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Joker Xue (Chinese Mega Singing SuperStar)


Joker Xue (Chinese Mega Singing SuperStar)

Joker Xue


  • First Name: Zhiqian
  • Surname: Xue
  • Stage Name: Joker Xue
  • DoB: 17 July 1983 (35)
  • PoB: Shanghai, China
  • Height: 1.72 m
  • Civil Status: Married in 2012, Divorced 2015, Married 2017 all to Gao Leixin; 1 child
  • Education: Glion University, Switzerland (Hotel Management, undergraduate)
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Songwriter, record producer, Television host, actor (?)
  • Work Period: 2005 – Present


Love, love, love his songs. I love Reckless,  it is very classy.

He has a very good voice, very soulful yet very masculine.I have been listening to his song solidly for a couple of weeks since I discovered him as the singer of a Chinese drama that I am currently obsessed right now called Legend of Hua Bu Qi (I Will Never Let You Go) and the song is called Like the Wind.

Skyscraper World Tour 2018/2019


Joker Xue is currently on his Skyscraper World Tour 2018-2019

He will be at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, UK on 10 March 2019.

I tried to get tickets but they were selling at £287 per ticket.  I have to admit I am very tempted because I do love him and his songs but £287 is just too much especially that I would not understand a word of what he will be singing.

I am gutted though.

I have to say though I love every song that I could find on Youtube of Joker Xue, including What Do You Want Me to do. I don’t really understand the lyrics as they are in Mandarin, Chinese.  Nevertheless, they speak deep within me.

I supposed Joker Xue has so much experience that you can feel it from his songs. It is AMBIGUOUS?

I’m Afraid, he had been a naughty boy.  He is no Gentleman.   Allegedly, he married his beautiful wife Gao Leixin but was unfaithful to her and had an affair with a Chinese model, Li Yutong, who allegedly became pregnant but allegedly forced to have a late-term abortion.  He divorced Gao Leixin, who allegedly got some serious money from both Joker Xue and Li Yutong for hurt feelings.

Later on, he allegedly dumped Li Yutong, who was so enraged she revealed that Joker Xue was also allegedly having an affair with a married Chinese actress, who had also been previously revealed as having it off with an actor.  Her husband, who is a very good actor, has allegedly given up on her serial adultery.

Anyway, he remarried Gao Leixin in 2017, she had given birth to a healthy baby in 2018. They seemed to be living positively now.  Just Right!