Friend Zone (Thai Movie Review & Summary)

Thai Movie 2019

Friend Zone (Thai Movie Review & Summary)

Friend Zone poster

  • Genre: Modern Romance, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Career, One-Sided Love
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Film: 2 Hrs


Middle School Girl ‘A’ (South Korean Movie Review & Summary)

South Korean Film 2018

Middle School Girl ‘A’ (South Korean Movie Review & Summary)

Middle School Girl A

  • Genre: School, Youth, Family, Life, Drama
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: South Korea, Webtoon
  • Film: 1hr 54 minutes


  • Suho as Jae Hee
  • Kim Hwan-hee as Jang Mi Rae
  • Lee Jong-hyuk as Teacher
  • Jung Da Bin as Baek Hap
  • Yoo Jae Sang as Tae Yang
  • Jung Da Eun as Noh Ra
  • Jong Ho as Gameworld Giant
  • Jung Hyung Suk as Mi Rae’s father

Review & Summary

This is quite an engrossing film though rather dark at times as it tackles young people’s stressful life that suicide seemed their only option.

Having said that no one died in this movie.  And the ending is satisfying.

Mi Rae is in middle school,  She is a smart girl and she was good at writing stories.

But despite her abilities and accomplishments, she is often alone and shunned by fellow pupils.  This was because she comes from a dysfunctional family where her father is a violent alcoholic and would often use his fists against her until she’s bloodied and bruised.

Her mother though was too busy and too tired from her job that she does not notice or rather ignore what was happening.

The only escape for young Mi Rae was an online game world where she is a part of a team that battles the underworld baddies.

Mi Rae works as a school library assistant where she was befriended by Tae Young.

Tae Young rather led her on.  He was very attentive toward her that she developed a crush on him which she thought was mutual.

He was her classmate and so was Baek Hap who started talking to her and wanting to know what Mi Rei was always writing on her notebook.

Mi Rei told her that it was a story and let Baek Hap read it.   It was about a bird with no name and a wolf.

The wolf gave the bird a name which was ‘A’ and lots of encouragement.

Baek Hap said that it was very good and she can’t wait how the story would progress.

Tae Young encouraged her to enter a school story writing contest.

Mi Rei wanted to confess to Tae Young of her feelings but did not really know how to.

Mi Rei was in the plaza when she saw a friendly mascot character giving away free hugs.  Mi Rei had a hug as she was going through a difficult time at home.

She found out that the mascot was one of her online friends, who she thought was a girl, Hee Na.  He thought she was a boy as she was called Dark lord.

They became confidant as they have the same problem with having irresponsible parents.

Mi Rei told him about her crush and Jae Hee advised her to confess.

Feeling bolden by Jae Hee’s advise she went to school and found that Baek Hap was dating Tae Yang.  And to rub insult to injury, Baek Hap had plagiarised her story and submitted it as her own.

They were asked by the teacher to confess who copied from whom.  Her witness Tae Yang who she first told her story would not stand for her as he was occupied by Baek Hap.

The teacher who was obsessed with his orchid told her to take the high road and just develop humility.  She said that she had to let it go.

Mi Rae was at the end of her tether after having been beaten by her father.  She went to her only friend Jae Hee who understood her.

When she said she wanted to die, all he said was that to join the queue because he was also working towards killing himself.  He has his own problems.

The guilt of bullying his own best friend in high school because he was being bullied by others so took it out on his best friend was slowly eating him up.

He had a bucket list before he takes his own life.

He gifted Mi Rae a notebook as well for her wishes.

He told Mi Rae that she had to write a will to the person who will be the saddest when she dies.

Mi Rae said that no one would be sad.  But thinking about it, she wrote her will address to her mother who she thanked for the strawberries.

The plagiarising became a big issue at the school as it was reported in the newspaper.

Both Mi Rae and Baek Hap were advised to bring their parents to school if they don’t confess.

Finally, Baek Hap confessed.  She got bullied by her classmates but Mi Rae stood up for her in the end.

The teacher was giving the same spiel to another student about being like an orchid and practise humility.

Mi Rei can’t take the teacher’s attitude anymore.  She took the orchid pot and ran to the rooftop with it followed by the teacher and classmates.

She threw the cactus and accidentally fell with it as the teacher and classmates looked on in shock.

Mi Rei knew it was the end but the friendly giant from her online game suddenly materialised and helped her fall on a cushion of a dense leafy tree.

Mi Rei saw Jae Hee once more who said that he was leaving for Alaska.  Mi Rei was worried about it and made Jae Hee promised to write his will address to her and it has to be written perfectly with excellent grammar and spelling.

He said he was not going to die yet.  He might go to college in Alaska.

As he was leaving he gave her a letter.

She was upset to see him leaving, her only friend.  But she promsied herself not to cry.

But as soon as she read his letter a floodgate of tears opened and she cried so hard.  The letter said it was alright to cry if you are sad.

It ended with MI Rei meeting the girls at the train station to go to school.  It seems she, at last, made proper friends.




School-Live! (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Japanese Film 2019

Zombie Movie 2019

School-Live! (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

School-LIve poster

  • Genre: Horror, Youth, School, Zombie, Friendship, Girl Power, Live Action-Manga
  • Release Date: January 2019
  • Origin: Japan; Adapted from Manga
  • Film: 105 Minutes


  • Midori Nagatsuki as Yuki Takeya
  • Nanami Abe as Kurumi Ebisuzawa
  • Wakana Majima as Yūri Wakasa
  • Rio Kiyohara as Miki Naoki
  • Nonoka Ono as “Megu-nee” Megumi Sakura
  • Daichi Kaneko as Tsumugi Katsuragi (Senpai)


This is quite a cute movie.  It is an idol horror movie.

Kurumi goes to Megurigaoka Private School, where she has a crush with one of the eye-candy boys.

Kurumi is a good track&field athlete but she falls over when she sees her senpai, Katsuragi, who is so handsome, she cannot be blamed.

Kurumi ended up in the clinic to have her bruise seen to by Miss Megumi Sakura, who is a teacher and who part-times as a nurse.

Anyway, Megumi became her Kurumi’s confidant as she always ends up in the clinic and often sees another student, Yuki, who was also prone to illness.

Miss Sakura was the adviser to the Horticultural Club, where its head-quarter is on the rooftop.  The Horticultural Club’s president is Yuri.

Miss Sakura asked Kurumi and Yuki to join the Horticultural Club as they seemed impressed with what was being done in the rooftop.

One day Yuri, Yuki and Megumi, who became fondly known as Megu-nee were looking down from the rooftop when they saw the commotion on the ground.  Students seemed to be running after another and then biting each other.

Kurumi saw Katsuragi who told her to run.  But Kurumi was dumbstruck.

Katsuragi ran as fast as he could to reach her and dragged her upstairs, where they met ferocious students who seemed to have turned into voracious zombies.

In order to protect Kurumi, Katsurgi covered her with his arm which got bitten by a zombie.

But Kurumi dragged him to the rooftop.

Megumi, Yuki and Yuri then shut the door.

Yuki saw the bite on Katsuragi and warned Kurumi to get away from him.

Katsuragi told Kurumi to get away from him and before he turned fully into a zombie he confessed to Kurumi that he liked her.

Then he turned on her and Kurumi with a breaking heart, hit him with a shovel.

The three girls and Megumi had to fortify their rooftop base from the zombies.

After a few days, Yuri and Kurumi had to venture down to get provisions from the kitchen as they were running out of food.

After fighting off zombies they got to the kitchen where they found a girl hiding in a cupboard.  She was  Miki.

They took food from the kitchen and Miki into the rooftop.

There, they found Yuki cheerful as ever which surprised Miki.

They had to explain to Miki that Yuki had a sort of breakdown.  She lives in her own world without the zombies.

For a while, they got used to living on the rooftop, with Yuki always being the one staying with Megumi while the other girls, hunt, and patrol for zombies.

But Miki was not happy with their situation was waiting for the zombies to attack them, so she decided to go by herself and secretly turned on the sound system to get the zombies’ attention away from the gates.

Miki got a car key and was trying to find the car that goes with it but she was not having much success.  She then noticed that Yuki had followed her.

They were seen by Kurumi and Yuri from the rooftop.  Kurumi told Yuri to keep a lookout while she rescues the two.

And she did.

The girls are more connected with one another and they work together.

They decided to go to the school warehouse for more provisions.  They were surprised that the warehouse was well stocked with can foods and almost everything a school would need to feed and take care of its students.

They took the provisions and used materials to barricade themselves further from the zombies.

Their life went on.

It was now autumn and they decided to hold an autumn festival.

Their celebration was interrupted by a loud commotion of the fire alarm.

Upon investigation, they found that the zombies had gotten through the building as some thinking zombie had been playing with a lighter and set the school on fire.

Kurumi told them to run while she does a very good martial arts with the spade against the zombies.

The friends got separated.

Megumi runs with Yuki while Yuri and Miki were fighting off zombies.

Zombies on fire were everywhere.

Unfortunately Kurumi was cornered. She got on top of pedestal.  She was surrounded by zombies.

Looking at them she realised that it was a hopeless case.  Suddenly the spirit of Senpai appeared next to her telling her that he liked her because of her attitude of never giving up and that she perseveres in anything she does.

This inspired her to look into the situation before her again.  She realised that she was a good athlete and she can jump over them and run.

She rescued both Yuri and Miki.  They realised that Yuki was missing. They did not say anything about Megumi.

They saw Yuki in the clinic and Megumi was there as well.

A healthy Megumi had been Yuki’s imagination because Megumi had turned into a zombie long ago when she was bitten in the clinic.  She told the girls to look after themselves before she turned.  She even tied herself so she can’t get into the girls.

Kurumi plunged the shovel into Megumi to put her out of her misery.

The four girls realised that the zombies had run rampant into the school that they broke the water system, the electrics, and their food supply.

It was no longer viable to stay so they took a car and left the school just after they held a graduation ceremony.

This movie is quite fun.  Nanami Abe should do more martial arts films/dramas because she looks good at doing the action.

It looks like this film needs a sequel.

Enjoyed it.




LDK: Two Loves Under One Roof (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Japanese Movie 2019

LDK: Two Loves Under One Roof (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

LDK poster

  • Genre: Romance, Love Triangle, Youth, School, Friendship
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Origin: Japan; Remake
  • Film: 1hr 30 mins


Daddy You, Daughter Me (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

South Korean Film 2017


Daddy You, Daughter Me (South Korean Film Review & Summary)

Daddy You, Daughter Me poster

  • Genre: Fantasy, Family, Youth, Business, School, Body-Swap
  • Release Date: April 2017
  • Origin: South Korea, Based from a Japanese novel called Papa to Musume no Nanokakan by Takahisa Igarashi
  • Film: 115 Minutes


  • Yoon Je-moon as Won Sang-tae
  • Jung So-min as Won Do-yeon
  • Lee Il-hwa as Mom
  • Shin Goo as Grandpa
  • Lee Mi-do as Deputy Na Yoon-mi
  • Heo Ga-yoon as Ahn Kyung-mi
  • Min Do-hee as Bae Jin-young
  • Kang Ki-young as Deputy Joo Jang-won
  • G.O as Director Jeon
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Jeong Byeong-jin
  • Lee You-jin as Kang Ji-oh
  • Jang Won-young as President Kwon
  • Kim Jong-gu as Chairman
  • Kang Seung-wan as Section chief Kang

I really enjoyed this film.  I have actually seen the Japanese drama version starring Tachi Hiroshi as the father and Aragaki Yui as the daughter before.   It is worth a view for its comedy and poignancy.

This film is about a warring father and daughter who ended up swapping bodies.

Do Yeon used to idolise her father, in fact when she was very little she declared that she was going to marry her father one day.

But when puberty hits, suddenly her father could do no right.

She had stopped talking to him without shouting or moaning.

One day they heard from the mother that grandad had a turn.

Do Yeon and her father, Song Tae rushed to the grandad’s house when he found him recovered.

The mom decided to stay with grandad so Do Yeon had to come home with her father.

They had an argument along the way.  Under an aged Gingko tree, they argued how hard their respective life was.  The father said I used you could be me and see what I had to do to earn and income to provide for you and your mother.

Do Yeon screamed that she wishes that her dad becomes her and see how hard the life of a student was.

Suddenly the grandad was there under the gingko tree and started telling them about the legend of the gingko tree that it can grant wishes such as body swap.

The father and daughter left before the grandad finished what he was saying.

They continued arguing in the car.  Song Tae got distracted he crashed.

When they woke up, they were both in the hospital feeling completely disorientated.

They then both realised that they had swapped bodies.

They decided not to tell wife/mom.

Song Tae called grandad to ask about the gingko tree.

The grandad said that the wish will last for seven days and then everything will return to normal.

So for seven days, they lived each other’s life.  They learned to appreciate what each other is going through.

It was a pretty good movie and it makes you appreciate your father and that you must not ignore what they say despite knowing that it was not how it should be.  There are hidden rules that must be followed to make a complicated life less complicated.

Love the film and the male lead, Yoon Je Moon is a very charismatic actor.  He owns all the scenes that he was in.  He is such a good actor.  Of course, Jung So Min is brilliant as always.