Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)


Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)

Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love poster

  • AKA: Lady Cha Dal Rae’s Lover
  • Genre: Family, Romance, Marriage, Relationship, Work Life
  • Date Released: September 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 120 Episodes at 36 minutes each.


  • Ha Hee Ra as Cha Jin Ok
  • Kim Eung Soo as Kim Bok Man (Husband)
  • Ahn Sun Young as Oh Dal-Sook
  • Kim Hyeong Beom as Tak Heo Se (Husband)
  • Ko Eum Mi as Nam Mi Rei
  • Jung Wook as Kang Joon Ho (Husband)
  • Kim Ha Rim as Kim So Young
  • Ahn Jae Sung as Kim Dae Young
  • Kim Se Hee as Tak Il Ran
  • Kim Ji In as Tak Yi Ran
  • Jun Ho Young as Kang Dong Hyun

Synopsis:  The middle age women, best friends since middle school battles life and the travails of marriage.

Episode 1

I know it is a brave effort to start a 120 episode drama, but I have been hearing good things about this particular series ready to invest my time and hopefully, it would be a profitable venture. ūüôā

The drama started with a death.¬† The mother-in-law of Cha Jin Ok had passed away.¬† Right after this event, Jin Ok’s husband was made redundant at work.

He had not told his family yet.

Episode 2

The other two of the triumvirate are Mi Rei and Dal Sook.

Mi Rei is a beautiful woman but lacking in housewifely skills.  She does not do the cooking, cleaning, ironing, or if she does, it is at its minimal.

Her husband is a vet, who she gets to hear was sleeping with one of his customers. The adulterous couple suffered such humiliation from the hands of the three friends that the erring husband may think twice before repeating his sin,

Dal Sook, on the other hand, is married to a lawyer, who had lost his libido.  The last time she tried to seduce him ended as a failure.

Episode 3

Mi Rae’s husband was very repentant and promises that he would help more in the house and also he does not mind that the house looks like a tip.

Mi Rae is beyond forgiving.  She wanted a divorce.

During the hearing, her husband produces a surprise evidence that they both committed adultery.  MiRae was photographed doing lovey-dovey things with another man.

Mi Rae wanted a divorce so that she can be with her first love, who turned out not interested in a long-term permanent relationship.

Episode 4

Jin Ok found out that her son, Dae Young, did not enrol in university and is currently nowhere to be found.

Episode 45

Dae Young found out that he was not Jin Ok’s son.

It is a lucky day for Dal Sook.  Finally, she got what she wanted.  She had sex with her husband.

And not only that, she signed the contract to become a trot singer, much to the grievance of her daughter, who also audition for it.

Episode 46

Joon Ho realised the extent of his new wife’s jealousy.¬† She bugged his phone and knew wherever he goes and follows him.

Episode 47

Joon Ho buys another secret phone, and called Mi Rei and instructed her to call him in his new number whenever she needed him.

Their son, Dong Hyun, looks like he is addicted to computer games and had bunked off school.

Kim Bok Man is refusing to change.  He could not be persuaded to help out in the house.

I have been watching this drama on and off.¬† If you don’t happen to see a few episodes, you won’t miss much.¬† It is easy to pick up where you left off.

Anyway, this is not a 120-episode as first advertised.  It stopped at 100 and I must say the ending was a bit abrupt but it did tie all the loose ends.



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