Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Following Shrove Tuesday yesterday, today is Ash Wednesday, the official first day of Lent during the Christian year and the prelude to Easter.  Lent represents the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent in the wilderness, fasting and contemplating his mission on earth. Known as the ‘Day of Ashes’ because of the practice of having ash rubbed &  drawn on the forehead in the shape of a cross (representing Christ’s crucifixion), by a priest at the  dedicated Ash Wednesday church service. The priest and participants from the church congregation intone the phrase either the words:-

“Repent, and believe in the Gospel” or  the dictum “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”       

Anglican,Catholic and most Protestant and Christians hold Ash Wednesday services around the world. Following the service, participants observe some sort of fasting,abstinence and spiritual contemplation for 40 Days, ending on Maundy Thursday in 2018.

The practice of using  ash comes from the 11th Century and is taken from the Biblical Book of Daniel, where ashes are regarded as a sign of Penance & fasting. The ashes are normally made by the burning of palm crosses. These palm crosses were  handed out to  church congregations during the previous year’s Palm Sunday service (commemorating Christ’s entry into Jerusalem to crowds waving palm leaves in celebration) and given back to the priest shortly before Ash Wednesday. The priest will then burn the crosses and mix the ash normally with Holy Oil to sanctify and make a ‘paste’ with which to rub on the participant’s forehead.

Talk About Money

 Talk About Money

(Thought For The Day)

I don’t fell like I get germs when I hold money.  Money has a certain kind of amnesty… When I pass my hand over money, it becomes perfectly clean to me.

– Andy Warhol


Yep, I totally agree. Money Money, Money.

Money has a cache, which is all of its own.  You might not be beguiled by it but it doesn’t lack fans, which I am one, in this world.

Money rules.  The more you have the better it gets.

Money, money, money

 Thought for the Day: Life

 Thought for the Day: Life

There never was yet an uninteresting life.  Such a thing is an impossibility.  Inside of the dullest exterior there is drama, a comedy and a tragedy.
– Mark Twain

I agree! That is why life, though often can be tough has also some respite of joy and happiness.

I heard a quote before about each of us being worthy of at least a book (biography)!  Unfortunately I can’t remember who said it.   But I am pretty sure he had  or still have an interesting life and as unique 🙂 as each of us.

Life is full of insecurities.  Even when everything is calm, the next moment can be an utter tragedy.  Just enjoy the moment.  If life is a bit dramatic, make it worth it.  🙂

Thought for the Day: Role Model

Children need models rather than critics.
– Joseph Joubert (1754- 1824)
French Essayist

Thought for the Day: Role Model

I think Monsieur Joubert has a point there.  Children are like sponges, they soak in everything.

Even those who seemed not listening is affected.

If they are forever criticised, these will impinged into their psyche.  They may grow up having low self-esteem and may lack confidence dealing with this mad world.

It is, therefore, more progressive to show these children kindness, respect and good hardworking ethos.  Be a role model to them.

Prepare these children to face the future with self-assurance, hope and conviction.  After all they are the new generation.

Thought of the Day: Having Chances

 Thought of the Day: Having Chances

The man who is not dead still has a chance.
– Lebanese Proverb

A very inspirational proverb indeed.  As long as blood is still flowing in your body, the heart is pumping and the brain is working, there is still a chance, even if a rather faint one, to overcome whatever upheaval one is facing!

Don’t give up too easily.

Love & Beauty

Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies.
-John Donne

Love & Beauty

The above quote by John Donne is a pretty good observation.

It is what melodramas are made of.  🙂

As human beings we do love beauty, physical beauty.  We admire it as it is a step forward toward perfection.

Apparently there was a brain scan study made which found that when a person sees a beautiful thing, a good design or an attractive object, a part of the brain,  the motor cerebellum, which control hand movement is triggered.

So reaching for something beautiful is really quite natural.  No wonder most museums and shops have the ‘Don’t Touch’ signs!  🙂

What happens when that something beautiful is no longer than pretty, does the motor cerebellum then tells the hands to drop it?!!!

Love with your heart and not with your eyes!

Rev Fr Luciano Ariel Felloni of Roman Catholic Diocese of Novaliches

Rev Fr Luciano Ariel Felloni of Roman Catholic Diocese of Novaliches

I came across of this rather remarkable man just a few weeks ago.  A friend shared a link of Father Luciano Felloni’s  link in Facebook.

At first I was intrigue because he looks so handsome. I suddenly went back on a nostalgia trip to when I was in high school, where we had to go to communion and by the by, often ogle all those young handsome sacristans.  LOL (I think this was a right of passage to young virginal girls, which is another story for a blog) 🙂

Anyway back to Father Luciano, I was really pleasantly surprised when I started playing the video.  The Father was talking in fluent Tagalog.  In fact he is so comfortable with the language that I think he talks the mother tongue better than yours truly.  (Before anyone mention about the malansang isda, I do love Tagalog and Ilocano but because I don’t get to speak them everyday, my fluency sometimes needs recharging!)  🙂

He said that he is more fluent in Tagalog than in English because he came from a country, where English is not the normal medium of instruction.

This handsome disciple of Jesus, is originally from Argentina, though his ancestors are pure Italians.

Father Felloni engagingly introduced himself as Tubong Argentina(born in Argentina), Dugong Italiano (with Italian {blood} ancestry), Pusong Pinoy (with a heart of a Filipino), Bulsang Ilocano (Ilocano pocket {Ilocanos are noted for being frugal with money}).

He has been in the Philippines for more than 20 years.

He was ordained to the priesthood at the age of 26. He mentioned somewhere that he used to take a bus, public transport, with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a fellow Argentinian, who of course is now Pope Francis!

Fr Felloni was given his parish church in the Philippines at the age of 29.  The church was in Payatas, located in Quezon City.  Payatas is known for being a landfill, a dumpsite.  A smokey mountain of rubbish and trash, where poverty stricken Filipinos, both young and very old make a living by picking up a bit of plastic, paper, metal, useful woods and the occasional treasures to be had.

Father Luciano worked, supported and prayed with people like these for over 10 years.  He knew their problems, he knew how they live, he knew how they survive. He knew them alright!

He is a true Filipino at heart.

Lately he has been making noises against extensive summary killing of the drug addicted, the pedlars, pushers, etc. borne from Duterte’s Drug War.

I hope this priest, with his heart on the right place, will not become one of the growing statistics of this summary killings that is still rampantly going on.

Please let us protect this man; his love of the Filipinos and the Philippines is what legend are made of.



Father Felloni has a social media project of turning Christians into cybermissionaries. Every morning, with his Almusalita (this is a coupling of two Tagalog words: almusal meaning ‘breafast’ and salita means ‘word’), he shares readings from the Holy Bible.

With his beautiful homilies, he wants those who loved the readings to like, share in our ‘wall’ and tag friends with his video in Facebook.  By doing so we can all be cybermissionaries and make  word of the Lord viral.

I have been religiously doing so. 🙂


This is the best sermon ever in Tagalog and this is done by the good Father Felloni.

As Father Felloni would say, if you like this video (blog) please like it, share it in your wall and tag your friends.  Let’s be all cybermissionaries by spreading the Word of God.

UK General Election 2017

The Parliament, Photo by PH Morton

UK General Election 2017

Go out and vote!

Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle merite.

Every country has the government it deserves.
– Joseph de Maistre 1753-1821 (French writer & Diplomat)

Thought of the Day

Post Election:

The current Government is now in total chaos.  Though they are still the biggest party and won the most votes, they failed to get the majority of 326 seats.  This meant a Hung Parliament.

A Hung Parliament is when no single party can get enough MPs to form a majority.

Tory (Conservative Party) now need to form a coalition with another party (which is a repeat of 2010 election and proved disaster).

What now Theresa May?  And what now for Brexit?!!!

Focus On The Main Thing

Focus On The Main Thing

 Thought of the Day: 27 May 2017

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
– Stephen Covey

I should have this quote by Stephen Covey tattooed on me, probably in one of my hands or arms, so that I can remember to focus on the main thing.

I usually try to start something but I often lose interest after a while because I get distracted with something else.  I have piles of embroideries and crochets waiting to be finished.  I have plans and goals waiting to be realised.

I have dreams yet to be made into realities.

I often lack focus!  Not good!

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