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Youth Fight (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Youth Fight (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Youth Fights poster

  • Genre: Youth, Strong Women; Life, Romance, Drama, Friendship
  • Release Date: 24 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 38 Episodes


  • Zheng Shuang as Xiang Zhen
  • Gai Cass as Qian Bei Bei
  • Yu Xue as Ding Lan
  • Chen Xiao Yun as Jin Xiao Ni
  • Wang Xiu Zhu as Yu Hui
  • Gao Tai Yu as Chen Yan
  • Su Xin as Jin Xin
  • Andrew Su Yang as
  • Wang Yang as Guan Shan
  • Ren Zhong as Liu Yiming

Quick Precis:

This is a story about five women who forged a friendship when they were in college.

After graduation, they all stayed in Beijing to tackle what life is to offer in terms of work, career and relationship.


Go Joon (South Korea Actor)

South Korean Actor

Go Joon (South Korea Actor)

Go Joon


  • First Name: Joon (Jun)
  • Surname: Go
  • DoB: 8 December 1978 (40)
  • PoB: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Civil Status:
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2001 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids
  • Go Joon is seriously brimming with sex appeal.

Kill It (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

Kill It (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kill It poster

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Romance
  • Release Date: 23 March 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 16 Episodes


  • Jang Ki-yong as Kim Soo Hyun
  • Nana as Do Hyun Jin
  • Noh Jung Eui as Kang Seul Gi
  • Lee Jae Won as Philip Ahn

Quick Precis

A professional assassin turning a new leaf as a vet meets a savvy detective.

Will sparks fly?

Episode 1

It started so well, very exciting but towards the end, it felt that it lost direction a bit.  I supposed it is only the first episode so it is grappling with introducing extenuating forces to justify whatever outcome this drama will yield in the end.

Anyway Kim So Hyun was only eleven years old when he was running for his life in the forest in Vladivostok, I am not sure why he was in Russia to be honest.

He was left to die in the woods but he was found by Pavel, a trained assassin who took pity on him and taken him in as a protegee.

From an early age he was thought to live by the gun and be an assassin as well.

He was given three mantras to live by.

  1. Never reveal a client’s identity to anyone.
  2. Never keep a witness alive.
  3. Stay alive.

Seventeen years later, So Hyun is as good as Pavel, who himself is deteriorating from the onset of dementia.

Dementia and assassin do not go together.

So Hyun was getting messages about his former family.  He was being sent photographs of his previous life but this came with a price.

He had to kill the people the mysterious sender gives him for So Hyun to receive further photos.

One of the victims was a CEO who was a drug dealer.

So Hyun made the murder looks like a suicide but a very savvy Detective Inspector Do Hun Jin thought otherwise.

And here the start of the cat and mouse between the two.

At this point, Pavel is now dead but before he passed he gave So Hyun of an old photo of his family.

Pavel apologised to So Hyun for bringing him up as a paid assassin.  He made So Hyun promised to change his way of life and just be ordinary like the folks on the photo.

So Hyun is now working as a veterinarian doctor and this is how he first met Hun Jin.  He was trying to save a bleeding deer from ending up as another roadkill.


Mother of Mine (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

Mother of Mine (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Mother of Mine poster

  • Genre: Family, Relationship, Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 23 March 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 100 Episodes


  • Kim Hae Sook as Park Sun Ja (Mother)
  • Yoo Sun as Kang Mi Sun (Eldest Daughter)
  • Kim So Yeon as Kang Mi Ri (Middle Daughter)
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Han Tae Joo
  • Kim Ha Kyung as Kang Mi Hye (Youngest Daugther)
  • Ki Tae Young as Kim Woo Jin
  • Choi Myung Gil as Jun In Sook
  • Myung Kye Nam as Han Jong Soo
  • Lee Won Jae as Jung Jin Soo
  • Joo Hye Rim as Jung Da Bin
  • Joo Hyun as Jung Dae Chul
  • Park Jung Soo as Ha Mi Ok

This drama is an eye-watering 100 episodes but I think it would be worth it because the cast is stellar.  Kim So Yun is more beautiful than ever.  I am also really fond of Kim Hae Sook who will play the mother.  She is such a good, reliable actress.

Episode 1

The first episode is just slightly over an hour long and in this time so many things can be had.

First of, the eldest daughter Kang Ming Sun is married with a young daughter.  There is the obligatory annoying mother-in-law in the background.

Ming Sun works in the bank as an assistant manager and relies on her mother for babysitting

Park Sun Ha, the mother would go her daughter’s house to see to her granddaughter, feed her, prepare her and then send her off to school.  She would then tidy up her daughter’s house and hang the clothes and sometimes even pre-cook their supper.

She would then go home and open up her restaurant.  She was also the person to go to to take care of the same granddaughter after school when her daughter had to work overtime which lately had become a regular occurrence.

Alright her son-in-law could do more in the house and in looking after the daughter but he does have a busy workload.

There was, of course, the mother-in-law who upon the marriage of her son had moved in at the same building complex.

But she cannot be relied upon to look after her granddaughter.  In fact she was actually a cross to bear for Ming Sun, who she treats like her unpaid maid when she feels like it.

Now, the second daughter is gorgeous and single who is a bit of a termagant at work, doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

She is very filial.  She spoils her mother with new branded clothes and accessories.

Mi Ri thought is rather lonely.  When she goes home at her own apartment, she feels the loneliness.

Her mother did set her up on a blind date with a gorgeous guy (a cameo by Kim So-Yeon real-life husband, Lee Sang Woo) but she paid her young sister to pretend as her and go on the blind date.

This young sister is Mi Hye, who is currently unemployed.  She was a one-hit-wonder novelist.  After the success of her one and only novel, she had a mental block.

The guys had also been introduced in this episode.

Han Tae Joo would I think partner with Mi Ri.  The relationship did not start well.  On the first day of initiation into the company, he accidentally poured his cup of American onto Mi Ri’s front, drenching her blouse completely.  She then asked him to follow her by the secluded stairwell and proceed to unbutton and remove her blouse. She then told him to give her his shirt, which she wore and suited her well.

While poor Han Tae Joo was shirtless with his suit jacket held tightly to cover his top half.

Kim Woo Jin would of course plays the love interest for Mi Hye.  They met but so fleeting.  He bought the last copy of her book.  Apparently this was because he was collecting a copy of all the books that his father had published.

This is it for now but I am sure there will be more dramas, angst, comedy and annoying scenes from the mother-in-law.



Zhang Ruoyun (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Zhang Ruoyun (Chinese Actor)

Zhang Ruoyun


  • First Name: Ruoyun
  • Surname: Zhang
  • DoB: 24 August 1988 (30)
  • PoB: Beijing, China
  • Height: 1.81 m
  • Civil Status: In a relationship with Tang Yixin
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2011 – Present

Dramas & Films:

  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (2015)
  • Hurricane (2015)
  • Intouchable (2015)
  • Legend of Nine Tails Fox (2016)
  • Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds (2016)
  • Novoland: Castle in the Sky (2016)
  • Sparrow (2016)
  • Medical Examiner Dr Qin (2016)
  • Dear Them (2017)
  • The Evolution of our Love (2018)
  • The Fated General (2019)
  • Insects Awaken (TBA)
  • Joy of Life (TBA)


Go Go Squid! (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Go Go Squid! (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Go Go Squid poster

  • Genre: Romance, Games, Youth, School, Love at First Sight
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Original: China; adapted from a novel
  • Cdrama: 30 Episodes


  • Li Xian as Han Shang Yan
  • Yang Zi as Tong Nian
  • Lee Hong Chi as Zhao Fei
  • Hu Yi Tian as Hu Bai
  • Wen Yi Fan as ???

Coming soon