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Kris Aquino – Queen of all Media (Philippines)

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino


    • Full Name: Kristina Bernadette “Kris” Cojuangco Aquino
    • Dob: 12 February 1971 (47)
    • Height: 5’3″
    • Educational Background: Ateneo de Manila University graduate, majored in English Literature
    • Occupation: Model, Product endorser, Host, writer, vlogger, actress and mega-business woman, Actress
    • (She is the second highest celebrity tax payer for years)
    • Civil Status: Single (marriage with James Yap was annulled in 2012)
    • Children: Joshua Salvador with Phillip Salvador, Bimby Yap with James Yap
    • Family Background:
      • Father: Benigno Aquino, Jr
      • Morther: Corazon Conquangco Aguino (Ex President)
      • Brother: Benigno Aquino III (Former President)


Kris Aquino – Queen of all Media (Philippines)


Dramas & Films:

  • Feng Shui
  • Mistress


Of all the Clan Aquino, Kris is my favourite. I find her refreshingly honest. With Kris, we know what we are up against! LOL She is an open book. She can’t help herself but to tell the truth to anyone who listens.

I think Kris Aquino is born on the wrong time in the wrong country. If she had been born and raised in the west, Kris would not be getting some of the more veciferous comments about her life and lovelife. But then again, if she had been a westerner, she probably would not have the popularity she enjoys and endures at equal measures over the years, since her father, Ninoy, was martyred, throughtout the presidency of her mother, Cory, and the present presidency of her brother, Noynoy.

Perhaps everything has a price to be paid. Despite the popularity and riches she has gained over the years, she is far from having the perfect life, happiness seems to have eluded our Krissy! She just couldn’t get it right with her men despite, if news is to be believed,  having had quite a few. ;0

I supposed from the outset, everyone knew that the affair with a married man which gave her her first son, Josh, would always end in tears.  He was much older and so much more experienced!

Her marriage with James Yap also ended in tears. He was much younger and at the pinnacle of his successful career as a basketball player, adored by the masses.  Their relationship unravelled when girls and women were throwing themselves at him and he had allegedly not learnt to say NO.

The latest of her high profile romances was with Herbert Baustista, a former child actor turned politician. Kris in her inimitable way went overdrive to declare to the world  and to Filipinos worldwide of her new found romance with Herbert Bautista.   Many a pictures were taken of their getting together. The PR for the romance went ten to the dozen.   News that Herbert was liked and accepted by her family, even sharing a photograph of a Aquino family dinner gathering, where Herbert Bautista was sitting in a pride of place at one end of a very long dinner table were posted online.  Everyone who is into Kris Aquino was au fait of the romance.

I was actually happy for Kris with this turn of events, although I was forced to comment that in her Kris Aquino Global facebook timeline that it seemed weird that despite her new love, she seemed to be talking more of James Yap, how happy she was that they made up and might turn friends.

Now that the Herbert affair is over, I can’t help but think that Kris Aquino is not too bothered emotionally but rather feel rather silly in being too overtly “honest”.  I really think that Kris is more in love with love or being in love with the idea of love rather than having real feelings with the supposed object of her affection, perhaps Herbert Bautista had a lucky scape.  After all it takes a real man to be able to measure up with Kris Aquino.

I am sure Kris will get over the misery in a jiffy.  I am pretty sure that the disappointment would have gone long before her new hair-style have grown longer!

Perhaps, Kris is destined for something higher.  Of all the Aquinos, she could possibly make a half decent president.  What do you think?  Comments please.

We have to bear in mind that Kris Aquino is doing very well being the Media Monarch!  It takes a lot of discipline, savvy and drive to reach where she is now!



Rebecca Adlington Buys New Nose

Rebecca-Adlington-3174861Our British sporting heroine, Rebecca Adlington had succumbed to the pressure of celebrity self-image.

Apparently winning a couple of gold and two more bronze for excellent swimming prowess was not enough to elevate Rebecca into a stratospheric euphoria. Instead, her being in the public eye had resulted in her being image-conscious.

Becky Adlington was never ugly, she was attractive but lacking in self-confidence. This has probably had something to do with winning two golds for Team GB which made everyone expect for her to be honoured and made a dame by the Government, the way they did with Dame Kelly Holmes.

I think Kelly Holmes was over-honoured. The Government made a knee-jerk reaction; they used Kelly Holmes’ triumph at the Olympics to deflect people and voters from what was going wrong in the Government.

It was unfortunate for Becky that people started thinking that she would be honoured the same way as Kelly. When she failed to get the same celebration from the Government, Becky might have probably felt let down. Really unfortunate for a young woman’s ego.

I hope Rebecca’s new nose brings here some comfort and more self-confidence.

Becky A

She does look better and seems more confident with her “new” nose.

Price of Fame & Fortune: Enfant Terrible

Justin Bieber - Mugshot happy

Justin Bieber – Mugshot happy
He looks so happy. Does he think being arrested is cool?!!!




It is all over the news today about the arrest of Justin Beiber for offenses such  driving his rented yellow Lamborghini at 60mph on a 30mph zone, he was also found to be DUI (driving under the influence) of drug or alcohol, also his driving licence has expired.  He was alleged to have resisted arrest.

This drag racing incident that led to his trouble with the law happened in Miami.

What is going on with Justin?  At 19, he seems to be self-destructing.  During the past year, Justin has been involved in high-profile incidents that are very damaging as teen idol to his countless Bieliebers.  Someone should take this young man under their wing before it is too late.




Britney was also a victim of fame and too much fortune at such a young age.  For a time, she had it all.  Fame and adulation from around the world, enough money to travel the world in several lifetimes, young love with Justin Timberlake, beauty and hits after hits.  Then like a domino effect, everything fell apart until Britney had a nervous breakdown.  She is lucky in some respect that she has a loving family who were there to support  and care for her.



It breaks my heart to think that Lindsay has gone off the rails.  She was one talented actress.  I loved her in Parent Trap.  She was a shining star.  She was also brilliant in Mean Girls.  Great things were happening to Lindsay until she came out as a lesbian.  Suddenly her girl next door image is replaced by over the top jealous , out of control girlfriend of  Samantha Ronson.  She did not take the break-up too well.  She started behaving badly and going in and out of detention centres and rehabs.






Michael, God bless his soul, was a most talented singer who started very young that it robbed him of a childhood.  Michael tried to capture a bit of the wonder of being a child by surrounding himself with animals ( his best friend was Bubbles the monkey) and controversially, children (which was misinterpreted a lot of times)  Michael also became rather fond of plastic surgery which turned his handsome visage into a bit of a caricature.





Miley was a real Disney shining star who grew up into the most unprincesslike beauty.  Her snake-like tongue which she delights in sticking out is rather repulsive.  Her flaunting of her body, gorgeous may it be, is just too over the top.

Miley is almost single-handedly pushed the boundary of what is decent and what is porn in the field of pop music.   Surely it is impossible to top Miley overtly sexual twerking, gyrations on stage.   It is a shame that Miley has to resort to being a shocking show-off when she can truly sing, a talented and versatile artist.

Her family should sit her down and tell her that she has done everything, she has let out all the steam that needed letting out, it is time to grow up and show a bit of decency and maturity and put that extra-ordinarily long tongue back inside her mouth.
Shia LaBeouf is shown above wearing a paper bag over his head during a film premiere of his movie Nymphomaniac in Germany.
Shia, a wonderful child actor, has grown into a very competent actor. Unfortunately he remains immature in his personality. If the news are to be believed, Shia apparently is going in a spiral downward behaviour. Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that he made his co-stars furious with his non-bathing antics. Lol. It would be tragic if Shia continuous to behave in this way. He is a fine actor and has plenty more to offer the movie-going public.


Allen Jones’ Chair


Dasha Zhukova on Controversal Chair!

Our post of Allen Jones’ “Chair” was particularly popular yesterday and I was wondering why! It was only late last night, when I was googling, that I got my answer.

Allen Jones’ Chair

Apparently the Allen Jones “Chair” has a cousin. There is a very lifelike “chair” which is an artwork by a Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard.  According to news articles, this chair would probably from now on be called “ the Racist Chair“.

Apparently the racist chair is just one of Melgaard’s many works reinterpreting previous work of other artists.  The white mannequin in Allen Jones’ chair was now of that of a black woman in Melgaard chair.

The real controversy which was trending was a photo of the beautiful  girlfriend of a Russian billionaire  who was sitting nonchalantly on the Racist Chair.  It was really unfortunate that the photo was published on the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Poor Dasha Zhukova, the mother to two of the children & wife of Chelsea Football Club owner, Roman Abramovich, had to apologise for the blunder.

Do you think the chair is racist?  Why is this chair deemed racist and yet Allen Jones’ sculpted chair ‘ wasn’t?!!!

As a woman, I do find both chairs offensive because they are degrading to womanhood. Women are not a piece of furniture!!!

I must say I was surprised that Dasha was quite happy being photographed sitting on the Racist Chair; Dasha may not be racist,  but it looks like she has more money than sense! 🙁


Allen Jones “Chair” 1969

Furniture  using  female mannequins is not new. Demonstrating female subjugation  and  hmm.. 70s sexism, are the scenes in the cult and iconic movie made in 1971, A Clockwork Orange. The movie is based on the dystopian novel  of the same name by award-winning writer Anthony Burgess. Set in the not too distant future, the scenes show a gang (called Droogs) of criminally minded teens lounging in  bar where the furniture is made in the shape of naked women.

A Clockwork Orange Korova Milk Bar,

A Clockwork Orange’s Korova Milk Bar




Lady Gaga Malfunctions!

lady G LadyG2Lady G2

Poor Lady Gaga, she was in a terrible bother after guesting in the Graham Norton Show. Mind you, to start with she was elegance personification but as soon as she tried to get inside the waiting cab, all hell broke loose and in front of the Paparazzi too.

Every aching discomfort was recorded and photographed. Lady Gaga was malfunctioning and not only in the wardrobe department. There were some nipple show too.

Her peacock hair was just too huge and to high to execute an elegant entry into the car.

One thing though, our Lady Gaga was so game, she was not a diva. She did try everything and she did manage to get in the cab in the end although face first onto the leather seat of the cab.


We salute you Lady Gaga. Your little Monsters are behind you 100 per cent. 😉

Wrong Beauty Queen

Omigod what a shocking embarrassement. How can Denise Garrido live down the shame of being beautiful but not quite enough for Miss Canada.

I think she should be compensated for the humiliation.

And Miss Canada Pageant should be boycotted!




Oops! Miss Universe Canada crowns wrong winner

AFPBy AFP | AFP – 15 hours ago

  • Losing is never easy, but for one unlucky contestant in Canada's Miss Universe competition the bad news came 24 hours later -- after she'd been crowned the winner

    AFP/Pool/AFP/File – Losing is never easy, but for one unlucky contestant in Canada’s Miss Universe competition the bad news came 24 hours later — after she’d been crowned the winner

Losing is never easy, but for one unlucky contestant in Canada’s Miss Universe competition the bad news came 24 hours later — after she’d been crowned the winner.

Red-faced organizers admitted on Wednesday that a typo led to a counting error that resulted in Denise Garrido, 26, being wrongly named the victor at Saturday’s event. She was stripped of her sash and crown the next day.

“I was shocked. I’d achieved my dream and suddenly after a day of it sinking in it was suddenly taken away from me,” a heartbroken Garrido told AFP, after losing her chance to represent Canada at the Miss Universe final in December.

In a statement, pageant director Denis Davila blamed an inexperienced employee for the typo when transferring the judges’ handwritten scores into a computer program that determines the winner.

An independent audit later spotted the error.

It turned out that Garrido had actually finished third runner-up to Riza Santos, also 26, of Calgary, who will now collect her crown in that city on Saturday, according to a pageant spokesman.

This is the second consecutive year in which controversy has enveloped the pageant. In 2012, transgender model Jenna Talackova waged a battle to enter the competition. She went on to win a prize for congeniality.

Looking for a “silver lining” in the debacle, Garrido said she will always relish having been crowned “even if it lasted for only 24 hours.”


Denise Garrido

Riza Santos

Riza Santos


Brad Pitt Shut Up

Brad Pitt has no shame at all. He is so self-serving. His brutality towards Aniston is unbelievable. Why would he open his gob about his drug taking and drifting while he was married to Jen Aniston? Did he not realise how much he hurt her already? Why continue to humiliate her?

I am sure Angelina is a goddess in every possible way and that he needed to pay homage to her but surely not by sacrificing the very being of Jennifer Aniston.

I think Brad Pitt needs to read on how a woman feels when she finds out her man has been doing the dirty on her. It turns her world upside down, Brad.

Jennifer Aniston has just now started to have the life she has always wanted and yet you want to bring back and open up old wounds.

Don’t you want Jen to have a life of her own?

Are you one of those men who crave constant worshipping? You want both Angelina and Jennifer panting at your feet?

Probably you are suffering from the curse of the middle-life. LOL

Accept it gracefully Brad, old age comes to all of us!

OMG, I think I remember a picture of Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston when he was “drifting”! He did have a look of being rather hirsute and in need of a good scrubbing. It was also said that he smelt bad!

Woah so Angelina made him shower everyday! Go girl!



Reese Witherspoon charged with disorderly conduct

reese w
OMG, What is the world coming to? Our very own Reese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct. Our fragrant Reese, who can trace her ancestors from the Mayflower was baiting a real policeman.

I really cannot get my head round it. Reese is the epitome of good manners and right conduct. She doesn’t do scandal. She does not do chavvy things. She is humble and always cheerful.

Strange…. but apparently true!

April 22, 2013 | 7:27 am 6 65 1

The mugshot?

The mugshot?

ATLANTA – Actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after a Georgia state trooper said she wouldn’t stay in the car while her husband was given a field sobriety test.

“Do you know my name?” Witherspoon is quoted as asking the trooper. She also said, “You’re about to find out who I am” and “You’re about to be on national news,” according to the arrest report.

The trooper had noticed the car driven by her husband wasn’t staying in its lane early Friday morning, so a traffic stop was initiated. Her husband, James Toth, had droopy eyelids and watery, bloodshot eyes, and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the report.

Toth told the trooper he’d had a drink, which Witherspoon said was consumed at a restaurant two hours before the traffic stop, the report says.

Before the field sobriety test began, Witherspoon got out of the car and was told to get back in and obeyed, the report said. After she got out a second time, the trooper said he warned her that she would be arrested if she left the car again.

As the test continued, “Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer. I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet,” Trooper First Class J. Pyland wrote.

Toth was then placed under arrest. He was charged with driving under the influence and failure to maintain the lane.

At that point, the report says, Witherspoon got out and asked the trooper what was going on. After being told to return to the car, she “stated that she was a ‘US Citizen’ and that she was allowed to ‘stand on American ground,’” the report states.

The trooper then began to arrest Witherspoon. The report says Witherspoon was resistant at first but was calmed down by her husband.

Toth and Witherspoon were then taken to jail.

A message left at the office of Witherspoon’s publicist, Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson, wasn’t immediately returned Sunday.

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Anne Curtis – Not Quite a Fallen Idol

Anne Curtis – The Idol: not fallen, but slipped a little

There is a phenomena that when a Filipina has an offspring with a foreign partner, it would be handsome or beautiful. I can attest to that as my son is so handsome and gorgeous. He was approached by a modeling agency whilst on vacation in Manila. Unfortunately, he is not the arty type. I just saw monies slipping out of my fingers! Oh well

Anne Curtis is another one of those lucky children. She has a Filipina mother and an Australian father.

She is currently enjoying a very lucrative career in the Philippines as an actress, model and as a television host. She is well-loved, a role model for the young and the not so young. My mother loves Anne!

But lately, Anne has been dressing in the most provocative of gowns and dresses. Showing clearly that she was ‘going commando’; presumably a pair of knickers was a redundant piece of clothing. This way of under-dressing may be just about acceptable during the evening but certainly not for daytime. She should really have known better as she has had some experience of wardrobe malfunction where she revealed a right boob whilst dancing in a very skimpy outfit.

Last weekend, to celebrate her birthday, she wore a tight-fitting black groin-showing gown which was slit beyond her crotch. If you look any closer, you could probably see traces of the malunggay juice most young Filipinas of today include in their diets. To top it all she was drenched to the skin while caterwauling to Rhianna’s Diamond.

Anne Curtis is no longer a naive young lady as she was celebrating her 28th birthday. She knows that she has responsibility to act with decorum being an idol of impressionable prepubescent children and teenagers. Therefore she committed a judgement of error. She should have not worn such a revealing outfit at daytime television which was watched by children.

No doubt that Anne has a stunning body but she does not have to flaunt it to all and sundry. Probably she misinterpreted the saying ‘less is more’ as something to do with clothing. Less is more is about make-up. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are two exceedingly beautiful women who dress sexily but not so provocative that you would know that they just had Brazilian wax. Be sexy Anne but not tarty!

Anne is not solely to blame for this faux pas, the television production and stylist, should have known better. They have a responsibility to their audience. They should be investigated under the lewd act law (if there is such a thing) or censorship laws.


This is what the lovely Anne had to say about her outfit:
“TAAAADAAA! I present to you the controversial @boomita outfit I wore for my birthday number on ASAP. As you can see we have a bodysuit with a hidden tangga to make way for the sky high slit skirt. It is made out of 2 pieces. In fact the “tangga” is made out of swimsuit material which Boom Sason is also known for making. I was completely protected. It may have seemed like a wardrobe malfunction to many but I can assure you, after making the mistake of not securing myself once I wouldn’t let that happen to me again. 🙂 So to settle all your minds I just had to post this. Thank you everyone that was concerned! To everyone that’s trying to make an issue out of it! Thank you! ABSCBN news just told me its their most clicked video on their site ever! Just relax everyone! Wearing a tangga is not newbie in the industry! It’s been around since the 80’s :)”
She does not accept culpability for her decision to wear such a provocative dress on a noontime show! Wearing tanga, I am sure has been around for years, it used to be called g-string or bahag by the Igorots and aetas! LOL. But did not see them gyrating on it for profits! It seems to me Anne is sounding a tad like a bimbo!

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