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Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung poster

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Romance, Strong Woman
  • Released Date: 17 July 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama 32 Episodes (16)
  • Available at: Netflix


  • Shin Se-kyung as Goo Hae-ryung
  • Cha Eun-woo as Prince Yi Rim
  • Park Ki-woong as Crown Prince Yi Jin
  • Kim Min-sang as Lee Tae
  • Choi Deok-moon as Min Ik-pyeong
  • Kim Yeo-jin as Queen Yim
  • Gong Jung-hwan as Goo Jae-kyeong
  • Yang Jo-a as Seol Geum
  • Lee Kwan-hoon as Gak-soi
  • Lee Ji-hoon as Min Woo-won
  • Heo Jeong-do as Yang Si-haeng
  • Kang Hoon as Hyeon Kyeong-mook
  • Nam Tae-woo as Son Gil-seung
  • Yoon Jung-sub as General Hwang
  • Ji Gun-woo as Seong Seo-kwon
  • Oh Hee-joon as Ahn Hong-ik
  • Lee Jung-ha as Kim Chi-gook
  • Park Ji-hyun as Song Sa-hee
  • Lee Ye-rim as Oh In-im
  • Jang Yoo-bin as Heo Ah-ran
  • Jeon Ik-ryung as Mo-hwa
  • Sung Ji-ru as Heo Sam-bo
  • Ryoo Tae-ho as Song Jae-cheon
  • Kim Yong-woon as Gwi Jae

Episode 1

I have just watched the first episode on Netflix.  The drama started well but dragged a little bit towards the end of the episode.  But having said that, there are plenty of enjoyable moments.

The kingdom was obsessed with the written form of Kdramas.

Everyone, from highborn to the hoi polloi on the street were waiting with bated breath for the next installment of a romance novel by Maehwa.

The popularity of the novels by Maehwa was such that it came to the attention of the ministers who complained to the king that the morality of the people is being put into jeopardy and the books should be banned.

What the Royals did not know was that Maehwa was one of them.  In fact, he was Prince Yi Rim, who had been confined to the palace for a couple of years.

When he heard that his novels were popular, he ordered his eunuch to take him outside so he can really see how popular his novels were, what the readers thought of them.

In disguise, they tried to sneak out but they met the Crown Prince Yi Jin, who recognised his brother immediately.  He told his brother and the eunuch to be back before sulsi (between 7-9pm).

On their way to the bookstore, readers, mostly girls, and women were reading the newly released third part of Maehwa’s Moon Light Love Affair.  The readers were really into the story with silly grins on their faces.

At the bookstore, Prince Yi Rim was so flattered with the comments left by his readers.  He was still feeling so proud of himself when he noticed a particularly pretty girl by the basement also reading his book.

He went to speak to her expecting only praises for the author but the woman started yawning.  She said that novels by Maehwa had made her cry three times.  First when she reaslied the useless use of paper for such atrocious stories.  The second was when she came to think about how the Korean alphabet is being abused to write the novels.  Third, Maehwa was just delusional.

The girl was Goo Hae-Ryung, who was a high born but in a late stage of the traditional marriageable age.  Her brother was arranging a match for her.

A local gang leader had blackmailed Hae-Ryung to pretend to be Maewha and do a signing for the author’s latest book.

As Hae-Ryung did not have much choice, she agreed.

The meet and greet the author was done fairly anonymously as a string curtain was between Hae Ryung and the fans.

One of the ‘fans’ forced himself into the curtain and asked Maewha to sign his book ‘To Maehwa’ Dan dan dan!!!!

Meanwhile, in the palace, the historians were tasked by the furious king to ban all romance novels including a controversial Story of Ho Dam.



Jiang Yi Yi (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Jiang Yi Yi (Chinese Actress)

Angelina Jiang


  • First Name: Yi Yi
  • Surname: Jiang
  • Anglicised Name: Angelina Jiang; Olivia Jiang
  • DoB: 1 January 2001 (18)
  • PoB: Beijing, China
  • Height:
  • Civil Status:
  • Education:
  • Occupation:
  • Work Period: 2007 – Present


Dramas & Films:

  • The Empress and the Warriors (2008)
  • The Queens (2008)
  • New Four Generations Living Together (2009)
  • The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009)
  • Schemes of Beauty (2010)
  • Love on Credit (2011)
  • Beauty World (2011)
  • The Emperor’s Harem (2011)
  • Abandoned Secret (2011)
  • The Magic Blade (2012)
  • Beauties of the Emperor (2012)
  • One Night Surprise (2013)
  • The Palace (2013)
  • Swordman (2013)
  • The Patriot of Yue Fei (2013)
  • The Prince of Lan Ling (2013)
  • The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014)
  • Lanterns (2014)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2015)
  • Ban Shu Legend (2015)
  • Love Yunge From the Desert (2015)
  • Once Upon a Time in Tsingtao (2015)
  • Young Marshal (2016)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2016)
  • Princess Agents (2017)
  • Die Now (2017)
  • Eagle and Youngster (2018)
  • Zhao Ge (2019)
  • The Killing of Three Thousand Crows (2019)
  • Over The Sea I Come to You (TBA)
  • Trouble Killer (TBA)
  • Legend of Nesha (TBA)


You Are So Sweet (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama – coming soon

You Are So Sweet (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

You Are So Sweet poster

  • Genre: Romance, Voice-Over, Modern Romance
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: XX Episodes



This drama had just held a filming ceremony.

Apparently the romance will centre around dubbing actors.

Looking forward to seeing Zhao Zhiwei who was Guan Chao in Le Coup de Foudre and Sun Yi Ning as Chen Qing Qing in Accidentally In Love.


Aaron Yan (Taiwanese Actor)

Taiwanese Actor

Aaron Yan (Taiwanese Actor)


  • First Name: Keng-Lin
  • Surname: Wu
  • Anglicised Name: Aaron Yang
  • DoB: 20 November 1985 (33)
  • PoB: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Height: 1.77 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Chinese Culture University, UCLA
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2005 – Present


Dramas & Films


  • It Started With A Kiss (2005
  • KO One (2005)
  • The X Family (2007)
  • Love Buffet (2010)
  • Just You (2013)
  • Fall In Love With Me (2014)
  • Refresh Man (2016)
  • Memories of Love (2018)
  • The Flying Lantern (2019)
  • Please Give Me a Pair of Wings (2019)
  • Kiss, Love and Taste (TBA)

Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Please Give Me A Pair of Wings poster

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Republican Era, Prison, Romance
  • Date Released: 9 July 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 60 Episodes


  • Ju Jing Yi as Lin Jiu Ge
  • Aaron Yan as Long Tian Yu
  • Han Don as Leng Li Wei
  • Zhang Yu Xi as Leng Nian Zhi
  • Yalkun Merxat as Xiao Lin Feng
  • Nicole Zhu as Long Xiang Xiang
  • Carrie Wang as Lai Shui Qing / Guo Jian Yong
  • Mao Fan as Huangfu Zhen
  • Yin Qi as Xiao Bai Cai
  • Qiu Xin Zhi as Tang De Zong
  • Jiang Kai as Guan Bo Jun


I have just started watching this drama ‘raw’.  It looked interesting.  Hope it will be subbed soon.

The first episode is very Titanic, not that the vessel sank.

It was the costume and the ship.

Lin Jiu Ge, her fiance and Xiao Lin Feng were on a liner, coming back to China.

To pass the time, they played cards.  Jiu Ge bet her huge diamond engagement ring.  Thank goodness she was on a winning streak and won some serious cash.

There was a foreign woman with a necklace with enormous gems.

Just before they were to disembark, the woman reported that her necklace had gone missing and insisted that each passenger was searched.

Yap, the necklace was found on Jiu Ge’s handbag.  What she did not know was that Xiao Ling Feng had such a quick hand.  He was able to unclasp the necklace from the foreign woman and when everyone was being search, he was able to put the necklace into Jiu Ge’s handbag.

Jiu Ge was arrested by the local constabulary, led by Long Tian Yu.

She was quickly dearrested as her father was a chief of police.

Jiu Ge’s meeting with her fiance’s family did not go well.  She blamed her father for it.

She ran off into the night and when she got back she heard a gunshot and found her father bleeding to death.

Someone struck her in the head.  When she woke up she was looking at a gun pointed at her by Long Tian Yu.

She then noticed that she was holding a gun.

Her father was taken into the morgue and while she was crying over him, she was handcuffed and taken away by the police.

Episode 2

During the trial, the prosecution was able to produce witnesses.

Jiu Ge ended up in prison.

Episode 3

Jiu Ge was beaten up in prison.

Even a nasty woman warden had taken a dislike towards Jiu Ge.

There was also a pervert police warden that had been pestering her.  Since she fought back, he kicked her all over then she was thrown into isolation.

Poor Jiu Ge.

Episode 4

Jiu Ge was at the end of her tether.  She cut her wrist and would have died if Long Tian Yu did not insist to see her in her cell.

Episode 5

Jiu Ge’s fiance was in a bad way.  He went to the judge to complain that real justice was not given to Jiu Ge.

He wanted the judge to retract Jiu Ge’s sentence.  He gave the judge lots of money and then he had a gun with him.

He got arrested and thrown into jail.  He then refused to eat.

He became very ill later on.

Episode 6

Jiu Ge has started to work out.  She was exercising and practicing some martial art in her cell.

Episode 7

There are new inmates in prison.  New faces to bully.

Episode 8

Jiu Ge was being taken to the yard for a firing squad.  She was resigned and rather calm that she was going to die.

At the eleventh hour, Long Tian Yu with his pose of police had a stand off with the American police to do the firing squad.  This was halted when another American arrived but again the guns were pointed at each other, then another American arrived and stopped the firing squad altogether.

Episode 11

Jiu Ge is back to prison again.