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Museum of the Moon @ Natural History Museum


Museum of the Moon @ Natural History Museum

The Museum of the Moon is located within the Natual History Museum, ground floor near the Dinosaurs.

It is free to enter if you can find it. There is a map of the whole museum costing £1.00 to help you navigate the roomy museum.

When you’ve found the location, the moon sculpture will certainly take your breath away.

It is huge and so near, I reckon a tall NBA player would be able to reach it quite easily.

The lighting is in muted blue highlighting the spectacular moon just above you.

Because of its size and location, it was easy to take your photo/selfie with the Moon in the background.

This work of art by a British artist, Luke Jerram,  was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

You can visit this Museum of the Moon at the Natural History Museum until 5 January 2020. It would then be on tour.

Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise Tour

Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise Tour

There was a one-day-only tour which was opened to the public for free but you have to book a ticket online to have a chance to go on board the HMS Enterprise.

This was yesterday, 22 June 2019.

To be honest, we went because Peter thought it would be fun to see a real ship called the Enterprise as a homage to Startrek’s starboard.

Startrek or whatever, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found and what we learned from the tour.

HMS Enterprise is huge, really breathtaking.  One must really see how immense it is.

The Royal Navy personnel guiding the tour were so accommodating and willingly answered questions no matter how innocuous they were.  I have to admit I asked a lot of questions.




Science Gallery – London

Museums & Galleries

Science Gallery – London

We happened to pass by this gallery yesterday after a morning spent at the Guy’s Hospital.

Anyway, the doorway to this modern gallery was wide open.  It was so inviting so as we have plenty of time in our hands and plus the fact that it was drizzling a little, we went inside and was pleasantly surprised with the exhibits.

There was a shop where you can buy little knick-knacks.

I was treated to three geometrical rings and they looked

so cute as well.  I also got a heartbeat designed bracelet.

There was also a very welcoming coffee shop with glass walls surround, so you can spend the time people watching around Great Maze Pond, near Guy’s Hospital and the Shard.  This was only on the ground floor.

The first floor is where the exhibits are.  There was that machine that records anything it hears, it is like a neural machine translator that predict or add words to what it hears.

There was that bee house that simulates ideal bee environment, with this machine, we will be guaranteed a healthy bee population and thereby pollination of our crops and trees.

There was, of course, that 3D printer which has been producing lifelike body organs.  Unfortunately for us, the teacher to operate the printer was due to turn up at 1:00 pm and it was only around 11 am when we where there so we missed the actual exhibition of it.

I do recommend this place to spend a couple of hours in.  The building is lovely and minimalist.

And most important they have lovely clean toilets in the basement.

The exhibition is free @

Science Gallery London

Great Maze Pond,

London, SE1 9GU

Now open – SPARE PARTS: Rethinking Human Repair

Come and visit as it will end on 12 May 2019

Sarang (South Korean Restaurant)

Restaurant Review & Recomendation

Sarang (South Korean Restaurant)

@ Sarang on St Valentine’s Day

As it is St Valentine’s Day today, the husband took me out for dinner.  I fancied Korean and we have just the place to go.  It is quite near us her in North West London.  It is walking distance or travel by many regular buses going to Golders Green.

The name of the restaurant is Sarang, a Korean word meaning Love.

And it was lovely inside, with lots of chairs, benches and with the ubiquitous barbecue stoves embedded into each table.

When we got there at around 1;30 pm, there were already about 4 couples dining in.



A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019


Global Granary

A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019

We usually post our list of reviews of dramas and films towards the end of the year but it is a lot of hard work to collate and to go back to each and every drama and film.

So we shall start this list as a work in progress throughout the whole year.

For the complete list of all the dramas, we have reviewed click DRAMAS & FILMS.

Review 2019


  • Abyss is a Kdrama about an alien orb that can bring the dead to life.
  • Arsenal Military Academy is a Chinese republican era drama.
  • Arthdal Chronicles is a Kdrama which is a Netflix original.  It is about an Igutu boy who was prophesied to bring chaos to the world.



  • Chasing Ball is a Chinese drama about ping pong.
  • Coffee & Vanilla is a Japanese Live-Action manga about a 20 year old girl and a 30 year old businessman.


  • Deep In My Heart is a Chinese drama about a heart transplant man who had gain superpower meets schizophrenic girl.


  • Emperors and Me is a Chinese drama about a couple who had been looking for each other through succeding dynasties.
  • Extraordinary You is a Kdrama about a girl who found out that she was not human but a character from a comic book.



  • Goodbye, My Princess is a Chinese drama about severe desolation that one needed the fountain of eternal forgetfulness to be able to go on living.


  • Hello Again! is a Taiwanese drama about former high school mates who hated each other.  Then they meet again after ten years.


  • I HEAR YOU is a Chinese drama starring my baby girl, Zhao Lisi and Riley Wang.  It is about a morose genius violinist falling in love with a feisty girl while pretending to be lovers during time together in a reality tv show.



  • KILL IT is a Kdrama about a vet who used to be a paid killer meets a detective with a heart.
  • KINGDOM is a South Korean Netflix original drama about zombies, starring two reliable actors in the lead: Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doona.


  • Mother of Mine is a kdrama about a mother😁 and her three beautiful adult daughters and their relationships.
  • MY AMAZING BOYFRIEND 2 is a season 2 Chinese drama where a young actress is now pregnant with her immortal 8th boyfriend.
  • My Girlfriend is an Alien is a Chinese drama about a girl, who is an alien and who ended up as a girlfriend of a cold CEO.
  • MY TRUE FRIEND is a Chinese drama starring Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long.  It is a modern romance which was partly filmed abroad.


  • Nine Kilometers of Love is a Chinese drama about young pilots, their love and dreams.
  • NO MERCY is a South Korean film about a badass woman, out for revenge, in search of a missing sister


  • One Spring Night is a Kdrama about a woman who breaks up with a long time boyfriend to start a more exciting romance with a younger single father guy.


  • Perfume is a Kdrama about a woman at the end of her tether, who had gotten hold of a magic perfume to turn her into her younger, slender self again, meets arrogant fashion designer.
  • Perfect Crime is a Japanese drama about infidelity.
  • `Princess Silver is a Chinese costume drama about an amnesiac princess sent to marry an unwilling prince.
  • Pushing Hands is a Chinese drama.
  • Put Your Head on my Shoulder is a Chinese drama which is a cousin of that very successful webdrama, A Love So Beautiful.  This drama is set in College.








  • Watcher is a Kdrama starring three charismatic actors whose characters are bind by a crime that happend a few years ago.
  • WELL INTENDED LOVE is a Chinese drama about a contract marriage between a CEO and a young actress who has leukaemia.
  • While We’re Still Young is a Chinese drama.  A romance that ensued between a rich arrogant boss and a feisty employee.  Plenty of misunderstanding in between.




  • Zambi is a Japanese horror/zombie drama set in a girl’s school and dormitory.

Jollibee UK

Jollibee Queue 27 Oct 2018, photo by JMorton

Jollibee UK

I had been so looking forward to Jollibee coming to the UK that I had cajoled the whole family to come with me and have some Chicken Joy and sweet spaghetti at this newly opened Filipino fast-food eatery.

So up we went.

From North London, we rode on a bus to Finchley and got the tube.  After two train transfers we finally got to Earl’s Court, where Jollibee has opened.  It used to be a Wagamama location.

It was easy to find Jollibee as very long queues of Filipinos from both sides can be found hindering doorways of nearby shops and restaurants/cafes.

We were gutted to find the long queues but to start with we were prepared to wait for a while.

To see how the restaurant looks more up close, I left the family to queue and have a look.  There were bouncers at the door, very unusual for a fast food restaurant.

Then I heard someone whose ticket was being called.

Hang on, ticket? What ticket?!!!

I asked the bouncer “What ticket?”

He said I need a ticket to get in.

A more helpful Filipino in front the queue elaborated that only ticket holders can get in.  When I asked where I can get the ticket, I was told that it was all gone as early as 8:30 in the morning.

This was dreadful.

Disappointment all around for my two grandchildren, their mother and father, my husband and most especially to me.

I did see the news that there were massive queues on the first day but did not expect that it would be the same a week post opening day.

Stacey, my daughter in law, had sent me a link that announces that Jollibee will stop the ticketing process and just serve on a first come first serve basis beginning today, 29 October.

Am I tempted to go back?

Of course I am but I will probably convince the whole family group to brave it out towards spring next year.

Hopefully, most Filipinos of London and UK have been sated with Chicken Joy by then!  🙂

Apparently, this London branch is only second in Europe.  A Milan branch was opened earlier this year.