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Time Teaches Me to Love (Chinese Drama)


Time Teaches Me to Love (Chinese Drama)

Time Teaches Me To Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Release Date: 10 December 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes


Episode 1 (unsubbed)

I watched his episode still unsubbed in English so did not understand a word.  It is in Chinese and subbed in Vietnamese. 🙂

Anyway as soon as I saw Song Yi Ren with Yan YuHao, I had a eureka moment that I could be looking at Sang Sang and her new Ning Que,  

Yan YuHao had the height and that cruelty/arrogance/bravado that Chen Feiyu has playing as Ning Que.

Anyway just looking at at the moving pictures, I understand that Lin Liu is a very perky girl, who seems to be a bit of a ‘Jill of all trades’.

She is an assistant to her vlogger friend, she works as a waitress as well as a make up artist.

The drama started with Shi Liansen reminiscing his past relationship with Lin Liu.  They had so much fun together.  She brought out the child in him.  She was a joy.  But for some reasons, they separated and she was left collapsed in the rain.

They first become aware of each other when Lin Liu was on her way to a photoshoot as a make up artist.  She carelessly left her scooter by the road when she got off to buy/get something.

Shi Liansen was just passing in his car and ran over her scooter and did not bother to stop.

She got to the building for the photoshoot.  It was a plush building with a beautiful lobby.  She was so excited and took selfies.  There was a passing tall young man.  In her excitement, she asked him to take her photo full length using her phone.

Though he took her phone, he did not bother taking her photo.

She went with him on the lift to the upper floors..  She was to do the make up for the  photo shoot.  After the model finished, Lin Liu jumped into the set and started posing for her own selfie.  The model instructed the photographer to take photos of the unaware Lin Liu.

Shi Liansen met someone by the sea/beach. He climbed into a rock and enjoying the negative ions, peace and quiet until it was broken by someone chattering nine to the dozen.

Shi Liansen went to see who the noisy girl was and of course, it was Lin Liu who slip from the rock straight to his arms.

Episode 2

They are trending. While Lin Liu was in his arms after slipping from the rock. unbeknown to them someone took their photo and posted it online.

Lin Liu begins working as a sales assistant in a beauty products store owned by Shi Lianshen.  She also ended up as a product endorser as Shi Lianshen like the photos taken of her during the photoshoot.  She looks young and fresh.

While arranging the beauty products on the bottom shelf in the shop, Lin Liu took off her shoes.  Then walked in Shi Lianshen who told her to put her shoes on.  While getting into her high heel she fell ,,, into his arms again!

Episode 3

Due to the lack of subtitles, I am not really sure why Lin Liu is in need of so much money.   She has been working non-stop, doing every job available including working in a bar in a rather skimpy dress.

There is someone stalking her and taking her photographs when she was in a rather comprising situation.

Shi Lianshen saw the photos and was very annoyed.  He asked her what she would want to work in a bar.  She told him she needed to work for the money.

Lin Liu went back to the bar and this time the customers are more persistent and then it was going to get ugly but right at that moment Shi Lianshen turned up and scooped her in arms and took her away.

Shi Lianshen had some contracts prepared.  For 500,000 Yuan (about £58K or $72K) he asked Lin Liu to be his fake girlfriend.

Lin Liu was ecstatic until…

Episode 4

In front of everybody, Shi  Lianshen kissed the very surprised Lin Liu.  Not everyone was happy for them.

Including his dad who asked to see Lin Liu.

Lin Liu has such an outgoing personality that she did not give the father much time to talk.  She told him stories after stories for three solid hours.

Thank goodness Shi Lianshen turned up to rescue his father from the onslaught of Lin Liu’s sunny personality.

Shi Lianshen ended up in a club dancing a drinking.  Lin Liu got drunk, got sicked on Lianshen’s shirt then passed out.

She woke up the next morning seeing a very handsome Lianshen in his bathrobe.  Cute.

Episode 5

The reason why Lin Liu needed the money was to pay the massive bill accrued from her young brother’s continued hospitalisation.

Fang Qiao has a one-sided love with Shi Lianshen.  With a bottle of red wine, she went to his house and proceeded to down the whole bottle herself.  She then took off her dress intending to seduce Lianshen, who was not interested.  He called Lin Liu to help him out and Zichen, who has a one-sided love with Fang Qiao, to collect Fang.

I am not sure about this but I think Lianshen is asking Lin Liu to move in with him.

Episode 6

Yeah, I guessed right. LOL

Lin Liu moved in with Lianshen.

To make him regret his commanding decision to have her moved in, Lin Liu did everything to annoy Lianshen.

In no time, she messed up the place.  With her hyperactivity, I have to say we saw more than what we are supposed to be seeing.  I can say that young YiRen doesn’t go for the Brazilan. LOL

Anyway, Lianshen told her to have a bath as she smells.

While bathing she had an accident when she was reaching for the shampoo and bang her head against the bath, fortunately, Lianshen was there to help her but she screamed her head off upon seeing him seeing her naked in the bath.

He was about to leave when Lin Liu was about to fall into the bath.

Episode 7

Lianshen was able to hold on to her but in doing so fell on the bath himself on top of her.

Lin Liu cleaned up the house including Lianshen’s bedroom.  She put his beloved Teddy in the wash which upset Lianshen as it has that definitive smell of memories from his mother.

To make up for her faux pas, she bought him another teddy as a companion for his other one.  But for some reason, he was allergic to the other teddy.

Episode 8

Lianshen has desperate need to go to sleep but can’t.  He found out that he can if he has Lin Liu in bed with him.

Episode 9

Fang Qiao is not giving up easily on Lianshen.  As a drastic measure she is turning herself into a clone of LIn Liu.  She copied Lin Liu’s hair style as well as how she dresses.

Still Lianshen is not interested.

Lin Liu continues to create havoc in Lianshen’s life but he only finds her more interesting.

Lin Liu is the Cindrella beauty products poster girl.  A customer came to the store who complained about the product she bought from the Cindrella range which gave her skin allergies.  She removed her mask showing inflamed cheeks.

She harrassed poor Lin Liu and she was about to pour Lin Liu with a glass of tea when Lianshen appeared to take the drenching himself.

Episode 10

The issue regarding the beauty products turned bigger that it should have.  There were rival company wich might be involved in the negative publicity.

Anyway because Lianshen had to stay at the office until matters are solved, Lin Liu brought him sandwiches.

She fell asleep on the company settee and seeing this Lianshen covered her with his favourite maroon jacket and was going to kiss her unconscious face.

What he doesn’t know was that Fang Qiao saw everything and finally realised that if the relationship was fake to start with, then it was no longer a pretend one. Lianshen had really fallen for Lin Liu.

Fang Qiao was overwrought but finally decided to let Lianshen go and arrange to meet him to tell him so.

Lin Liu’s task was to contact clients who bought the beauty products before and try to entice them back.  But no was willing.

She was deep in her thoughts were she was crossing the road; she almost got run over if not for Lianshen who pulled her back.

Hearts, hearts everywhere.

Episode 11

Their first flush of being in love did not last long.

Lianshen was with Fang, her parents and his father in a restaurant, which looks a prenuptial meeting between parents.

At the same restaurant, Lin Liu was also there with her former flatmate, Liang Zhi, who has a crush on her.

Laing Zhi engineered that Lin Liu sees Lianshen with Fang Qiao and that their relationship is serious.

Lin Liu was very upset, she run off.

Lianshen was annoyed that Lin Liu was annoyed so he called up LiangZhi, who is a manager in his beauty store and fired him.

Episode 12

When Lin Liu is annoyed she becomes unreasonable.  She said she wanted to move out.

Though Lianshen is reluctant to let her go, he had to agree to it.

Meanwhile, Liang Zhi went to the rival firm got himself employed,  He might actually related to the boss.  Awww subtitles where are you?!!!

Episode 13

Despite living in separate abodes, they seem to bump to each other all the time.

Lianshen conspired with Lin Liu’s young brother to pretend that he was in the hospital ill.

Lin Liu wasted no time to go to the hospital only to find that Lianshen is well.

Episode 14

Lin Liu and Lianshen’s father had a cute bonding.  He found it her rather uncouth but rather sweet with it.  Lin Liu kept trying to get away but he complains of illness.

Lianshen then turned up and took her to a photo shoot of them looking lovey-dovey couple, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

They ended up sleeping in the same bed together and it was so cute/

Episode 15

Zhang Yi Jie (Chinese Actor)


Zhang Yi Jie (Chinese Actor)

Zhang Yi Jie


  • Frist Name: Yi JIe
  • Surname: Zhang
  • DoB: 2 September 1999 (19)
  • PoB: China
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2012 – Present

Dramas & Films

The Dark Lord (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


The Dark Lord (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The Dark Lord still

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama fiction, Romance, Policing, Magistrate
  • Date Released: 2018)
  • Origin: China. Based on a novel by Yue Guan
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Song Zuer as Xia Ying Ying
  • Joe Xu as Ye Xaoi Tian
  • Yu Tong as Tian Miao Wen
  • Luo Guan Lin as Xu Bo Yi
  • Emily Chen as Lady Ya

Episode 1`

Xiao Tian is a money grabbing prison officer, who was begged by an imprisoned corrupt government official to deliver his last will and testament to his wife to ensure that his young daughter from his concubine get enough money for her dowry one day and not to suffer from his wife’s tightfistedness.

After traveling miles to reach the Yang mansion, he realised that the family was very unpopular for good reason.

They were a bunch of tugs and get away with it as the wife is sister to the magistrate.

Xiao Tian declared that prisoner Yang, before he was executed had given her hand in marriage to him, wrongly thinking that  Ying Ying was the daughter instead of a 6 years old girl.

Anyway, he can’t go back on his word so he took both Ying Ying and the little girl with him to get out from the mansion.

Outside he told them to make their own way as he was out of there.

As fast as he walked, he can see the two just behind him.

He noticed some horseback riders, who he surmised were there to kill them.

Ching Ching begged Xiao Tian to take them to the little girl’s aunt.  He asked her who she was exactly.  she told him that she was running away from a forced marriage.  She then came to the rescue when she saw the maid beating up the little girl.

Xiao Tian said that there is only one reason, he would help them and that is if she becomes his wife..

Episode 2

Xiao Tian, Ching Ching and the little girl tagged along with the new magistrate of Haiyan on their dangerous trek into the mountains.

While the three were answering the call of nature, the magistrate and his men were attacked by bandits killing everyone.

After burying the bodies in a shallow grave the three continued on to Haiyan where they reported what happened to the magistrate.

The government officials were in a panic as the minister of taxation was about to deign them with his presence.

To report that the new government official was dead would be catastrophic.

They forced Xiao Tian to pretend to be the dead magistrate.

Episode 3

Xiaotian doesn’t have much choice but takes the temporary position of a magistrate.

He asked them thought to arrange for the little girl to be delivered safely to her aunt in Tongren, while ensuring that Ching Ching must stay with him.

Episode 4

The story is about Bo Yi, who was pursuing Miao Wen despite being engaged to another for a long time already.

The girl worked hard to pay for his tuition and clean his house and does everything for him.

After using her, he told her that he does not need her anymore because he had fallen in love with someone else good family standing.

The poor fiancee was mortified and yet beg him not to leave her.

Their unraveling story was heard by Ying Ying, Xiao Tian, and a scholar with a powerful father.

They called Miao Wen to tell her about the story and she put Bo Yi straight up that she does not want anything else to do with him.

Bo Yi left town but promising to come back for revenge one day.

Chen You Wei (Chinese Actor)


Chen You Wei (Chinese Actor)

Chen You Wei


  • First Name: You Wei
  • Surname: Chen
  • DoB: 7 July 1998 (20)
  • PoB:
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2017 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids

  • Chen You Wei was very charismatic as Liu Shang in The Eternal Love 2.


Song Zuer (Chinese Actress)


Song Zuer (Chinese Actress)

Song Zuer @ the 17th Huabiao Film Awards


  • First Name: Bijuan
  • Surname: Sun
  • Anglicised/Stage Name: Song Zu’er, Lareina Song
  • DoB: 23 May 1998 (20)
  • PoB: Tianjin, China
  • Height:
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Work Period: 2005 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids:

  • Zu’er started at the Beijing Film Academy in 2018 after placing third at the entrance examination.  What a very clever girl.
  • Zu’er was a child actress.

My Love From The Ocean (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


My Love From The Ocean (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Love from the Ocean poster

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mermaid
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 28 Episodes


  • Li Hong Yi as Chi Lu
  • Zhou Yu Tong as Dai Xi
  • Howie Hwang as Dai Tao
  • Wang Xiu Zhu as Gu Yan
  • Hu Hao Bo as Cheng Hao
  • Chen Mei Lin as Gao Yi Wen


I must say this drama escaped my drama radar.  It was first shown during the middle of this year but I did not really hear anything about it.

I hope it is a good story.


Episode 1

I have to say the first episode is not exciting enough.  In fact, it was a bit boring, with over-acting, terrible action.

Dai Xi runs a bookstore that has very uneven hours as she leaves and closes the shops when she feels like it.

One day, she had a customer.  She saw him while cleaning the glass windows from the outside.  The customer was Chi Lu who was sitting by the window.

For very strange reason Dai Xi started touching the back of his neck.  🙁

At the moment I am not sure if I wanted to continue with this drama but perhaps I shall give it another try just because it stars Li Hong Yi.

Luo Yunxi (Chinese Actor)


Luo Yunxi (Chinese Actor)

Luo Yunzi


  • First Name: Yun Xi
  • Surname: Luo
  • Anglicised Name: Leo Luo
  • DoB:28 July 1988 (30)
  • PoB: Chengdu, China
  • Height: 1,77 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy, Major in Ballet
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period:2010 – Present

Dramas & Films:



Suddenly this Summer (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)



Suddenly this Summer (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Suddenly this summer poster

  • Genre: Romance, Youth, School
  • Date Released: April 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 30 Episodes


  • Bai Yu as Zhang Yuan
  • Bu Guan Jin as He Luo
  • Lu Peng as Feng Xiao
  • Zhang Shu Wei as Li Yun Wei
  • Fang Wen Qiang as  Zhao Cheng Jie
  • Hua Wen as Ye Zhi
  • Liang Hao as Da Gang
  • An JI as Shu Ge
  • Lu Xiao Lin as Teacher Lin
  • Yang Yue as Zhang Wei Rui

Just started watching this drama and so cute so far.

I’ve seen male lead before in another drama called Love 020.


Episode 1

He Luo was aboard a bus when she noticed a thief trying to get the purse of an elderly man.  At first she chose to overlook it but in the end, she pretended to bump into the dozing elderly man, who moved his bag in a safer place.  The thief was annoyed with her and tried to intimidate her but suddenly a boy pretended that he knew her by being slightly familiar.

The boy got out during the next stop.  She did not even know his name but suddenly he became a hero of her fantasy.  She likes reading manhwa.

The next day, she told her friends about the handsome kindly boy who helped her on the bus.  They were commiserating with her for having not gotten his name.

But she should not be too upset because a new A+ transferee was just about to join their class.  It was Zhang Yuan, the boy on the bus.

Zhang Yuan does not want to know her.

Episode 2

Poor He Lou was second to the last in her class standing.  But she wanted to go to university and study, of all things, science. Everyone was looking at her as if she had gone mad especially when she wanted to apply at the best university.

During a science quiz, she really studied for it and memorised everything.  Her effort worked but not as she wanted it to be.  Because her score improved so much, their teacher accused her of cheating.

Episode 3

He Lou started giving Zang Yuan treats which scared him a bit.  He asked her whether she likes him.  She laughed so much.  She said she wanted to ask him a favour.  Can he be her tutor?

Episode 4




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