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Your Highness, The Class Monitor (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Your Highness, The Class Monitor (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Your Highness, The Class Monitor poster

  • Genre: Youth, School, Feisty Female Lead, Arrogant Gorgeous Male Lead, Romance
  • Release Date: 30 May 2019
  • Origin: China, Adapted from a novel
  • Cdrama: 36 Episodes


Quick Precis:

This should be fun and really cute.

Apparently, a rather arrogant and spoilt chaebol meets a self-possessed girl.

Initially, they bickered until they found out they actually complete each other. 🙂

There is no one tasked to sub this in English.  May we asked Netflix or Viki to do the honours please!

Niu Junfeng (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Niu Junfeng (Chinese Actor)

Niu Junfeng


  • First Name: Junfeng
  • Surname: Niu
  • DoB: 1 December 1992 (26)
  • PoB: Beijing, China
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (Chinese Opera Institute)
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2002 – Present


Dramas & Films:



Facts & Factoids:

  • He was a child actor.

Jung Hae In (South Korean Actor)

South Korean Actor

Jung Hae In (South Korean Actor)

Jung Hae In


  • First Name: Hae-in
  • Surname: Jung
  • DoB: 1 April 1988 (31)
  • PoB: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Pyeongtaek University
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2013 – Present


Dramas & Films:


One Spring Night (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

One Spring Night (Kdrama Review & Summary)


  • Genre: Romance, Life
  • Date Released: 22 May 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 32 Episodes
  • Netflix: Available


  • Han Ji-min as Lee Jung-in
  • Jung Hae-in as Yoo Ji-ho
  • Kim Jun-han as Kwon Ki-seok

Episode 1

This has a touch of Something in the Rain, I thought.

Lee Jung In has been going out with Kwon Ki-seok for a long time and they had become too comfortable with their relationship that they often take each other for granted.

One day Ki-seok asked that they should get married or at least they should start living together so they could eat together, sleep together, go to work together and see each other more often.

Jung In was not particularly enthusiastic about this idea perhaps because she was asked so matter of factly, there was no romance to it. It sounded more like out of convenience.

Earlier that day, she met Yoo Ji-ho, who was so cute and attentive.  He was the pharmacist, who let her off not paying for the hungover panacea she had taken because she left her purse at her friend’s house.  He even gave her the money enough for a taxi.

He gave her his phone number which she memorised by heart.

She went back to the chemist to pay him back.  He asked her to go out to dinner with him but she declined.

She then left but he went to chase after her (I was actually rather worried that he left the pharmacy unlocked, anyone could have taken lots of drugs and medicine off the shelf) but was gone.

Jung In went to her friend’s house to share a take-out.  She was getting the food from the delivery man when Ji Ho turned up.

Jung In immediately quizzed Ji Ho if he was following her.

Ji Ho remained silent and climbed the few steps leading to the above apartment.

Jung In was embarrassed and texted Ji Ho to apolosige.

The next thing was Ji Ho running under the falling snow towards the pharmacy where Jung In was waiting for him outside.

Ji Ho invited her inside the pharmacy where it was warm.

Over cups of tea, Jung In blurted that she has a boyfriend.

Ji Ho quickly replied that he has a son, he was a single father.

Jung In assured him that there was nothing wrong with having a son.  She then told him that she would like them to be friends, that’s all.

Ji Ho said that he was not comfortable with just being friends.



Bihag (Filipino Teleserye Review & Summary)

Filipino Teleseryer 2019

Bihag (Filipino Teleserye Review & Summary)

Bihag poster


  • Genre: Family, Adultery, Revenge, Mystery, Thriller, Drama
  • Date Released: 1 April 2019
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Fdrama (Teleserye): 36 and counting


  • Max Collins as Jessica ”Jessie” Medina-Alejandro
  • Mark Herras as Larry Pineda
  • Jason Abalos as Brylle Alejandro
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Amado Anzures
  • Sophie Albert as Regina Marie “Reign” Sison
  • Raphael Landicho as Ethan James M. Alejandro / Drew Anzures
  • Glenda Garcia as Emilou Alejandro
  • Nicole Kim Donesa as Marta Sison
  • Biboy Ramirez as Gino Chavez
  • Jade Lopez as Liza Chavez

I started watching excepts from around 28th episode of this drama on Facebook and I was hooked.

It was so satisfying how strong the wronged wife had become.

I am not sure what happened in the beginning but I gathered that Jessie and Brylle (stupid name) were happily married couple.  They had a son who was kidnapped and thought of as having died.

Anyway, there was a woman, who befriended Jessie, giving her moral support, strength and companionship.

What Jessie did not know was that this new friend called Marie was slowly but surely seducing Brylle, until Brylle was indeed seduced.

Brylle was weak but he really loved his wife.  However, Marie, is having none of it.  She wanted Brylle all to herself.

Marie started planting seeds in Jessie’s mind that Brylle is no good and might be having an affair.

I heard this drama started so slowly, some viewers were complaining of the slow-paced.  But not anymore!

Episode 35

Jessie threatened to leave Brylle.  He promised her that he will do anything so she won’t leave.

She told him to humiliate Marie himself by having a confrontation in a public place.

Brylle invited Marie to have something to eat with him and meet up in a busy carinderia (cafiteria).

Marie was surprised to see Jessie at the carinderia with Brylle as well.

There Brylle announced that Jessie was the one he loved and that he was some kind of moron to have cheated with Marie.

This scene ended with Jessie pouring every condiment she can find on the table.

Episode 36

Jessie finally left Brylle.  He was so upset but Jessie ignored him and left.

She went to lodge with her friend.

Jessie and her friend were on the street when they met Marie and her friend.  Their meeting again ended in violence with tubs of paints.

Very satisfying.