Feel Good To Die (KDrama Review & Summary)



Feel Good To Die (KDrama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Office, Business, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Release Date: 7 November 2018
  • Origin: South Korea; based on a webtoon
  • Kdrama: 16 Episodes


  • Kang JI Hwan as Baek Jin Sang
  • Baek Jin Hee as Lee Roo Da
  • Gong Myung as Kang Joon-Ho
  • Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung as Choi Min Joo
  • Kim MIn Jae as Park Yoo-Deok
  • In Gyo Jin as Kang In-Han
  • Lee Byung Joon as Na Cheol-Soo
  • Jung Min A as Lee Jung-Hwa

Episode 1

I have to say that the leads are so good.  Kang Ji Hwan always delivers something fun and interesting and Baek Jin Hee is so cute and energetic.

Anyway, this drama started so well.  Baek Jin Sang is one horrible boss, not popular at all. He would humiliate his subordinate without any qualms, he takes no prisoner!

Lee Roo Da is an assistant  manager to the Marketing Department team and she had had enough of his temper and being cold and bolshy.

Something went wrong in their presentation of introducing their new product to the public testers.  It was stressful for everyone, so stressful that Roo Da chanted again and again that Baek Jin Sang should die during their company dinner.

Baek Jin Sang did not die during the dinner, what happened to him was he got so drunk, he was catatonic. Unfortunately for Roo Da, all her teammates had gone so it was left to her to take responsibility for her boss.

She asked the help of Joon Ho, who happens to be a newbie worker but secretly he was the heir to their company.

While they were walking Baek Jin Sang out, he emptied his stomach into Roo Da’s clothes, Joon Ho left to look for something to clean her up.

Roo Da was trying to clean herself up but got destructed by her ringing phone.  Before she knew it, Baek Jin Sang was in the middle of a busy road and had gotten struck by a truck, bleeding and dead.

The next thing she knew was it was morning.

She found out that it was 7th November.  She was not sure whether it was just all a dream.

It was a dream. because Baek Jin Sang was in the office, alive and kicking.  For some reason, what happened in her dream seemed to mirror the same pattern as what was currently happening.

Again the day ended with Baek Jin Sang dying.

Roo Da was more prepared the next day as it was the 7th again but still, Baek Jin Sang ended up dying.  His way of dying varies from day to day as Roo Da does everything she can to prevent him from passing away.  But he always does at the end of the day.

This happened again, then again, and then yet again.  It was like the American film The Groundhog Day.  It kept repeating itself.

Roo Da got so physically exhausted from preventing Baek Jin Sang from dying that in the end, she let loose.

When he complained again refuses to take responsibility for his own mistake Roo Da, pulled him by the collar on his shirt and shook him again and again while screaming at him.  She reckoned that she had nothing to lose as this would happen again tomorrow.

How wrong she was!

She woke up and it was the 8th.

Episode 2

This episode is even better.  The leads are so adorable.  Though all they do is bicker, their chemistry is showing so brightly.

Anyway,  Roo Da woke up on the 8th and of course she has to account for what she did to her Team Manager.

And account she did.

The police were called and arrived while Baek Jin Sang had Roo Da pinned against a wall.  He was arrested in the middle of his complaint that he was the one who called the police.

At the police station, where the police could not believe that he was lodging of complaint of office violence against Roo Da, who is just a slip of a girl compared to his stature, Baek Jin Sang added Sexual Harassment as well.

The police advised Baek Jin Sang that his case has not much merit and may be thrown out of court.

The sexual harassment was what really got to Roo Da. She can’t believe it.  She had it clarified with Baek Jin Sang, who said that when she grabbed his collar, she touched his neck.  He then said that she never once apologised for what she did to him.

Roo Da concurred immediately and apologised but Baek Jin Sang said he wanted it in a form of public apology where it has to be broadcasted.

Roo Da realised that her situation at work is really untenable. She started researching the process of giving out resignation when Baek JIn Sang saw it.  He was harking that it was the best news.  She wished that he dies and hey presto the big clock just on top of him fell straight over his head, instantly killing him.

She woke up the next day, having to do repeat everything of the previous day.  This time she tried to stay away from Baek Jin Sang as much as possible.

She then got a message for an interview with another company.  She did not get it at first but at the same time Baek Jin Sang got electrocuted while doing a company conference.

It seems the death of Baek Jin Sang is what makes a day repeats itself.  And it repeated.

She has to undergo the interview again and this time she was successful but Baek JIn Sang still dies.

So again, everything is repeated but she had to do thinks from her end extra fast to get to Baek Jin Sang before he dies.

And she saved him.

Can’t wait for the next installment.  This is so enjoyable.

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