Stay Tuned (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Japanese Drama 2019

Stay Tuned (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Broadcasting, Friendship, Personality
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Origin: Japan, Netflix Original
  • Dorama: 6 Episodes



  • Kyoko Yoshine as Hanako Yukimaru, HHTV journalist
  • Hiroki Iijima as Hajime Yamane, HHTV journalist
  • Kanako Miyashita as Maki Hanae, HHTV journalist, news presenter
  • Takuro Osada as Hayato Kitagami, HHTV programming employee
  • Taisei Shima as Tetsutarō Hattori, HHTV sales employee
  • Hikaru Takihara as Seiichi Tachibana, HHTV master control employee
  • Yō Ōizumi (TEAM-NACS) as Masayoshi Kanbara, head of NPO Sprout Mind
  • Takayuki Suzui as Takayasu Suzuki, HHTV president
  • Ayumu Saito as Mamoru Shōgasaki, HHTV chief executive
  • Atsuo Ouchi as Heizō Hasegawa, HHTV news director
  • Hayato Myo as Keiji Osada, HHTV police news chief
  • Tadahisa Fujimura as Toraya Ogura, HHTV information director
  • Kimiko Jitsukawa as Reiko Kurenai, HHTV announcer
  • Hitoshi Fujio as Yousuke Furuya, HHTV weather forecaster
  • Ken Yasuda  as Katori, Higuma TV (HHTV rival station) information director
  • Toshie Negishi as  Tane, Hanako’s grandmother
  • Hiroyuki Morisaki  as (TEAM-NACS) Mamoru Yukimaru, Hanako’s father
  • Tatsuko Kojima, Sanae, Hanako’s mother

I absolutely loved this drama.  It was fresh, funny, surreal and yet very engaging.

Yukimaru is a girl that had been showered by blessings from above or rather she has a very industrious guardian angel/

Yukimaru, you see is not the sharpest tool in the box and yet she seemed to pass every upheaval with flying color

Yamane often wonder how she passed the rigorous testing and interviews.  They entered the HHTV at the same time and often she was not in sync with what was required.

What Yamane did not get was that Yukmaru may be lacking in many areas but she has a heart, she is very people friendly and her honesty come true when she was talking to them.  She was refreshing for a journalist.

And she has passion and drive despite making mistake after mistake after mistakes.

There is something about her that is sunny and bright.  Despite being perceived as a bit of a dummy, they just can’t overlook her because her opinion is truthful.

Many of their news reporting was successful because she was involved in them one way or another.

Her irreverence makes her popular with the people.

I love the pacing of the story and the cast gave an excellent performance.  Many scenes are so over the top and yet they only make the drama that much more dramatic and fun.

I totally recommend this drama.  It is an easy viewing with only half a dozen episodes and each lasting just over half an hour.


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