Soft Memory (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Soft Memory (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: School, Youth. Crush
  • Release Date: 7 October 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 20 Episodes


  • Yi Heng as Ouyang Yusheng
  • Xin Ruiqi as Sun Xiaorou
  • Ni Yan as Chu Lu
  • Cai Yida as Gao Yuan
  • Liu Luoxi as Zhao Bin
  • Jin Youmei as Xu Jingwan
  • Shi Zixun as Liu Ge

Episode 1

Sun Xiaorou’s day started after waking up from her dream of running away with Pleasant Goat from a hoard of girls who were after Pleasant Goat himself.

Who is Pleasant Goat?!!! 🙂

Pleasant Goat is a tall and handsome boy who Xiaorou and her best friends, Zhao Bin Bin and Xu Jingwan see alighting the bus at Goat Street regularly.  As they don’t know his name, they call him Pleasant Goat.

It was the start of another school year for the 18-year-old Xiaorou.  She is in high school.  As always she expected to see Pleasant Goat at the Goat Street bus stop.  But he was not there on that day.

Xiaorou was so disappointed.  But she shouldn’t have been because the Pleasant Goat was standing in front of the class being introduced as a transferee, Ouyang Yusheng.

This started many daydreams for Xiaorou.  Unfortunately, her crush on him had a debilitating effect on him.  Every time she wanted to talk to him, she was prevented from extreme hiccough.

Ouyang Yusheng was an ace student transferee from Mingtang High School.  His mother transferred him out of MIngtang to separate him from his math tutor who he developed a crush on.

Ouyang caught Xiaorou taking his photos.

Xiaorou promised him to do anything for him, which he took advantage of.  Xiaorou cut classes and went to the university where Ouyang’s tutor was teaching Physics.

As per Ouyang instruction, Xiaorou has to delay Miss Yiwen, the tutor, until he gets there.

Miss Yiwen treated Ouyang like the hormonal schoolboy that he was.

Xiaorou has to comfort the crying Ouyang, which saw her crush on him dies a natural death.

She moved on so quickly because the next day, she thought she was in love again with a new an idol transferee, Chu Lu.

Episode 2

Ouyang noticed that he had lost Xiaorou to the new ‘guy’ Chu Lu.

Xiaorou was in love but then again so was Ouyang.  He said his heart was beating so fast after they went to a kiosk where Chu Lu was part-timing.

Chu Lu is actually rather focused on getting to know his mother again.  Who he located living in a block of flats.  His mother is a singer in a club.

Xiaorou started hanging out with Chu Lu.  When she noticed that Chu Lu was sleeping on a tent in his living room, Xiaorou had asked Bin Bin and Jingwan to ask the friendly carpenter to make a proper bed for Chu Lu.

Chu Lu is Ouyang’s seatmate.  He noticed the Xiaorou’s antics make Chu Lu smile.  Is Ouyang jealous of Xiaorou or Ouyang?!!!

Ouyang found Xiaorou daydreaming while on cleaning duty.

He told Ouyang that she was not suited to Chu Lu.

Xiaorou sadly agreed, saying that Chu Lu is god while she was only human.

Ouyang said that he was also human and he was the one she was looking for.

This flustered Xiaorou, she left him immediately.

Episode 3

Ouyang took back his word as a joke.

But he was upset when he saw Xiaorou with Chu Lu at the supermarket.

He waited for her near Xiaorou to come home.  He suddenly asked her if she was dating Chu Lu.

Xiaorou replied that she doesn’t know.

Ouyang said that why not date him?

But Xiaorou was too much into Chu Lu already.

Knowing this, Ouyang took his frustration on Chu Lu and started stalking him.

He even tried to join the once-famous school band. Sky Band because Chu Lu said he wanted to join.

Chu Lu had sort of made up with his mother but when his mother got drunk, she told Chu Lu that it was because of him that her life is so messed up.

Chu Lu’s dad, who looks like a leader of Triad tried to persuade her to come home but Chu Lu threatened to jump from the rooftop if she (Chu Lu is a girl) is forced to go home.

Episode 4

Xiaorou bought another peanut butter sandwich for Chu Li.

Having found out that Chu Li was allergic to peanut, he grabbed the sandwich from Chu Li who was about to take a bite to please Xiaorou.

Xiaorou was so annoyed, she posted and pasted a crying Ouyang on the wall and bulletin board.

At first Ouyang was annoyed but Chu Li told him that for all it’s worth he looked cute in the crying photo.

Xiaorou found out about the allergy and was so apologetic to Ouyang who forgave her immediately.

Xiaorou gave Chu Lu a little jar of honey to warm Chu Lu’s cold extremities.

The next day, Chu Lu held Xiaorou’s hand in front of the class.  It was all so romantic.

Some of their classmates was jealous that Chu Lu seemed to be going out with Xiaorou.  So they started bullying Xiaorou.

Bin Bin and Jingwan saw what was happening so they fought off the bullies and they all ended up at the teacher’s office.

The bully girls told on Xiaorou that she has an immature love.

Before it got really complicated Chu Li turned up and took Xiaorou away saying that Xiaorou and friends had made her life in and out of school better.

Chu Lu then took Xiaorou for a little heart to heart when he told her that he knows Xiaorou likes him and he like Xiaorou as well but it can never that of a boy and a girl sort of thing.

What Chu Lu said he wanted was a strong friendship.  A BFF kind of think.

Xiaorou was too upset to listen further.

Chu Lu was just about to confess that he was actually a girl.

Xiaorou was very upset.

Chu Lu went to see Xiaorou that evening to apologise for leading her on.  Chu Lu said that all he could offer was a strong friendship which he would appreciate.

And if Xiaorou cannot be friends anymore, Chu Lu will leave Mingtan High School.

Xiaorou was said for Chu Lu not to leave school, that she was willing to be just firm friends.

And they become just friends.

The Sky Band is gathering pace.  It went of an overnight flash mob tour.

The three girls, Xiaorou, Bin Bin and Jingwan shared a room.

The ‘boys’ shared one as well.

Chu Li was trying to adjust a picture on the wall when she started falling.  She was caught by Ouyang who fell on top of her on the bed.

After a minute of staring at one another, Ouyang became catatonic with shock.  He was attracted to a boy.

Chu Li tried to make him more alert but Ouyang run out and called an already sleeping Xiaorou to come out.

A half-asleep Xiaorou asked him what he wanted.

He reached for her hand and waited for his heart to beat faster the way it did with Chu Li.

Episode 5

Ouyang Yusheng was suddenly in a panic.

He started questioning his sexuality.  He could not be attracted to boys, could he?

To find out, he dragged Xiaorou out in the middle of the night to go out walking with him.  He held her hand to see whether she could make his heart beat faster.

But he said she doesn’t do anything for him.

The poor girl was so sleepy, made more drowsy by his cataloging all his dealings with girl starting from when he was three years old.

He said he originally had problems with girls until he began receiving too many love letters.  He began to hate girls.  Then he met Miss Yiwen and fell in love with her.

But as Xiaorou had witnessed, Miss Yiwen embarrassed and treated Yusheng like a boy.  Yusheng reckoned that was what made him homosexual. LOL

Yusheng was having a breakdown.  He would not let anyone touch, especially Chu Lu.  He took a leave from school to go home.  If left with him he would resorted to being homeschooled.

Anyway, he went back to school but started blanking Chu Lu at every turn, he even asked the teacher if he could change seats (so he no longer sit next to Chu Lu)

To make Chu Lu not available, he encouraged Xiaorou to pursue Chu Lu herself.  I must say Chu Lu and Xiaorou have sizzling chemistry as a couple.

The headteacher heard bout Chu Lu and Xiaorou.  The head-teacher happened to be Chu Lu’s aunt.  She told Chu Lu that she’s a girl, so be careful.

Chu Lu used to be a girly girl until she met a musician.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Yucheng finally found out that Chu Lu is a girl.



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