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Ao Natsu (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Japan Movie 2018

Ao Natsu (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Family, Youth, School
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Adapted from a Manga
  • Film: 1hr 53 min


  • Aoi Wakana as Rio
  • Sano Hayato as Ginzo
  • Furuhata Saita as Marika
  • Kizu Takumi as Yumi
  • Mizuishi Atomu as Naimo
  • Akita Shiori as Satsuki
  • Kumada Rinka as Aya
  • Minamida Ryoka as Sota MInami

I was slightly wary to start this film as it was almost two hours with cast I have not heard of before.

But once started, the seconds turned into minutes and into an hour and then quickly finished before long.

It was interesting and the scenery was to die for.  Beautiful, beautiful cinematography.  The panoramic view of mountains and river and bridges were just stunning.

Rio and Sota are sister and brother whose parents are always busy at work which always involved traveling.

As it was summer vacation of 40 days off school, their mother sent them to stay with their grandmother in the countryside.

Both children were exhilarated with the view from the train.

They were excited.

Sixteen-year-old Rio was appreciating her surrounding when she spotted a cute looking boy who thought she was a tourist and proceeded to give her direction to scenic places in the area.  He also gave her a postcard as a remembrance of the place.

Rio was in love.  She had told her friends that she would be looking for her fated at the countryside.  Within five minutes and she seemed to have found him.

When she had finally wheeled their suitcase into her grandma’s teahouse, she was happy to see her gran.

Then she noticed the boy she was speaking to just a few minutes ago.  He works part-time at her grandma.

She thought, the holiday just got better.

She gave the boy a sweet friendly smile but she was met by an angry look instead.

He later told her that he was not impressed with how they are ignoring their grandmother while they were having a good time in Tokyo.

Rio was upset with the boy, Ginzo.  She cycled away.  With her fury, she crashed her bike and she fell in a ravine.

Her grandma got worried when she had not returned.   She told Ginzo that Rio was nowhere to be found.

Ginzo asked grandma if she was upset by her family for ignoring her.

The Grandma quickly denied that she was being ignored.  In fact she said she comes and goes to Tokyo all the time and the children take care of her.  She then proceeded to show photos of her many adventures in Tokyo with the family.

Ginzo found Rio and apologised to her.

Ginzo introduced Rio to his friends including to Marika, who was his betrothed.  Their parents had been wishing that the two get married one day.  Marika was up for it but Ginzo was still indifferent with the idea was he was only senior in high school.

Rio’s holiday was fun and happy, so happy that she really thought she was in love with Ginzo and confessed to him.

Ginzo turned her down as he said he was too busy to think of romance and dating.  He was also helping in his father’s liquor shop, which he would inherit and managed one day.  Ginzo, however, had other dreams, he wanted to become a poster/billboard artist since he could remember.

Rio’s friends from Tokyo came to visit.  One of the friends was Kannal who was interested in her.

Rio, entertained her friends and showed them around.

Ginzo realised that Rio is popular and he was not the only fish in the sea.  Ginzo began competing with Kanna.  He then asked Rio that he thought she liked him?

When her friends had left for Tokyo, Rio told Ginzo that she would like to be his girlfriend for the duration of her remaining holiday.  Afterwards, he could go back to his old life and forget about her.

Ginzo was scandalised.  He said that it would hurt him too much but at the same time they ended up in a relationship.

Marika was not happy and had warned Rio.

Rio’s mother came to stay for a while as well and had met Ginzo.  She encouraged her daughter to seize the day because she was only sixteen once.

The mother met Ginzo and remembered him a young child who liked drawing.

Rio’s mother was actually Ginzo’s father’s ex-girlfriend.  The father asked her if Rio is his.  The mother said that NO.  She told Ginzo’s dad that it was unfair for him to saddle Ginzo with the shop without giving him any other option.

The father said that he knew.  He was actually waiting for Ginzo to say something, only then he can be assured that Ginzo is brave enough to live and study in Tokyo.

Rio’s holiday was over and left without telling Ginzo, who found out from the grandma only.

Rio resumed her life in Tokyo.  She was asked by her friend if she found her fated.

She said no.

Kanna asked her out but in the end she told him that she was not into him.  Kanna was a gentle boy and told her that more or less he knew.  He then said that he saw Ginzo not too long ago.

Rio ran to find Ginzo, she ran everywhere until the only place left that she could think of where he would be at was the area where he said he got lost when he first came to Tokyo.

When she got there, he was not there.  She just collapsed on the ground, heartbroken and then from behind her, Ginzo asked what she was doing.

They made up and then Ginzo told her to wait for him to finish high school and then he will return to Tokyo to study art.

The End









Thank you, Rjgman56 for the sub

“Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (South Korean Film)

South Korean Film 2019

“Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (South Korean Film)

“Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (South Korean Film)

  • Genre: Romance; Star-crossed lovers
  • Release Date: August 2019
  • Origin: South Korean
  • Film:


This film looks good.  The story is good and the cast is good as well.

Apparently, the romance of the Mi Soo and Hyun Woo started in 1994 and because of this and that their getting together was thwarted.

This is apparently a musical drama so I am guessing that music/songs will play a vital role in telling their story.  LOL

Can’t wait!

Love 911 (South Korean Movie Review & Summary)

South Korean Film 2012

Classic Weekend

Love 911 (South Korean Movie Review & Summary)

Love 911 poster

  • Genre: Romance, Rescue, Fire-Fighting, Medical
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Film: 120 minutes


  • Go Soo – Kang-il
  • Han Hyo-joo – Mi-soo
  • Ma Dong-seok – Fire station captain
  • Kim Sung-oh – Yong-soo, firefighter
  • Juni – Hyun-kyung, firefighter
  • Jin Seo-yeon – Ha-yoon
  • Oh Soo-min – Ji-young, Kang-il’s dead wife
  • Lee Do-ah – psychiatrist
  • Jo Min-ki – Chief Doctor
  • Yang Dong-geun – Detective Bang Je-soo
  • Jung Jin-young – policeman
  • Jo Kyoung-hoon – patient’s husband
  • Kim Seo-kyung – Young-mo

I should not really like this movie because the character of the female lead is not the best and the male lead had just lost his beloved wife not five minutes into the start of the film. 🙁

But kudos to Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo, they were able to make the characters been seen in a more sympathetic sort of way.

Mi Soo was an ambitious but rather overworked doctor.  She was on duty when a patient with a thuggish looking husband turned up in the hospital.  The woman had been suffering from incessant headaches.

After a cursory examination of the patient and looking at her record history, Mi Soo decided that the woman was not suffering from any serious illness but assumed that she was being beaten up by her thuggish husband based on the bruises the woman got.

Ha Yoon, another consulting doctor and best friend of Mi Soo was overruled from wanting to report the beating to the police or perhaps the bruises might even be a side-effect of medication.

Despite the husband’s insistence that they took a closer look at his wife, Mi Soo was adamant that a headache pill was all that was needed and sent the patient away.

Kang Il was a firefighter who was still grieving for his dead wife.  His lose made him a bit of a daredevil.

The firefighters came across a husband who was absolutely frantic as his wife had collapsed on the street.

This husband and wife were, of course, the people who had just been to the hospital and had seen Mi Soo.

The patient was brought to the hospital.  It was later revealed that the wife had a brain aneurysm and it could have been operated if she was diagnosed properly, instead the wife was now in a coma.

The husband went mental and wanted to do Mi Soo harm but Kang Il who escorted the couple to the hospital prevented that man who was going berserk.  Unfortunately for Kang Il, the bullish man gave him a bloodied nose.

The husband lodged a complaint against Mi Soo.

Mi Soo was warned by the chief doctor that her case may have a dire repercussion to her career as a doctor especially if the patient ended up dead.

Mi Soo was suspended pending an investigation. Hayoon was also suspended.

Mi Soo consulted a lawyer and was told that she had to get something against the husband of her patient.  Mi Soo was advised to get the firefighter with the bloodied nose to sue the patient’s husband.

And this ensues Mi Soo’s pursuit of Kang Il.

Her aggressive pursuit of Kang Il ended in Mi Soo being taken to the police, which was a blessing in disguise for her because she was given community service and her choice was to volunteer at the fire brigade.

Mi Soo was really pretty but tend to faint a lot, which brought out the caring side to Kang Il.

Before long they had become lovers.

Mi Soo then confessed to Kang Il that she needed his help regarding her case.

Kang Il told her to apologise to the husband but Mi Soo said that if she apologised she would impair her case.

Kang Il was a very upright person and was disappointed with Mi Soo.  They ended up breaking up.

She tried to make up with Kang Il but he was still not receptive with her plea.

Mi Soo, in the end, apologised to the patient’s husband, whose wife had been declared brain dead.

After another fainting spell, Mi Soo had an MRI scan and found a benign tumour in her brain which operable.

On the day she was going to be operated, she heard over the radio that Kang Il had been involved in an accident.  He was buried in rubbles and it was not looking good.

The firefighters were in tears about the faith of their comrade.

Mi Soo got out of Hayoon’s car while stuck on traffic and started running towards where Kang Il where he had an accident.

Kang Il was miraculously dug up still breathing.  He was in an ambulance with his colleagues, Yong Soo and Hyun Kyung (are firefighters also act as paramedics in South Korea?).  They were crying on Kang Il’s battered body but he suddenly sat up having had a dream of Mi Soo teasing him.

He then realised that he was over grieving for his wife (who died 1hour 40 minutes ago, LOL) and he need to be with Mi Soo.

So with superhuman strength, he got out of the ambulance, which was stuck in traffic, and started running towards the hospital to be with Mi Soo.

At the hospital, he was told that Mi Soo had resigned.

He ran out again and there he saw a running Mi Soo.

They met up and had a romantic kiss a la officer and a gentleman.  He was half carrying/hugging her upright on his chest and they shared a most romantic kiss.

Jobless, Mi Soo became a full-time loud snoring fire-fighter working alongside Kang Il.

The End



Innocent Witness (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

South Korean Film 2019

Innocent Witness (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

Innocent Witness poster

  • Genre: Crime, Legal, Friendship, Thriller
  • Release Date: February 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Film: 2hrs 15 Min


  • Jung Woo-sung as Soon-ho
  • Kim Hyang-gi as Ji-woo
  • Lee Kyu-hyung as Hee-joong
  • Yum Hye-ran as Mi-ran
  • Jang Young-nam as Hyun-jung
  • Jung Won-joong as Byung-woo
  • Kim Jong-soo as Man-ho
  • Kim Seung-yoon as Shin-hye

I love the story.  It has some heavy moments and lighter moments.

It was well cast with Kim Hyang-gi playing as Ji Woo was just adorable.  Jung Woo Sung gave a good performance as well but less likely believable that he was single and no one had caught him before, after all he’s gorgeous, tall and a lawyer.

Anyway, Soon-Woo was a lawyer in a middle size law firm.  He is 40 years old who looks after an ailing father with Parkinson’s.

His father was desperate for him to get married.  He constantly presents his son with a photo of a woman for his son to go on a blind date in view of marriage.  His father said that the woman was older than his son but that was ok after all his wife, Soon Woo’s mother was also older than his father.    He then asked his son that perhaps he was not into women but he liked guys.  He then said that he would not mind if Soon Woo brought home a bloke, as long as they can be happy together.

His father remembered Soon Woo’s college friend.

Soon Woo said that she was already divorced.

The father said that was good but again asked if she has a child?

Soon Woo said that the woman has a daughter who was already in middle school.

Suddenly his father said that ready-made children were a no-no and Soon Woo would be better off getting a dog.

Actually, the reason that Soon Woo gave for his failure to get married was that he was up to his neck in death despite being a lawyer.

Apparently, his father was too generous that he acted as a guarantor to his friend’s huge loan and now it was left to Soon Woo to pay off the debts.

Soon Woo felt that it was unfair to marry or be in a relationship with anyway when he was saddled with a debt.

One day his big boss came to him with a controversial case that they would have to take on as a pro bono basis to make them and the firm relevant again as it was in a doldrum.

The case was about a housekeeper, who was blamed for the death of her elderly employer.  The only witness was a girl who suffers from autism savant.

The crime happened at 5am.  Ji Woo heard some loud noises and had a look out of her window.

She saw the woman attacking a man who had a plastic bag over his head.

I am not going to completely reveal what happened as it would ruin the fun and excitement but suffice to say that it was very interesting how it turned out.

Nisekoi: False Love (Japanese Manga Live-Action Review & Summary)

Japanese Manga Live Action 2018

Nisekoi: False Love (Japanese Manga Live-Action Review & Summary)

Nisekoi: Fake Love poster

  • Genre: Romance, Fake Love, Youth, School, Romeo & Juliet; Young Love
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Adapted from a Manga by Naoshi Komi
  • Film: 1 hour 52 minutes



  • Kento Nakajima as Raku Ichijo
  • Ayami Nakajo as Chitoge Kirisaki
  • Natsumi Ikema as Kosaki Onodera
  • Haruka Shimazake as Marika Tachibana
  • Daigo as Chitoge’s Bodyguard
  • Kaede Aono as Chitoge’s second Bodyguard

I just finished watching this live action film and I can say that it is one of the better mangas.  It is enjoyable, with a beautiful and fun cast.

Raku is a second generation Shueigumi Yakuza.  He was rather frustrating his father because Raku is a pacifist.  He is studious and doesn’t want to get involved in any trouble or the ‘business’.

Raku is quite happily dreaming of the day when he will meet again his childhood ‘fiancee’ who he promised marriage when they get older.  As a token, they each had a memento of their promised future union.

Raku has the locket and the girl of his dreams had the key that would unlock the locket.

He was just about to go to school when his father told him to come home straight after class.

He was just able to get into the gate before the school guards locked them.

He was still congratulating himself with his luck and agility when out of nowhere a blonde blue-eyed girl came jumping over the gate and knocked into Raku.

He was so annoyed and more so when he noticed that he was missing his locket.

And then an angelic face came into his vision, handing him his locket.  It was Onodera, his secret crush.

At the class, their homeroom teacher announced that they had a transfer student from America and to give her a warm welcome.

It was the blonde, blue-eyed girl called Chitoge.

Raku and Chitoge had hate at first sight kinda thing, as Raku was still smarting from being accidentally kicked by Chitoge.

As Raku had promised his dad,  he got home early.

His father was pleased to see him and quickly told him that their yakuza gang is facing a very trying time at the moment and the last thing they needed was a vendetta fight with a rival gang.

So his father and the leader of a rival gang, Beehive Gang, who does not want to start a war as well had concocted a plan of having Raku and the Beehive gang leader’s daughter to have a fake love and fake relationship.

And when Raku saw the daughter, he was so shocked but not as shocked and annoyed as Chitoge.

Just that day she called Raku a white thin beansprout while he called her a giant gorilla.

But in the end, the children understood their parents’ predicament and allowed themselves to be persuaded as fake lovers.

Early the next day, Chitoge was at Raku’s house for their whole day date.

To start with they were just tolerating each other because they did not have a choice as they were stalked by members of both their yakuza families.

Chitoge’s bodyguard was particularly ferocious as he had a bit of a crush on Chitoge, who he calls the princess.  He continuedly tested Raku if he was good enough for the princess.

When they went back to school, someone had already told their school of Raku and Chitoge’s love relationship.   They were congratulated warmly with banners and confetti.

But Raku saw Onodero’s rather sad sweet little face.

As if Onodero was not enough!  There was another transfer student, who was the daughter of the police chief.

It looked like Raku was a bit of a heartthrob because the new girl, Tachibana, wanted him as well.

Three girls and Raku.

But Raku, despite the initial hate with Chitoge was actually watching over her.  He told her how to make friends with the other girl.  Chitoge was the opposite of Raku, she like pugilism and tolerate the violent behaviour of the Yakuza gang.

It was the school festival and their class had to make a presentation.

Onodero suggested staging Romeo and Juliet, secretly hoping to become Juliet to Raku’s Romeo.

Raku was unanimous as Romeo and Chitoge was put forward as Juliet.

During the rehearsal, Chitoge noticed that Raku liked Onodero.  The feeling was mutual.

Chitoge made some issue of not wanting to play Juliet anymore and recommended that Onodero replaced her.

On the day of their performance, they were having a quick dress rehearsal when Onodero had an accident, hurting her legs.

A limping Juliet would not do so their teacher suggested immediately that Chitoge take back the part.

The play started very well, loved by students, and both members of the Yakuza factions.  But as the play progresses, they started to adlib with their own dialogues.

Instead of confusing the audience, they loved it even more.  They can’t get enough of Romeo & Juliet.

During the dying scene, Juliet drank her poison, Seeing that Juliet was dead, Romeo was going to drink his vial of poison as well but Chitoge got up and grab the poison.

She then told Romeo/Ruka to forget about her, marry someone else,have a long and happy life.  She then drank the poison and died.

Ruka was given a chance to improvise but he really felt the scene and looking at the beautiful, virginal Chitoge lifeless, he took a knife and stabbed himself.

The audience was very moved.  The Yakuza were crying.

He then got a message to meet at the rooftop.  He was so happy thinking that it would be Chitoge but when he got there, it was Onodero who was waiting for him.

She asked him if he had completely forgotten her?  She then showed him the key she had all these years.

Ruka was amazed.

Onodero confessed to him that she likes him and had been waiting for him.  She gave him her key necklace and he used it to open his locket.

Inside were a couple of rings made from tiny beads.

Ruka gave one of the rings to Onodero.

Onodero asked him if he remembered what he promised her all those years ago?

Ruka said “Yes’ but he cannot fulfil the promise anymore because…

Before he could explain further, Onodero said she understood.

Ruka then raced to the airport as he heard that Chitoge was going back to New York for good.

There was a traffic but Tachibana who learned that Ruka was racing to the airport sent some police to clear a pathway for Ruka.

Chitogo’s private plane was already taxing away when Ruka got to the runway.

Luckily Chitoge saw him and stopped the plane.

They did have a lovey-dovey where Ruka said that it was not fake love,  He was always been in love with her.

Awww . Cute ending.

The End