I Hear You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

I Hear You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Modern, Romance, Reality Tv Drama, Comedy, Mystery
  • Release Date: 28 January 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a  web novel by Shi Xiao Zha called The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes


Quick Precis: A musical genius meets a goofy energetic girl in a romantic reality tv show.

Please Viki or Netflix, make us happy.  Get this cute drama subbed in English!

Episode 1

Bei Er Duo is a 25-year-old woman who desperately wanted to become a Koe Girl.  She dreams of going to Japan to study voice overs and become a voice actress.

Anyway, for some reason (subtitle please) she was persuaded to join a reality tv to partner a rather arrogant and self-possessed guy as a pseudo love interest.

The guy is Shuwei, 27 years old, is a genius musician from an affluent family.  Again not sure why someone like him would join a reality tv.  LOL

I had a quick read of the novel on wattpad about the story which I found rather different from the drama.  Apparently, Shuwei lost a bet with his nephew and the penalty was that of him appearing on the reality show.  We will find out for sure if this is the case on this drama once some kind-hearted person decides to cherish us non-Chinese speakers/literate for subtitles. 🙂

They appeared on the stage and they were both awkward, almost antithesis to the lovers that they were supposed to be.

After some uncomfortable moments, Shuwei rescued the situation by pulling Er Duo next to him and showed a bit of PDA which the public lapped up.  Online audience were loving it.

Episode 2

Er Duo and Shuwei went on a dinner date.  While Shuwei was answering a phone call, an acquaintance of Er Duo suddenly appered.

She was rather a bullying woman.  She kept touching Er Duo on the head rather roughly.  She was pinching and patting Er Duo on the cheeks when Shiiwei came back.  He quickly removed the woman’s hands which were still firmly clamped on Er Duo’s face.

He then tenderly touched Er Duo’s face and told the woman to not touch Er Duo ever again.

As soon as the woman had left Shiwei was back to being cold.

Episode 3

Another date was on an amusement park where they had to go through a horror tunnel.  Er Duo screamed her way out and most part clinging to Shuwei.

They also had to go to a dance class where they had to do the waltz or was it tango?  While they were dancing they accidentally bumped lips together.  They were both shocked into immobility that they were kissing for few seconds.

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