When The Camellia Blooms (Kdrama Review & Summary)

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When The Camellia Blooms (Kdrama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Thriller, Comedy, Strong Female Lead, Older Woman/Younger Man, Love Triangle
  • Release Date: 18 September 2019
  • Origin: South Korea, Netflix Original
  • Kdrama: 32 Episodes


  • Gong Hyo Jin as Dong Baek
  • Kang Han Nuel as Hwang Yong Shik
  • Kim Ji Suk as Kang Jong Ryul
  • Oh Jung Se as Noh Kyu Tei
  • Ji Yi Soo as Jessica
  • Son Dam Bi as Hyang Mi
  • Lee Sang Yi as Yang Seong Yeob
  • Go Doo Shim as Deok Soon
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Hong Ja Yan
  • Jeon Bae Soo as Police officer

This is guaranteed to be a good drama with lots of romance afterall Gong Hyo Jin did not get her well deserved sobriquet of being Queen of Kdrama RomCom for nothing.

Kang Han Nuel is a gorgeous young actor and this drama will be his return to the small screen after 21 months of serving his compulsory military service.

I am so looking forward to this drama.

Episode 1

I have just watched this first episode in Netflix/

It has a good cast which is introduced in this initial offering.

It started with police response to murder from a serial killer.

Hwang Yong Shik was seen going through the scene of the crime where the body of the victim was being loaded to a stretcher.

An arm of the covered victim dropped from the side of the stretcher.

Yong Shik noticed the germanium bracelet.

The same germanium bracelet Dong Baek wears.

Dong Baek is a single mother who moved to Ongsan when her son was just a baby.  She opened a much gossip bar called Camellia.

Six years later…

Hwang Yong Shik is now a police officer who was working in Seoul but got transferred back into his hometown because he tried to beat up a perpetrator in front of the press.

Hwang Yong Shik was a much-awarded citizen even from high school.  If he sees a crime he does not shy away from it but gets involved.  That is why no one was surprised when he became a police officer.

His ideal type was a Princess Diana type and he found her browsing at a library.  Within three-second of seeing real-life Princess Diana, he was in love.

She was like a magnet and he followed her going into a law office.  He thought she was a lawyer.

But he got the surprise of his life when he was taken to Camellia for his welcome party, his first day at work.

The owner of the bar/restaurant was none other than his Diana.  She was Dong Baek.

Various characters have also been introduced.

Noh Kyu Tei who has an aspiration to become the town governor.  He is married to a self-aware brilliant lawyer who was giving Kyu Tei inferiority complex as she corrects everything he said including his grammar and vocabulary.

There was also Kang Jong Ryul, who was a baseball player but now the other half of a self-obsessed vlogger.

This episode ended with Yong Shik checking the murder victim.  Total shock was written on his face as he looked at the covered face of the victim.

Episode 2

Yong Shik was devastated!

Despite having stayed for six years already at the village where her son is now in elementary school, Dong Baek remains a source of distrust and suspicion among the women.

They often blamed her for their husband spending too much time and even more money in her establishment.

Dong Baek is bulled, humiliated and discriminated upon.

One day, Yong Shik came home for lunch and found his mother feeding a boy for free.

He later found out that the boy is Dong Baek’s son.

He warmed to the boy immediately and even warmer to the boy’s mother.

Dong Baek found out that a popular baseball player, who was an alumnus of the school had come to shoot a reality tv.

Dong Baek immediately run into the playground and found that her son was talking to the baseball player.  He was Kang Jong Ryul.

Jong Ryul was as shocked to Dong Baek as she of him.

It turned out that Jong Ryul is Dong Baek’s son’s father.

Dong Baek confirmed what he already knew that the boy was his son.  But she said she will not be needing anything from him because she already has a husband.

The next time they met again, Dong Baek was with Yong Shik, who had told Dong Baek that he would like to be friends with her.

Dong Baek used Yong Shik to mislead Jong Ryul that she was already married.  This would have gone smooth sailing but suddenly a car stopped and in out Noh Kyu Tei who asked for an explanation why Dong Baek and Yong Shik were holding hands.

Kyu Tei asked if they were dating.

Yong Shik was beside himself. He was happy and excited.


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