Song Yiren (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Song Yiren (Chinese Actress)

Song Yiren


  • First Name: Yiren
  • Surname: Song
  • Anglicised Name: Ireine Song
  • DoB: 7th May 1993 (26)
  • PoB: Jinan, China
  • Fluency in Language: Mandarin, French, English
  • Height: 1.60 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Work Period: 2015 – Present
  • Instagram: yiren_s

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids

  • Yiren plays a 14-15 years old Sang Sang in Ever Night.  She is 7 years older than her leading man, Chen Feiyu.
  • Yiren and family emigrated to Canada when she was very young and came back to China just after 3 years. She went back to Canada at the age of 16 to study and came back to China in 2012 and went to study at Beijing Film Academy.
  • Yi Ren will be starring opposite Zhang Yao (Li Yu in When We Were Young 2018) in The Best of You In My Mind.

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