Well Intended Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Well Intended Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Modern Romance, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Contract Marriage
  • Date Released: January 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 20 Episodes


  • Xu Kai Cheng as Ling Yi Zhou
  • Simona Wang as Xia Lin
  • Ian Li as Chu Yan
  • Huang Qian Shou as  Wen LI
  • Yang Hao Ming as Nan JIn Tian
  • Liu Jia Xi as Jia Fei

Quick Precis: A handsome arrogant CEO went into a contract marriage with a young actress who has leukemia.

Episode 1

Xia Lin is a 21 years old budding actress. But within one day her hopes and dreams came tumbling down.

It all started when she came out of the studio to go for an audition for an advertisement.  She mistakenly forced her way into a parked black Maserati, thinking it was her uber. 🙁

Despite the car having a passenger already, Xia Lin asked the passenger to move as she was willing to carpool.  The driver was stuttering but the man next to her just said it was ok.

She was being driven away when her uber driver called to say he had been waiting for 10 minutes.  She was so embarrassed but the man, Ling Yi Zhou, said that they will give her a ride as it seems she was going where they were bound to.

During the audition, she did well and was given a positive feedback.  Within the hour the agency informed her that she did not get the stint.

Feeling down in the dumps, she bought some sandwiches to share with her long-time boyfriend but only to find that he had been in bed with someone.

He had been two-timing her with her bitchy college roommate.

What else can go wrong?  On her way home, she fainted on the street and ended up in the hospital where she was given a diagnosis of leukemia.

The next day, Xia Lin went back to the hospital to see her consultant to further discuss her illness.  He told her that she was terminal but with bone marrow from stem cells, she can be good as new.

She found out that Ling Yi Zhou somehow could help her.

Ling Yi Zhou is a 29-year-old mega rich, a CEO who dabbles in television and films.   He has a sad back story involving his mother that has yet to be revealed.  His grandma though cares for him deeply but wanted him to get married.

Xia Lin went to Ling Xi Zhou immediately to ask for his help.  She confessed about her illness.  But he was not moved.

This did not stop Xia Lin.  With her best friend, they contrive ways on how to meet Ling Yi Zhou so she could plead her case better.

She pretended to be an office cleaner, a visitor and friend of Mr Ling and finally as a woman left pregnant by Mr Ling.  The receptionist was not perturbed but gave her a number and pointing to a group of pregnant women waiting their turn to see the boss.

Xia Lin was beginning to lose hope.  She just stood against the glass wall of the building waiting for hours for Mr Ling.

Then finally she had her chance.

He said that he will help her but on a condition…

She has to marry him.

So far this first episode is endearing the lead girl is very pretty and not annoying at all.  And the lead guy has a model-like physique and is rather charismatic.  Very promising start.

Episode 2

Xia Lin did not jump immediately at the offer of marriage, a contractual marriage.   She was wary.  She actually values marriage and knows it is not something to be played about.

But it is her life at stake.

So desperate she was she was allowed to be convinced by her best-friend to accept the proposal as she had nothing to fear from Mr Ling.  Her best friend reckons that Mr Ling is not into women.  He was in love with his driver/assistant.  Etc.

Anyway, she got invited by Mr Ling into the opening of a jewelry exhibition where she met her ex-boyfriend and horrible ex-roommate.

Xia Lin was wearing one of the necklaces from the exhibitions.  The ex-roommate and ex-boyfriend bid for the necklace Xia Lin was wearing and wanted her to remove it there and then as a way of making her feel low.  Luckily Mr Ling turned up and stopped Xia Lin from unclasping the necklace and asked the exes whether they really wanted the necklace and whether they can afford the 50M prize tag to it?  The exes were taken aback.  They thought it cost 5Million at the most.

But it was too late they have signed the intention to purchase.  Mr Ling said if they apologise nicely to Xia Lin, he might overlook the purchase receipt.

The exes apologised for cheating on Xia Lin.  Mr Ling shredded the paper and threw it at the ex-boyfriend.

Mr Ling was driving Xia Lin home when he got a call from his grandmother.  Mr Ling asked her to answer the phone for him.  The grandma asked if she was driving in the car with Yi Zhou.

When Xia Lin said yes, the grandma was all excited.  Apparently, it was the first time the Yi Zhou had allow a girl in his car.  She asked Xia Lin to call her grandma.

Anyway, Xia Lin finally agreed to the marriage but with her own proviso.  They also agreed that the marriage would last with a minimum of two years.

Episode 3

Two months later, they are now married and Xia Lin moved into Mr Ling’s house, separate bedrooms.

Chu Yan is a friend of Mr Ling and is very suspicious of Xia Lin who he thinks is a gold-digger.

Xia Lin is also suspicious of Chu Yan who she thinks is the lover of her husband.

To prove her suspicion, she started seducing him and got drunk.  She then started kissing him and when she woke up she was wearing a different nightdress.

Apparently, she threw up all over him during the course of the evening.

To prevent a repeat performance of her drunkenness, Mr Ling had the maid get rid of all the alcohol in the house.

Episode 4 & 5

Xia Lin had introduced Mr Ling into microblogging via weibo.  He was an instant hit.

There seemed to be a new villain in the scene that would be targetting Mr Ling.

He left a dog in the street which was found by Xia Lin.

She took the dog home and hid it from Mr Ling.  But you can’t really hide an animal in the house and another thing, Chu has severe asthma and dogs are one of his allergens.

Xia Lin and her friend met up with Chu in the cinema.  Being near Xia Lin, Chu had an attack of asthma, it got pretty bad, thank goodness Xia Lin found the inhaler he accidentally dropped.  Their photograph together was instantly posted online and seen by Mr Ling, who instructed that reuters are contacted and that the photo is taken down.

He then went to find Xia Lin and Chu.

Mr Ling was daydreaming, he was so happy to start the day when Xia Ling cook a birthday breakfast for both of them.  The same birthday.

Xia Ling cooked a feast for a birthday dinner but Mr Ling was very late, she then saw a photo on weibo that he was celebrating the night with someone else.

It was actually the girl, he grew up with and treated like a sister.  But the girl has a crush on him and still pestering him despite knowing that he had married someone else.  She used some pretext to get Mr Ling to come to her but he was very annoyed and left immediately to be wit Xia Ling, who started eating the enormous feast she had cooked.

Mr Ling asked her why she was eating already without him and then took her away for a drive.  He gave her a gift of some house deed.  He then wanted her to make him a birthday cake.  They had a full run of a bakery kitchen where she decorated a cake with him in close attendance.  Very very close.

So cute, and he really now into her, nuzzling her and kissing her.  Awww.




5 March 2019 Update

There will be a Season 2 to this drama with the same cast.

Get this, there is a contest for fans to submit scripts for the season 2.  The winner will receive 50,000RMB and a chance to join the filming as a consultant.



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