Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Historical, Fiction, Romance, Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 60 Episodes


  • Chen Feiyu as Ning Que
  • Song Yiren as Sang Sang
  • Adam Cheng as Confucius (FuZi the Master)
  • Zhu Tao as Cao Zhifeng
  • Leon Lai as Li Zhongyi
  • Shi Shi as Xia Tian
  • Tong Yao as Li Yu
  • Dylan Kuo as Jin Bai
  • Sun Zujun as Long Qing of Yan
  • Andy On as Chao Xiaoshu
  • Crystal Yuan as Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac 🙂
  • Huang U. Lin as Lu Chen Jia, The Flower Mistress
  • Ni Da Hong as Grand Master of Light
  • Zoey Meng as Ye Hong Yu as the Dao Mistress


Episode 1

Ning Que lived during the apocalyptic version of the Tang Dynasty, where there was a legendary prophesy that Yong Ye would bring chaos (change) to the period.  There is a race to find Yong Ye.

Ning Que went with 7 other comrades into the desert but they were attacked by an opposing faction.  Only Ning Que survived and got back home.

Episode 2

No one was really surprised that he returned unharmed.  He was a good fighter, their best fighter despite his young age.

The person most happy to see him was his ward/slave Sang Sang.

Sang Sang is like a family to him.  They were very very close.  He got her after digging her out from bodies of dead people, which made her eternally grateful to him.

The Tang Princess was married off to a chief of Golden Horde to create an alliance.  But after just a couple of years, the chief is dead.  Unfortunately for the princess, it was customary for the wife of a leader to die with him.

During the burning of corpses ceremony, the princess escaped while one of her ladies in waiting sacrificed herself.

The Princess reached Ning Que’s village.  Incognito as a lady’s maid, she asked the village elder to provide her with an escort to Tang City.

Of course, Ning Que was it, who at first was not interested but his mind was changed when he was reminded that he would be a step nearer of realising his ambition of enrolling at the best academy of the empire.

Episode 3

The Princess was lucky in choosing Ning Que.  He saved her from assassination.  She was so grateful that she told him to call her Ling Yu and to affiliate with her.

Alas, he had to turn her down for his dream.

Episode 4

Ning Que and Sang Sang explored the capital.

There they met Ning Que’s friend, who saved him from a massacre that killed his entire family.

That was fifteen years ago.  The two boys then found a crying infant next to a dead woman.  This was how Ning Que got Sang Sang.

The Princess was aghast at how her manor had turned into disrepair just after two years that she had been away.

Episode 5

Ning Que and Sang Sang are homeless.  Ning Que rebuked her for not getting them an inn.

Sang Sang said that they cannot afford an inn as we would need every single penny they have to pay for his tuition at the academy.

As luck would have it, they found a property which going cheap to rent as both abode and a calligraphy shop.  Their landlord is the enigmatic, Chao Xiaoshu.

Ning Que’s longest friend, who saved him when he was young was killed as he had been found out to be a double agent for the Yolong Sect headed by Chao Xiaoshu.  He is also the leader of Ichthyosaur gang. 🙂

Before he died, he left something, a clue, at Ning Que’s house pointing an influential politician who frequents the Red Sleeves Invitation brothel.

Episode 6

This is my favourite episode so far.  The fighting scene was glorious. 🙂

Chao Xiaoshu saw how NIng Que was able to run so fast when he was chasing the corrupt official at the Red Sleeves Invitation brothel. So he went to see Ning Que to ask him to be his second as he was about to embark on a death-defying one-man band against hundreds of soldiers from all opposing sides.

Chao Xiaoshu remarked that he was on a revenge mode as his brother had been assassinated today.

Ning Que reliased that  Chao Xiaoshu was talking about his childhood best friend.

I have to say that Andy On looked so charismatic and gorgeous and he reminds me of that Japanese actor, Yamashita Tomohisa. 

Andy Oh plays Chao Xiaoshu, the master of the swords. and has the ability of astral projection. It was quite impressive, I must admit,  He absolutely owned the scene.

Episode 7-8

Ning Que had received 2000 tael in silver (but looks like gold bars) from Chao Xiaoshu for having helped him out during his battle.

He also told him to enter the palace the next day.

Chao Xiaoshu is thought highly by the emperor that he considers him a younger brother.  He wanted him to stay nearby but Chao Xiaoshu declared he can’t and then took his leave but beforehand he arranged for Ning  Que to be a part of the Imperial Court as a secret bodyguard to the emperor.

I think Chao Xiaoshu will enter the academy as he had always wanted to be a college boy.  Attaining your dream is never to late. 🙂

Episode 9

It is the day of the entrance examination at the academy.

Ning Que realised immediately that he should have studied for it.  He did get an A+ in Maths but a D in Governance because he wrote a beautiful love story which the girl who was checking the test papers deemed almost perfect and therefore he might be untrustworthy.

They also had to play a musical instrument which he sadly fails as he concentrated on sword fights.

Then all the examinees were sent into the forest to engage into some sort of paintballing exercise but using blunt arrows.

Grimly, their paintballing was interrupted by real assassins who tried to kill the students one by one but their real target was the princess who was attending the examination day as a proxy to her father, the king.

Quick-minded Ning Que used one of the students blunted arrows to shoot the princess so that she falls back to the ground and therefore missing the real arrows that were coming her way.

During all this drama, he met JIn Bai, who was a master cultivator of arrows 🙂 🙂 🙂  Ning Que was so impressed that he implored Jin Bai to take him as a follower.

Jin Bai refused but in the end, said that if Ning Que can climb a two-story building then he might consider him as a follower.

Ning Que was left perplexed.  He shouted, “where can I find the building?”

Episode 10

Ning Que was not confident at all that he would pass the examination so he told Sang Sang that it was time for them to go back to Wei City.

Sang Sang told him that he had to stay put and she like it where they were.

The result of the exam was published.  Ning Que was listless.  But Chu, his friend that he met at the Red Sleeves Invite surprised him by telling him that he topped the three of the tests.  He was first in Maths, Governance and archery.

He started in the academy and was quite popular with both the boys as well as the girls already.  He also begins to show great logical mind during class with Master Cao.

Episode 11

It is the start of term and Ning Que is an able student.  He wanted to proceed with cultivation immediately but he is lacking stamina.

For seventeen days Sang Sang is left looking after Ning Que in an unconscious state after throwing up.  But not once did it ender his mind to quit.

Episode 12

The princess invited Ning Que and Sang Sang to have dinner with her on her birthday.  Apparently, she does not usually celebrate her birthday because her mother died on her birthday she was still very young.

Ning Que was not in the mood to seat over a birthday banquet right after killing the blacksmith, who used to be his father’s right hand but who ended his father’s life.

Finally, Ning Que is making progress at the academy. He made an anonymous pen pal who started guiding him at how to read the mystical books that can be dangerous to health.

It is also a freshman party which was held at the Red Sleeves invites.  Before the Ning Que arrived his classmates had arranged for the dancers to make Ning Que and object of humiliations.

Instead, Ning Que had a whale of a time being feted by the beautiful women.

Episode 12.5

This is a prologue to the drama.  20 years ago (drama time) the demon sect got into the human realm.  At that time war was ongoing between the Yan Empire and Tang Empire.

General Lin (Ning Que’s father) stopped his deputy as well as other soldiers to complete massacre all the people from Yan Empire including the two princes.

General got executed for his trouble as ordered by the Tang Royal prince.

At the same time, the Grand Master of Light visited the Royal prince to order him to find the child of Hades, which has entered the Tang empire. He declared that the child of Hades heralds the coming of eternal darkness (ever night) that would result in the withering of every living thing.

The child could be found under a dark cloud and swarm of crows.

The mansion which was directly underneath was the residence of General Lin, where a young Ning Que was happily gambolling with his friends.

Immediately soldiers were disposed to the mansion and killed everyone they saw.  They did allow a midwife with a baby in her arms to leave the mansion before they commenced the massacre.

Young Ning Que also got away from hiding in a barn.

But the child of Hades has yet to be revealed.  Is it Ning Que or Sang Sang?!!!

Episode 13

Ning Que woke up in a bed at the Red Sleeves Invites with a smile on his face.  The proprietress who had taken a rather motherly stance on him advised him not to make it a habit to come to the brothel and endanger his academy life.

She told him that getting into the academy is a sure ticket for a bright future because people love every who is a scholar whether they come from the poor or rich background.

Ning Que got home and prepared to have a bath.  Suddenly he does not want Sang Sang to help him undress or scrub his back.  He told Sang Sang that she was quite grown up and shouldn’t help men undress.

This upset the innocent Sang Sang.  She had always scrubbed her master’s back.  It looks like Ning Que had lost his own innocence at the Red Sleeves Invites.

Ning Que’s next in his revenge list was the master correspondence or writing appraiser of the army, who presented and authenticated three letters from the king of Yan to General Lin.  The letters were proof that General Lin was a spy.

The master correspondence became bitter with the army as instead of being promoted he was sidelined so he left and open a tea house.

The two princess are grown up, the younger brother had been ordered by his father to go to the Tang Empire to enter the academy.  He had to study hard and be a disciple fo Fu Zi and then destroy all those at the Tang Empire.  FuZi, according to the King of Yan Empire is the strongest man in the world not the Grand Imperial of Light.

Ning Que had warned the tea man that he was going to kill him for what he did to his father.

Episode 14

Ning Que had his showdown with the tea man, who he killed in the end after learning that the Grand Prince was the one who authorised the death of his father.

The weakened Ning Que was walking along the Vermillion Bird Passage when he was suddenly attacked by a roaring firey phoenix.  The bird was being controlled telepathically by the Grandmaster of Light.  But he did not expect Ning Que’s powerful umbrella that could withstand the heat.  He was nervous that Ning Que, who he thinks as the cursed child or the son of Hades is getting more powerful by the day.

Ning Que, though at death’s door managed to crawl up the academy library where Chen pipi found him collapsed.   Thank goodness Sang Sang arrived as she created so much racket that Chen Pipi was forced to help the best he can by providing his much treasured Heaven Channeling Pill that can cure most things and increase the power of cultivation.

Episode 15

The Heaven Channeling Pill had a major effect on Ning Que.  Not only that he lived but he also gained the power of cultivation, though the basic level.

With new power, he did a very human thing, he went to a casino to win some money.  He won big but got caught, only to find out that the casino belongs to him!

Episode 16

Aww Chao Xiaoshu had made a will leaving properties to NIng Que which included the casino.  He deeds the properties in order for Ning Que to not have problems with money and therefore would not be tantalised into turning in a paid assassin.

The king finally noticed that some unauthorised person had entered his study and even left him a little calligraphy.  He ordered that the trespasser is found.

Episode 17

Ning Que finally found his object of fate or totem, and it is Sang Sang.  He was overjoyed that Sang Sang was it.  He promised her that they will always be together.

The Princess approached her uncle, the Grand Prince, to moan about her father the king for banning her from entering the palace due to the poisoning of the sixth prince, which was blamed on her and her brother.

Episode 18

Prince Long Qing was sent to attend the Tang Academy by his father, the Yan King.  His mission was to become a student/followr of FuZi, the most powerful and intelligent person in the world.

Prince Long Qing is legendary for his perfect visage.  Upon arrival at the Tang Empire, he was met by adulation especially from screaming women, including a cute as a button Sang Sang, complete with red lipstick.

When Ning Que quizzed her whether the prince was indeed the most handsome man she has ever seen, Sang Sang could not answer in fear of hurting his master’s feeling. 🙂

Anyway, the academy bid goodbye to the first prince of Yan while his brother, Long-Qing is taking his place at the academy.

The ever thoughtful Ning Que smuggled Sang Sang into the dining room so that she can admire Prince Long Qing with impunity.  So cute.

Sang Sang, however, was really more beguiled with the amount of alcohol that was on offer.  She loves her alcohol second to her master.

19 November 2018

There is a rumour/newsflash from twitter saying that there is a season 2 for Ever Night but with a different cast.  Wang He Di is going to be the new Ning Que.

As much as I love Dylan Wang/Wang He Di, I would prefer Arthur Chen to continue on as Ning Que.  He is doing such a stellar job.

So hope this is only a baseless rumour!!!



  1. Thank you for posting. Accidentally found this series & was impressed by the production. This is my first chinese drama.

    1. Chinese dramas are giving kdramas a run for their money. I have to admit that I am currently obsessed with Chinese dramas because of their male leads. 🙂
      If you want a recommendation for other Chinese dramas, just drop us a line. Enjoy!

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