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Listening Snow Tower (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Wuxia, Martial Arts, Romance, Revenge, Historical Costume Drama
  • Release Date: 6 May 2019
  • Origin: China; Adapted from a Novel
  • Cdrama: 56 Episodes


  • Qin Jun Jie as Xiao Yi Qing
  • Crystal Yuan as Shu Jing Rong/Qing Ming
  • Han Cheng Yu as Qing Lan/Jia Ruo
  • Angela Yuen as Ming He
  • Lin Yuan as Chi Xiao Tai
  • Zhao Dong Ze as Qing Yu/Gao Meng Fei
  • Li Ruo Jia as Zi Mo (Warden of LST)
  • Li Ze as Gu Guang (Warden of Moon Sect)
  • Bai Shu as Huang Quan (Warden of LST)
  • Zhang Tian Yang as Nan Chan (Yi Qing’s Bodyguard)
  • Shan Hou Pei as Na Yan/Ye Huo
  • Cao Zi Ge as Hao Tian/Qing Ya (South Sea Emissary)
  • Lu Fang Sheng as Shu Xue Wei (Master of Listening Snow Tower)
  • He Zhong Hua as Bai Di (Master of Sand Valley)
  • Jessica Hsuan as Hua Liang (Master of Moon Sect)
  • Lu Xing Yu as Mai Qian Cheng (Yi Qing’s uncle)
  • Yang Ming Na as Xue Wen (Yi Qing’s mother)

I hope this drama is subbed.  Based on the first few minutes that I have watched, it promises and interesting and action-packed drama.

Come on Netflix or Viki, please sub.

9 May 2019 Update: Great news, this drama is coming to Viki.  Yey

Episode 1

According to the blurb, the Moon Sect prevailed in Nanjiang area, once upon a time.  They practised sorcery but hidden under the guise of worshipping the god of the moon.  Their shenanigans had such a detrimental effect on the ruination of ordinary folks.

To curtail the activities of the Moon Sect, expert martial artists had bonded together.  They were Xiao Shi Shui, who was the leader of Listening Snow Tower, Bai Di of Sand Valley, Xue Gu and a swordsman known as the Blood Demon, Shu Xue Wei.

Under the leadership of these four martial artists, the Moon Sect was weakened but continued to wage war again the Listening Snow Tower.

(Despite not really understanding fully what was going on in this unsubbed first episode, I have to admit that it was interesting and exciting enough to keep me glued during the entire time. – Update: now subbed)

Jing Rong and her father, Shu Xue Wei,  had just released the sky lantern they made for her dead mother when they were attacked by dozens of warrior of the Moon Sect led by Hua Lian.

The woman, Hua Lian, had very powerful cultivation, she can manipulate the mind using her sewing needles.

She used mind control to make the heavily injured Blood Demon to stab his own daughter with his sword.  Jing Rong spoke to her father which had a visible effect but the mind control kept going.  In the end, he turned the sword on himself and dies.

The woman was just about to kill Jing Rong as well when another band of fighters, from the Listening Snow Tower(LST), came to save JingRong.

The woman almost fought to the death with the leader of LST, she got heavily injured spitting blood and then chose to fly away at the last minute.

Before the Blood Demon died he tenderly whispered to Jing Rong not to take revenge, instead to live well, live a quiet easy life.

The people from LST took Jing Rong and her father’s body with them.

Jing Rong was crying over the grave of her father.  Despite the cold, she remained on a vigil; kneeling quietly and would not move.

The young master from LST came to see what was going on and gave his fur coat to Jing Rong despite being unwell himself.

The poor young master of LST became gravely ill due to the cold.

He and Jing Rong were taken to the Sand Valley as Jing Rong refuses to go to LST.

The doctor had said that the boy had always been susceptible to the cold and would probably not live past his 20th birthday.

Jing Rong woke up the next morning with breakfast brought in by young Qing Lan, a disciple of Bai Dai.

Jing Rong ran into the open door and into a cliff.  She unhesitatingly jumped into the water below hoping to join her mother and father in the afterlife.

Qing Lan immediately jumped after her and rescued her.

I have to say, the young actors are so cute and excellent in their roles.

Bai Dai, shifu of Sand Valley, was waiting for them on the shore.

He told Jing Rong that he knew her father and how he invented the Blood Rose Sword.

He then invited her to stay with him and his two young disciples, Qing Lan and Qing Yu at Sand Valley.

Qing Lan promised Jing Rong that he will be at her side forever.

Episode 2

Bai Dai had taken charged of the orphaned Jing Rong and given her a new name of Qing Ming.

Qing Lan and Qing Yu were excited about a new sister.  They trained all together.  These three children’s sword training among waist length yellow flowers was a cinematic delight.

Ten years later…

The young master of LST had finally returned to the tower.  He and his bodyguard were hardly been there for a minute when a band of assassins attacked them.

It seems the young master though afflicted with COPD was a brilliant martial artist and easily defeated the dozens of assassins.

He later learned that LST has his uncle Mai as the main man.  His father who was the master had yet to recover from his fight with Hua Lian of Moon Sect ten years ago.  His father had lost his mojo.

On their first day at LST, Madam Zi gave Xiao Yi Qing a note from Xie Li Zhon asking for help.

His daughter who was being taken home by her new groom had been kidnapped by the mountain bandits, headed by the Blue Wolf.

Xie Li Zhon wanted the matter kept hush-hush as he does not want any controversy at the moment.  Apparently, the Crown Prince of King Zhen Xin was headed to Luoyang and would be stopping and temporary lodged at the Xie Manor.

Xie Li Zhon was very upright and abhors intrigues that would mar the visit of the crown prince.

Qing Ming was visiting her father’s grave when she happened to see the mountain bandits having taken the girl and her groom still in their bridal costumes.

She tried to rescue the girl and she was succeeding at first but they were just too many bandits.

It was very timely when Yi Qing and his bodyguard arrived and proceeded to take down the bandits.

The rescued girl said she would like to return to her father but Yi Qing told her that her father had already issued an official statement that she had died.

The girl understood immediately.  She said her father believed that,

A dead virgin is better than a kidnapped daugther with a stained reputation.

Aren’t we glad that we do not live in that era anymore!!!

Anyway, Yi Qing accompanied a mock funeral cortege of the girl to her father’s house.

The father was beseeching the heavens and ancestors about the sad faith of his daughter.  He went to look inside the coffin and found some movement.

He immediately ordered that the coffin be sealed.  (What a hypocrite!)

The girl in the coffin was Ming Qing.  While the real daughter watched quietly what her father’s dramatic performance.

When Yi Qing and  Ming Qing were alone, he asked her where she was from as she seemed to know him.

Episode 3

It was the tenth death anniversary of Jing Rong/Ming Qing’s father.  She noted that despite the years her father was still popular with the people.

Ming Qing had a half-dream that Yi Qing comforted her while she was lonely and sad at her former house she shared with her late parents.

This episode also is about the power struggle for the LST between Yi Qing and her uncle Mai Qian Cheng, who had taken over the running of the tower.

Yi Qing found out that his father was systematically being poisoned by the powerful but delinquent four guardians of LST.

Episode 4

This episode is action-packed.  The fight between Yi Qing and Mai Qian Cheng was fantastic, very balletic, well choreographed.

Anyway, Mai Qian Cheng went to Feng Qin Gardens where Yi Qing was based.  Unbeknown to Mai Qian Cheng, there were still some guards who were loyal to the Master of LST and therefore the fight between Yi Qing and his uncle was balanced.

But Yi Qing prevailed and had his uncle captured.  There was still a worry that Tian Li Assembly will regroup and attack again to rescue Mai Qian Cheng.

But Yi Qing is severely weakened as he gave his bracelet containing the moon spirit which was keeping him alive to his dying father.

Meanwhile, Qing Lan was busy keeping the crown prince alive.  Despite their carefully planned route to fool their assassins, they were still found out.  It did not help also that the crown prince had been infected by a virulent bug.

Yi Qing had been revealed to have spent the last ten years at the Thermal Valley.

Episode 5

At last the crown prince had arrived safely at Sand Valley but would he be safe for long?

Soldiers from the Moon Sect had penetrated the huge stone door of the Sand Valley.  Qing Yang was otherwise occupied with Ming Le.

The master of LST recounted to his son about his mother, who was a junior of Hua Liang of Moon Sect.

He took away Yi Qing’s mother away from Moon Sect but they had become fugitive and hunted by the Moon Sect all the time.

Yi Qing’s mother one day decided to leave much to the sadness of his father.

His father eventually established the Listening Snow Tower.

Episode 6

This episode was one beautifully executed fighting scene after another.

First off, it showed that Sand Valley is no weakling, the trap set in its entrance was working fine and prevented the Moon Sect soldier from entering further into the valley.

Qing Yu who was pretending to be the crown prince was also attacked.  Thank goodness he was such an ace martial artist and ably aided by the annoying Xiao Tai.

Poor Yi Qing exhausted himself that he had run out of chi.  Ming Qing had to give him some of her life force.

He then saw the death of his father by his uncle who had turned zombie-like and controlled by the Hua Lian.

Episode 7

Poor Yi Qing was having a crisis of confidence.  He blamed himself for his flawed plans and not anticipating many things.

He was visibly moved though when he was ushered outside to the sight of martial artists affirming their loyalty to Listening Snow Tower.

He promised himself that he will rescue his mother, who was apparently still alive in the bog of the Moon Sect and then will rebuild a stronger, better Listening Snow Tower.

Madam Zi Mo had taken upon herself to rehabilitate Huang Quan of the Tian Li Assembly and recruit him to LST.

Meanwhile. Bai Di had now ordered Ming Qing and Qing Yu to return to Sand Valley.

The three martial siblings have met up again.  Qing Lan was particularly happy to see Ming Qing but Ming Qing was rather annoyed that there was an intruder to their reunion.  It was Yuo Hou/Ming Le who was rather jealous of Ming Qing.

Shifu noticed the hatred in Ming Qing’s eyes but she said that it was because of the current chaotic situation with the warring Moon Sect.

Ming Qing and Qing Yu was having a friendly contest when Qing Lan appeared with Yuo Hou.

Qing Lan told Ming Qing that he got a bunch of flowers for her which he will dry and use as a potpourri to help her sleep.

Yuo Hou was jealous and MIng Qing and Qing Yu noticed it.

Meanwhile, Yi Qing was handed a note by Madam Zi Mo.  It said that the Moon Sect was going to ransack Sand Valley and they seemed to know something about how to get in.

They heard that aside from the crown prince, there was another that went in into the Sand Valley.  It was, of course, You Hou.  Is she a spy?

Yi Qing decided to investigate her.

Episode 8

It was good too that Yi Qing started investigating You Hou as she almost hurt Ming Qing when she ordered her red bats to attack Ming Qing through her aggressive flute playing.

But Qing Lan had developed a total trust on You Hou despite Yi Qing telling him that she was the spy from within the Sand Valley and may have endangered the formation that guarded the place.

Anyway You Hou, according to Shifu Bai Di had only two days to live as her virus had been attacking her system rather furiously.

Episode 9

You Hou is the daughter of Hua Lian and she had very powerful martial arts.

The Moon Sect attacked Sand Valley and poor Shifu was killed.

Ming Qing had taken her Blood Rose sword but she was heavily injured and so was everyone else including Yi Qing.

What an exciting episode.

Episode 10

Ming Qing and Qing Yu held a funeral for both Shifu and Qing Lan.  Although they were hoping that Qing Lan was alive as they could not find his body among the debris.

Episode 11

Ming Qing aked Yi Qing if she could join Snow Tower but she was turned down as he reckoned she was weak.  He did accept Qing Yu to the LST but he turned it down and left with Ming Qing.

When Yi Qing was asked about his harsh decision of turning down Ming Qing.  He said that it was for her own good.  She needed to learn to stand on her two feet so she could really use the Blood Rose Sword otherwise she would just rely on anyone throughout her life.

Episode 12

Three years later…

This beginning of this episode is pretty spectacular.

Ming Qing is now Lady Jing and met Yi Qing again after three years in the street one rainy day.  Lady Jing in her red hanfu with a red umbrella started a sword battle which looks like a dance with white hanfued with white umbrella Yi Qing.

Yi Qing was impressed with how her sword skill had improved a great deal.

After their fighting exercise, Yi Qing asked her how she had lived the last three years.

It so happened that she got separated from Qing Yu for the better part of the three years.

She went blind and was taken care of by a mysterious mute doctor, who she seemed to have fallen in love with.

Episode 13 – 14

Lady Jing and Qing Yu, who now goes with his original name of Gao Meng Fei had joined forces with the LST to create a havoc of revenge against the Moon sect and their supplier of nitrate to manufacture the superbombs that blew up Sand Valley to smithereens.

The suppliers were the Lei family.

To infiltrate the Lei Family, Lady Jing had to play the role of a shy maiden from the brothel, who plays the `zither.

The elder son of the Lei fell for the comely Lady Jing, who pretended to have run away from the brothel and now homeless.

He took her home with him, where she did her investigation and aided closely by Yi Qing.

Episode 15

Xue Wen, Yi Qing’s mother is dying.

It is also the day when the delivery of more gun powder was about to happen.

The delivery was attacked and a confrontation between LST and Moon sect occurred resulting in Guo Meng Fei being injured with the distinctive metal arrow from Moon Sect.

Ming He was also injured. she seemed to restrain herself from really hurting Guo Meng Fei which led to her falling off a cliff.

The confrontation between the Leis and Yi Qing and Lady Jing.

Finally, Lady Jing was revealed as the shy woman from the brothel who happened to be the daughter of the Blood Demon.

Episode 16

Master Lei blamed Lady Jing for what happened to his family.  He cursed her that Karma gets her in the end.

Yi Qing was quick to point out that it was he who tried to destroy the country with his gun powder.

Master Lei was defeated in all corner, thinking that it was over for his family, he drank poison and keeled over.

Poor Guo Meng Fei, he was poisoned with the Blood Venom, which was hard to treat.

Hua Liang had started searching for her daughter Meng He.

The leads have a very complicated relationship.  Sometimes he does everything to protect her at the same time throwing her to the wolves.  While Lady Jing was quick to take up her Blood Rose sword against him.

This episode ended, where she was flying towards Yi Qing to stab him with her sword.  How romantic!  LOL

Episode 17

After their flirtatious sword fight, Yi Qing prevailed as expected.

Lady Jing knelt down in front of him and formally asked to join LST.  She said that she will be serving LST until the time that she defeated him.

Yi Qing confirmed with her that when the time comes, she will betray him or the LST.  She honestly said ‘yes’

He told her that he uses a dagger, as his choice of weapon.  It might hurt him just like her, she was the dagger in his life.  Awww Seriously why not just confess.

The surprise in this episode was that Qing Lan, now called Jia Ruo is alive but had lost his memory and being controlled by Hua Lian and currently kept under a toxic lake inside a sealed coffin.

Ming He rebelled against her mother because Jia Ruo disappeared so she had a one to one combat with Hua Lian.  She did not really want to hurt/kill her mother so she begged her for the umpteenth time to let Jia Ruo go but her mother refused.

This left Ming He nothing to go by but to plunged into the lake in search of Jia Ruo.  And she found him almost comatose.  Between them, they were able to open the coffin and swum up to confront Hua Lian.

Jia Ruo seemed to have learned and gotten a lot stronger.  He defeated Hua Lian, who plummet into the bottom of the lake in death.

Episode 18

Ming He was very worried about Jia Ruo, who know that he was dying.  The only thing that could cure him was the Azure Azalea by the Long Family of the South Seas.

It so happened that LST had already contacted the Long Family of the South Seas for the same flower.

LST needed the flower to purge Gao Meng Fei of the deadly poison he got from fighting with the Moon Sect.

The Long Family had sent an emissary to LST to forge an alliance by asking LST to send a bride for the king of Long.

This bit is a bit tricky because the king was a double of Scheherazade’s husband in 1001 Arabian Nights.

The King of Long had had 11 brides who died on their wedding night.

Chi Xiao Tai told Yi Qing that there was only one woman what was suitable as the bride to the beastly king and that was Lady Jing.

Yi Qing almost hissed at Xiao Tai.

Everyone knew that Yi Qing had a soft spot for Lady Jing.

Anyway, Lady Jing came to LST with a new recruit, Hong Chen.

Hong Chen was the woman who poisoned Lady Jing three years ago causing her to go blind.

Lady Jing wanted to kill her immediately but Yi Qing said that LST could use Hong Chen because of her expertise in poison.

Lady Jing went to see Gao Meng Fei, who was feeling so sorry for himself.  He asked her if she was in his place wouldn’t she feel the same?

Lady Jing said no, she would find a way out or a cure to her condition.  She then left and went to see Yi Qing.

She told him that she would like to be the bride.

Yi Qing was not having it, he said he has already a bride in mind.

This bride was Lady Jiang, the girl who was widowed on the road to her husband’s manor.

Episode 19

Crystal Yuan is more stunning as Lady Jing than when she was the fragrant Mo Shan Shan in Evernight.

Lady Jiang was escorted by Yi Qing and Lady Jing to the South Sea just to ensure that she was going to be safe where she was going.

What they found at the manor was rather creepy.  There were many places and activities which were forbidden.

The groom has not put an appearance yet.

Hao Tian seemed to have fallen for Lady Jiang because seeing how uncomfortable she was in the new surrounding, he begged her to run away with him.

Lady Jiang refused as she would be letting down the LST.

Lady Jing was investigating the forbidden pavilion of past wives when she happened to find a secret passage which led her to a secret part of the South Sea.  She then overheard Ming He talking to Gu Guang.

Without much thought, she confronted them and had a sword fight with Gu Guang but Ming He through a poisoned arrow at her.

Episode 20

Lady Jing became a prisoner of Ming He.

Meanwhile, Yi Qing had found that the very common sight of azaleas next to a burning candle had a purpose.  Petals of the burnt azalea create hallucinations to anyone nearby.

Hao Tian spoke to  Ming He, who told him that she will kill anyone who takes the azure azalea from her.

Ming He found Jia Rou looking at the comatose Lady Jing.

She tried to kill Lady Jing but Jia Rou stopped her, which annoyed Ming He because, despite his memory loss, there is something within him that really cares for Lady Jing.

Poor Lady Jiang, her groom appeared at last and he was not only rather hideous in appearance but he was as creepy as hell as well.

She ended up running out in the rain almost losing her mind in fear.

Episode 21

Gu Guang of Moon Sect saved Lady Jing and helped Yi Qing to rescue Lady Jing.

Lady Qing finally realised that the doctor she fell in love with when she was blinded was Yi Qing.

Meanwhile, Lady Jiang was being seduced by Hao Tian.  They were plotting to be together and to effect this, they had to kill Master Long, the fiance.

It was Lady Jiang’s wedding.

During the ceremony, Lady Jiang tried to look for Hao Tian but she can’t find him.  This was noticed by her new husband.

Behind the scene, the dowager mistress of the Long family secret gave the azure azalea to Ming He.

Episode 22

It was the wedding night of Lady Jiang and Qing Ya.  She offered her new husband a drink as the final part of the wedding ceremonial rites.

Qing Ya thought that she put the poison in his drink but she actually poisoned her own drink because she had fallen deeply in love with Hao Tian.

Qing Ya gave her an antidote for the poison but his mother stopped him.  But then again Lady Jing had also materialised and stopped the mother.

Lady Jing asked Qing Ya why he allowed his mother to control him.

He then recounted that when he was just a young boy, his father died living him as the head of the family.

As a Long tradition, the Long father had to be buried with his wife so they can be together in the afterlife.

But they fake the death of the mother because Qing Ya was still very young to manage on his own.  And because of his young age, the other clan members were trying to rebel and usurp his position as the new leader.

His mother helped him in every way.

Then it turned out that Qing Ya was Hao Tian.  He had been wearing a mask so that he looked ferocious and frighten his people into submission.

Apparently, the eleven brides were not dead because Qing Ya secretly gave them the antidote and let them get away from the island.

There was another side to this story.  Qingya was a twin of Hong Chen, the one who blinded Lady Jing.

The Long clan believed that twins are evil and will bring down calamity to the family and therefore, one of the twins must die.

Hong Chen, being the girl should have died if their biological mother did not run away with her.  So the current dowager mistress was not Qing Ya’s biological mother.

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