Nice to Meet You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Nice to Meet You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance
  • Release Date: 10 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 55 Episodes


  • Janice Man as Gao Jie/Jocelyn
  • Zhang Ming En as Yu Zhi/James
  • Melody Tang as Gao Hui
  • Shawn Wei as Yu Yi
  • Shu Ma Ya as Mu Zi Yu
  • Ji Xiao Bing as Si Cheng
  • Jerry Chang as Gao Hai

This drama is coming soon and it was announced that Viki has the license to show it, therefore, we international viewers will see subbed episodes.  Yey



Episode 1

I was pleasantly surprised to find this episode already subbed in youtube.  I have to admit that the sub is only partial and often lacked synchronicity.

Be that as it may, you can still understand the plot after a fashion.

It started with the grand engagement of Gao Jie to Yu Zhi.  They both looked drop-dead-gorgeous.

Gao Jie was looking forward to the event, full of love and full of hope.

Yu Zhi was for some reason felt betrayed and bent on revenge.

As his bride stopped just in front of him looking magically beautiful, Yu Zhi took to the microphone and announced to their esteemed audience that he propose to the board to dismiss both Mrs Mu Si Yu and Gao Jie from their positions because they have harmed the reputation of the company.

That was a major humiliation for Gao Jie who said to let her explain but Yu Zhi said it was too late.

He then took out their wedding rings from his pocket and told her that there are as ostentatious and hypocritical as she is and he doesn’t have any need for them.  He then chucked both rings into the hotel pond.

Next scene was a flashback!!!

It might be in Indonesia, where Gao Jie was supervising a mining event.

While the workers were hard at their job, some locals came barging in armed with bolos and knives.

Gao Jie managed to get away by falling into a stream.

At that moment, Yu Zhi was on his way to see the mining as well but spotted a woman obviously in need of help by the water.

He rescued her unconscious body and put her in his jeep driven by a local.

When she woke up they introduced themselves to each other rather grudgingly.

She was out by herself again to do her morning wee when she found herself face to face with a huge cobra.  Gao Jie (Jocelyn) can’t run way no matter how much she wanted to as her shoe was caught on some roots.

Again, her hero spotted what was going on and came to the rescue.  He carefully stood in front of her ready to lunge if the cobra becomes hostile. 🙂

But the cobra decided to slither away almost at the same time as Yu Zhi’s  (James) driver did with the jeep, leaving them stranded.

Now they started tentative flirting.

Janice Man is truly gorgeous, but the leading male, Zhang Ming En is on another level of gorgeousness altogether.

So far so good.

Episode 2

James was having such a fun time bathing in the lake that Jocelyn went to bathe also after James had finished.

What James did not know was that Jocelyn was already running a fever so she fainted in the water and would have drowned if James did not jump in to save her.

James cradled the feverish Jocelyn and told her that they don’t have medicine.  He has to go and find help.  Jocelyn said she would stay in their tent and went for him.

James walked and walked until he came across a barracks where soldiers found him as he was about to pass out.

Then Jocelyn woke in a hospital looking at the face of her worried brother.  She asked him about James and he said that the locals (Thais) did say that she was with a Chinese man.

Jocelyn was very sad because despite being with James for a very short period, she had fallen for him and it seems quite mutual as well.

Back in China, it was a small world.  Jocelyn’s aunt happened to be James’s stepmother who he hates the guts of.

Mu Zi Yu was his father’s mistress who caused his mother untold grief which might have caused her eventual death (information on this is yet to be revealed)

Anyway, James spoke to his grandmother and said to her that he would like to join Rui Hua, the jewellery store where his mother used to work.

His grandmother was against this idea.

Anyway, James remembered that Jocelyn once told him that she often goes to a book shop in a town where they coincidentally both grew up.

Jocelyn just missed the placard that says Miss J, please contact James.

Episode 3

I think the script of this drama lacks subtlety.  James’s dad brought in his mistress to the shop where his wife (James’s mother) works.  But at the last minute, he changed his mind but his wife and child already saw him with Mu Zi Yu.

James’s mother, in the end, committed suicide by taking in too much sleeping pills after a fight with her husband when he allowed his brazen mistress to come inside their house. She was found by young James.

There was another incident which is almost one and the same.

Gao Hui’s father used to be married to someone else.  He wanted to be a painter and to hone his craft he had to go to America.  He decided to divorce his wife and leave his two-year-old daughter (I think this daughter was Jocelyn).  While he was wheeling his suitcase against his heartbroken wife, his mistress showed up.

This was to show the viewers that he was living the current wife for a newer one to fulfil his ambition.  But this scene is just too ridiculous and unnecessary.

Anyway, Gao Hui was being courted by James and his cousin to join them in Rui Hua.  Gao Hui looks like had a crush at first sight with James, so a potential love triangle between James and the two sisters?!!!

James had been looking for Jocelyn.  Many times they were literally a few feet away from each other but still, they keep missing each other.

But towards the end of the episode, they finally meet each other and there was a couple of minutes of staring at one another, of course.



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