Legend of Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Historical Drama

  • Legend of Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Historical, Founding of Dynasty, Romance
  • Release Date: February 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 55 Episodes


  • Ady An as Dugu Banruo (Eldest Daughter of Dugu Clan)
  • Jeremy Tsui as Yuwen Hu (lover of Banruo)
  • Zu Tingwel as Yuwen Yu (husband of Dugu Banruo
  • Li Yixiao as Dugu Mantou (Second Daughter)
  • Lu Xingyu as Li Bing (Dugu Mantou’s husband)
  • Hu BingQing as Dugu Jialou (Youngest Dugu daughter)
  • Zhang Danfeng as Yang Jian ( Jialou’s husband)
  • Wang Wenhao as Dugu Xi (Minister of Northern Zhou and Head of the Dugu Family)


The true king is not yet set and the Dugu family will be the key to ruling the world.

-The Prophesy

I have just finished watching this rollercoaster of a drama, which is a fictionalised version of real ancient empire builders.

I have to admit I did really enjoy the story and had so much giggles reading a fragmented and haphazard English translation of the subtitles.

The translator, blessed him, was very forthcoming with his opinion which sometimes supersedes the real translation of the subs.

There were times when a character was giving a monologue, the translator would just write it as boring. 🙂

There was also that dramatic dying scene of Dugu Banrou which would have brought tears to anyone’s eyes, instead, I had never laughed so much about a supposed dialogue.  Banrou said, “I am going to pass but you have to promise that you will turn vegetarian..”  🙂 What?!!!

Anyway, the story is about the famed Dugu girls who were a subject of a prophecy.  There were three sisters who were so different to each other.

The eldest was Dugu Banrou.  She is very mature in outlook, motherly to her youngest sister and quietly ambitious, aspiring to be an empress one day.

The second daughter was Mantou, who has some self-esteem issues because her mother was a concubine.  She thinks she was the least loved by her father and sisters.  She is coquettish, coy and uses tears as her ultimate weapon.  She uses this a lot.

The youngest was Dugu Jialou.  She is feisty, clever, happy and not easily impressed.  She was her father’s favourite.




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