Door Lock (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

South Korean Film 2018

Door Lock (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

Door Lock poster

  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Strong Female
  • Release Date: December 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Film: 1hr 42 Min


  • Gong Hyo Jin as Jo Kyeong Min
  • Kim Ye Won as Oh Hyo Joo
  • Kim Sung Oh as Detective Lee
  • Jo Bok Rae as Kim Gi Jeong
  • Lee Ga Sub as Han Dong Hoon
  • Lee Chun Hee as Kim Seong Ho

Wow!  My heart was beating so fast watching this thriller.

I had a quick prayer that this film was over soon because I can’t take it anymore.

Anyway, I will try to stop myself from giving too much spoiler from this film because I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Jo Kyeong Min is a popular bank clerk, whose contract was about to end.  She was offered to stay on for a greater role as well as more money, which were all good.

Kyeong Min though lately was feeling listless.  She feels out of sort.

We see her having a good night sleep and in bed with a rather sexy man.

She was on the counter dealing with the queuing customers.

A man was her next client.  She asked him where he lived in a friendly way and she was starting to give him information on the products that the bank offered which could benefit the customers.  She realised that they lived in the same area.

One of her colleagues checked the man’s information for anti-money laundering protocol and noticed that he does not have much money to bank.

Suddenly Kyeong Min stopped selling him more of their products which was noticed immediately by the man, who became angry and insulted.  He made a scene that because he had no money they treat him differently.  He was harassing Kyeong Min to go out for a coffee with him as he said they were not strangers, being neighbours and all.

Her handsome colleague, Kim Seong Ho, had to intervene and called the security guards to take the man, Kim Gi Jeong, away.

When Kyeong Min got home, she noticed that some things in her studio apartment were not how the way she left it.

One night, she was just about to sleep when someone tried to open her locked door, those digital smart lock kind.

She called the police, who had said that they can’t do anything for lack of evidence.  Apparently, she had a bit of a reputation for calling in the police for minor things.

It was another day at the bank.  She had to do overtime and she missed the bus.  She was surprised by Kim Gi Jeong, who was trying to force her to go for a coffee with him.

It was good that her handsome colleague, Kim Seong Ho, who was passing in his car and intervened.

Kim Seong Ho gave her a lift home.  She arrived to a very dark room as the electric was off.  She was just trying what to do with the light when there was a knock on her door.  It was Kim Seong Ho saying that he had her purse with him which she left in his car.

She opened the door and realised why he knew her room number.  She quickly told him that she was going to get them coffee.

She went downstairs to call and wait for the police.

When they turned up, they accompany her up and when they opened her door they found Kim Seong Ho dead.

Kyeong Min became a suspect of the murder of her colleague.  She also lost her job with the bank.

And now the non-stop thrill really begins… edge of seat in many scenes.



Hit and Run Squad (South Korean Film)

South Korean Film 2019

Hit and Run Squad (South Korean Film)

Hit and Run Squad poster

  • Genre: Action, Police Squad, Car Racing
  • Date Release: January 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Film: 2hrs 13 min


  • Gong Hyo Jin as Eun Shi Yeon
  • Ryu Joon Yeol as Seo Min Jae
  • Jo Jung Sook as Jung Jae Chul
  • Jeon Hye Jin as Woo Sun Yeong
  • Yeom Jung Ah as Yoo Ji Hyun
  • Son Seok Koo as Ki Tae Ho
  • Kim Ki Bum (Key) as Han Dong Soo
  • Lee Sung Min as Seo Min Jae’s Dad
  • Park Ye Young as Yeo Yang
  • Lee Hak Joo as Ga Reu Ma
  • Na Chul (Prosecutor)

I enjoyed this film very much.

Good cast.  I have to say Prosecutor Ki shined.  He was gorgeous.  Hope he does a romance drama, preferably with Gong Hyo Jin or even with my other favourite actress Hwang Jung Eum.

The story began with the reorganising of the Internal affairs of the police bureau where one of the elites, Eun Shi Yeon was demoted to join the Hit and Run division led my a pregnant, Woo Sun Yeong, who said that she was calling their H&R division as the Ace Squad because she was an Ace student in the police force.

The H&R Squad has another core member, Seo Min Jae, who used to be a speedster and had his car used for selling drugs.  He was eventually arrested by a police officer, who he actually saved from being blown up by an exploding car.

Seo Min Jae was a delinquent young man but through the caring and nurturing of that police officer who lost a leg in the accident, resigned from the force and adopted Seo Min Jae.

Anyway, Eun Shi Yeon learned that the H&R Squad was actually investigating the very man that they were after when she was at Internal Affair.

The man was Jung Jae Chul, who was a megalomaniac ex-Formula 1 driver.

Her former boss, Yoo Ji Hyun, from the Internal Affair had quietly told her that she specifically transferred Eun Shi Yeon to the H&R to be her eyes and ears and get information who Jung Hae Chul was bribing in their division.

Jung Jae Chul had become an infant terrible, known for his excesses and flouting the laws, especially traffic laws.

He gets away with everything because he had become so rich and had people of powers in his pocket including the Police commissioner.

Commissioner Park was getting more greedy and wanted more and more money from Jung Jae Chul.

Eun Shi Yeon tend to work on her on or at least with her boyfriend the long-suffering Prosecutor Ki.

She uses Prosecutor Ki to get near Jung Jae Chul.

The car chase towards the end was dramatic, very exciting and the ending seemed to promise a Part 2, a la Fast & Furious as Jung Jae Chul, who was now in prison, found a girl who was even faster than Seo Min Jae.




We Love (Japanese Movie)

Japanese Manga (Film)

We Love (Japanese Movie)


We Love poster

  • Genre: Teen, Youth, School, First Love, Manga
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Japan, Adapted from a Manga series
  • Film: 1hr 40 min


  • Sho Hirano as Rin izumi
  • Sakurai Hinako as Yuu Haruna
  • Ito Kentaro as Saeki Kazuma
  • Isomura Hayato as Keita Fuji
  • Tamashiro Tina as Koyomi Sakashita
  • Hiyori Sakashida as Mika

This film is being subbed by rjgman56, thank you for the kindness.

Anyway, I fell in love with the movie within minutes.  It was so cute.

First Part:

I have to admit that initially I really love this film because I thought it was just the cutest but as it progress, I found it rather disturbing.  The male lead role was absolutely out of order.  He was a sadist and made a masochist of the young Yuu.

Rin and Yuu leave next door to each other and had been friends since they were little.

But Rin had love Yuu like forever and to show his love and ownership of Yuu, he had systematically broken down her confidence until she was a scared, almost mute girl.

She totally lacks confidence and often hides her pretty face with the long strands of her hair.  She would not say boo to a goose.

Rin And Yuu had another childhood friends in Keita and Koyomi who often told off Rin of maltreating Yuu.

They also talk to Yuu about Rin.  They encourage her to stand up on Rin but Yuu cannot do it.

Because Yuu actually loves Rin as well but she does not have the confidence to tell him.

Rin is an absolute nutter.  He calls Yuu a trash and she believes him.

She was not allowed to speak to boys and they approached her to join a project, she was like a scared little rabbit.

This reaction makes Rin ecstatic because he can have Rin forever.

Part 2

Fall In Love Like A Star (Chinese Movie Review & Summary)

Chinese Movie 2015

Weekend Classic

Fall In Love Like A Star (Chinese Movie Review & Summary)

Fall In Love like A Star poster

  • Genre: Romance, Showbiz, Music
  • Release Date: December 2015
  • Origin: China
  • Film: 1hr 38 min


This is an ideal movie for the weekend.  It has very pretty people and the story is light-hearted, nothing that would give you any serious angst.

It is just like flicking through a glossy magazine; there is the occasional article that may interest but otherwise more of the same lovely pictures.

Just let yourself be enthralled by the gorgeous cast.  Yang Mi is stunning as usual.  And Li Yifeng is fanciable.

I have to say, Dilraba delivered another scene-stealing performance, though her role is not that large.

Zhang Yunlong is as cute as a button.

Chen Shu, I have to say is so elegant.  She is absolutely stunning.

Anyway, the story is about the long-running relationship of Xingyu and Tian.

Five years ago, Xingyu worked as an assistant in charge of the musical instruments to a rock band and young Tian was their manager cum personal assistant.  These two were beginners to a fledgeling band.

Xingyu got fired when he tried to teach the drummer a lesson for being coarse to Tian.

He got fired but he had Tian and they enjoyed a careful, love up experience for a while until Xingyu had to go to England and study.  He will be away for two years.

They promised to be true to each other.  He gave her a red string bracelet that would bind them together and in return, she gave him a pink glittery ball pen. He promised her that he will use the pen to compose his music.

Their long-distance relationship worked for a while but Tian out of the blue broke up with Xingyu.

She told him that he was now inconveniencing her calling every day.  She has a busy life and a busy job being an executive manager and also she had found someone more suitable to her.

Xingyu was obviously very upset with her.

Five years later.

Xingyu had become a very famous and multi-awarded singer. He had earned the sobriquet of being the Prince of Music.

Anyway, Tian just joined an entertainment agency, which managed Xingyu among others.

Xingyu and Tian saw each other for the first time after five years.  Xingyu looked at her for some precious minutes and then walked away purposely, snubbing her.

Xingyu was unhappy with his current manager, who had tried to get him a lead role in an idol youth drama.

Though Xingyu does not hate branching out to other areas of the entertainment business, he would much prefer to concentrate on his music career.

His manager obviously was annoyed with Xingyu who was acting like a diva and diva he was.  He said that he wanted another manager and picked Tian who was looking at what was happening with Xinghu and Mei ji.

Xinghu tried to torture Tian for a while, making her realise what she missed for dumping him.  This torture took about 2 minutes because before long he became protective of her.

He became jealous when a food critic, Chen Xuan, became interested with Tian.  He, in turn, tried to use a budding actress, May Li, to make Tian jealous.

But before long. Tian confessed why she dumped him all those years ago.  She was only thinking of him.  He was spending far too much money calling her every day.  She knew that he was starving himself to save money to pay for the calls.

So they made up but their making up became rather compromising which was caught on film by a paparazzi.

Mei Ji showed the photos to Tian.  She told Tian that a manager should love and know everything about her charge but she must not get too close, or she risks killing the career of her artist.  She then said that Tian did just this.  As a damage limitation, Tian had to disappear for Xinghu’s career’s sake.

This is really what is different between Southeast Asian and Western artists career path.  In the west, the fans are all agog to know who their idol or famous artist was currently shagging while in the east, they have to remain pure and fancy-fee.

Tian left, leaving a lipstick message to Xingyu on his dressing room.

It was the award ceremony, the best album of the year was between Xingyu and Gao Mang, a budding pop idol.

Xingyu won of course for and use his speech to declare his love to Tian and to remind her of their promise to meet at the square (where there was a fountain)

They made up and lived happily ever after to do another drama called Swords of Legend.

The End



Waiting For Spring (Japanese Movie)

Japanese Movie 2018

Waiting For Spring (Japanese Movie)

Waiting for Spring poster

  • Genre: School, Youth, Basketball, Loner, Old-Friends, Cross-dressing, Childhood Friends; Reverse-Harem
  • Release Date: December 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Adapted from a Manga
  • Film: 1hr.10min


  • Tsuchiya Tao as Haruno Miziku
  • Kitamura Takumi as Asakura Towa
  • Koseki Yuta as Kamiyama Aya
  • Sugino Yusuke as Tada Ryuji
  • Inaba Yu as Miyamoto Rui
  • Isomura Hayato as Wakamiya Ryosuke
  • Saso Yuki as Yamada Reina
  • Izumi Rika as Kashiwagi Nanase

This is a cute drama with a bunch of gorgeous male cast and of course the adorable Tao Tsuchiya..

Tsuchiya plays Haruno Miziku who at first was rather an insignificant first-year high-schooler.  She has no confidence and therefore, lacks social skills.

Around her were four boys who front the basketball team.  They were the F4, the flower boys of the school.

They were cut above the rest and treated as such.

Mizuku works part-time in a cafe where the boys started hanging around.  At first they teased her but she was having none of it.

One of the boys was Towa, a boy she used to play with when she was still young.

Over time the four boys and Miziku became friends.  She became the fifth member of the group.

This got found out by Reina, who had developed a tentative friendship with Miziku.  But because of Miziku’s closeness with the four boys, Reina started to shun her.

To convince Reina that she really does not know the boys that well, she started avoiding the boys.

Miziku felt guilty enough that she explained to Towa why she was avoiding the group.  She said that Reina is her only girl friend in the school and she does not want to lose her.

The boys found this out and asked Miziku whether it was worth keeping a friend who would behave atrociously towards her?  A friend should like you as who you are.

They advised her to speak with Reina.

Miziku after a fashion understood her friendship with the boys and her history with  Towa.

As Miziku was just starting to enjoy friendship with the boys and a few girls, she met a person that is most important to her.

She met her friend Aya, the young girl who used to comfort her when she was being laughed at elementary school.  Aya was the girl who used to cheer her up and kept her going.

But Aya went away to leave in America.

Now she is back as a HE.

Yes, Miziku was also confused.  Her kindly friend Aya is now back as a basketball superstar Aya Kamiyama.

And he was after her.  He wanted to protect her and make her his girlfriend.

Aya did not have a sex change. He had a hair-cut and his voice had broken. 🙂 . I love Tsuchiya’s expression of total confusion. LOL

Anyway, Towa likes Miziku as well.

Now she is confused.  Aya was important to her and Towa is attentive to her.

In the end she chose Towa but Aya said he was never giving up because all these years, he had thought about her.

There should be a part 2 to this story.

Aya is so cute and so was Towa.

Sugino Yosuke is so cute.  Remember him as Natsume in Good Morning Call 2?

Perfect World (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Japanese Movie 2018

Perfect World (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Perfect World poster

  • Genre: Romance, Disability, Psychological: Coming to terms with Disability
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Based from a manga of the same title by Rie Aruga
  • Film: 102 minutes


  • Hana Sugisaki as Tsugumi Kawana
  • Takanori Iwata as Itsuki Ayukawa
  • Kenta Suga as Hirotako Koreda (HS Friend)
  • Sei Ashina as Aoi Nagasawa (Carer)
  • Aya Omasa as Miki (Ex-girlfriend)
  • Magi as Tsuyoshi Watanabe (Itsuki’s friend and workmate)
  • Kazue Ito (Kawana’s mother)
  • Mantaro Koichi (Kawana’s Father)
  • Naomi Zaizen (Itsuki’s mother)

This is such a cute movie with a heart. It is heart-warming and authentic with a happy ending, yey.

Kawana works for Cranberries, an Interior Design company.  She suddenly became aware via her officemate of a handsome young architect named Itsuki Ayukawa.

She told her office mates that she knew of him.  He was her senpai in high school.

Her office mates told her that she must come to their dinner party and get reacquainted with her senpai.

When she saw him, she realised that he was as handsome as she remembered.

He was her first love. She regretted not telling him that she liked him.

She was just coming from the loo when she found her senpai almost crawling on the floor to his waiting wheelchair.  She was stunned.

Though it was shocking, Kawana liked her senpai.  He was still the same cheerful guy as before.

She later found out how he ended up in a wheelchair. He told her himself.

Apparently, He was in his third-year college when he met an accident.  He was run over by a car, which severed his spine.  He tried many operations to correct it but nothing worked.

The side effect of this paralysis was that he can’t feel anything from the waist down and because of that he gets bumps and bruises in his lower half and he does not feel it until he gets feverish and end up in hospital once again.

It was at this point that he became quite close to Kawana.  She visited him in the hospital and ended up completing his portfolio.

She later found out that because of his accident he broke up with Miki, his high school sweetheart.

It was a high school reunion, where Kawana and Itsuki attended.  They met their high school friends, Koreda and even Miki.

Miki and Itsuki had a heart to heart.  Miki told him that she was getting married.  Miki was very emotional.

Kawana overheard part of the conversation and when Miki was leaving, she went after her.

Miki explained to Kawana that despite what people may think, it was not her who ended the relationship with Itsuki.  It was him who dumped her and would not change his mind.

It’s was Kawana’s turn to have a heart to heart with Itsuki.  She told him honestly that she likes him and to stop feeling sorry for himself.

She sort of kidnaps him and took her where Miki was going to be married.  Itsuki was grateful to her afterward because he had a chance to finally let go of his feelings and guilt about Miki and she in turn appreciated it.

Kawana and Itsuki finally got together.  He said that having met her again, he started being happy again.  This happiness did not last long because Kawana’s parents found out about Itsuki’s disability.

This feeling of discomfort from the parents was exacerbated by Kawana ending up in the hospital herself because of a broken leg.

She was so tired and over-worked as well as stressed by her parents’ disapproval of her relationship with Itsuki that when they were in a train station, a man bumped into her sending her flying into the train track with Itsuki looking helplessly as he can’t save her.

Kawana’s father had a man-to-man chat with Itsuki.  He begged the younger guy to break up with his daughter.  To break up and allow Kawana to live a freer life with normalcy and not be saddled with Itsuki’s disability.

Itsuki met Kawana and told her that when she leaves the hospital, he will take her out on a date.

They went to an amusement park.  They had a lovely magical time.  They were at the summit of a Ferris’ wheel when he told her that they should break up.

He said that as much as he likes being with her, he had always envisaged his life after the accident to live alone and concentrate on his job.

Kawana can’t really force him to hold on to her so they broke up and life has to go on, although less bright and less exciting.

She later got the news that her father had a stroke.  She went home and looked after him.

His father is a different person.  He now understands the other side of the spectrum.  He told her that it was because of him that Itsuki broke up with her.  But whatever she does now or whatever she decides it would be solely up to her.

Kawana returned back to Tokyo (?) after receiving a phone call from Nagasawa, Itsuki’s carer that he was currently undergoing a very complicated life and death surgery.

When she got to the hospital, Nagasawa gave her a letter from Itsuki.

It was very moving scene when she was reading the letter.

A month or so later, she was standing in front of their high school looking at the sakura tree she used to stand under to paint while secretly watching the young Itsuki played basketball.

She was wistfully…

When someone started talking to her.  It was Itsuki.  He was still in a wheelchair.  I love this part of the film.  It did not make the lead get better and walk, common to romance dramas.  (I have to admit though that I did want that to happen!)

Anyway, he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

Their church wedding was attended by their friends and families and well-wishers.

I love this movie.  Hana is such a versatile actress and Iwata is adorable.