When We Were Young 2018 (Chinese Drama & Summary)


When We Were Young 2018 (Chinese Drama & Summary)

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  • Genre: School, Youth, Friendship, Romance, Nostalgia
  • Release Date: 22 November 2018
  • Origin: China, Based on a novel by ???
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes
  • Drama Source: Youtube, subbed in English
  • Ost: Click here



Quick Precis:

Back in 1996, genius boy meets annoyed feisty girl, who was an accidental victim of one of his experiments that blew up a lab.

Episode 1

Yan Xi and Li Yu are like twins, they are neighbours born on the same day.

Li Yu looks after and supports Yan Xi in everything she does including her dream of winning a gold medal in track and field at the Olympics.

She is actually a pretty good runner.

They are still in high school at the same school and the same class.

For her birthday, Yan Xi was so pleased to receive money from her parents to get herself her own Giant bike just like her friends.

With the help of friends, Li Yu, He Mei, and Er Tiao, she went to pick her bike.  It was a lovely pink one, which she was very excited about and won’t let her friends touch it.

Er Tiao had a camera (old type before SD cards). with him and told Yan Xi to pose by her bike in front of the bike shop.

They started arguing about her pose and got distracted.  Her new bike had been ridden by a thief before they can stop him.

Yan Xi and her friends run after the thief.  Her friends remembered that they have their own bikes and so they went back for them to catch up with Yan Xi asap.

Yan Xi was really a fast runner and was keeping up with the thief who went to a school ground.  Yan Xi caught up with the thief and she jumped in behind him on the back and doing everything to get him off the bike.

Unbeknown to them a budding genius scientist student was doing an experiment in the school building but got distracted by the ruckus Yan Xi and the thief was making.

He poured a flammable chemical into a combustible one and blew up the window and the broken glass panes spewed towards Yan Xi and the thief.

A shard embedded itself on Yan Xi’s leg.

Poor Yan Xi, it looks like it was the end of her running career before it even started.

Back to school where Yan Xi is the class president, a new boy has transferred.  The new boy was radiantly gorgeous and Yan Xi thought so too until she found out that he was the genius boy who blew up the lab and hurt her leg.

So cute.  very, very entertaining start.

Episode 2

I feel so sorry for Li Yu.  He was so close to Yan Xi before Hua Biao happened.  Now Hua Biao is the main boy in class as well as in Yan Xi’s attention.

It did not start so well though.  Yan Xi arranged for the 13 Naughty boys gang to beat Hua Biao up and then felt guilty when she learned that Hua Biao ended up in the hospital.

She was so apologetic, she was crying and almost hysterical when she can’t find him in the hospital.  But then he suddenly appeared and they were so cute, even the 13 naughty boys gang thought so too. 🙂

She has forgiven him from taking her position as a class monitor as well as for her injury.

She borrowed Li Yu’s bike and went to Hua Biao’s house to formally apologise to him with some snacks.

And it was where Li Yu found her after following her.  Sad for him but Yan Xu and Hua Biao have such good cute chemistry.

Episode 3

Hua Biao surprised Yan Xi with a pink bike that he recovered from the thief, who was a professional stealer of bikes.

Li Yu immediately noticed that the bike was not Yan Xi’s Giant bike but she told him just not to say anything about it.

Hua Biao is a very caring monitor, sometimes too responsible as he personally accepts the punishments on behalf of his classmates.

A few boys in his class were addicted to gaming and would cut classes.  As this was their last year in high school, it is of course pretty important time in school.  Hua Biao covered for the boys so they don’t get punished or suspended but they were rumbled by the school principal who makes it a point to visit gaming establishments.

Hua Biao asked that the principal be lenient towards his erring classmates.  Instead, he said that he would be running the 100 laps on their behalf. In the end, most of his classmates and schoolmates joined him in doing the laps in their playground.

It was their math exam and their homeroom teacher who is also their math’s teacher announced that if their average score does not improve then he will be forced to cancel the class mid-autumn party.  Everyone was in an uproar and it was too late to study because the test was within a few days’ time.

Hua Biao suggested applying the idea of Feng Shui through cheating.  He and Li Yu, being the two brainy ones would sit in the middle of the classroom and they would pass out their papers with answers everytime their teacher’s distracted.  The teacher was often distracted and the result of the exam was so favourable he congratulated them.

But the teacher was rather wily.  He noticed that almost everyone made the same mistakes.  He then called Cheng Cheng who was unhappy because she was the only that did not really had a chance to join in the class cheating programme.  The teacher was easily able to make Cheng Cheng confessed.

The students said that they cheated because they did not have much choice.  The mid-autumn party is the last one they will be all together in a celebration before they leave for college.  The teacher, in the end, said that he would ask them to keep the cheating to themselves, a secret, and then they would have a reexamination in three days time.

Hua Biao became their personal tutor and quite good at it too.

Epidose 4

Hua Biao was explaining the physics of action, opposite reaction, and torque to Yan Xi.  He even showed to her by hitting her head but she just could not get it.  So Hua Biao engages the 13 Naughty Boys gang to demonstrate it clearly to her.  They hit one of the group members to show the trajectory of action and opposite reaction and balance.

The one hit said he hopes she understood the experiment because he did.  Yan Xi happily said that she finally got it.  This was so funny.

Yan Xi and Hua Biao are getting closer and it was upsetting Li Yu so much. To prove to everyone and especially to Yan Xi that he was as good as Hua Biao, he asks his teacher to allow him to take the Physics contest with Hua Biao.

During the exam, Hua Biao was very relaxed and finished first.  It was then announced that Hua Biao had become a scholar from their school having aced the Physics exam.  He will also be going to Hong Kong for expense-paid one-week study leave.

There was a very moving scene between Hua Biao and Li Yu.  Li Yu approached Hua Biao to congratulate him and he said he admires him and finally know how clever Hua Biao was.

(Li Yu has a voice over while he was shaking hands with Hua Biao.  He said, he lost the first place in his class but he gained something  precious – friendship)

Yan Xi decided to play a prank at Hua Biao by asking one of their schoolmates to call Hua Biao, who was busy packing for the Hong Kong trip, and say that Yan Xi had been kidnapped.

Hua Biao came to the rescue but in leaving his house, his old grandmother turned on the pressure cooker and blew up their kitchen straight up.

Episode 5

Ohmigod!  I have to say that this drama has overtaken A Love So Beautiful in the utter CUTENESS category.

The leads are just adorable especially Hou Ming Hao.  There is a bonus scene in the middle of this episode.  He is just gorgeous, he had that Hu Yitian scene after the shower where his hair is all wet.  Gorgeous!

Anyway, Hua Biao is almost single-handedly repairing their house, doing the roof and decorating the rooms/kitchen.

It was not cheap, so he had to borrow money from his schoolmates from his old school which Li Yu found out.

He felt sorry for Hua Biao so he went looking for him and found him doing a job moving tiles.  He helped him with the job and he then helped Hua Biao with repairing the roof but the tiles they used were just too old so they both fell down into the room below.

Li Yu then secretly called his father if he knew anyone in the tile business.

Meanwhile, Yan Xi was raging that Cheng Cheng has told the other sections in their school that their class will be doing a dance.

Yan Xi wanted to do magic based on a Japanese show.  Cheng Cheng was into dance in a big way.  She does ballet so it was all self-promotion wanting the class to do a dance.  YanXi was not having that so she pulled Cheng Cheng by the hair and they had a good fight witnessed by everyone including Hua Biao and Li Yu who tried to pull them apart.  Their teacher came to stop them but he got in the middle and got hurt in the process.

Anyway, it turned out that they can also do magic if they wanted to.

But the teacher said that they can’t participate with their magic if their grades do not improve.

Yan Xi went to Hua Biao for some tutoring whether he likes it or not.  They were so cute because he was so impatient and Yan Xi just doesn’t get it despite repeated tutoring and change of locations.

They were coming back from more scenic tutoring when they saw Li Yi waiting for them at Hua Biao’s house.

Secretly from Yan Xi, Li Yu gave Hua Biao the tiles he was carrying from his bike and also an envelope of money to pay his old school friend.  When Hua Biao refused both offers, Li Yu said that the tiles were going spare at the factory and the money was a loan.  He has to pay him back when he can.


The class earned a good mark in Math so they can participate in the magic show.

Their show was brilliant, well thought out but in the end, a screw got loose in the bike, which is a part of the show, as Li Yu did not finish tightening it because he had to carry Cheng Cheng to the hospital after she hurt herself standing on a stool which collapsed because of a missing screw bolt.

Anyway, Hua Biao and Yan Xi were riding the bike towards the end of the show when it broke and Yan Xi fell on the ground with Hua Biao on top of her and their lips touched together.  Awww

They stared at each other for a good minute or two.  Awww

Hua Biao nervously called her on the phone and asked if she has any problem with math homework, and Yan Xi said equally nervous and excited said yes but quickly realised that they don’t have any homework as it was mid-autumn festival.  They then quickly talked about the kiss.  They agreed that it was all an accident and there was nothing to it and they were friends.

They were so cute.

Episode 6

ohmigod!  It is so cute.

Yan Xi went to Hua Biao first thing in the morning while Hua Biao was cleaning and still in his shorts and vest, he looks so cute but he doesn’t think so.

He went to change while Yan Xi was invited by his grandma to have breakfast with them.  They were chatting when Hua Biao casually sauntered in trying to look cool in his father’s suit and tie.  His grandma asked him where he was going in his father’s suit.

He said, nowhere he was just going to watch tv. Yan Xi smirked and his grandma smiled.

They were watching a drama when they got talking about beautiful actresses.  Hua Biao named a few and said he likes girls who are feminine.  He then said that Yan Xi is not feminine at all because she hangs out too much with boys.

Yan Xi went home annoyed and then changed into a dress complete with a huge red bow headband, which her mother said looks ridiculous but her father said so cute.

It was Yan Xi and Li Yu’s birthday and they agreed to watch the last showing of A Chinese Odyssey in the cinema.

Unfortunately, something went wrong.  Cheng Cheng did put her own ticket in Li Yu’s book. She then ended up watching the movie with Li Yu while Yan Xi stayed at the lobby waiting for Li Yu to turn up.

But it was Hua Biao who ultimately turned up after realising that Cheng Cheng was up to no good.

Yan Xi finally found Li Yu with Cheng Cheng.  She was so annoyed with him but Li Yu was wondering why Yan Xi was with Hau Biao.

Episode 7

Yan Xi was not talking to Li Yu.  Everyone noticed it including her parents.

But Li Yu forced a conversation with Yan Zi and being such a sunny girl, she forgave him immediately.

He told her to clear her calendar for Saturday as he was taking her out.

Hua Biao confessed to Li Yu that he likes YanZi.

There was a very A Love So Beautiful scene where Hua Biao used a pen to move the hair out of the face of sleeping Yan Zi.  It was so cute but Hua Biao found his fingers got wet from the drool of the sleeping Yan Zi.  LOL

Yan Xi wanted to go to newly opened Pizza Hut.  She was promised by her parents that if she gets 70 per cent mark in Math, they’ll take her to Pizza Hut.

She got the mark but her parents were too busy arguing that Pizza Hut became a thing of the past.

Thank goodness for Hua Biao.  He took her to the Pizza Hut as a belated birthday present treat for her.

Episode 8

Hua Biao tries to be too responsible that he worries about every cent spent he and his grandmother don’t have.

With the stress of worrying, he had become malnourished and often poorly, which caused him to have anaemia.

One time he needed an injection, which he was rather scared off.

To take his mind off the injection, YanXi stood before him.  The shock of the injection triggered Hua Biao reflex action and grabbed Yan Xi by her chest/boobs with both of his hands.  It was hard to say who eventually was more shocked, Yan Xi or Hua Biao. 🙂

Despite being not well,m Hua Biao continues to find ways to earn money.  He had just become the tutor of Xiao He Mei.

Episode 9

This episode is darker than the previous episode.

He Mei lacks confidence in herself especially with the pressure her mother was putting her through.

Hua Biao, the ever-resourceful boy, got hold of sample test paper that would be the basis of their major exam.  He shared the answer sheet to everyone and it was just a matter of memorising and revising to get good grades.

But He Mei was falling apart.  She kept imagining the disappointment and annoyance her mother would her through and therefore, during the exam, she lost it completely.  She cannot remember anything.  Hua Biao, Yan Xi, and Li Yu tried to help but she was going out of control and snatch Li Yu paper which was clearly seen my the exam invigilator.

He Mei was told that her test was invalidated and parents of the group were called for a conference.

He Mei’s termagant mother told her that she was an embarrassment and should drop out of school that day.

Li Yu can see that he and Yan Xi are growing further apart.  They once shared everything but now Yan Xi returned a present he gave her and told him never give her anything again.  Part of their problem was that Yan Xi sees Li Yu in the company of Li Yu all the time.

Episode 10

Everything about the cheating came out and Hua Biao’s classmates were implicated.  Hua Biao made a decision to withdraw from class but they would not accept it.

Nanna went walkabout and as expected Hua Biao was concerned and went to look for her.

Yan Xi’s mum and dad were upset with her for cheating which she denied vehemently.  And to prove her innocence she did the test again in front of her parents and they called Li Yu to check the paper afterward and Yan Xi was vindicated when she even increased her score to 90 per cent.

Her mum and dad took Yan Xi and Li Yu to Pizza Hut.

To cheer He Mei up, they took her swimming, where Yan Xi and Hua Baio had a brief romantic moment but she ran off to join the rest of her friends by the swimming pool.

Poor Li Yu became poorly and found out that he has chicken pox.

Also, the singing superstar Li Min had to cancel his tour because he got chicken pox from Si Tu Er Tao, his number one fan, who managed to get up close and personal with the superstar as his father is a mafioso.

Episode 11

Hua Biao helped Yan xi’s brother carry a box into to their house.  He got invited for dinner and was entranced at the closeness of Yan Xi’s family especially that of Yan Xi to her brother.

YanXi’s brother had been chatting to a girl online and it was He Mei who pretended she was 21.

Because of the chicken pox outbreak, the school closed for a week.  Si Tu Er, Hua Biao, Yan Xi and Li Yu took advantage of the unexpected school  break by spending it on chat rooms and playing games in a computer centre.  The owner got wise up on the overuse of his facilities that he called the school principal, who came out immediately to see his erring students.  With the docking and diving, they dislodge a gas tank next to a lit cigarette on an astray.

The only computer centre in their town blew up.

Hua Bioa, LI Yu and YanXi got away from the principal but poor Si Tu Er got caught but because of what happened with the computer centre, he was pardoned by the principal.

Poor Yan Xi though got separated by the two boys.  She met a man, who she thought was harmless but actually a pervert flasher.

After all these excitements, they were back at school again.

Huo Biao was entered into a Citywide Teenage Knowledge Quiz show, which he won because of a last-minute memory of Yan Xi telling him who the teacher of Cheng Yao Jia in Condor Heroes.

Episode 12

The news of the flasher pervert has been frightening their community.  Yan Xi was especially spooked and she had reasons to.

The pervert followed her in her house.  She was alone as her parents and brother were at a funeral.

Thank goodness Hua Biao and Li Yu arrived just in time to save her and catch the culprit.

Episode 13

Poor Hua Biao doesn’t get much break.  I supposed he shoulders everything including problems of his friend and now his teacher’s.

Cheng Cheng and Li Yu are beginning to have some sort of relationship but Li Yu is resisting it.

It was a basketball match between their school and Hui Lings.  It did not go well for them as Hui Ling sent their gorgeous school teacher as the rep for the students.

Unfortunately for Hua Biao and Li Yu’s team, Mr Kong was just too busy ogling the beautiful teacher and not giving sound decisions on points.  He made Hui Ling win.

Hua Biao was jealous when one of his friends from his old school Hui Ling wanted to know Yan Xi.  He told him that she was not good, a bit dumb, etc.

Hua Biao has also got the attention of the big boss of their local triad because he helped Mr Kong, his teacher.  The big boss has a crush on the beautiful teacher as well as was quite annoyed that Hua Biao was helping Mr Kong.  To get back at Hua Biao, the big boss is victimising Hua Biao’s adored grandmother, who was selling dumplings in his turf.  He was asking very high protection money for the grandma to continue to sell her dumplings.

Hua Biao was trying to convince his grandma to just stop selling dumplings at night without alarming her about the extra protection money.

Episode 14 

I am loving this drama more.  It surprised me in a big way.

I was getting worried that this drama would become really dark, with poor Hua Biao getting more stressed and trouble with the introduction of the big boss.

Surprisingly, the big boss is actually just all talk as discovered by the trio of Hua Biao, Li Yu and Si Tu Er.  Li Yu was actually a big revelation as well.  I thought he would always the one to pull back and calm down the group but he was really into helping Hua Biao.  He was really to box the big boss as discovered by their teacher Mr Kong, who got suspicious that the trhee boys were in trouble with the big boss.

When he got there what he saw was his boys beating up the big boss.

Mr Kong saved the day by telling the big boss to give the money back to Si Tu Er and the owed rent money to Hua Biao if he loses in their quiz.  He lost so all money was returned but unfortunately, during the start of the scene Hua Biao had an accident where he had a bloodied bruise in his forehead.

In order not to worry his grandma, he decided not to go home and just sleep at school so she does not see his bruise.

Yan Xi had been looking after him and even Li Yu had left him food.

Si Tu Er’s mother found out that some of her money were missing and blamed her husband and son.

Si Tu Er was so upset that his parents seemed more concerned with money and had completely ignored him.

He had not been going home but stays in a computer centre playing games all night.

Sleepless and listless, he came to his chemistry class and blew up a solution injuring him in the neck, which could be fatal, especially that the hospital does not have his blood type in store.

He does not share the same blood type as his father, his mother, however, was away.

Just before the hospital operated on him, his mother turned up.

So the subject of this episode is about mutual affinity.  Despite not saying all the things that matter to each other, there is a bond that stronger than says it all.

Hua Biao’s grandma was not worried about him because she knew where and who was making the call to tell her how Hua Biao was.

Si Tu Er’s mother was busy making money but uses the money to be with her son as soon as she could possibly.

And as to Yanxi, her long-suffering mother has started staying even harder than Yan Xi herself so she could tutor her daughter, who she knew is not the sharpest tool in the box.

She also decided to buy her her own computer.

Yanxi was so happy that she completely ignored Hua Biao, who was trying to give her a pink ribbon just like that of Mariko (?) from her favourite Japanese drama.

Episode 15

Due to Si Tu Er’s accident during the chemistry lesson, the chemistry teacher was punished but she said that Class 3 was unruly and never listened to her.

Mr Kong took responsibility for his class and doing so being stressed and started questioning his ability to be a teacher.  Then he started taking out his frustrations with his students and they became frosty towards him.

He was advised that to control his students, especially stopping them from reading comics rather than paying attention in class, he should confiscate the comic books, humiliate the girls, etc.  He took the books off Li Yu, who aggressively stopped Mr Kong.

Mr Kong told them that as soon as he gets out of class he was going to burn all the books.

Cheng Cheng went to see Mr Kong in the faculty room and explained why Li Yu was protective of his comics.  It was being sent to him by his mother who lives in Japan.  She was divorced from Li Yu’s husband.

Mr Kong understood and asked Cheng Cheng to return the comics back to Li Yu.

Cheng Cheng called Li Yu and gave him the book.  She saw Hua Biao spying on them and shouted at him for being such a crappy class monitor, who totally can’t control his classmates.

Finally, Li Yu is looking at Cheng Cheng with new eyes.

The principal asked Mr Kong to resign.

Thinking that it was because of them that he left,  Yanxi, Hua Biao and Li Yu went to see Mr Kong.  They asked him to be their tutor for open class.

Hua Biao and LI Yu worked really hard tutoring their classmates for the coming open day class where parents and visitors will sit in their class.

It was very successful and Mr Kong was asked back to teach.

Episode 16

This episode is bittersweet.

Hua Biao and Yanxi challenged each other with better ranking in their school. They then had to give each other gifts if they do succeed.

Hua Biao, of course, was number one and Yanxi who really studied seriously, which was noticed by her ecstatic mother was too busy to look at Li Yu’s new computer, climbed up 10 ranks above.

She gave Hua Biao a pair of skates, which he loved.  But every time Yan Xi asked him for her gift, he always says he has forgotten it at home, despite carrying it in his pocket like a talisman.  He feels that the little pink ribbon is too cheap to give to her.

Poor Hua Biao’ self-esteem was at its lowest.

He then realised that YanXi is practically engaged to Li Yu since they were children.  They have so many photos together as children and Hua Biao was jealous.  Especiallt when Li Yu’s absent mother had finally turned up.  She was very motherly to YunXi and YunXi was familiar with her.

When Yan Xi went to see Hua Biao at his house to do homework together, he pretended to be too sleepy and tired.  YanXi is an uncomplicated girl.  She left him to it and cheerfully put a copy of their group photo, with their friends when they went to dinner with Li YU’s mother, on his desk.

He was curious what she left and saw the photo, it clearly shows YanXi looking rather fondly at him.

He ran after Yanxi who was seated by the lake.  He then finally gave her the pink ribbon, which delighted her so much.  She told him she loved it, and it’s pink, her favourite colour.

He then realised that he angsts for nothing.

Episode 17

Li Yu was so happy to have his mother come back for a visit to their house.

His mother asked to talk outside.  They were sitting in front of their apartment building when his mother said that there was nothing familiar about the house anymore, she then said that she was getting married to a Chinese man who was also divorced and living with a son.

Li Yu was absolutely gutted.  He took it very hard that his mother will start a new life with a ready-made family

Li Yu left his mother where she sat.  He then went back to their house and locked himself in.  He was refusing to go out, to talk to anyone and more concerning was that he was not eating.

Yan Xi organised a code red emergency meeting with her friends.  Hua Biao the last one to turn up but took it upon himself to be the most proactive.

He climbed into Li Yu apartment clutching on window ledges and balconies until he reached Li Yu’s window and threw his pack back towards it to break the class so he can get in.

Inside he saw a very sad Li Yu staring at a photo of his mother and himself.

Hua Biao was a very good friend.  He tried to cheer Li Yu up but he was just too sad. He refuses to eat or even go to school.

Li Yu was on the internet a lot probably trying to reach his mother.  HE Mei logged in as well and was typing what Yan Xi was dictating over the phone to engage Li Yu.

Li Yu was too sad to really care.

Hua Biao stayed with Li Yu the whole time, thus YanXi went to Nana to help out Hua Biao.  Nana told Yan Xi that Hua Biao wears a jade necklace which was the only remembrance he’s got from his parents who both died in an accident when he was just three months old.

Now YanXi tried to reach out to Li Yu again through He Mei about how lucky he was compared to Hua Biao whose parents are both dead.  Li Yu’s parents may be divorced but at least they were not dead and he still has the chance to contact them anytime he wanted.

This woke Li Yu from his misery.  He went to a sleeping Hua Biao and told him that he was ready to go back to school.

Episode 18

Li Yu was really affected by Hua Biao orphan history that he forgave his mother and now support her remarriage.

It was a mock exam in preparation for their final examination for college/university.

Everyone was revising and reviewing.

Sadly for YanXi, despite seriously revising, it looks like she did badly during the mock exam.  Her father during parent/teacher conference was a tad disappointed that his daughter can probably hope for a junior college.

Hua Biao has no problem in school but his home life is getting from bad to worst.  His only relative, his grandmother, had become more forgetful lately.  Hua Biao was very concerned and took her to the hospital for a check-up.  She had been diagnosed with the middle stage of Alzheimer’s Disease.

He Mei was depressed that she can’t compare to her other siblings in the eyes of her disappointed mother.

Deng Deng was accepted with a high score at Hong Kong Ballet School, but she had to turn it down as she wanted to spend the rest of junior school with her classmates, especially with Li Yu.  Her mother, though disappointed, understood her.

Si Tu Er is true to form.  He did not bother much with the mock exam as he just can’t be bothered to attain higher education.

Episode 19

Yan Xi’s brother topped his engineering course and was recommended to attend MIT in America.  His parents were beyond ecstatic and proud.  However, he told them that he would rather start his own business.

His parents were raging after they found out that his company will be selling craps like his invention of a selfie stick.  Ha ha ha.

Poor Yan Xi was upset with herself.  She can’t understand why after revising so hard, she still bungling the mock exam.

Her mother did everything she could to get her and her mojo back into reviewing for the real exam, including revising with them.  Yan Xi was not paying attention to Hua Biao and LI Yu though.

She even runs off to Si Tu Er and banking off school.

Si Tu Er was having a problem with his parents again.  He was playing off because he feels neglected by both his mother and father.

Yan Xi’s parents were rather stressed at that moment because her mother had been laid off from work.

Episode 20

Li Yu’s father was also laid off from his job because the company manager charged him of thieving when the father took a piece of glass pane to replace the window that Hua Biao broke to get to Li Yu.

YanXi only found out that her mother had lost her old job as the finance manager when she went to her office to get a spare key for their house.  Instead, of her mother working in an office, she was now employed as a toilet cleaner.  The mother was made redundant because she tried to clear Li Yi’s dad’s name.

Yan Xi, Li Yu, Hua Biao, HeMei and Si Tu Er concocted a plan for revenge against the Fat Head office manager, which got him sacked for being unreasonable and a lecher.

Episode 21

Yan Xi is trying to make up with her mum, but it seems her mum is way too embarrassed.  Her mother though was very pleased that she is learning a little bit of music though not the violin, which was supposed to improve her math.

Poor Hua Biao’s grandmother’s illness is getting worse.  She reported him missing to the police, though he was actually gone for a few minutes.  The police advised him to seek medical help for his grandmother.

Li Yu’s father sends him money but he knew that his father might actually be struggling with money.  So with Si Tu Er, Hua Biao and Yan Xi’s brother, they went to someone who can give them a crash course in business.

What they found out was that the man was actually the boys’ headmaster.

They ran off with Yan Xi and Hu Mei, who have been spying on them.

They went in different directions.

It so happened that Hua Biao and Yan Xi wen in the same way.  Hua Biao pulled a surprised Yan Xi in his cardboard hideaway.  He was just about to confess when Li Yu interrupted and extended his hand, at the same time as Hua Biao, to her to get up from her crouching position.

Not wanting to offend anyone, Yan Xi got up all by herself.

She hurried home and found that Hu Mei was in front of her house with her brother.  Hu Mei looks smitten.  When she asked Hu Mei if she likes her brother, Hu Mei cycled off, too shy to admit it to her best-friend.  ahhhh

Episode 22

Cheng Deng Deng is getting closer to Li Yu but he is still resisting.  I supposed it is hard to break from his bond with Yun Xi, who was his childhood sweetheart.

Now there are 18, they are getting more responsible and more mature but quickly realised that life is hard.

Si Tu Er blamed himself for the divorce of his parents.  He did call his mother to report that his dad has a harem of girls.

Hua Biao very maturely said that even if he told his mother about the other women, that would have not resulted in a divorce.  Divorce is a hard choice.  Li Yu also mentioned that though his parents divorced, he still don’t know why to this day.

Yan Xi finally made up with her mother.  The mother had resigned from her cleaning job and she was now cooking and selling beef balls.

Yan Xi was upset to see that no one was buying her mother’s beef balls, a pity because she makes the best ones.

Her friends said that the location is not a good one, why not try relocating near the school gate.  Yan Xi’s mother understood this business sense, but she does not want to embarrass Yun Xi at her school.

He Mei’s crush of Yun Xi’s brother might perish from natural death because he had decided that he was going to leave for America after all much to the joy of the family.

Hua Biao’s situation is very very sad.  His grandmother thought that he was her son rather than grandson.

She was blaming him (as his father) for leaving her to go to his wife.

Hua Biao was supposed to tutor YanXi but told her that he has a prior engagement.  She then saw him talking to a pretty girl and then they cycled off together.

Yan Xi followed them.  Hua Biao noticed this and waited to Yan Xi.  He asked her why she was stalking him.

She immediately went on the attack saying that he had a girlfriend already.  She did not give him time to explain.

She went home to study alone but at almost midnight, Hua Biao was shouting for her to come down.  He said that he has no girlfriend and the woman he was with as a daughter of someone who was giving him work. He also told Yan Xi that he does not have a girlfriend and was about to kiss her but she went shy at the last minute.  He kissed her anyway, in the forehead.

Hua Biao’s friends found out that he was working in the old factory where Yan Xi’s mother works.  Hua Biao was cleaning pools full of chemicals in his bare feet.  The friends removed their shoes and helped him out.  Lovely friends, he’s got.

Ending tomorrow with the last two episodes!!!

Episode 23

This penultimate episode is a mix of both happy ones and sad scenes.  I reckon the ending will be a rather sad one, but here is hoping that I am wrong.

Anyway, the group continues to support each other, especially with Hua Biao’s situation which is worsening from day by day.

His grandmother has sane moments and then becomes rather pugnacious when she can’t remember or recognise anything.  Hua Biao is making himself optimistic that with some luck or miracle his grandmother will get better and live for a long time.

Li Yu was being kept in the dark as far as his father’s situation is concerned.  He made up his mind to visit his father in Guangzhou.  He bought two train tickets hoping that Yan Xi would go with him but in the end, it was Huang Deng Deng who showed up at the train station.

He found his father living a rather pathetic life.  He was obviously unwell with stomach ulcers and had been dosing most days.

Li Yu tidied up the place, sorted his father’s medication and cooked him dinner. Li Yu and his father then had a heart to heart talk.  His father encouraged him to go live with his mother in Japan.

Li Yu was very sure that he is not going to do it. He is 18 and able to look after himself.  He will stay in a dormitory when he goes to university in a few months time, besides he finds it unthinkable to leave Yan Xi behind.

Li Yu met Deng Deng at the beach where she went to give privacy to Li Yu and his father.

Li Yu showed Deng Deng a pre-completed form for another try-out for the Hong Kong Ballet contest.  Deng Deng at first was bitterly disappointed that LI Yu wanted her to go away to Hong Kong but out of his rucksack, he pulled a pair of red ballerina shoes he bought for her in Japan.  She was mollified and went to Hong Kong to pursue her dream.

What puzzled me was that he was expecting Yan Xi to go with him to Guangzhou but why was he carrying the red shoes in his rucksack?!!!

HU Mei continues to angst about the exam and her strick, rather unfeeling mother.  These were stressing her so much.

And Yan Xi… well she has better luck compared to the rest.

Yan Xi got good grades during her exam.  She was borderline for qualification to enter China’s top-notch university.  This was all due to Hua Biao for tutoring and encouraging her.

To add to this there was also news in the papers that guarantee entry of high school students who are good in track and field into the best universities in the country.

Yan Xi did not waste any time she went running for her 10,000km so she can go to Bei Qing where Hua Biao was also planning to enroll.

Can’t wait for the Final episode.

Episode 24

It is a very sad final episode.  You wanted to know more how they are in the present time.

Deng Deng became a ballet dancer in Hong Kong. which in 1997 has officially returned back to China after years under the British rule.

The romance between Hu Mei and Yan Xi’s brother was over before it even began.  He felt that she was too serious for someone like him who wanted to sow his oats first before even thinking of having a permanent girlfriend.

Then it was the big exam.

Everyone was excited.  Even Si Tu Er was happy for his friends who were taking the exam.  He himself is being sent abroad by his parents.

Hu Mei felt that she did not do well during the exam.  But a very pretty girl handed her a brochure for a flying school/flight attendant course.  The girl who handed her the brochure said that she did not do well during the exam either.

Yan Xi called the exam result hotline and found that she got a total of 500 points.  Her parents and brother were so happy for her.  Because of 20 points for her track and field, she is eligible to apply for her number choice of a university which is the Bei Qing Uni, who happened to have a drop in applicants and enrollees.  Yan Xi’s family were in ecstasy.

She was so happy she went to find her best friend, Li Yu.

Li Yu said he had not checked his score yet.  He then told Yan Xi he liked her.  Yan Xi gave him a hug telling him she knows.

Li Yu then clarified the “I Like You” as a boy likes a girl. This stopped Yan Xi;  she started to realise that there have been signs that he liked her more than just friends.

Li Yu said that he had been thinking about going to Japan to look for his mother.  He will be waiting for Yan Xi in Japan.

Yan Xi felt very sad that everything is changing and with Si Tu Er as well who was leaving for abroad shortly.

Hua Biao called her told her to wear her Mokoto dress and come over to his place.

Hua Biao was wearing his father’s military uniform and in front of his grandmother, Biao and Xi looked like they were getting engaged or married, which made the grandma happy.

Then Biao was walking Yan Xi towards the bus stop when she told him to go back to his grandma.  It turned out that they had an earlier conversation where Biao had told Yan Xi that he is not attending college as he was going to take his grandmother traveling before she completely forgets everything. They might even go around the world financed from the sale of their house, which was bought by the Mafia master as instructed by his son, Si Tu Er, who made his father promised not to touch anything.

Anyway, Hua Biao made good of his promise to his grandmother, he was travelling with her taking a very scenic route.

It turned out later that Hua Biao fell in love with Yan Xi at first sight, even before the time he caused her broken leg.  He first saw her buying dumplings from his grandmother who told her that she looked like Mokoto.

It is an open ending.

Who knows?  Yan Xi might end up with Li Yu after all.

16 January 2019 update

Director Deng Ke of When We Were Young 2018 had this to say in Weibo.

“For Youth, For the Dream, For Your Second Season, Let’s Go.



  1. Hope there is a 2nd part .Hope Hou Biao and Yang Xi meet again and they marry and have a happy ending. Please give a 2nd part for us. I am not liking this sad end. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. they are making a season 2, but we dont know if it the same cast. You can go on Instagram and look at @whenwewereyoung.2018 They said that there is gonna be a season 2.

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