No Mercy (2019 South Korean Movie)

South Korean Film

No Mercy (2019 South Korean Movie)

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  • Genre: Revenge, Mature, Violence, Strong Female, School Bullying, Action
  • Date Released: 1 January 2019
  • Origin: South Korea


  • Lee Si-Young as Park In-Ae
  • Park Se-Wan as Park Eun Hye
  • Lee Joon-Hyuk as Han Jung Woo
  • Choi Jin-Ho as Park Young Choon
  • Lee Hyeong Cheol as Ha Sang Man
  • Kim Won Hae as CEO Jung


This film was released in the cinema just over a month ago and I have to say it is a very watchable movie.  A rollercoaster of action and violence.

I have to commend the lead girl, Lee Si Young for the action scenes.  Apparently, she did all the stunts herself, no CGI.  Lee Si Young was an amateur boxer in real life and used to receive awards for her prowess.  It is rather empowering for women especially that Lee Si Young looks so delicate and dainty.

Anyway, the story started with Park In Ae coming out of jail after incarceration of one and a half year for being violent beyond her duty as a professional bodyguard.

She got home to a welcoming sister, Eun Hye, who is a bit simple.  Her sister begged that she does not go to school anymore but In Ae insisted that she must for her own good.

When she woke up in the morning, her sister has gone to school and left her a beautiful wrap-around red dress with matching shoes with killer heels.  The sister said that she had saved all her allowance to buy her sister presents.  In Ae was very touched.

What she does not know was that her sister is a victim of school bullying. Three girls in her class dragged her out after school and took her to a karaoke bar.

They then meet up with boys, who used Eun Hye as a bait to rob perverted men.  They would allow Eun Hye to enter a hotel room with the sexual predator and then instructed Eun Hye to go to the bathroom and text them the room number and they will come to rescue her.

The boss then beat up their victim and robbed of money.  They did this several times more until their last victim was more violent.  He was Ha Sang Man, who left his number saying that they can get the girl back once they paid the ransom.

Now the unstoppable action begins.






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