Prom Mai Dai Likit (Thai Drama)


Prom Mai Dai Likit (Thai Drama)

Prom Mai Dai Likit (Thai Drama)

  • Genre: Romance, Medical, Rich Man – Not so Poor Girl
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Thailand, Reboot of a 1982 version
  • ThDrama: 27 Episodes


  • Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew as Orachun
  • Esther Supreeleela as Karakade
  • Nimitchai Akarat as Dr Nipit
  • Wipakontragoon Natthapatchara as Cattleya
  • Rathfar Chaichueanjit as Jaisawang
  • Chinawut Indracusin as Puwadol
  • Pantila Win Pansirithanachote as Parichat

Episode 1

The episode started with the aftermath of a bomb explosion where they had to save several casualties.

Karakade was a nurse at the scene supporting Dr Nipit.

One of the victims was a little girl who was not breathing anymore.  Karakade could not just give up even if Dr Nipit had more or less declared the girl dead.  Karakade applies oxygen and continued CPR amidst the desolate crying of the girl’s parents.  Kade’s effort was rewarded as the girl started breathing again.

Back at the hospital, could be a military hospital, Kade was praying at her dad’s portrait on the wall of the hospital.  She told him that she did well that day and she wishes she could have been a doctor just like him.

Dr Nipit or Nit was with her reminding her that she was like her mother who was a very able nurse just like her.

Dr Nit might have been her fiance, who was very upset as he did not get the scholarship for a further study in Germany.

He was very bitter that the grant was given to a doctor who could well afford to pay for his own study anywhere in the world.  It did not help that the man who got it was rather oily and arrogant.

Later that day, a patient was brought in.  Their usually fairly quiet small hospital became a hub of activities from women with full make-up, big hair, and fashionable attire.

The patient was a very rich heir, who had to be operated for appendicitis with complications.

When he got back to his private room, the patient, Orachun was surrounded by women and one of those was his girlfriend, Cattleya/Cat.

Cattleya stayed for a while but decided to go as she was apparently needed at home, much to the disappointment of Orachun or On.

Actually, Cat was going to a party but met up a lover at the hospital carpark.  Cat and Puwadel were having a tonsil hockey in the car so torrid that they did not notice that they were seen by a very shocked nurse.

Orachun proves to be a very demanding patient.  He was insisting to have a drink despite being told that he was nil by mouth until further notice.  He frightened a nurse who begged Kade to sort Orachun out.

Kade is a no-nonsense nurse.  She marched into the room and told Orachun why he can’t have any drink or anything to eat.  She was spectacular. LOL

Even this first episode there was strong chemistry between the two.  Lots of staring, lots of heavy breathing, etc.

Anyway, Kade became the private nurse of Orachun. It looks like she works 24 hours, 7 days a week. (British nurses are complaining but look at this superhuman Kade, LOL)  She had to do everything for him including taking him to the bathroom.  She had to untie his pajamas bottom as it was all tangled up.  Again lots of staring.

He was watching a horror drama set in a hospital, which spooked him.  He called Kade to stay with him as he sleeps saying that he can’t sleep without someone watching over him.  Being a private patient, his request is gold. and he was already aching to kiss her.

It is a cute drama.  Hope next episode is subbed already.

Episode 2

The shares in Orachun’s company was dropping because his mother spoke to reporters that her sone had a part of his intestine taken out rather than saying that it was just an appendicitis.

Fortunately for the business, Catlleya came to the rescue during the press conference hinting that a marriage between her and On was likely to happen.

Side drama, a girl had a backstreet abortion. For some reason, Kade was willing to assist the abortionist until it got out of hand.  She had to call Dr Nit who insisted that the girl had to get proper medical treatment as part of the fetus was still in her uterus which was why she was still bleeding heavily.  This story got more sordid.  When Nit asked Kade why she was even involved, she said that she unwillingly helped the abortionist because the girl was pregnant and raped by her own brother.  Euckkk

Anyway On, despite Cat, is falling for Kade and Nit is starting to get jealous.


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