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Origami: Water Balloon

Origami – The art of paper-folding

We were taught this in elementary school in the Philippines. But I have to admit that it was not taught as some sort of origami. It was just art.

Origami is a traditional Japanese paper-folding.  The word is derived from ori which means folding and kami, meaning paper. I know you are going to ask how kami became gami, apparently the transposition has something to do with voicing sequential which is truly a Japanese phenomena.

You might not know it as an origami but I am pretty sure you would have folded papers before like those fun paper boats and paper airplanes.

Below is my effort in making a water balloon, origami style. What do you know… I found a more than suitable page from a glossy magazine which advertises some product from Chanel. So my water balloon is a designer! ūüėČ

Ideal Look for Men & Women?!!!

Apparently a lingerie company called Bluebella had conducted a survey amongst men and women regarding preferences of their ideal look for men and women based on attributes from gorgeous celebrities.

Meaning they have to create the perfect or ideal look from celebrities with the best hair, the most beautiful or enchanting face, the best shoulders, the best breasts or chest, the best abs, the sexiest hips, the shapeliest legs, etc.

Please see below the outcome. I must say, they are far from the perfection or ideal look one would really hope for.

If¬†by some force of nature that¬†I could metamorphose into a body and look like ¬†anyone, I would definitely not want to appear as a ¬†caricature similar to the ones below. ¬†To my mind’s eyes, it would be a wasted opportunity…..

I am wondering why Cara Delavinge ? She is pretty girl but beautiful? No…. ¬†She has been featured and being written about in many magazines lately and I am just thinking what her appeal was?

Personally, I think Charlize Theron is fantastically beautiful.  She has got the whole package.

Here is photoshop’s very own version Dr Frankenstein’s She/He-monsters. LOL


cara 146459

Amazing Wood Sculptures

Imagine if using a torch, you looked in a dusty dark corner of the loft/attic while inspecting your new home and you find some old newspapers and magazines, you would not think anything of it, then next to it you find a tatty old cardboard box stuffed with bundles of bank notes!
Did a forgetful bank robber or fraudulent banker live in the house before you? ūüėČ

But when you pick the ‘box’ and papers up, thinking that you have hit Lady Luck and mentally book that exotic holidays, buying a new car, you discover that you are holding amazing detailed wooden sculptures instead!

Each has been carved by New York artist Randall Rosenthal using a block of Vermont white pine ‚Äď and skilfully applied acrylic paint.

Wood you believe it? Sculptor makes stacks of cash
Sculptor Randall Rosenthal carves lifelike bundles of bank notes and piles of newspapers (Picture: Randall Rosenthal / Caters)

Randall Rosenthal: Sculptor carves lifelike bundles of bank notes from wood pine
Mr Randall prides himself on his ability to carve a block of wood into life-like objects (Picture: Randall Rosenthal / Caters)

‚ÄėI just create from my mind, without photographs or objects as a guide,‚Äô said the 61-year-old.

‚ÄėThere is no attempt to hide the fact my work is wooden. Many shapes and thicknesses are subtly exaggerated.‚Äô

Randall Rosenthal: Sculptor carves lifelike bundles of bank notes from wood pine
Randall uses just a single piece of Vermont white pine to create his masterpieces (Picture: Randall Rosenthal / Caters)

Mr Rosenthal began making sculptures after seeing an open book carved as a Bible rest in a church.

‚ÄėI was so intrigued that I began carving open books. Then I started painting the pages and it all spiralled from there,‚Äô he said.

His pieces are displayed in the Louis K Meisel and Bernarducci-Meisel galleries in New York City.

Allen Jones’ Chair


Dasha Zhukova on Controversal Chair!

Our post of Allen Jones’ “Chair” was particularly popular yesterday and I was wondering why! It was only late last night, when I was googling, that I got my answer.

Allen Jones’ Chair

Apparently the Allen Jones “Chair” has a cousin. There is a very lifelike “chair” which is an artwork by a Norwegian artist, Bjarne¬†Melgaard. ¬†According to news articles, this chair would probably from now on be called “ the Racist Chair“.

Apparently the racist chair¬†is¬†just one of Melgaard’s¬†many works reinterpreting previous work of other artists.¬† The white mannequin in Allen Jones’ chair was now of¬†that of a black woman in¬†Melgaard chair.

The real controversy which was trending was a photo of the beautiful  girlfriend of a Russian billionaire  who was sitting nonchalantly on the Racist Chair.  It was really unfortunate that the photo was published on the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Poor Dasha Zhukova, the mother to two of the children & wife of Chelsea Football Club owner, Roman Abramovich, had to apologise for the blunder.

Do you think the chair is racist?¬† Why is this chair deemed racist and yet Allen Jones’ sculpted chair ‘ wasn’t?!!!

As a woman, I do find both chairs offensive because they are degrading to womanhood. Women are not a piece of furniture!!!

I must say I was surprised that Dasha¬†was quite happy being photographed sitting on the Racist Chair; Dasha¬†may not be racist, ¬†but it looks like she has more money than sense! ūüôĀ


Allen Jones “Chair” 1969

Furniture  using  female mannequins is not new. Demonstrating female subjugation  and  hmm.. 70s sexism, are the scenes in the cult and iconic movie made in 1971, A Clockwork Orange. The movie is based on the dystopian novel  of the same name by award-winning writer Anthony Burgess. Set in the not too distant future, the scenes show a gang (called Droogs) of criminally minded teens lounging in  bar where the furniture is made in the shape of naked women.

A Clockwork Orange Korova Milk Bar,

A Clockwork Orange’s Korova Milk Bar




Christmas Crafting: Christmas Baubles


Bright Light Ornaments

– Glitter
– Lightbulbs
– 24-gauge wire
– Glue
– Paintbrush

Use paint brush to cover glass bulb with glue.

Sprinkle glitter onto bulb.

Wrap wire around neck of bulb 5 times and tie, leaving one inch of wire remaining.

Knot end of the wires to create a loop. Hang.

Read more:

Crowns & Tiaras

A tiara or a even a crown is now a popular accessory to  wedding gowns, prom dresses and some other outfits.  In fact I like nothing better than wearing my tiara while doing the vacuum cleaning.  LOL

Anyway the woman who has the most magnificent collection of the real thing is the great lady herself, the Queen of England.

Crowns & Tiaras

Let’s have a peep at some of her fabulosity:

Imperial State Crown

Imperial State Crown

Elizabeth II Coronation

Elizabeth II Coronation

The Queen wears the Imperial State Crown during the State Opening of the Parliament.
The crown is a gorgeous collection of 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 5 rubies, 11 emeralds and 17 sapphires.
It is newsworthy to note that the sapphire located at the Maltese cross on top of the crown was from a ring of Edward the Confessor, taken from his grave.


aa01a01 Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara



The Burmese Ruby Tiara Greatest_Crown_Jewels21



Indian Ruby Tiara

UKIndianRubyTiara oriental-circlet-tiara-Queen



Cambridge Love Knot Tiara




Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara





The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

This is the tiara that the Queen can be seen wearing in our coins and stamps



Emeralds_2232436a vladimir_tiara_emerald


untitled Pink-bow-on-should_2232427a


Greatest_Crown_Jewels20 King George III Fringe Tiara

Legend has it that the tiara broke on the Queen’s wedding day that is why the tiara was slightly out of kilter. She looked dazzling anyway!


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