man Sik
  • Jang In Sub as Yang Woo-Jin


A chaebol with a short-memory syndrome, falls in love with a has been singer/actress.


Episode 1

Gong Ma Sung is a chaebol, a neuroscientist and successor to Sunwoo Company, which run a hospital amongst other things.

He was on a business trip to China when he met an up and coming singer/actress Joo Gi Bbeum.

Their attraction to each other was instant.  They spent a very eventful day in each other’s company and by the end of it, they agreed to be in a relationship.

Gong Ma Sung and Joo Gi Bbeum agreed to meet up later on that day at the same place before the night is over.

Gong Ma Sung was excited to see her again and was at their meeting place fairly early.  He then went to the tattooist next door to get an inking of a flower, which meant memory, to signify the devilishly enjoyable day he spent with Joo Gi Bbeum.  While at the tattoo parlour, he overheard a couple of guys plotting something heinous towards Joo Gi Bbeum.

He followed them as they left.  He was so distracted that he runs towards a passing lorry.  He ended up with his head bleeding on the ground.

Meanwhile, Joo Gi Bbeum waited for him for a long time until she can’t anymore.  She went back to the hotel and met an actor who had been after her for ages, incidentally, he was one of the two men, who were plotting something against her.

This man added a small vial of powder to her cocktail while she was not looking.  Before you know it she passed out and when she came to, she was in a bed in a hotel room next to a dead body of the actor, who gave her the contaminated drink.  The police were seeing to him.

Now, three years later…

Gong Ma Sung had forgotten everything about that day three years ago.  Well, he would as he suffers from the short-memory syndrome. (I’ve just forgotten what comes next!!!)  Poor Gong Ma Sung has become a lonely figure.  He is sometimes taken advantage of and doesn’t remember it.

His memory lasts a day, so he writes everything he does each day and memorises for the next day.  Though rather irksome, he learned to live with it.

Now Joo Gi Bbeum star power is at its minimal. She doesn’t want to remember what happened three years ago.  To make ends meet, she ended up being bullied into doing rather demeaning online vlogs, including eating a whole live fish.

She ends up in the hospital, where her path crossed with Gong Ma Sung once again.

Episode 2

Gong Ma Sung mistakenly thought that Joo Gi Bbeum was the paparazzi who was waiting to take his photo.  He was rather paranoid about having his photo taken.

He grabbed the camera and threw it on the grown which broke the expensive lens.  He then told her to go away.

She asked him “Don’t you remember me?  He said, “Are you important that you would be worth remembering?”

Anyway, Gong Ma Sung made an entry to his diary of the things that happened to him that day, excluding his encounter with Gi Bbeum as she was nothing to him.

The next morning when he woke up and had a shower (bonus scene LOL) he started remembering Gi Bbeum.

Throughout the day he would think of her.  He asked his secretary to look for the anonymous girl with his drawing as the only reference.

Meanwhile, Gi Bbeum is trending online because of her latest video, where she was behaving like a lunatic to remove her bad luck.

Go Mang Sung caught his secretary/PA in hysterics while watching the video.  He got curious and saw that Gi BBeum is the same woman he wanted his PA to locate.

He found out that Gi Bbeum was also running an online shop.  He orders a large number of items in her shop and asked her to deliver it personally.

When they met, it did not end well.  They angrily agreed never to see each other again.

But a few hours later Go Mang Sung just can’t keep away from her and visits her house.

They got talking a little bit of the past.  He asked her that perhaps she pushed him away that is why they broke up.

Go Mang Sung gave her an ultimatum.  She has to decide whether he remembers her tomorrow or delete her from his memory.

She told him to forget her and everything between them.

Episode 3

Despite trying to forget her, Go Mang Sung just can’t.  He went to his doctor friend who diagnosed him being in love with her.

He forgets everything that happens to him every day, but not about her. He thinks of her every single day.

For such a busy executive, he seems to have all the time in the world to go chasing after Jo gi BBeum.

Go Mang Sung is quite indulgent of his cousin and bought him a production company.  Their first sign up was Jo Gi Bbeum.

Episode 4

I was wondering why Go Mang Sung has the shoes and tape player belonging to Jo Gi Bbeum in his house?

It was just explained towards the first part of this episode.  The house he is living now used to belong to Jo Gi Bbeum, who was forced to sell all her belongings to meet all the fines for her contracts which were invalidated because of the scandal she was involved in three years ago.

I can’t believe how Choi Jin Hyuk has become more good looking now.  His smile is just so appealing and contagious.

When he is trying to be cute, he can’t be any cuter.

This episode ended with Go Mang Sung going in place of Joo Gi Bbeum in a quiz show.  He was perfect in the round where it does not involve looking at a well-lit screen to look at the question but a different story when he had to look at bright lights, which caused him to feel like dying.

Episode 5

This is a gem of an episode.

Choi Jin Hyuk is just perfect as a lead in a romantic drama.  I hope there is already another one lined up for him.  He is such a joy – devilish joy with that smile that goes right through his eyes.  Dreamy!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway, Go Mang Sung was out for the count for a couple of hours after his stint at the quiz show and ended up in the hospital.

Joo Gi Bbeun, though followed him in the hospital, was misled that she was rather excess baggage as the live-in girlfriend of Go Mang Sung was about to visit.  So she left the hospital without seeing him.

But she did not have to wait long to see him again as Go Mang Sung came to see her at her house.

They had a cute staring contest moment, which was enough for Go Mang Sung because he had seen her.  He then left and Joo Gi Bbeum was left all happy and excited.

They agreed to meet up in his hotel bar but Lee Ha Im happened to be in the same hotel and accosted her.  Lee Ha Im was aggressive but ended up slump on the floor witnessed by many people.

The commotion attracted Go Mang Sung and seemed to favour Le Ha Im, which infuriated the already angry Joo Gi Bbeum.  She left and was followed immediately by Go Mang Sung.  He explained that it was his hotel so he had to take of the woman on the floor and he cannot be in the centre of angry spat witnessed by many.

This did not pacify Joo Gi Bbeun, and I like her even more for it.  She left and it seems they are back at square one.

Ki Joon invited Joo Gi Bbeun to attend a rather controversial shindig, the Odd Ball, for the upper class, with him.  She did look lovely in a floaty white dress.

She met Go Mang Sung in the party who was surprised to see her there.  He asked her to date for just one season.  Joo Gi Bbeum was insulted.  He clarified it clumsily, that it may lead to the other seasons as well but he just wanted to know if he could really handle her.  Trial period. 🙂

Joo Gi Bbeum was having none of it despite Go Mang Sung begging her that he needed her as he was clinging to her for his survival.

This infuriated Joo Gi Bbeum.  She told him that he does even begin to know what survival is!  She said that she had become dehumanise in order to survive not only for herself but to look after her family.  She had to do anything to make a living, put food on the table.  She then walks off.

The highlight of the party was the host putting Joo Gi Bbeum as the subject for a total humiliation.  He burnt a 10 million won and put the ashes into a glass of wine.  He then asked Joo Gi Bbeum to drink the wine for 1 billion won much to the hilarity of the audience who started chanting “Drink it, Joo Gi Bbeum”

Joo Gi Bbeum raised the glass and intoned 1 billion won and drunk the wine much to the horror of Go Mang Sung.

Episode 6

I tell you this drama is getting better and better and Choi Jin Hyuk alias Go Mang Sung is stealing every scene that he’s in.

Song Ha Yoon is a very beautiful and competent actress but not in the league of her leading man in terms of charisma.

But having said that they do ooze oodles of chemistry together.

Anyway, the cliffhanger last night of Joo Gi Bbeum drinking the wine with the burnt money did not end well for the host.  At the last minute, she threw the rest of the drink in his face.

Joo Gi Bbeum then got the kiss of her life when Go Mang Sung snogged her in front of the guests for the longest time.

They are now flirting up a storm and Go Mang Sung bought a window corner of a coffee shop for her exclusive use to read her script, listen to her thoughts and such like.  So cute.

Joo Gi Bbeum finally got her break into television.  But her nasty ex-manager/guy sabotaged the reality program by having the location changed to the swimming pool.  He was aware that Joo Gi Bbeum suffers from aquaphobia.

Anyway, Joo Gi Bbeum ended up being catapulted into the water and had nearly drowned.  However, because of her reputation, her anti-fans increased in numbers.  Many were commenting that she was just being a drama queen.

Go Mang Sung who had been invited to participate in a nostalgic ‘Meet your first love’ suddenly became interested to be a part of the program.

He was so vocal with his opinion about a new popular actress, Lee Ha Im that he was trending.  He was top of the search engine list, thereby removing some of the heat from Joo Gi Bbeum.

Joo Gi Bbeum was down on the doldrums.  She went to the table by the window with her name on it and started to sob.  Then she saw the gorgeous Go Mang Sung outside, which she thought was just a mirage until he put a headphone on her to calm her down.

Episode 7-8

I hope they tighten up the script a bit because these two episodes are a bit dry.

I don’t really understand why Joo Gi Bbeum is so dowdy and almost fought tooth and nail against Ki-Joon when he tried to buy her better clothes.

Seriously, I don’t really understand how a pampered pop star/ actress just three years ago would forget every nicety in a celebrity life.

I am pretty sure there are some cheap items of clothing that are fashionable so why should she suddenly dress up like a middle age woman.  Even when she was better dressed, she still picked up a dress that is really ill-fitting and why doesn’t she do something about her hair?  Surely her new agent/manager would have suggested for her to do a little make-over before he launched her back.

Anyway, Joo Gi Bbeum and Go Mang Sung was going on a date and adviced her to dress up.  Well, she waited and waited for him but once again, he was a no-show.

What she did not know was that Go Mang Sung had another of his memory relapse.  He seems to be forgetting more and yet remembering more of the past, including how his aunt was totally obnoxious towards him when he was just a child.

She told him that it was all his fault that his parents died, he was an utter evil.

Young Go Mang Sung was sitting on the back seat of their car with his mother.  He was happily playing with a toy car, which he accidentally dropped into the front seat.  His father tried to reach for the toy while at the same time driving the car.  The accident killed his parents instantly.

Go Mang Sung also found out that someone has been doing some frauds in the company which has his signature.  He was advised by his assistant to be wary of his aunt, who is the current CEO and also of his doctor.

The latest prognosis on him is that his brain is dying.

But at the same time, he is remembering more and he has now remembered Joo Gi Bbeum completely.

He asked her if they can be lovers.

Episode 9-10

Go Mang Sung was beginning to remember more and more and vaguely recalls that Joo Gi BBeum’s ex-manager is supposed to be involved in his accident three years ago.

Episode 11-12

Go Mang Sung knows that his time is very limited until his brain finally gives way.  To take care of everything and how the money should be left to where he wanted it to go to, he gave a press conference that he will be leaving his fortune to the nursing home which was his project.

He also undid all the troubles his aunt caused Joo Gi Bbeum.  He gave several bags of makeup and skin care to Gi Bbeum’s prickly sister to make her happy.

He paid the tuition fees of her brother so he does not have to do part-time jobs between studying.

To the father, who has green fingers,  he gave a cactus plant.

And to Joo Gi Bbeum, he allowed her to be happy by secretly hiring the bus she takes to get home.  There he had her record played much to her happiness and pride.

Episode 13 

Go Mang Sung is getting more ill by the minute but he starts remembering more of what had occurred three years ago.

The nasty Joo Gi Bbeum’s ex-manager, Kim Bum Soo, had tried to have the death of the actor from three years ago be reopened and investigated due to new evidence.

The evidence was Joo Gi Bbeum/s bag, which still contains the rest of the drugs that had killed the actor.

Fortunately, Go Mang Sung finally remembered what he overheard at the tattoo parlour three years ago involving buying the drugs from the tattooist who doubles up as a drug dealer.  He sold the drug to Gi Bbeum’s manager who then told the actor to use it to drug Gi Bbeum to submission.  Go Mang Sung was very specific in his description of the drug dealer, who was readily caught by the Chinese police.

The ex-manager was going to be receiving his summon to court but beforehand he told Go Mang sung that his accident was anything but.

This made Go Mang Sung think.

Episode 14

It has been revealed that the accident was indeed not an accident.

Go Mang Sung, personal doctor and hospital director, set up the accident.  He hired someone to run Go Mang Sung over.

Now the doctor is being blackmailed by the manager.

It seems Go Mang Sung’s aunt is the mastermind.

The manager, Kim Bun Soo, wanted a payment of 100 billion won to keep his mouth shut.

Kim Bun Soo had enough presence of mind to guarantee that the Aunt and the doctor do not completely get away with the attempted murder of Go Mang Sung.

He went to GoMang Sung and gave him the secret recording of his meeting with the aunt and doctor.  He encourages Go Mang Sung to do something to ensure that Gi Bbeum is protected from the cruelty of his aunt.

Go Mang Sung took his aunt to lunch and told him that he knew everything including the accident of three years ago.

He asked his aunt why she wanted him dead.  He then said that she sometimes scares him but he had always loved her just like a mother and father rolled into one.

The aunt said that she hated him for all he stands.  Because of a line in her father’s will everything went to the firstborn male child of the family.

Go Mang Sung told his aunts that he will not do anything to her as he will forget about everything the next day.

His aunt left him all alone in the restaurant sad and lonely.

Meanwhile, Gi Bbeum was auditioning for a small part in a movie and it was a success.

She called Go Mang Sung to meet up but he just could not face up to it and lied that he was far away when in fact he was only a few feet from her.

She then later found him unconscious.

Episode 15 

The trailer showed Go Mang Sung with a suitcase and ready to leave.

I reckon he will go to America or Europe for a more sophisticated treatment and come back a new man.  Otherwise, it would just be too sad to end this drama of him being dead and gone.

Episode 15 & 16

15th is a bittersweet episode and would likely to bring you a few tears.  I myself shed a few during the scene between Go Mang Sung and his young cousin, Ki Joon.

Ki Joon was really the one that loved him unconditionally from the start, more than cousins but like true brothers.

When Go Mang Sung asked Ki Joon to perhaps they should hug, Ki Joon was at first reluctant as this was not really manly but he did hug his cousin. This was very moving and I cried.

Yes, Go Mang Sung went abroad for treatment without telling Gi Bbeum, who he sent to America for an audition, while he went to Baltimore himself for treatment and reminisced sadly along a street of bistros remembering his brief time with Gi Bbeum in Hainan, China when they first met.

Actually, that was not the first time they met, as what is becoming common with a great deal of Kdrama love stories, the leads have usually had a forgotten childhood meet-up. 🙂

A random addition to this story was when Gi Bbeum was four years old, she went camping with her dad near a river.

Her dad told her to stay put as he was going to go for a wee.  Gi Bbeum saw a flower, which is called  Mountain Coronate Samworth.  (Apparently, this flower symbolises memory)

Young Gi Bbeum went to pick the flowers by the river bank but lost her footing and tumble down into the water.

Luckily, a young Go Mang Sung was there to fish her out.

The little girl did not show any trauma at all, so how can she suddenly develop such phobia with water?

Very weak and random scene!

Episode 16

The episode started with Jang Woo-Jin, Go Mang Sung’s PA appearing before Gi Bbeum.

He said that Go Mang Sung was really in a pretty bad shape the last time he saw him in Baltimore and then he just suddenly disappeared.

And that was over a month ago.

Past forward a year later, Gi Bbeum is a popular soap star in an American tv.

She is now living at Go Mang Sung’s house.  She is still pining for him but she thought she should really get over him.

She asked Ki Joon, if she could redecorate.  Ki Joon said to go for it.

But Go Mang Sung is not dead; he had lost all his memories again.  He was found by his Doctor Yoon wandering around in Baltimore.

After a year, Go Mang Sung is strong again but without his memories.

He had a joyful reunion with Ki Joon, who at first was scared that Go Mang Sung had completely forgotten him but on the contrary, he knows him by his name and also his nickname of Gallileo.  Again their scene was a touching one.

Gi Bbeum was shooting near the Healthy Village when she wandered down near the fountain.  She suddenly saw a rather familiar figure and of course, it was Go Mang Sung.

He did not recognise her but she confessed to him that they know each other a long time ago.  She then said that she had fallen for him.

A couple of months later, they are getting married for the fourth time as Go Mang Sung does not remember their previous wedding.

He proposes to her every week.

It was a cute, light ending and everyone was happy for them, except probably his three aunts who are all in prison for staff abuse.

Go Mang Sung was a very magnanimous person, he forgave everyone that did him wrong, including Gi Bbeum’s ex manager, who I supposed did redeem himself in some ways.  He was the one who confirmed to Go Mang Sung that his accident was anything but.

I like the story but I have to admit that I was not surprised that this drama is not a popular viewing choice because there are so many things that are really off-putting.

And these things are mainly on the lead actress part.

Don’t get me wrong, she is very pretty but the script did not do her justice.

She was supposed to be a beautiful singing superstar just three years ago and yet she drastically changed into a dowdy middle age woman with no sense of style whatsoever.  Most of the time she looked like a drowned chicken 🙂  What the hell is that hairstyle?  Low ponytail and thick bangs?  Nooo!!!

When she fell again with the gorgeous Go Mang Sung, she turned into a virginal simpering auntie who at first would not sleep with him.  What is that cutesy, little girl expressions?  Not really nice for a thirty-year-old ajumma.  She should be sultry not trying to be cute.  I am afraid by this time they have lost their chemistry in my eyes.  He was always too good for her and needed a better script.

Go Mang Sung suffered so much injustice and bad luck in his life, the audience/viewer like me would have liked him to have given the baddies a little bit of their own medicine and then he could have forgiven them afterwards, that would have sat better with the viewers.  There should be justice in this world.

But all in all still a watchable drama mainly because of Cho Jin Hyuk.

But in the very end, the cast has a surprise singalong which was very cheery, devilishly joyous!!!

The End


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