Steve McQueen’s The Blob film

The Blob poster

Steve McQueen’s The Blob film

There was something from my timeline in Facebook this morning from Dr Who and the TARDIS   querying the film watched as a child that gave me nightmares.

I actually have an easy answer to that.

It was The Blob, which I saw when I was 5 or 6 years old back in Manila, Philippines.

I remember this blob which roles on to people and consumes them.  As it eats more people, it grows larger and larger.

I had nightmares after watching it.  I remember particularly a nightmarish night when I was very ill with malaria as a child.  In my dream, I was being chased by the blob which somehow metamorphosed into huge letters.  The letter ‘E’ was vicious :), it was turning and rolling and was after me.  I used to have this kind of nightmare till my early adulthood.  So it is really necessary not to let children watched films not suitable for their age.

The film, The Blob, was a young Steve McQueen starrer.  It was made in 1958, way before he became really famous.

The story goes that Steve and Aneta’s characters were on a date in the Lover’s Lane when Steve saw a falling meteorite, which caused a bit of a bang as it fell nearby.  Steve and Aneta decided to investigate.

They found a very distress man, whose hand had swollen up.  They saw something on it.  They took him to the doctors.

The doctor found the thing on the hand rather strange so asked Steve and Aneta to go back and look at the site what it was from.

Steve and Aneta found nothing really so decided to return to the doctor to report only to see the blob engulfing the doctor.

Steve and Aneta run to the police station, who investigated but could not find  the ‘blob’ so they sent home Steve and Aneta for wasting police time.

The blob is growing and growing as it consumes more people.  Finally the police took action as more and more are reporting sighting.

Steve and Aneta snuck out of their house and do more investigation of their own.  They found that the blob can’t take extreme heat.

In the end, the blob was frozen and dropped into the arctic to eternal repose.  As most horror films do, the end always tantalise.  The blob is not dead, only frozen.  But what if the arctic is not frozen anymore?!!!

I thought the film was actually pretty decent.  A lovely lazy weekend viewing.  It can be a family viewing, just gauge your children’s reaction if they find the film anyway at all frightening.

I think, this film needs another viewing. Hope youtube got it.


Farewell Leonard Nimoy


One of our Star Trek Commemorative Plates of the man or should I say Spock himself

Being an avid Science Fiction (sci fi)  fan, I have read many novels seen moves and TV and radios  series of the genre.

I prefer to read, watch or listen to sci fi that has potential to become science fact and indeed has happened!

One such TV series is Star Trek. I grew up in the 1960s and there was not much sci fi on TV. I listened with my parents to some sci fi plays such as  the classic ‘Quatermass’ on BBC radio every Sunday evening. When ‘Dr Who’ came along on BBC TV in 1963  (now the longest running continuous sci fi tv series in the world). I was so happy and despite the black & white viewing  and sometimes wobbly stage sets and  minimal primitive special effects (sfx), the excellent actors and stories ultimately enchanted millions of viewers.

With the advent of colour viewing TV in the mid 1960s, more  sci fi  Tv series were produced, many from the USA.

One such was, of course,  ‘Star Trek’. Created by Gene Rodenberry, it introduced the crew & their weekly adventures in a faster-than-light travelling space ship called the ‘USS Enterprise’.  There were  British sailing ships called HMS Enterprise AKA ‘Enterprize’)  in the 1700s and one in 1800s.

In the pilot episode (1964) of Star Trek, one of the crew was referred to as a ‘Vulcanian’ a humanoid from from the Planet Vulcan orbiting the star 40 Eridani,  which is a real star  about 16 light years from earth.  Vulcan could be reached in a few days with the ‘warp’,  anti mattered powered engines of the  Constitution class star ships such as the Enterprise.

The ‘Vulcanian’ science officer was called ‘Mr Spock’, as apparently his Vulcan name was unpronounceable to humans!

From the beginning actor Leonard Nimoy was chosen to play Spock.

The Vulcan race looked human except for pointed ears, arched eyebrows, distinctive hairstyles, a slight green skin pallor due to green blood.

Vulcans were stronger and faster than humans, due to the higher gravity, less oxygen rich atmosphere and heat on Vulcan. Vulcans were extremely long lived too – up to 300 years. They exercise extreme control over their emotions as taught by  a venerated philosopher named Surak. as early in their history Vulcans were prone to violence.

To make the character more interesting Mr Spock was also  half human, with his father being the renowned, Vulcan statesman and  ambassador, Sarek (well played originally by actor Mark Leonard). His human mother is Amanda Grayson ( played by Jane Wyatt in the original series).

This early Mr Spock looked rather severe and shouted a lot!

Spock Pilot Star Trek 1964

Spock Pilot Star Trek 1964


After the pilot show, Gene Rodenberry was not satisfied and made big cast changes for the series proper in 1966. A new captain of the Enterprise was brought in ( William Shatner as Capt Kirk), A new ships doctor, actor Deforest Kelly as Dr (Bones) McCoy.

Leonard and his distinctive appearance as Spock now generically known as a Vulcan as opposed to Vulcanian, was retained and he became the science officer and second in command to Kirk.

Spock’s appearance was softened, as was his voice and manner, becoming calmer and most logical as befits a Vulcan.

Spock’s  ‘bantering’ and put downs with Dr McCoy with Kirk often acting as referee were brilliant. However,  the trio’s underlying loyalty and friendship to each other shone through as the series progressed; His Vulcan catchphrase and hand gesture became legendary too!

Off course, all of the main Enterprise crew became legendary in TV,  sci fi  & the motion picture history.

Leonard Nimoy was also known to me as I enjoyed the  early  ‘Mission Impossible’ TV shows. He played  ‘Paris’, a master of disguise brought in to the later  ‘Impossible Mission Force’ 1969-1971.  Mission Impossible was made at the same studios (Desilu) as the classic Star Trek series and so Leonard could swap pointy ears for various disguises!

Leonard was also a guest villain in one of my favourite detective series ‘Columbo’.  Spock’s logic was no match for Columbo’s detective ability & own brand logic 🙂

Mr Spock appeared in the various Star Trek sequels  and movies including the excellent 2009 reboot of the franchise under J.J. Abrams.

In the reboot, Zachary Quinto’s likeness as the young Spock although in a different time line captures that essence of Nimoy.

Spock and then other characters live on in the Star Trek novels I enjoy reading.

Leonard  Nimoy crafted and evolved Spock into one of the most popular, recognisable & iconic characters in entertainment.

Where ever you are now in that ‘undiscovered country‘ Leonard,  “Live Long And Prosper…”

Spock LLAP


Classic original crew of the Enterprise The main original crew of the Enterprise



Spock,_resurrected Zachory Quinot young spock

Spock in his second Century                             A young Spock (Zachary Quinto)

paris Leoanard Nimoy& Peter Falk in Columbo

Paris in Mission Impossible                 A baddie in Columbo

Farewell Leonard Nimoy


Hermione Loves Harry Not Ron?!!!


Hermione Loves Harry Not Ron?!!!

Apparently J K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series has always known that Hermione belongs with Harry. Hermione and Row were wrong.

This controversial sentiment was told to Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Emma was a guest columnist for the Wonderland magazine where this interview with J K Rowling is slated to appear!

I am a self-confessed Hermione and Ron’s number one fan.

Putting Hermione and Harry together would have been like a carbon copy of Harry’s parents’ love affair.  And we knew what happened to that!  They were really not that happily married. Gasp!!! Harry’s dad was rather feckless.  Mrs Potter should have had the love affair with Severus Snape; he was more trustworthy and loved her to the death.  He was also looking after Harry in a very subtle way.

I am sure Hermione and Ron would love one another tenderly.

Perhaps JK Rowling is after a rewrite of the whole Harry Potter saga, a reboot if you like which is becoming popular with most classic stories, novels, television programs and films ala Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies!!! LOL

Are we likely to see a Harry Potter & Hermione Granger love affair in a parallel universe? Does Rowling want more money? Perhaps not as she has more than enough, probably it is more the fame and attention that she craves, after all her other novels had failed to rock the world like the Harry Potter novels can.  Mind you she did have a bestseller a year ago under a pseudonym.

Philip Seymour Hoffman R.I.P.

We are shocked and sad to hear of death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.
The Academy Award (Oscar) American actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in New York.

Medical officials have not yet commented on the cause of death but a drug overdose is suspected.

Hoffmann made his name in the 1990s in films including Boogie Nights and the Big Lebowski, Mission Impossible etc before winning the best actor Oscar for his portrayal of writer Truman Capote in 2005.

 Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote

He was a talented and very versatile actor, we enjoyed his superb performance in ‘Capote’.

Allen Jones’ Chair


Dasha Zhukova on Controversal Chair!

Our post of Allen Jones’ “Chair” was particularly popular yesterday and I was wondering why! It was only late last night, when I was googling, that I got my answer.

Allen Jones’ Chair

Apparently the Allen Jones “Chair” has a cousin. There is a very lifelike “chair” which is an artwork by a Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard.  According to news articles, this chair would probably from now on be called “ the Racist Chair“.

Apparently the racist chair is just one of Melgaard’s many works reinterpreting previous work of other artists.  The white mannequin in Allen Jones’ chair was now of that of a black woman in Melgaard chair.

The real controversy which was trending was a photo of the beautiful  girlfriend of a Russian billionaire  who was sitting nonchalantly on the Racist Chair.  It was really unfortunate that the photo was published on the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Poor Dasha Zhukova, the mother to two of the children & wife of Chelsea Football Club owner, Roman Abramovich, had to apologise for the blunder.

Do you think the chair is racist?  Why is this chair deemed racist and yet Allen Jones’ sculpted chair ‘ wasn’t?!!!

As a woman, I do find both chairs offensive because they are degrading to womanhood. Women are not a piece of furniture!!!

I must say I was surprised that Dasha was quite happy being photographed sitting on the Racist Chair; Dasha may not be racist,  but it looks like she has more money than sense! 🙁


Allen Jones “Chair” 1969

Furniture  using  female mannequins is not new. Demonstrating female subjugation  and  hmm.. 70s sexism, are the scenes in the cult and iconic movie made in 1971, A Clockwork Orange. The movie is based on the dystopian novel  of the same name by award-winning writer Anthony Burgess. Set in the not too distant future, the scenes show a gang (called Droogs) of criminally minded teens lounging in  bar where the furniture is made in the shape of naked women.

A Clockwork Orange Korova Milk Bar,

A Clockwork Orange’s Korova Milk Bar




Classic Scenes & Quotes from Great Horror Movies

A bit early for Halloween, although ghostly tales are told around Christmas and winter time from pagan times to pass the time and entertain on the long cold and dark winter nights..Brrr! 😉
These quotes are from cult, iconic and classic horror movies from the 1930s to the 2000s.
See if you can identify and name the movie!

Classic Scenes & Quotes from Great Horror Movies

Caution: some strong language in some of the scene quotes.

R.I.P Peter O’Toole


Peter O'Toole Lawrence of Arabia

Peter O’Toole Lawrence of Arabia


Sadly just announced  the death of one of our greatest actors Peter O’Toole at age 81. I remember his mesmeric performance in Lawrence of Arabia. His amazing shining blue eyes out shone the desert sun! Despite many Oscar  nominations (7), he never won the Academy Award he so deserved.

Peter lived not far from us in Cricklewood, NW London.  He was an underrated actor, known for many fine acting roles. One I remember was in theatre, where he played the celebrated journalist and bon vivant Jeffrey Bernard (Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell) . Indeed in later life,I think  there was some resemblance in looks and lifestyle of both Jeffrey and Peter!

Another great actor and character makes his exit  from the Stage of Life. R I P Peter O’Toole.

James Bond Licensed to Drink!

Our favourite secret agent James Bond is famed for being steady, suave and ever ready with the ladies. However a study by some medical doctors in England have trawled through the super spy’s 14 novels, collated the amount of alcohol he is shown to have drunk in each book. The statistics they arrived at are staggering (Like Bond would be).

They found he drunk one and a half bottles of wine most days and consumed 1,150 units of alcohol in 88 days that is 92 units per week,
about five vodka martinis a day which so four times the recommended intake for adult men in the UK. Bond would be more shaking and slurred voice  than shaken not stirred as he preferred his vodka martinis 😉

Bond would be more lethal with a gun to himself and bystanders than with his target, also his performance with women would more impotent than potent.

Instead of having his Aston Martin car registered with the A.A.(Automobile Association), Bond himself would need to register with A.A. (alcoholics Anonymous) 😉

bond alcohol consumption chart

007’s proof alcohol consumption chart


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