A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019


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A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019

We usually post our list of reviews of dramas and films towards the end of the year but it is a lot of hard work to collate and to go back to each and every drama and film.

So we shall start this list as a work in progress throughout the whole year.

For the complete list of all the dramas, we have reviewed click DRAMAS & FILMS.

Review 2019


  • Abyss is a Kdrama about an alien orb that can bring the dead to life.



  • Chasing Ball is a Chinese drama about ping pong.
  • Coffee & Vanilla is a Japanese Live-Action manga about a 20 year old girl and a 30 year old businessman.


  • Deep In My Heart is a Chinese drama about a heart transplant man who had gain superpower meets schizophrenic girl.


  • Emperors and Me is a Chinese drama about a couple who had been looking for each other through succeding dynasties.



  • Goodbye, My Princess is a Chinese drama about severe desolation that one needed the fountain of eternal forgetfulness to be able to go on living.


  • Hello Again! is a Taiwanese drama about former high school mates who hated each other.  Then they meet again after ten years.


  • I HEAR YOU is a Chinese drama starring my baby girl, Zhao Lisi and Riley Wang.  It is about a morose genius violinist falling in love with a feisty girl while pretending to be lovers during time together in a reality tv show.



  • KILL IT is a Kdrama about a vet who used to be a paid killer meets a detective with a heart.
  • KINGDOM is a South Korean Netflix original drama about zombies, starring two reliable actors in the lead: Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doona.


  • Mother of Mine is a kdrama about a mother😁 and her three beautiful adult daughters and their relationships.
  • MY AMAZING BOYFRIEND 2 is a season 2 Chinese drama where a young actress is now pregnant with her immortal 8th boyfriend.
  • MY TRUE FRIEND is a Chinese drama starring Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long.  It is a modern romance which was partly filmed abroad.


  • NO MERCY is a South Korean film about a badass woman, out for revenge, in search of a missing sister


  • One Spring Night is a Kdrama about a woman who breaks up with a long time boyfriend to start a more exciting romance with a younger single father guy.


  • Perfume is a Kdrama about a woman at the end of her tether, who had gotten hold of a magic perfume to turn her into her younger, slender self again, meets arrogant fashion designer.
  • `Princess Silver is a Chinese costume drama about an amnesiac princess sent to marry an unwilling prince.
  • Pushing Hands is a Chinese drama.
  • Put Your Head on my Shoulder is a Chinese drama which is a cousin of that very successful webdrama, A Love So Beautiful.  This drama is set in College.








  • WELL INTENDED LOVE is a Chinese drama about a contract marriage between a CEO and a young actress who has leukaemia.
  • While We’re Still Young is a Chinese drama.  A romance that ensued between a rich arrogant boss and a feisty employee.  Plenty of misunderstanding in between.




  • Zambi is a Japanese horror/zombie drama set in a girl’s school and dormitory.


  1. There are two dramas which started showing today. They are both Kdramas and I am blown with both. The first is Abyss about an alien orb that can bring the dead to life and the second which is my favourite really is about a CEO who is genius as facial recognition which made him excelled at his job.

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