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Upside Down Ducks

The video below is of upside down ducks.

And please it is not a delicious duck recipe. 🙂

I took the video while we were perambulating at Golders Hill Park in North West London on a sunny day early this spring 2018.

To be honest for a girl, who grew up in a farm, I have never seen ducks feeding in the water in an upside down position. It was rather amazing to see and watch them doing their business.

Upside Down Ducks


Brent Cross Shopping Centre (Mall) the first in UK

Brent Cross Shopping Centre (Mall) in North West London was opened in 1976 it was the first stand-alone shopping mall in the UK.

It was initially constructed in a dumbbell shape running east-west parallel to the North Circular Road, with 2,000 leading designer brands and 120 stylish stores. The two largest stores (John Lewis and Fenwicks) at each end.

It was expanded and renovated beginning in 1995, with additional shops and restaurants on an arm running north from the middle.

A multi-story car park replaced the remainder of the open parking area to the north.

Brent Cross continues to expand and new stores and shops are opening.