Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Ever Night poster

  • Genre: Historical, Fiction, Romance, Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 60 Episodes
  • OST: Darkness by Sitar Tan


  • Chen Feiyu as Ning Que/ Mr Shisan
  • Song Yiren as Sang Sang
  • Adam Cheng as Confucius (FuZi the Master)
  • Shih Chieh Chin as Runemaster Yan Se
  • Ni Dahong  as Wei Guangming (Grand Priest of White Light)
  • Yao An Lian as State Preceptor
  • Leon Lai as Li Zhongyi (King of Tang)
  • Hu Jun as General Xia Hou
  • Shi Shi as Xia Tian
  • Tong Yao as Li Yu, The Princess of Tang
  • Marco Chen as Lee Man Man (1st Brother)
  • Dylan Kuo as Jin Bai (2nd Brother/Disciple)
  • Kang Keren as Xu Lian (3rd Disciple)
  • Jiang San as Fan Rui (4th Disciple)
  • Chen Pinyan as Song Lian (5th Disciple)
  • Yan Silun as Tie Jilang (6th Disciple)
  • Rong Zixi as Mu You (7th Disciple)
  • Liu Ben as 8th Disciple
  • Wang Zihao as 9th Disciple
  • Wang Zijie as 10th Disciple
  • Yi Yongding as 11th Disciple
  • Hu Yu Suan as Chen Pi Pi (12th Brother)
  • Sun Zujun as Long Qing, 2nd Prince of Yan
  • Andy On as Chao Xiaoshu
  • Crystal Yuan as Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac 🙂
  • Huang U. Lin as Lu Chen Jia, The Flower Maniac
  • Zoey Meng as Ye Hong Yu as the Dao Maniac
  • Zhu Tao as Cao Zhifeng


WARNING: Highly Addictive Drama!!!

The cinematography is just fantastic.  You can see how barren a desert is, how verdant a grassland is and phenomenally treacherous and cold a snowy mountain is.  Brilliant.  The script is well penned, the characters are well rounded and to top it all it has the most haunting, jazzy, jolly original soundtrack.

One of the best ‘historical costume dramas of the year or even the last few years!  It is truly an epic saga.

One thing though?  How old is Sang Sang?  If Ning Que is 18, then Sang Sang must be 12 or 14 at the most!

Episode 1

Ning Que lived during the apocalyptic version of the Tang Dynasty, where there was a legendary prophesy that Yong Ye would bring chaos (change) to the period.  There is a race to find Yong Ye.

Ning Que was a border patrol soldier.  He went with 7 other comrades into the desert but they were attacked by an opposing faction.  Only Ning Que survived and got back home.

Episode 2

No one was really surprised that he returned unharmed.  He was a good fighter, their best fighter despite his young age.

The person most happy to see him was his ward/slave Sang Sang.

Sang Sang is like a family to him.  They were very very close.  He got her after digging her out from bodies of dead people, which made her eternally grateful to him.

The Tang Princess was married off to a chief of Golden Horde to create an alliance.  But after just a couple of years, the chief is dead.  Unfortunately for the princess, it was customary for the wife of a leader to die with him.

During the burning of corpses ceremony, the princess escaped while one of her ladies in waiting sacrificed herself.

The Princess reached Ning Que’s village.  Incognito as a lady’s maid, she asked the village elder to provide her with an escort to Tang City.

Of course, Ning Que was it, who at first was not interested but his mind was changed when he was reminded that he would be a step nearer to realising his ambition of enrolling at the best academy of the empire.

Episode 3

The Princess was lucky in choosing Ning Que.  He saved her from assassination.  She was so grateful that she told him to call her Ling Yu and to affiliate with her.

Alas, he had to turn her down for the realisation of his dream.

Episode 4

Ning Que and Sang Sang explored the capital.

There they met Ning Que’s friend, who saved him when his parents and clan were massacred.

That was fifteen years ago.  The two boys then found a crying infant next to a dead woman with a black umbrella.  This was how Ning Que got Sang Sang and the umbrella!

The Princess was aghast at how her manor had turned into disrepair just after two years that she had been away.

Episode 5

Ning Que and Sang Sang are homeless.  Ning Que rebuked her for not getting them a room in an inn.

Sang Sang said that they cannot afford a room as they would need every single penny they have to pay for his tuition at the academy.

As luck would have it, they found a property suitable as both lodging and as a calligraphy shop, which was going cheap to rent.

Their landlord is the enigmatic, Chao Xiaoshu.

Ning Que’s longest friend, who saved him when he was young was killed as he had been found out to be a double agent for the Yolong Sect headed by Chao Xiaoshu, who is also the leader of Ichthyosaur gang. 🙂

Before his friend died, he left something, a clue, at Ning Que’s house pointing at an influential politician who frequents the Red Sleeves Invites brothel.

Episode 6

This is my favourite episode so far.  The fighting scene was glorious. 🙂

Chao Xiaoshu saw how NIng Que was able to run so fast when he was chasing the corrupt official at the Red Sleeves Invitation brothel.

He then went to see Ning Que to ask him to be his second as he was about to embark on a death-defying one-man band against hundreds of soldiers from all opposing sides.

Chao Xiaoshu remarked that he was on a revenge mode as his brother had been assassinated that day.

Ning Que reliased that  Chao Xiaoshu was talking about his childhood best friend, Little Black.

I have to say that Andy On looked so charismatic and gorgeous and he reminds me of that Japanese actor, Yamashita Tomohisa. 

Andy On plays Chao Xiaoshu, the master of the swords. and has the ability of astral projection. It was quite impressive, I must admit,  He absolutely owned the scene & episode..

Episode 7-8

Ning Que had received 2000 tael in silver (but looks like gold bars) from Chao Xiaoshu for having helped him out during his battle, which they won.

He also told him to enter the palace the next day.

Chao Xiaoshu is thought highly by the emperor and considers him a younger brother.  The Emperor wanted him to stay nearby but Chao Xiaoshu declared he can’t and then took his leave but beforehand he arranged for Ning  Que to be a part of the Imperial Court as a secret bodyguard to the emperor.

I think Chao Xiaoshu will enter the academy as he had always wanted to be a college boy.  Attaining your dream is never too late. 🙂 (Actually, Chao Xiaoshu went to another academy, a temple for monks and swordsmen)

Episode 9

It is the day of the entrance examination at the academy.

Ning Que realised immediately that he should have studied for it.  He did get an A+ in Math but a D in Governance because he wrote a beautiful love story which the girl who was checking the test papers deemed almost perfect and therefore he might be untrustworthy.

They also had to play a musical instrument which he sadly fails as he concentrated on sword fights.

Then all the examinees were sent into the forest to engage into some sort of paintballing exercise but using paint soaked blunt arrows.

Grimly, their paintballing was interrupted by real assassins who tried to kill the students one by one but their real target was the princess who was attending the examination day as a proxy to her father, the Emperor.

Quick-minded Ning Que used one of the students blunted arrows to shoot the princess so that she falls back to the ground and therefore missing the real arrows that were coming her way.

During all these dramas, he met JIn Bai, who was a master cultivator of arrows & swords 🙂 🙂 🙂  Ning Que was so impressed that he implored Jin Bai to take him as a follower.

Jin Bai refused but in the end, said that if Ning Que can climb a two-story (second floor) building then he might consider him as a follower.

Ning Que was left perplexed.  He shouted, “where can I find the building?”

Episode 10

Ning Que was not confident at all that he would pass the examination so he told Sang Sang that it was time for them to go back to Wei City.

Sang Sang told him that he had to stay put and she likes it where they are.

The result of the exam was published.  Ning Que was listless.  But Chu, his friend that he met at the Red Sleeves Invite surprised him by telling him that he topped the three of the tests.  He was first in Maths, Governance, and archery.

He started in the academy and was quite popular with both the boys as well as the girls already.  He also begins to show great logical mind during class with Master Cao.

Episode 11

It is the start of term and Ning Que is an able student.  He wanted to proceed with cultivation immediately but he is lacking in stamina.

For seventeen days in a row, Sang Sang is left looking after Ning Que who was often in an unconscious state after throwing up each day.

Episode 12

The princess invited Ning Que and Sang Sang to have dinner with her on her birthday.  Apparently, she does not usually celebrate her birthday because her mother died on her birthday when she was still very young.

Ning Que was not in the mood to seat over a birthday banquet right after killing the blacksmith, who used to be his father’s right-hand man but who ended his father’s life.

Finally, Ning Que is making progress at the academy. He made an anonymous pen pal who started guiding him at how to read the mystical books without endangering his health and mind.

It is also a freshman party which was held at the Red Sleeves invites.  Before Ning Que arrived his classmates, headed by a vengeful and spoilt First Prince, had arranged for the dancers to make Ning Que an object of humiliations.

Instead, Ning Que had a whale of a time being feted by the beautiful women.

Episode 12.5

This is a prologue to the drama.  20 years ago (drama time) the demon sect got into the human realm.  At that time war was ongoing between the Yan Empire and Tang Empire.

General Lin (Ning Que’s father) stopped his deputy as well as other soldiers to completely massacre all the people from Yan Empire including the two princes.

The General got executed for his trouble as ordered by the Tang Royal Prince.

At the same time, the Grand Master of Light visited the Royal prince to order him to find the child of Hades, which has entered the Tang empire. He declared that the child of Hades heralds the coming of eternal darkness (ever night) that would result in the withering of every living thing.

The child could be found under a dark cloud and swarm of crows.

The mansion which was directly underneath these phenomena was the residence of General Lin, where a young Ning Que was happily gambolling with his friends.

Immediately soldiers were disposed to the mansion and killed everyone they saw.  They did allow a midwife with a baby in her arms to leave the mansion before they commenced the massacre.

Young Ning Que also got away from hiding in a barn.

But the child of Hades has yet to be revealed.  Is it Ning Que or Sang Sang (the child the midwife had smuggled out)?!!!

Episode 13

Ning Que woke up in a bed at the Red Sleeves Invites with a smile on his face.

He did remember that he left Sang Sang home alone.  So for some reason, he wrote her a letter about not waiting for him and to go ahead and eat the chicken soup she was making.

The proprietress of the Red Sleeves Invites seemed to have taken a rather motherly stance on him and advised Ning Que not to make it a habit to come to the brothel and endanger his Academy life.

She told him that getting into the academy is a sure ticket to a brighter future because people love anyone who is a scholar whether he comes from a poor or rich background.

Ning Que got home and prepared to have a bath.  Suddenly he does not want Sang Sang to help him undress or scrub his back.  He told Sang Sang that she was quite grown up and shouldn’t help men undress.

This upset the innocent Sang Sang.  She had always scrubbed her master’s back.  It looks like Ning Que had lost his own innocence at the Red Sleeves Invites.

Ning Que’s next in his list of revenge was the master correspondent or writing appraiser of the army, who presented and authenticated three letters from the king of Yan purportedly sent to General Lin.  The letters were proof that General Lin was a spy.

The master correspondent became bitter with the army as instead of being promoted he was sidelined so he left and open a tea house.

The two princes of Yan are grown up, the younger brother, Prince Long Qing, had been ordered by his father to go to the Tang Empire to enter the academy.  He had to study hard and be a disciple of Fu Zi and then destroy all those at the Tang Empire.  FuZi, according to the King of Yan Empire is the most powerful and strongest man in the world.

Ning Que had warned the tea man that he was going to kill him for what he did to his father.

Episode 14

Ning Que had his showdown with the tea man, who he killed in the end after learning that the Grand Prince was the one who authorised the death of his father.

The weakened Ning Que was walking along the Vermillion Bird Passageway.   He was suddenly attacked by a roaring firey phoenix.  The bird was being controlled telepathically by the Grandmaster of Light.  But he did not expect Ning Que’s powerful umbrella that could withstand the heat.  He was nervous that Ning Que, who he thinks as the cursed child or the son of Hades is getting more powerful by the day.

Ning Que, though at death’s door managed to crawl up the Academy’s Old Book, where Chen pipi found him collapsed.   Thank goodness Sang Sang arrived as she created so much racket which forced Chen Pipi to help the best he can by providing his much treasured Heaven Channeling Pill that can cure most things and increase the power of cultivation to Ning Que.

Episode 15

The Heaven Channeling Pill had a major effect on Ning Que.  Not only that he recovered fully, but he also gained the power of cultivation, though the basic level still.

With new power, he did a very human thing, he went to a casino to win some money.  He won big by telepathically moving the dice.  Unfortunately, Ning Que doesn’t know when to stop so he got caught, only to find out that the casino belongs to him!

Episode 16

Aww, Chao Xiaoshu had made a will leaving properties to Ning Que which included the casino.  He deeds the properties in order for Ning Que to not have problems with money and therefore would not be tantalised into becoming a paid assassin.

The king finally noticed that some unauthorised person had entered his study and even left him a little poetic calligraphy.  He ordered that the trespasser is found.

Episode 17

Ning Que finally found his object of fate or totem, and it was Sang Sang.  He was overjoyed that Sang Sang was it.  He promised her that they will always be together.

The Princess approached her uncle, the Grand Prince, to moan about her father the king for banning her from entering the palace due to the poisoning of the sixth prince, which was blamed on her and her brother, the First Prince of Tang.  Actually, her brother was guilty.

The Princess made him join the military to make him grow up.

Episode 18

Prince Long Qing was sent to attend the Tang Academy by his father, the Yan King.  His mission was to become a student/follower of FuZi, the most powerful and intelligent person in the world.

Prince Long Qing is legendary for his perfect visage and his handsomeness.  Upon arrival at the Tang Empire, he was met by adulation especially from screaming women, including a cute as a button Sang Sang, complete with red lipstick.

When Ning Que quizzed her whether the prince was indeed the most handsome man she has ever seen, Sang Sang could not answer in fear of hurting her master’s feeling. 🙂

Anyway, the academy bid goodbye to the first prince of Yan while his brother, Prince Long-Qing is taking his place at the academy.

The ever thoughtful Ning Que smuggled Sang Sang into the dining room so that she can admire Prince Long Qing with impunity.  So cute.

Sang Sang, however, was really more beguiled with the amount of alcohol that was on offer.  She loves her alcohol second to her master.

19 November 2018

There is a rumour/newsflash from twitter saying that there is a season 2 for Ever Night but with a different cast.  Wang He Di is going to be the new Ning Que.

As much as I love Dylan Wang/Wang He Di, I would prefer Arthur Chen to continue on as Ning Que.  He is doing such a stellar job.

So hope this is only a baseless rumour!!!

22 November 2018

It has been confirmed by Chen Feiyu’s (Arthur Chen) studio that he will not be coming back to play Ning Que for season 2 because of other work commitments.   🙁 🙁 🙁

Episode 19

Sang Sang’s prowess with the alcohol was used to bait and taunt the egotistical Prince Long Qing, who was often told how handsome he was and he just replied he knows! 🙂

Anyway, Prince Long Qing was impressed by Sang Sang and wanted her to be his maid.

Ning Que immediately said that Sang Sang is his until he wanted her in his side.  Prince Long Qing was not amused and had told Ning Que that he just lost a chance of his friendship with him.  Ning Que said he was not bothered.

The Princess summoned Ning Que after the bon voyage dinner for the First Prince of Yan.  She told Ning Que that there will only one disciple to enter the two-floor building and she wanted it to be Ning  Que but there will be a fierce competition.

Ning Que quizzed Chen Pipi about the contest for the two-story floor.  He was told that the nature of the trials varies from year to year.  He was advised that Fu Zi will give the final test and he told Ning Que to always remember his reason for entering the academy.

There was a very poignant meeting with the brother Yans.  It was so heartwarming that it will bring tears to your eyes.

Episode 20

It is the day of the contest to find the 13th disciple of the great Fu Zi.

Yes, only one will win at this battle of the fiercest ablest warriors. It was well patronised by the best students from universities from in and out of the Tang Empire.

Fu Zi devices the mechanics of the test himself and it was not a walk in the park but rather climbing a very treacherous mountain.

When Ning Que was asked why he wanted to climb the mountain, he readily said “…because it’s there.”  Yes, folks, it was neither George Leigh Mallory nor Edmund Hillary who said the now famous phrase.  It was Ning Que first.  ha ha ha.

Ning Que had to use everything he’s got because Fu Zi seemed to have encouraged his disciples to be as sadistic as they can get.

First, the mountain was so steep, the gravity is working against the climbers, then the road suddenly littered with the sharpest stones, those who passed this terrain had to navigate a road spiked with long sharp nails next.

Those who can’t make it had only to pull the string from their signal and they are miraculously catapulted on the feet of first aiders.

The altitude of the mountaintop defeated most and it was only Ning Que and Long Qing who were left to battle it out who can get to the hanging half a gourd first as winner’s trophy.  It looks like Long Qing is slightly ahead.

Episode 21

Fu Zi, when asked, said that he had chosen his 13th disciple 15 years ago.  He was just making sure now whether that person is worthy!

After getting through the Firewood Door, the final test was the hardest still.  It is a battle of the innermost feelings and thoughts, confronting the saddest cruellest event in life.

They are given a mirage of their nearest and dearest convincing them to make a choice.

At this point of the test, Long Qing was always ahead of Ning Que.

Ning Que’s mirage, Fu Zi wanted him to choose whether he prepares the earth to be under lightness or eternal darkness.

Ning Que would not commit but all he said was that his “umbrella is black, his maid has black face (dirty) and his best friend was called Little Black”, so he does not have any problem with black.

Suddenly a cute Sang Sang in a beautiful pink hanfu and umbrella appeared before him.  At first, Ning Que was happy to see her but quickly realised that the figure was just a mirage.  He said that Sang Sang would not look at him intimately but rather always with disdain, she would not ever question his decisions and certainly would not raise a sword against him as he would never do with her.

He has cleared his mirage and spotted the dried half gourd hanging on a tree,

In the meantime, Long Qing was still battling his mirage of the flower maniac and the Dao Addict.  Despite being in a relationship with the flower maniac, who made him come to life again literally, Long Qing by the command of the Dao Addict killed the Flower Maniac.  He then killed the Dao Addict as well.  For a prince of light, he showed a total lack of empathy.

Anyway, it was too late for him as Ning Que was on top of the mountain untying the gourd.

Every one of the disciples was celebrating and congratulating their new little brother, Ning Que.  Fu Zu gave a beatific smile.

Then it was officially announced that Ning Que won to the waiting Princess and Grand Prince, students and others waiting for the result of the test.

Not everyone was happy. Runemaster Yan Se, as well as the State preceptor, was gutted.

Yan Se said that he had waited for 80 years for a new diviner to come along, and Ning Que was it.

Episode 22

Ning Que is in high demand.  Master Yan Se wanted him to become his disciple for the Divine Talisman Dao and to become the state preceptor when the time comes.

The Academy would not release him though as he has been accepted to the second-floor building for cultivation.

Yan Se went to find Fu Zi to talk this out with him but Jin Bai was there as Fu Zi rep.

It was agreed that Ning Que will enter the second-floor building but will train with Yan Se for his Talisman subjects.

Ning Que was really having a good fortune because the King had let it be known that he was the holder of the River Blossoming Card.

Episode 23

The Yans are really bitter for having suffered humiliation from the hands of an ordinary boy, Ning Que.

Long Qing was extra bitter he said that he really hated the Tang city and one day he will personally destroy it with his own hands.

Long Qing’s second in command ordered that those who humiliated Long Qing should be killed, that means Ning Que.

Two factions came to put an end to Ning Que but he got away, only to fall ill from the magical bell of someone working for the Grand Master of light who believed that Ning Que is the son of Hades who will bring everlasting darkness to the world.

Sang Sang went everywhere to find Ning Que, who failed to come home.  She went to the Academy, who did not really want to know.  Apparently, an edict was issued by Fu Zu that the disciples must not come down from the rear mountain to rescue Ning Que.  In Fu Zu’s mindset, Ning Que surviving and getting away from the kidnapping is a personal test for himself, just to confirm that he is worthy of being a disciple.

Sang Sang finally went to Mast Ya Shen who saw in his talisman what happened to Ning Que,  Sang Sang and Master Ya Shen went to rescue Ning Que.  It was touch and go for some moments as the kidnapper has a powerful cultivation.

Secretly Second Brother came to the rescue and fatally wounded the kidnapper.

Episode 24

After recovering from the kidnapping, Ning Que got his study/apprenticeship schedule from Master Yan Se  He will go to the Academy on odd days and stay with Yan Se for the evens.

Chen Pi Pi introduced Ning Que to the disciples one by one.  There are some funny scenes here, especially with the musicians. Ning Que showed them that he’s got the moves.

His final introduction was with 2nd Brother, who he thanked profusely.  He was arse-licking so much that the 2nd Brother locked Ning que’s mouth to prevent him from uttering another word. 🙂   He finally answered Ning Que’s previous question about where he can find the second-floor building,  It was the Rear Mountain where the disciples congregate.

Because of his newfound fame not only as the disciple of Fu Zi but also as the king’s Flower Blooming cardholder, Ning Que’s calligraphy became much sought after.

His letter to Sang Sang when he stayed at the Red Sleeves Invites where now fetching quite a large sum of money.  It was popularly now known as the Chicken Soup.

Sang Sang had a great idea of selling copies stamped by Ning Que’s original seal. People went gaga over the stamped reprints.

Episode 25

Sang Sang,

Xiao Ye got drunk today so I would probably not make it home to sleep.
Remember to drink the chicken soup.

(A Note from young master)

Sang Sang made a lot of money from the reprints of Chicken Soup.

She is beginning to have a social life of her own as well as some clout because of Ning Que as well as from the patronage of the Princess, who told her to call her Big Sister when they are just on their own.

The princess has been dressing her in cute hanfu and doing her hair.

Ning Que is busy but enjoys learning from Master Yan Se the art of talisman.  He is also mingling more with the temperamental disciples.

Meanwhile, Prince Long Qing has gone back to the Shrine Master, who told him that since Fu Zi did not take Long Qing as a disciple then he was going to make him his own disciple.

Episode 26

Finally, Wei Guangming, the Grand Priest of White Light, thought it was time to come out of his prison cell.  He had been incarcerated for 15 years.

The prison is an impenetrable cage specially crafted by the Shrine Leader. Many have tried to break Guangming out but no one has ever succeeded.   Well, only Wei Guangming himself can.

Prince Long Qing came whingeing and moaning about having lost the second-floor place to an unknown brat.  Guangming can’t take any more of his crappy self-pitying and blame games.

Wei Guangming said to Prince Long Qing that he did not lose to Ning Que but he was defeated by his own fear of the Eternal Night.

Wei Guangming knew that the coming of Eternal Night is inevitable.  So without further ado, he used his cultivation and break through many layers of force field to dematerialise, much to the surprise of Long Qing.

Those with advance cultivation knew immediately that Wei Guangming had gotten out of his cage.  They also knew that something big was about to happen. The Shine Leader was visibly affected by the escape of Guangming that he had a massive nosebleed.

Meanwhile, Ning Que was getting bored at the rear mountain.  He does not want to learn the flute or zitar.

What he wanted is to learn sword control through cultivation.  The second Brother asked him to show his skill but it was too basic so he was left to practice.

Episode 27

Fu Zi and First Brother advised the disciples to be a little kinder to their youngest brother.  First Brother especially asked Second Brother to look after Ning Que.  Compliment him and let him get away with minor misdemeanors as they are just bravado of youth. Fu Zi also said that Ning Que should be allowed to learn more from his Talisman mentor, Master Yan Se.

The demon sect has been waiting and apparently scouring the earth for their leader in the last 23 years.  I think the leader would be Ning Que, he is becoming more likely to be the son of Hades.

Anyway, Ning Que and Master Yan Se were having a bit of geography lesson.  They started at the Vermillion Bird Passageway, where Ning Que remembered what happened to him with the fiery bird.  He was rather wary of going through the passageway.  Holding his hand like he was a child,  Master Yan Xe told him that it looks like he had to introduce the bird to him and he has to get to know the bird well.

They went to a building balcony overlooking the Vermillion Bird Passageway in front and the palace pavilion at the opposite end.

Master Yan Se explained that the whole capital was a formation, product of knowledge from countless generations of cultivators.  It is very strong and thus called the Shocking God Formation.  This formation is an invisible shield that protects every nook and cranny of the city.  The master further elaborated that if the Shocking God Formation is triggered then it means the enemies are at the gates and it might be the end.

Ning Que asked the master why he was so knowledgeable about the Shocking God Formation?  Master Yan Se said that that it was because he is the guardian and protector of it.

Ning Que was rather worried that Master Yan Se was way too honest with this extremely sensitive information with him.

But the master said that the Shocking God Formation have already chosen Master Yan Se’s successor and it was Ning Que.

Ning Que could not believe it and said so.  Master Yan Se replied that he could not believe it either at first but the Formation had decided and even chosen Master Yan Se to be Ning Que’s teacher.

Episode 28

Ning Que had become an overnight superstar.  At a young age and being a newbie at that his name had appeared at the ‘Sun’ book of exemplary cultivators.  This was because Ning Que managed to create his very own of Talisman at such a short time. And Sang Sang was with him.

All the disciples were saying proudly that it was because they nurtured him.  It was only Fu Zi who rightly said that Master Yan Se honed Ning Que’s talent in the right direction.

Ning Que is really feeling nurtured by his master.  He looks up to him as a father figure.

Meanwhile, Long-Qing had been tasked to get rid of Ning Que before he gets too powerful.

Despite Ning Que’s stardom, Sang Sang is worrying about silvers as Ning Que spent the silver like they are water.

Now the gathering darkness is fast approaching.

The wasteland people who affiliated themselves with the demon sect have decided to take back the grassland which was theirs originally.  The Shrine leader has ordered that the wasteland people should all be massacred.

Episode 29

There are seven heavenly books revered by the Xilling Light sect.  The most important of these books had been missing for 500 years or so but now it is believed that it is in the mouth of the mountain leading to the wasteland’s grassland.

Aside from killing every single wasteland people of the demon sect, the Shine Leader and Grand Master of Light ordered Long Qing together with the Dao Maniac, who is the head of Justice Department to lead soldiers to search for the book.

The Shrine Leader also sent a letter to everyone, including the king of Tang to send soldiers to get rid of the Demon sect once and for all.

The king, for diplomatic reasons, ordered that the students of the academy led by Ning Que should go and practise at the wasteland.  He was not ordering them to join in the killing of the demon sect (because his most beloved wife used to belong to the demon sect) but to just put on an appearance for the sake of unity with Xilling.

Sending Ning Que to the wasteland was not a popular choice at first but Master Yan Se was not bothered because he has a plan.

Ning Que had to break the news to Sang Sang that he was going away for quite some time and it would only be him without her..  awwww

Episode 30

Ning Que has an emotional farewell with all the disciples who told him to be careful and come back safe.  Each one gave him a present, except for the second brother who gave him a question.  The question… no sub yet 🙂 🙂  watching this episode which is only halfway translated.

Poor Sang Sang was upset as she was not going with him.  I think he is beginning to keep a little distance from Sang Sang because of boy’s hormone.

Master Yan Se sent him out with a very warm hug.  He told Ning Que to be careful.  He also mentioned the Heavenly Book that is sacred to the Heavenly Light sect.  He told Ning Que that the demon sect and heavenly light sect have the same root, much like the Abrahamic religions of today!

Episode 31

Sang Sang and Ning Que had a very emotional goodbye.  She back-hug him which he allowed for a few moments but told her to go as he was starting to tear up himself and that would not be good as his comrade will laugh at him.

Ning Que has been away for a month and yet Sang Sang misses him so much.  She hears his opinions  in everything she does.  Awww

Ning Que also often thinks of her fondly until he saw a beautiful woman who was intending to commune with nature in a snowy mountain in the buff.  🙁 Ning Que disturbed her ritual of disrobing.  She threw a cultivation spell towards him and he rolled down the snow, then immediately surrounded by equally beautiful women.  He later found out that the first woman he saw was the Book Maniac.

Meanwhile, Master Yan Se was stopped midway his checkers move against the State preceptor when he had a mental inkling that the Grand Master of Light had just entered the Vermillion Bird Skyway.  This should be impossible for most but the astral power of the GMoL is such.

I love this episode the powerful elders in this drama are mostly here and played by charismatic veteran actors.  This is what made this drama stand-out above the rest.  There is a feeling that one is watching something opulent.

Sang Sang had finally met the GMoL, who was charmed by her natural goodness and radiance.

Episode 32

Above the Sacred Chair
Under the Sky
– State Preceptor

The state preceptor apparently finally understood the above.  I wish he would explain.  Does he mean that Master Guangming was so powerful that he was above all mortal beings but just under God?!!!

Master Guangming had his presence felt by those who can cultivate.  He was found by the state preceptor in the street where Sang Sang lives.

Master Guangming said that the child of Hades is in the Tang empire and has been getting stronger within the last two years.  The child will bring eternal darkness.

With one flick of a hand, Master Guangming fell all the guards of the state preceptor, who had a eureka moment regarding the true nature of the Grand Master of Light.

Meanwhile, Ning Que started stalking the beautiful Book Maniac, who is the master of the Ink Pond Park.

Ning Que volunteered to escort the beauties of Ink Pond Park to deliver provisions to the soldiers at the other side of the mountains into the wilderness.

The major difference between people and animals is that people are more animals than animals so they can eat animals.
– Master Guanming to Sang Sang

The kind hearted Sang Sang had taken Master Guangming under her roof,

Epiosde 33

Guangming asked Sang Sang to be his disciple.  Sang Sang asked what can he teach her?  Can she fight alongside her master and will she win?  Guangming said yes?  She then asked again if she can be better than him, Master Guangming?  He said yes and no.

She then said that she will let her master decide for her.  He is away in the Wasteland but is due back soon.

Her master is having too much fun in the Wasteland.  So much adventure, including losing the provisions and having most of the Ink Pond Park disciples killed.

Episode 34

The Book Maniac is resisting Ning Que’s charms as she believes herself in love with the Mr Thirteen, who is, of course, Ning Que.

He pretended to be someone else when he volunteered to escort the Book Maniac to deliver the provisions.  Now he is sorry he did not tell her who he really was from the start.

Master Guangming is finally gaining Sang Sang’s trust and who had become friendlier towards him.  Sang Sang was chuffed at the idea of learning martial arts so she could fight with Ning Que side by side.

At the Tang Palace, the 3rd master of the demon sect was punishing the royal family which did not go very well with the Queen, who was from the demon sect previously.

She is now loyal to the King and doing everything she can to protect the king and all of his children.

Episode 35

The King protected the queen but the princess learned about the crisis at the palace and brought her own men to the rescue.

The king wanted everything to be kept a secret and told his daughter that if someone tried to do further action about the incident, then that person would be killed, meaning the king would kill his own daughter if she in any way spread gossip about the queen being from the demon sect.

Ning Que had a right go with everyone who did not help him and the Ink Pond Park when they got ambushed by the bandits.

He also told them that Xiling has no right to criticise him because his teacher, Master Yan Se is one of the three greats of Xilling.  Plus he is the 13th disciple of FuZi.   Nevertheless, the old granny continued moaning so Fu Zi who can hear everything telepathically gave her a bloody mouth, which put the fear on her.

I love the chemistry between Fu Zi and First Brother.  Fu Zi is too fussy that First Brother had that look of wanting to throttle Fu Zi sometimes. LOL

Episode 36

Ning Que and the Book Maniac are wrapped up in a bubble of first love.  The Book Maniac fell in love with Thirteen as soon as she read his Chicken Soup letter.  She wanted to know who Sang Sang was.

Ning Que was enthralled with Book Maniac’s purity, beauty, cleanliness, and gentleness.  To him being with her is like every moment is like the last thing in the world.

While he was excited like the teenage boy that he was, poor Sang Sang was almost molested by the 3rd Prince of Tang.  Thank goodness, Master Guangming was there to save her.  Sang Sang was so grateful to him that she said that he was her second favourite after her master, Ning Que.

Sang Sang and Master Guangming were kneading flour to make noodles when the master showed Sang Sang how to cultivate her light from within her through her finger.  She had her ET phone home moment.  So cute.

Master Guangming was so overwhelmed and declared that she was the child of light and she will be the Grand Priestess of Light.

Meanwhile, Ning Que had the Book Maniac tagging along to find the sacred 7th book.  He can’t help but mention Sang Sang now and again.  He intoned that he hopes Sang Sang will like the Book Maniac as well.

Episode 37

Ning Que and the Book Maniac are nearing the mouth of the mountain towards where the 7th heavenly book is supposed to be kept.

They encountered a vengeful Prince Long Qing who was still unforgiving towards Ning Que for besting him over the 13th apostle of Fu Zi.

He issued a challenge to Ning Que regarding who can attain the next level first.  Ning Que was very calm.  He told the prince that it was against Fu Zi teachings to gamble so he is not playing.

No matter how much Long Qing insults Ning Que in order to incite him, Ning Que was not bothered until the Prince said that he was still interested in Sang Sang. Long Qing said that he will give Ning Que a few villages in return for Sang Sang.

Finally, this got to Ning Que.  Even if Long Qing is giving him a few countries, Sang Sang is non-negotiable.

Even the Book Maniac was surprised how Ning Que was suddenly annoyed.

Ning Que finally accepted the challenge.  If he loses, he will have to give up his being a disciple of Fu Zi and Master Yan Se.  Abandon his QiHai and Xueshan.

If Lao Qing loses, he then had to relinquish his status of princehood, and live like a dog, He was to forget being the child of light of Xiling.

Master Yan Se’s teachings:

If you can’t win, you can run, but can’t die.

People can’t always win.  It is normal to lose.

The Book Maniac was worried for Ning Que.  She asked him how can he just leave his cultivation, Masters Fu Zi and Yan Se.

Ning Que said he doesn’t have any intention of doing so.  Gamblers paying off their debts are woods.

Thank goodness he is no wood because he won, he wished and suddenly saw a mirage of Sang Sang running towards him, he reached the next level faster than Long Qing.

Long Qing was not happy with this development so he sent a deluge of globules of sharp ice to Ning Que’s way to kill him.

But Ning Que was well prepared by the various parapernalia gifted to him by the deciples.  With his magical arrow, he got Long Qing straight in the heart/chest.  Fortunately for him Long Qing, the Dao Maniac was with him and gave him the cure for his wound.

Episode 38

The Book Maniac was worried for Ning Que for the repercussion of shooting with a bow and arrow, almost killing Long Qing, who is a favourite of the Shrine Leader of Xilling.

Ning Que was not bothered.  He said that making him bet Sang Sang was Long Qing’s grave mistake.  Ning Que cannot lose Sang Sang.  She is not his Ming Men (gate to life).  Sang Sang was his life. ahhhhhh

NIng Que and the Book Maniac got into the Daming Lake which leads to the mouth of the demon sect mountain.  They are being pursued by the Dao Maniac to revenge Long Qing as well as fulfill her mission of killing Ning Que as ordered by the Shrine leader of Xilling.

The Dao Maniac though wanted the book as well so had a truce with Ning Que and entered the mountain with them.

Inside they found the rumoured dead Liang Sheng 32, the previous Grand Priest of Justice.  He was in chains and he said he has been a prisoner for 15 years and kept permanently in chains from the formation created by Ke Haoran, Ning Que’s uncle Brother.

Liang Shen tried to seduce them with power.  He said he will transfer his power to any one of them.  The first one to get near him was the Dao Maniac, who he immediately seized to drain her of her of strength and spirit.

Episode 39

Ning Que, of course, would defeat Liang Shen though with extreme difficulty.  Ning Que helped the battered Dao Maniac to heal her wounds.  He told her that she would have permanent scarring on her neck but that should not trouble her as he knows she doesn’t have any intention of getting married.  Her pursuit of knowledge is absolute.

NIng Que did not find any sign of the heavenly at the demon sect cave.

Sang Sang is a busy host.  She had many visitors.  Chen Pi Pi is a regular but who at first was overwhelmed with realising that the Grand Master of Light is actually staying with Sang Sang.  Chen Pi Pi is known to Master Guangming because Chen Pi Pi was one of their pupils in the monastery until he ran away and got taken in by Fu Zi as the twelfth disciple.

Before long, Master Yan Se was also in the scene.  He asked Guangming his purpose of staying at his disciple’s (Ning Que) house.

Master Guangming said that Sang Sang is his disciple, who is the Grand Priestess of Light.  Master Guangming then found out that Master Yan Se’s disciple and Sang Sang’s master is none other that Ning Que.  Master Guangming immediately said that he needed to leave.  He tried to convince Sang Sang to leave with him.

Episode 40

This to me is a highlight episode. I watch it first without the English sub so I did not understand a word.

Kudos to the actors, the more mature ones; they were such tremendous actors that you sort of understand what was going on.  Ni Dahong and Shih Chieh Chun were really charismatic.

This episode is also a welcome respite from the flirtation between Ning Que and the Book Maniac. They do make a lovely pair but what would happen to Sang Sang?!!!

Master Yan Se had tried to convince the Grand Master of Light to chill out.  It was time for him to retire.  Perhaps enjoy some of the delights of what Red Sleeves Invites has on offer. 🙂

It was time for Guangming to pipe down on his obsession with the son of Hades.

Guangming, however, was adamant.  He said that he completely believed in the Heavenly God and what he saw in the book clearly points to General Lin’s manor where the son of Hades was.

Master Yan Se said that perhaps they have grown old and they should leave this matter to the younger generation.

They agreed to have a showdown the next day. This is the episode where Sang Sang stood between the two masters while they tried to impress her with magical and fantastical cultivation into the high heavens.

Their show of abilities was phantasmagoric that even Second Brother and Cheng Pi Pi were dazzled.

Episode 41

Sang Sang was desolate!

Missing Ning Que so much, she needed someone to look up to as well as needing her strength and teaching her new things.  She found the perfect mentor in Master Guangming and she felt valued once again.

But it did not last.

During the battle of super cultivation powers between the two masters, they seemed on par with each other.

Master Guangming did have a eureka moment.  He saw something in the heavens which made him say that everything that they believed in was wrong but also right.  (That is sitting on the fence)

In the end, they agreed to leave the world and let the present and future generations to deal with whatever happens.

Touching hands, their powers coalesce and their bodies disintegrated into dusty molecules of ashes.

Sang Sang had to pick/scoop up the dust into the pots that she brought with her. A pristine unused jar as requested by the Grand Master of Light and a used oily pot for the less fastidious Master Yan Se.

Second Brother with Cheng Pi Pi was most concerned with how sad Sang Sang had become.

With the Second Brother’s cultivation, he had the ashes automatically pour into the pots.

The ‘death’ of the masters were felt with sadness by everyone.

The second part of this episode is back to Ning Que and his flirting with Book Maniac which First Brother found most hilarious.

Apparently Master Guangming was the instigator of the bloody massacre that occured 15 years ago at the manor of General Lin (Ning Que’s father).  It was foretold that the child of Hades was at that manor.

What he did not know was that Sang Sang has the spirit of Yong Ye, who is the bringer of the Eternal Darkness.

Epidose 42

Fu Zi went to see the last two survivors of the eternal night.   They were reluctant to talk but said that the heavens fatten you up and then gather you up but not in a good way more like the witch fattening up Hansel and Gretel to cannibalise them.

Anyway, First Brother was pushing Ning Que and Book Maniac together.  He even introduced the idea of a lifetime journey of them together, which meant marriage.

Ning Que was at first surprised but did not abhor the idea.  He admitted that he did not mind at all making the Book Maniac his family.

Anyway, NIng Que told First Brother that he really wanted to hurt Great General Hou Xia.  First Brother warned Ning Que that the General was too strong for Ning Que.  However, he brought Ning Que and the Book Maniac to ‘toyang City which is the lair of General Xia Hou.  During their meeting, First Brother ordered General Hou Xia to retire.  He enumerated a number of bad deeds by the general which he considered minor but in First Brother’s book, the general committed a major one by trying to kill Ning Que, a disciple of FuZi.

Episode 43 (Unsubbed)

Ning Que has a more advance cultivation.  He was on fire a la Ghost Rider.  This was transference cultivation from Liang Shen, the former Grand Priest of Justice.

With his stronger cultivation, he killed another player in the massacre of his clan 15 years ago.

Episode 44 (Unsubbed)

Sang Sang was arrested.  She was rescued by Cheng PiPi who had stronger cultivation than the one who arrested Sang Sang.

After a bath and a change of clothes, Sang Sang was invited by the Princess to one of the Queen’s Flower Festival,  Among the guests was a woman who can’t take her eyes off Sang Sang.  Is she Sang Sang’s mother?!!!

The woman was a wife of the palace doctor.  The woman used to be a concubine but the first wife who was related to the princess died.

Episode 45 

This is a very traumatic episode for Sang Sang and for me.  I cried with Sang Sang.  I am teary now just thinking about what happened.

Firstly. Sang Sang was invited by the woman she met at the Queen’s manor to her house.  Sang Sang was treated to a sumptuous meal.

The woman introduced her to her husband who was equally excited to meet Sang Sang.  They can’t do enough for her.

The woman then brought in a bowl of pear soup which she pseudo accidentally poured into Sang Sang shoes.  She wanted to take off Sang Sang shoes and wash Sang Sang feet.

Though Sang Sang said that she knew the madam deliverately pour the soup on her feett, she graciously removed her shoes and showed her feet.  The woman was beyond herself with trepidation and excitement.  Sang Sang’s right foot bears the mark the woman’s child had.

Apparently, the child was a victim of child trafficking.  The original wife sold the baby to human traffikers as a revenge for the concubine and her husband begetting a child.

The couple was sure that Sang Sang was their missing child they had been looking for for sixteen years.  They tried to embrace her but Sang Sang was not having it.

She was at home when the couple came in and told her once again that she was their missing daughter and she should come home with them.  Sang Sang had to lock them out.  She does not want to leave her master’s house.

Finally, Ning Que came home but with a beautiful woman in tow.  He was with the radiant Book Maniac.

Poor Sang Sang.  She was left unsure what and how to take this new whole situation in.

Ning Que opened his arms wide for her excited embrace but Sang Sang ignored him.  He went to look for her a couple of times but she rebuffed him.

While Ning Que, Book Maniac, First Brother and Chen PiPi seemed to be having a jolly old time, poor Sang Sang was left surreptitiously looking at them. The Book Maniac noticed her and Chen Pi Pi noticed that the Book Maniac noticed Sang Sang was looking in.

Taking pity at the sad Sang Sang Chen Pi Pi went to see Sang Sang in the kitchen and tried to cheer her up.  He was always at Team Sang Sang.  He said that he can’t take Ning Que and the Book Maniac’s flirting.

Finally, Sang Sang and Ning Que were alone.  Once again he opened his arms for a hug. She hugged him tight and he hugged her tight back.  They missed one another.  But being a boy who can be thoughtless, he blows warm and cold.  After the hug he told her to continue on doing up the dishes..  He then gave her a gift.  It was a clay bird, she was happy to receive it but Ning Que once again told her to do the dishes.

The next day, Ning Que had a very sorrowful time taking in the death of his teacher, Master Yan Se.  He became even more remote with Sang Sang as she was also grieving for her own teacher, Master Guangming, which only annoyed the grief-stricken Ning Que.

He blames Guangming for the death of his teacher and being the mastermind for the murder of his family and friends 15 years ago.

Ning Que does not take kindly to Sang Sang being upset about her teacher.

Anyway, still, they went together to put to rest the remains of their teachers on the mountain overlooking the sea.  Ning Que told her to bury her teacher further away from his teacher.

Sang Sang would not listen as she was told by Masters Yan Se and Guangming that they would like to be buried together as neighbours.

Ning Que then showed Sang Sang what he had become.  He frightened her with his demon-like appearance a la ghost rider. 🙂  He said he got the cultivation from his uncle brother, Ke Haoran.

Sang Sang was frightened.  She told him that he was the son of Hades that her teacher was looking for.

Ning Que told her to look at him closely.  He is still her master who likes her sweet and sour noodles with 30 slices of spring onions.

Sang Sang ran off scared.

Episode 46

Ning Que went to the Second Floor Building, Rear Mountain, to greet his fellow disciples.

Ning Que was with the Book Maniac when they happened to meet a young monk belonging to a secret mountain sect.  He challenged Ning Que to a duel.

Ning Que at first declined the duel but seeing that the Book Maniac seemed to know the young monk and holds in high regards, Ning Que agreed to a duel.

The match ended up a tie one and Ning Que earned the admiration of the young monk.  During their match, the young monk give as much as he could and Ning Que took it without retaliating and still lived.  The monk was impressed by Ning Que’s stamina.

Ning Que did not really do anything to repulse the cultivation power of the monk being he was too busy stopping his spellbound to come to fore.

Ning Que was weakened and needed help from the Book Maniac to walk.

He now hardly spend time with Sang Sang and when they do spend time, they are awkward.  He might not as well be there for all the attention he gives her.

Ning Que had really fallen for the charms of the Book Maniac who confesses to him at every opportunity which makes him happy and excited like a boy that he still is.  He bought her a present of eye-glasses (more than the crappy clay bird he bought for Sang Sang).

Sang Sang sees them being into each other in a big way.  They would stand in the middle of the street flirting for everyone to see.

The Maniac kissed Ning Que on the cheek which was witnessed by Sang Sang.  Ning Que was catatonic with delight and in his own world, where Sang Sang is not allowed to enter. I

It made Sang Sang feels redundant in her master’s life.

Episode 47

She was washing his feet before he went to sleep, instead of the playful father/brother/mentor/friend she was used too, he was abrupt and formal.  He told her to allow him to warm his bed, meaning to fall asleep, before she comes up to bed herself.

Sang Sang realised that she was now superfluous to his needs.

Instead of going to bed herself, she spent the night cleaning the whole house and the next morning she packed her belongings and went to see the Book Maniac.

Sang Sang sadly but honestly said that the Book Maniac has pretty hair, pretty eyes, pretty face, pretty hands, pretty clothes and she will  be their new madam.

Seeing that Sang Sang was visibly upset, the Book Maniac handed her a white handkerchief, which Sang Sang declined to accept at first of its being too pretty for her dirty face.  Mo Shan Shan said not to worry as she can keep the hanky.

Sang Sang then went to the house of her ‘parents’ to stay.

Ning Que woke up and called for Sang Sang immediately.   Not getting any reply, he went downstairs and he still can’t find her anywhere.  Thinking that she might have gone to the market, Ning Que went back to sleep.

When he woke up again, he called for Sang Sang but still no sign of her.  Getting really annoyed and worried, he went to the police/Ichytosaurus Gang to report Sang Sang as missing.  The police said they will keep an eye for Sang Sang.

Ning Que then went to the princess.  The princess rather maliciously said that Sang Sang was with her parents.  This confused Ning Que.  He found out that Sang Sang’s father is the Palace Scholar.

Ning Que went to the house of Sang Sang’s parents who seemed very nice and reasonable.

Ning Que met Sang Sang who had turned spoit and disagreeable.  She was shouting at Ning Que for threatening her parents.

Ning Que was shocked how Sang Sang had changed in just a matter of days.  He got a stick and walloped her with it, he then pinched her ear for being disrespectful.

They argued who looked after the other more.  Ning Que said that he had looked after her after digging her out from dead bodies.

Sang Sang countered that she had done all the chores from the age of eight so she had been looking after him ever since.

Ning Que then said that he had killed many bandits and gave her the money he earned.  She said she made them a small fortune from her ideas of selling his calligraphy.

They argued bitterly.  It came to a point where Ning Que reminded her that she always agreed that there will come a point when Ning Que will get married.

But Ning Que siad that he and Sang Sang are together forever.

She rightly asked how can that be possible if he was married.

Ning Que was prevaricating so Sang Sang screamed for her father asking if there were any eligible sons of ministers for her to marry.  Her father confirmed that there are plenty and her mother said that someone was asking for Sang Sang astrological sign.

Snag Sang said to arrange a marriage for her.

Ning Que was raging.  He said she cannot get married.  She is too young. Sang Sang said the Great Mountain Park, where the Book Maniac is from gets married at 14, still Ning Que said you are from Tang, to which Sang Sang said they allowed to get married at 16 and she is 16.

Ning Que said she was too dark and skinny, who would want to marry her? (He was so desperate he started demeaning her).

Sang Sang said she is the daughter of the palace scholar and a friend of the princess and the disciple of Master GuangMing plus she has 12,000 tael of silver.

Ning Que was shocked. She is very marriageable.  LOL  but she screamed she cannot get married!  Her parents shouted in unison that she can, it is their decision.  Ning Que threatened them with his umbrella to leave.

When they both calm down they had a talk, where Ning Que convinced Sang SAng to come back with him.

Sang Sang was much too aggrieved to give in and Ning Que knew it.  She told him that she doesn’t want him to be with someone else, even with Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac.

Rather defeated, he left Sang Sang to calm herself them and he will be back for her the next day.

When he got home, he realised that as much as he thinks of Sang Sang as his life, his reason of being, in reality he has neglected her and taken her for granted.  She must have been lonely all those months he was away at the wasteland.

Episode 48

Sang Sang leaving Ning Que was unthinkable that even the disciples had so much to say about it.  They measured and countermeasured the pros and cons of both Sang Sang and Mo Shan Shan as to who should be the right bride for Ning Que. Some said why not just marry both.

Majority of the disciples are on Team Sang Sang.  But ultimately it’s Ning Que’s decision as what 3rd sister had said who abstained from the voting. 🙂

Ning Que went to see the Book Maniac.  He stayed far away from her and just looked at her with longing and regret.  He then left as he was too upset about Sang Sang.

He met up with Chen Pi Pi and Ning Que was moaning how unreasonable Sang Sang was being.  She would never allow him to take a concubine.

Chen Pi Pi gave him the full force of his anger.  He told NIng Que how much Sang Sang had done for him.  Without her, he would have been dead.  It was her who forcefully took the Channeling pill from the dithering Chen Pi Pi and fed it to the near-death Ning Que.

Ning Que realised the truth of it.

He went to the Book Maniac to break up with her officially.  The Book Maniac, though dying inside, graciously accepted his decision.

What Ning Que did not know was than Sang Sang was missing him so much and had he come back to take her home, she would at whatever terms he offered.

Anyway, the heartbroken Ning Que went drinking and met an old man, who happens to be the great Fu Zi. Ning Que ran away with his tongue.  He told Fu Zi that he killed the next state preceptor of Xiling, who is Daoshin.  He said that he able to defeat Daoshin because Ning Que is spellbound.  Before Ning Que incriminated himself further, Fu Zi tapped him in the temple to make him sleep temporarily.

The first brother was there to look after the unconscious Ning Que but got told off by FuZi for having pushed Ning Que and Mo Shan Shan together. 🙂

Episode 49

The emperor’s head eunuch Li was sent to Sang Sang’s parents for Sang Sang return back to Ning Que by order of Fu Zi.

The parents were very unhappy to do so but can’t really decline especially when Sang Sang, hearing that Ning Que was in a bad way, hurried back to see him.

When Ning Que woke up from his hungover, he immediately realised that something was going on.  He can smell beef congee, He hurried downstairs into the kitchen. He was excited to see Sang Sang happily preparing food in the kitchen.

Ning Que was over the moon. He just stared at Sang Sang for the longest time.  He had not been this deliriously happy for ages.

But his happiness did not last long as he received a long letter from the Book Maniac, telling him that she realised that he was not ready to have someone else with him, that he got used to being alone, it became his way of living but if he happens to want to see her, she will be waiting for him or she will come to see him.


Ning Que had a bit of a cry in front of Sang Sang while remembering his brief time with the Book Maniac.  It seems that he really likes her but Sang Sang is more useful to him afterall she is his totem, meaning if he wanted to go up the next level of cultivation Sang Sang plays a major role.

So the Book Maniac is Ning Que’s ‘the one that got away.’  At the dead of night. Ning Que will be thinking and longing for her .  She will become his romantic ideal.

Run Sang Sang Run. 🙂

If this is not enough upheaval for Ning Que, Fu Zi had summoned to see him.  Fuzi was very unhappy that Ning Que has no control over his cultivation leading him to kill a Daoshin, though a rather aggressive monk.  Apparently, he is the son of the old woman Ning Que insulted during his time at the Wasteland.  She was that termagant of a woman who even insulted Fu Zi.

Fu Zi welcomed Ning Que but at the same time had told Ning Que that his official membership/welcome party as the thirteenth disciple had to be postponed.

NIng Que lacked finesse and self-control, which makes him unsuitable as a disciple just yet.

As punishment for Ning Que, Fu Zi ordered that he will be confined in the reflection cliff, where he will be able to think things through.  The confinement will be for a short time or forever.  It is up to Ning Que to puzzle it out how to get out.  Of course, the punishment is optional.  He doesn’t have to do it but this would mean being expelled from the group permanently.

The twelve disciples did everything to calm Fu Zi,  Chen Pi Pi made him a lovely eel pizza complete with a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.

While Fu Zi was getting through the slices of the whole pizza, each of the disciples reasoned and begged Fu Zi to be more lenient with Ning Que.

Fu Zi mentioned that if Ning Que gets out of the reflection cliff, he will become the ambassador of the Rear Mountain, he is that good.

Ning Que met Fu Zi and Second Brother by the reflection cliff which is a cave.

Episode 50 

Ning Que will be confined in a cave under a force field formation which he can’t get out of.

Only the other disciples can get in and out.  When Ning Que asked why they can and he cannot, they teased him that he was too weak.

Ning Que tried to get out several times causing himself bodily harm.

Anyway, the cave has a little hut directly in front of it where Sang Sang had camped in.

She can push in food and things into the cave but assumed she can’t get in until she brought in a big bowl of water into the cave without thinking.

Ning Que noticed immediately that she has been and out.  He asked her why she can enter into the cave.

She explained that it was probably because her teacher had declared that her Qi is pure. He had shown her how to create light through her finger.  Ning Que suddenly wanted to know more.  He asked her why she did not tell him before.  She replied that she had forgotten about it because she does not use it except in cooking meat.

Ning Que laughed saying that if only her master could hear her, he would jump off his urn.

Sang Sang is becoming more perfect for him.  She can now cultivate, just like Mo Shan Shan.

Ning Que’s first visitors were First & Second Brothers. The Second Brother immediately noticed that Sang Sang was not feeling very well.  She seemed to suffer from cold disease or she gets cold easily.  The second Brother healed her.  I have to say these two have good chemistry. (Song Yiren and Dylan Koh should do a drama together as leads) The Second Brother has always been pro-Sang Sang in a big way.  He was ready to fight with the First Brother, who insisted that Mo Shan Shan was the girl for Ning Que.  🙂

Anyway, Ning Que moaned and complained about Fu Zi.  He even threatened to report Fu Zi for contravening Tang laws for imprisoning him.

NIng Que was laughed at by the two Brothers.  Second Brother explained to Ning Que that being inside the cave with its formatted doorway, no one would know outside of the Rear Mountain that Ning Que is spellbound and therefore, he will be far from harm at the same time he can’t be dangerous to others.

Ning Que finally understood that Fu Zi was actually looking after him; doing him a favour..

The Brothers further explained that what Ning Que got is not necessary evil as long as he can manage it and put it under control.  Being inside the reflection cliff should give him time and space to study, learn and control his spellbound.

This episode also showed that the Third Sister, Xu Yilian, originally belonged to the demon sect, that is why the pink jade ring she gave to Ning Que enabled him to open the gates of the demon sect mountain but by doing so got spellbound by the  Lian Sheng, the former Grand Master of Justice.  Fu Zi asked Third Sister why the demon in her heart had not vanished even after 20 years as his disciple?

Third Sister lecture/reminded Fu Zi that because Xiling declared themselves the followers of Heavenly God, anyone else believing otherwise was evil and demonic or bad.  There is no real justice.

The Third Sister then asked to be excused leaving Fu Zi rather thoughtful.

Episode 51

Ning Que’s time in the cave is rather productive as his fellow disciples have visited him and some have given him reading materials for perfecting his cultivation,  Sometimes he even shares the book to Sang Sang.

His Brothers and Sisters were ultra-generous with him that he was learning their individual expertise, thus he has the potential to be the best of the lot.

Sang Sang was munching a carrot near the academy when she was stopped by Cheng Li Xue, the vice grandmaster of Tian Yu Academy.  He was with the Grandmaster of Xiling..  They asked if she was Sang Sang.  When she said yes hesitantly, the guards got down on their knees to pay her respect.

They then told her that they have come to fetch her and take her back to Xiling.  They then explained to her that there are three sectors in Xiling: Guang Ming Hill, Tian Yu and Jurisdiction.  The death of Master GuangMing created a vacancy which needed to be filled and Sang Sang was it being the only disciple of the Guang Ming.

Meanwhile, Pi Pi went to Fu Zi to report what was happening to Sang Sang. Fu Zi  was rather annoyed at being disturbed in his ‘study’ of beef balls 🙂

Anyway, FuZi said he knows and sent PiPi to inform Ning Que.

First Brother hinted that it was a bit cruel to let Ning Que know about the Sang Sang situation when he can’t do anything about it.

Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession.
– FuZi

Affection is a great motivation.
– Fuzi


The crafty FuZi knows that Sang Sang in peril is a great motivation for Ning Que to overcome his weakness and clear his mind and get out of the cave, which he did.  Because of Sang Sang(his totem/obsession), Ning Que got out of the cave which he had been confined in for three months.

At that moment, you can feel that Fu Zi knew what happened because he was suddenly eating tofu, by proxy for Ning Que, which seems the favourite food of those who just came out of prison. LOL

Ning Que got to Sang Sang and rescued her from Xillling sect of light by telling them that Sang Sang and him  are two peas in a pod. One cannot exist without the other.

He also said that he was going to marry her.

Sang Sang was as surprised as their audience.  Ning Que whispered to her to say something, He said just nod her head.

She nodded at him but he said not to him but to them.  She then nodded left and right!  So cute.

Anyway, Xiling said that they would give Sang Sang three days to make a decision.

Trouble seems to attach to Ning Que like a magnet.

Sang Sang and Ning Que were just a few steps away from the Xilling Light group when Lui Yi Qing of Nan Jin Sword Pavillon challenged him to a duel.

Liu Yi Qing is the brother of Lui Bai, the master of the Nan Jin Sword Pavillon,

Anyway, Lu Yi Qing, without the knowledge of Lui Bai had been tasked by Xilling to kill Ning Que.  (When Lui Bai found out he was incandescent with rage as Nan Jin Sword Pavillon was independent of Xilling)

Ning Que declined the duel, still smarting from Fu Zi’s warning about his being a spellbound and Daoshin’s death.

But he recognised immediately that the sword that Liu Yi Qing was using was the one owned by the missing  Chao Xiaoshu.

The impulsive Ning Que once again engage in a fight.  But his cultivation has increased and he easily beat the Yi Qing, who does not know when to surrender. Ning Que has a more powerful sword, which was newly crafted by his Brothers Fourth and Sixth..

Ning Que, I supposed mindful of Fu Zi’s lesson about excessive fighting and punishment, he let his new improved sword to do the deed to stop an over-enthusiastic assailant. He raised his sword towards high heaven and the light emanating from it blinded the Liu.

Episode 52

English subtitle, where art thou?!!!

Lots of blah blah blah in this episode. 🙂 🙂 :)`

Finally, Ning Que was welcomed back into the fold.  It was his official welcome party and he was asked to choose his emblem colour.  Black was his choice which gladdened Sang Sang’s heart as it would not show the dirt easily.

He thanked Fu Zi and each of the disciples of their support.  It was lovely and fun to see all the disciples and Fuzi in one scene, however, in the end Fu Zi is still a sadist.  He felt that Ning Que needed to continue learning his lesson inside the force-field controlled cave.  He told him to leave and he will send him a gift that night.

While Ning Que was there, Fu Zi visited him and they had a blah blah blah about the moon and did Ning Que understand the meaning of Fu Zi’s gift as cultivation.

As a final reminder to Ning Que, Fu Zi pointed to the sleeping Sang Sang and told Ning Ning to honour his promise, meaning he has to marry Sang Sang. Awww

After a few more days, Ning Que was back home with Sang Sang in separate beds.  They had more blah blah blah about her going to Xilling.

Ning Que said that it might be good for her.  She should have ambition, like all the women he knows.  Sang Sang said she has ambition.

Ning Que waited for the big reveal with bated breath.

Sang Sang said that her ambition is not to go anywhere.

Sang Sang went to sleep like a baby while Ning Que was left frustrated.

He then dragged her unwillingly for an audience with the Xilling masters.  They had a very serious blah blah blah, which I think Ning Que said that he was not against Sang Sang going to Xilling but Sang Sang doesn’t want to go and what Sang Sang wants, he supports.  Anyway Sang Sang is very young to be a grandmaster.

They said that even if Sang Sang comes to Xilling, she would not automatically be made a grandmaster.  It takes years to train plus the fact that she would need to travel the world to get a feel of humanity.

Sang Sang finally spoke.  She said she is definitely going to Xilling but in three years time. Vice Grandmaster Cheng was about to complain but the head Grandmaster stopped him and said it was fine.

Sang Sang and Ning Que happily left.

The grandmaster told the vice that they only had a verbal agreement, it is not written in stone.  Also, he saw the power within Sang Sang.  It is greater than he imagined.

This episode also shows what happened to Chao Xiaoshu.  He was recuperating from his wound after fighting with the guards at the temple.

Episode 53

Ning Que has officially become the protector of the Shocking God Formation after the king had passed the formation key, which was left to him by Master Yan Se.

Ning Que then went to get to know the Vermillion Bird at the passageway which is central to the Tang capital.

Episode 54

Sang Sang made a lot of money selling prints and reprints of Ning Que’s calligraphy.

With the money, The two went to the bank to deposit their fortune.

Ning Que was so happy with himself he wanted to hold hands with young Sang Sang. Ahhhhhhhhh

As a happy couple would do and wanting to settle down, they invested in real estate overlooking a pond, a perfect site for practising cultivation.

Meanwhile, the Dao Maniac just wanted a quiet life gaining more knowledge, but she can’t get the peace anymore at Xilling.  In fact a mob of black hooded specter-like men came for her and almost molested her.

She was so annoyed, she had had enough of Xilling.

Next week might end the first season of this excellent addictive drama.  I heard that this frist series comprised of the first 500 or so chapters of the novel.  There are apparently a thousand or so chapters all together, which made up for a 20 volumes of books.

Those who wanted to read them, apparently you can find them only roughly translated.  I have not search for them yet.  Perhaps when the withdrawal symptoms kick in, I might do.

Episode 55

Awww lots of blah blah blah

Ning Que and Sang Sang are more intimate.  This is the episode where they were on a boat dropping some cannon balls on a lake when Sang Sang almost toppled over in the water.  Ning Que got her and stared at Sang Sang for the longest time.

Sang Sang could not help herself, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Ning Que then put aside his oar and gave Sang Sang a tender kiss on the cheek in return.  Ahhhhh  They then held hands as they frolicked in the mountain, completely into each other Ahhhhhhhhh

Episode 56

Chen Pi Pi was rather down in the dumps because he doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings with Tang Tian Tao.  He fell in love with her at first sight.

Ning Que encouraged him to confess but Chen Pi Pi has his doubts.  He cannot really be in a relationship with her being a disciple of Fu Zi and also from the clan of Zhi Zhou monastery.

Anyway, Ning Que and Sang Sang still tried to push the two together.

Later on, Sang Sang told Ning Que that Tang Tian Tao was adamant that she will get into a relationship or married as she will become the saintess of Mo Zong.  The requirement for a saintess is being a virgin. Poor Chen Pi Pi.

The Dao Maniac had now come into the scene and straight into Ya Ming Lake where Ning Que is now living with Sang Sang.

She escaped from Xilling and wanted to stay at Ning Que’s.

She saw Sang Sang and commanded her to bring hot water into her room.

Ning Que looked at the Dao Maniac and told her that Sang Sang is the lady of the place.

The Dao Maniac was shocked, seeing that the Sang Sang looks fairly ordinary and very young.  She wanted to know that she was the Grandmaster of light which Sang Sang confirmed.

Sang Sang accompanied the Dao Maniac to her room and when she came back she told Ning Que about the Dao Maniac attachment to a handkerchief.

NIng Que smirked which made Sang Sang rather suspicious enough to ask if he knew the Dao Maniac very well.

Ning Que said, hardly!

He did never find out about the magic or what the handkerchief does from the Fifth Sister.  Probably whoever he gave the hanky to would fall in love with him and be protective of him at the same time. 🙂


Episode 57

The Dao Maniac started to train Ning Que.   No one can take away Ning Que’s life except her.  She said that she owns Ning Que’s life.

Episode 58

Long Qing is getting powerful again after taking in potions from a sacred jar.

There was a man inside a mountain which rather reminded me of a painting by Caravaggio of St Jerome, which I saw at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Malta.

The old man was very powerful with sophisticated cultivation.  He became the master/target practice for the now invigorated Long Qing.

Episode 59

During a court assembly, General Xia Hou had reported his intention of retiring with immediate effect which was accepted by the king, who announced that the massacre 16 years at General Lin’s mansion will be reopened for investigation.

This news did not go down well with the general, who was so put out that he threw his sword in front of the king as a sign of disrespect much to the shock and annoyance of the king,

The general then walked out and happened to meet Ning Que and Sang Sang just outside the palace gate.

Ning Que told the general that he wanted him to take responsibility for the massacre at General Lin’s mansion.  Ning Que also realised that this would be a pie in the sky.  And the only thing that would make the general to admit to his transgression was if Ning Que defeats him.

The Grand Prince who was a witness to this accidental meeting said that it is against

Tang Law to challenge a retiring official who had done so much for the kingdom.

Ning Que said that he would challenge Xia Hou to a death duel.

The King who came out to see what was going on had told Ning Que that many reparations would be done in honour of the slain General Lin.

Ning Que then said what about his father and mother, he then told them that his parents were too ordinary that their names were not mentioned on the report of who died at General Lin’s manor.

Everyone was shocked that Ning Que was not General Lin’s son.  They have always assumed that he was.

Ning Que then said that just because his parents are lowly, don’t they deserved to be avenged?  It was quite a lovely speech.

Xia Hou accepted after having palm cutting exercise with Ning Que as a form of agreement.

Xia Hou said to bring it on, name the date and the place.

To prepare, Ning Que practiced with the help of the Dao Maniac. He was on par with her taking away one of her earrings which inspired him to go to his blacksmith brothers and mold a hair ornament for Sang Sang.  Awww

Episode 60


The ending really is so hanging, blowing in the wind for a second series.

Majority of the disciples and also Fuzi believed that Ning Que will be able to overcome Xia Huo in the end.

But Li Man Man was always putting the downer. He thought that Xia Huo has the edge.

FuZi told him that he saw Ning Que sixteen years ago during the massacre, he saw him get up, he saw him finding a baby and an umbrella, he saw him fighting bandits, he saw him climb the rear mountain, he saw uncle brother Ke Haoran in Ning Que.

They both want freedom, explained Fu Zi.


Li Man Man: What is freedom?

FuZi: Freedom is the courage to choose.

  • Choose to live
  • choose to die
  • or choose not to choose

Anyway, the two combatant met in an icy arena over the frozen Yang Mi lake, which is under a formation created by the Fifth Sister.

They were witnessed by First & Second Brother, Chen Pi Pi, Dao Maniac, Nian Tian Qing, Ye Qing Qie., the King and Queen and among many others.

Their fighting scenes were sublime, very cinematic.  I could have watched it all day long.  The choreography was just amazing.  It was beautifully balletic.

Ning Que was astonishing, giving everything he’s got but Xia Hou, who had reached Wu Dao had attained the ultimate level of cultivation plus his indestructible Ming Dao armour, was more than a match for him.

Ning Que ended up in the lake drowning until he heard the faint scream from Sang Sang, who was injured after she tried to stab Xia Hou with the magic umbrella.

NIng Que started having a mental image of what occurred fifteen years ago, how his whole family was massacred.

He was just in time to save Sang Sang as Xia Hou was walking towards her to finish her off.

Ning Que was back shouting not to touch Sang Sang!!!

Despite using as much stamina as he can produce, Ning Que was still not as experienced as Xia Huo.

Ning Que ended up thrown next to Sang Sang, who was looking all spent.

Xia Huo said sarcastically to Ning Que that with his arsenal of weapons and also being possessed by the demon sect, why did he not have a contingency plan?

Ning Que said that he has got his sword to protect Sang Sang as she sleeps,  Sang Sand stood up and suddenly levitated towards the sky and became a source of bright light over Ning Que giving him renewed strength and vigour,

Everyone was in awe.

Xia Huo recognised the phenomena as the Huo Tian light.

Ning Qu managed to cut  Xia Hou’s trusty spear/javelin throw in half and slashed through his Ming Dao armour, thus reached into Xia Hou’s fatal point.

Xia Huo was surprised and as a last recourse took the other half of the Tong Tian Pill expecting to invigorate and cure him.

For a while he felt strong again.  With one hand he grabbed Ning Que by the throat but then he felt his heart was burning, pulsating too fast.  He then knew that he was double-crossed by the Xilling Shrine Leader.

Xia Huo had a very moving monologue that brought tears to my eyes.

He said that Ning Que wanted him dead, Xilling wanted him dead, everyone wanted him dead.  He asked Ning Que if the world will be better after he is dead?  He said he did everything to survice.  Actually, he was right, he led the massacre sixteen years ago because he was ordered to.  He was following orders as a good soldier would do.

He then told Ning Que that Yong Ye is coming and NIng Que is the only that can protect the Tang Kingdom and his sister, the Queen.  He also told Ning Que that his greatest enemy is the Xilling.

I think he passed some of his cultivation to Ning Que and pushed him toward Sang Sang who fell from above with a thump.

They both watched Xia Hou blow up into tiny bits of atoms while Sang Sang with the last of strength covered Ning Que with her body.

When everything had settled a bit, Sang Sang moved away from Ning Que.

Ning Que then screamed piteously “Sang Sang can not die.”  as he cradled the lifeless body of Sang Sang.

Sang Sang can’t be dead, can she?!!!

The ending was Long Qing is now all-powerful, doing a Tarzan body image inside a cave lit by 10,000 candles.  He is back.

Can’t wait for the next series.

Wang He Di is apparently going to be the new Ning Que.  He has some big shoes to fill!

December 2018

Ever NIght has apparently started filming quietly and Wang He Di (Dylan Wang) has been spotted among the cast including Song Yiren, who is reprising her role as Sang Sang.

The cast though has not been announced officially.  It is rather heartbreaking that Chen Feiyu is no longer the Ning Que we have come to love, but a little piece of my heart is happy to know that Season 2 is on its way. 🙁 🙂




  1. It would certainly be different, especially that Chen Feiyu did such good job portraying NIng Que. To be fair Wang He Di wasn’t too bad in Meteor Garden. He has that young arrogant swagger just like Chen Feiyu. We’ll see. To be honest, I am just so excited that there is a season 2. LOL

  2. Thanks for taking your time to recap the series. 🙂 I feel the same with you about the change of the male lead. I got so used to the Ning Que of Chen Feiyu and they change it to Wang He Di. This is gonna be a challenge for him because not only he is new young actor but also he has to meet the expectation. 🙂 I really hope despite the change, season 2 will not be disappointed.

  3. Love this drama,after I finish watched Rise of the Phoenixes I started watching lots of Chinese drama,they surely giving kdrama a a run for their money as you said.Just hope sang sang is not dead and whosoever replacing Arthur Chen….,Good luck to you

    1. I was thinking the same thing. 2018 had been so good for Chinese dramas, especially their historical fiction/Wuxia. Dylan Wang had started shooting Ever Night 2.
      I think Series 1 will always have that edge.

  4. Am so glad sm1 finally tame dat spoilt Prince of tang, it gave such sweet joy
    I really laughed when everyone claimed to be a great teacher to ning including second brother, it jst shows every one wants to be recognised with something good

    Thanks for offering d recommendations, I think I still to jst show 4 now bcos its really long and the subs are slow to come out even after the raw is already out (very annoying)
    But thanks again really 4 recapping and I can’t believe d lead is jst 17

  5. Thanks 4 recapping this series, this I’d my first Chinese drama and I must say the plot is good but get I do get confuse with too many characters
    THANKS and keep d good work

    1. It a good drama, considering that the male lead was only 17 when he was shooting Ever Night. I have the same problem as you, I do get confused with so many characters but you do get used to them quickly.
      Let us know if you want any recommendation for more Chinese dramas.

    1. No idea but reading some of the info about this drama in Wiki, I reckon the cultivation is divided into levels from Beginners, which is, of course, Ning Que, then Intermediate would be Prince Long Qing Upper Intermediate are the Flower Maniac, Book Maniac, and the Dao Maniac, 🙂 🙂 🙂 Advanced would be the disciple 3-12 and the Very Advance would be Disciple 1 & 2 and above all of them is the Master Fu Zu. Just my guess.

  6. Thank you for posting. Accidentally found this series & was impressed by the production. This is my first chinese drama.

    1. Chinese dramas are giving kdramas a run for their money. I have to admit that I am currently obsessed with Chinese dramas because of their male leads. 🙂
      If you want a recommendation for other Chinese dramas, just drop us a line. Enjoy!

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