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The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

The Ex-man poster

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural, Comedy, melodrama, Youth Romance

Released Date: May 2018

TwDrama: 13 episodes


  • Yang Raine as Li Qin Ai
  • Lan Blue as Dai Hai An
  • Lu Johnny as Zhou Li Yang
  • Li Sophia as Zhong Shu Ying
  • Hai Heaven as Chen Da Fa
  • Simon Hsueh as Xu Sheng Ren
  • Wu Duke as Li Bao Bei

The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

Episode 1

I do have soft spot for Taiwanese dramas because of Joe Chen and Lan Blue.  Love them.  I always try to watch all of their dramas.

And here is a new drama starring Lan Blue as Dai Hai An opposite that very pretty actress, Raine Yang as Li Qin Ai.

Li Qin Ai and Dai Hai An were high school sweethearts.  They were so cutely devoted to one another but one day Dai Hai An wanted to break up and that was the end of their relationship.

After 10 years Qin Ai, though she has a boyfriend in a hunky guy Zhou Li Yang, she still thinks about Hai An.  It was made especially hard for her to forget him as he had become famous and his face is all over the social media as well as in television and big screen around Taiwan.

Her boyfriend who runs his own restaurant is about to pop the big question.  He hinted that they should start to look for a place for them together.

In order to really determine whether she was over her ex-boyfriend, she decided to attend her annual school reunion, which she had not done before.

There she came face to face with Hai An.  She looked gorgeous and fresh and she was ok meeting him.  But Hai An was blown over by his feelings for Qin Ai especially when he overheard, he was meant to, that Qin Ai was going to be married soon to a sexy muscly restauranteur.

Anyway life has to go own.  Qin Ai was happy at her work as a on-spot lifestyle news reporter.  She was covering a story about a van one day, when she was spotted by Hai An.  He looked at her and she looks so young and happy.  This only made him introspective and rode his motorbike to a deserted beach, where he took off his shoes, socks and shirt (wow 🙂 lol) which is reminiscent of James Blunt ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and started wading into the sea in his tight denim jeans.  Beautiful cinematography here.  Just like the song, he looks like he was about to commit suicide.  LOL but then again whether he meant to or not is immaterial because he suddenly suffered from cramps in his legs and he was going to ‘drown’

At the same time Qin Ai was hit by a car.  She was dying and the spirit of Hai An was telling her to get up.

Next episode please!


Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Come & Hug Me poster

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Melodrama

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 Episodes



  • Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin / Yoon Na Moo
  • Jin Ki Joo as Gil Nak Won
  • `Yoon Jong Hoon as Gil Moo Won
  • Heo Joon Ho as Yoon Hee Jae
  • Kim Kyung Nam as Yoon Hyun Moo
  • Lee Da In as Lee Yeon Ji

This is a story about Do Jin and Nak Won who are bound by a murder when they were in their teens.

Woah, Jang Ki Yong as a the lead actor.  About time too.  He was fresh from the drama, My Mister, where he came a sensitive performance right after wowing the viewers as Nam Gil in Go Back Couple.

The lead girl, Jin Ki Joo,  is of course Hye Jin in this start of the year excellent drama, Misty.

Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Episode 1-2

The drama started at the present time.  Do Jin is applying to become a police officer.  During the interview, we learned that he has some familiarity with police work as he had a direct experience of it when he had to testify that his own father is a psychopath, a serial killer.

At the same time, Nak Won is auditioning for a part in a drama.  She was told by the director that she won’t be getting the part but he would recommend her for a another drama with a more suitable role for her ability.  He then said that she looked like her mother, who was also an actress.  He said he was saddened that she became a victim of a psycho-serial-killer.

The drama then take us back a few years back when Nak Won’s family, dog and all, moved to a village where Do Jin lives.

On that same day, they met and there was already an attraction in their young teen-age hearts.

There was a menacing atmosphere within Do Jin’s house, where the father, an all round tradesman, ruled the roost.

One day Nak Won’s dog got away and she had to look for him.  She ended up in a basement, where Do Jin was holding a hammer over her dog inside a cage.  Their surprised looks at one another was disturbed by the appearance Yoon Hee Jae, the father.

I like the pacing of this drama.  It is a good thriller.

Episode 3 & 4



Li Yifeng (Chinese Actor)

Li Yifeng is a popular, multi-awarded singer and actor.


Aka: Evan Li

DoB: 4 May 1987 (31)

Height: 1.81 m

Civil status: Single

Educational Background: Majored in Broadcasting and Hosting at Sichuan University.

Career: Singer and Actor


Li Yifeng (Chinese Actor)

Dramas & Films:

  • Fall In Love Like A Star

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Investigation Couple poster

AKA as Investigation Couple

Genre: Forensic, Law. Legal

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 episodes


  • Jung Jae-Young as Baek Beom
  • Jung Yoo Mi as Eun Sol
  • Lee Yi Khung as Cha Soo Ho
  • Park Eun Seok as Kang Hyun
  • Staphanie Lee as Stellar Hwang

Baek Beom and and Eun Sol have to pull their resources together to solve heinous crimes.

The couple are polar opposites.  Baek Beom is taciturn and self-contained and had a 10 years experience in forensic work at the National Forensic Service.

Eun Sol, on the other hand is a little princess, from moneyed background.  She is cheerful but still a newbie prosecutor.  She is quite bright though, so bright that she could have become a judge rather than a prosecutor.

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1 & 2

So far so good.  The first five minutes hook you in immediately.

The first time Baek Beom and Eun Sol met was over a body of a woman beaten to death, which was believed to be by her husband.

Eun Sol showed her ignorance of forensic protocols by moving the body without using protective gloves and disposable overshoes.  She was harshly told off by Baek Beom, the medical examiner.  Telling her that she could have compromised the result of the forensic.  She was then taken by the police to get her fingerprints in order to eliminate her prints from the forensic.

Baek Beom started the autopsy on the dead woman.  He was visibly upset when he found out that she was pregnant.

There was a flashback of him and his wife being involved in a car accident.  He was thrown off the car while his pregnant wife perished when the car blew up in flames.

Dont trust anyone, not even dead bodies!

That must be the mantra of a good pathologist.

The second episode was a make or break for the career of newbie, Eun Sol.  She was prosecuting the husband of the beaten dead woman but Baek Beom was a star witness for the alleged assailant.

Baek Beom declared that the beating had nothing to do with the wife’s death.  It was an accidental death brought about by a cocktail of drugs she was taking.

Episode 3 & 4
There is more camaraderie between Baek Beom and Eun Sol., I like this drama because it is believable in the sense that just because you wanted things to happen according to your preconceived notion, it doesn’t mean it will go your way as in Eun Sol’s case.

She wanted the husband to be punished for his wife death but in the end he really did not do it as proven by forensic.

In episode 4, is another story involving a adopted brother of three sisters. The adopted brother inherited the bulk of money from the family. Despite being dead for a few years, his wife took it upon herself to impregnate herself with the dead husband’s frozen sperm cells.

The three sisters where up in arms because it would mean the money would go to the yet unborn baby as per will of their father. The wife had the body dug up, against the sisters’ wishes, for DNA purposes. Baek Beom found anomalies with the body. It had some contusions which are suspicious.  He sought the help of Eun Sol to get an emergency warrant, before the sisters create havoc.

To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

To Love, To Heal poster

Genre: Romance, Grief

Date Released: January 2018

CDrama: 40 Episodes


  • Jiang Chao as Zhang Zheng Lan
  • Li Sierra as Xiao Shui Guang
  • Pang Han Chen as Luo Zhi
  • Song Yi Xing as Lin Jia Jia
  • He Rui Xian as Jiang Yu Ru

The story is about a girl who comes to terms with the death of her boyfriend with the help of an arrogant young man who happens to be the president of Leiting games company.


To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

Episode 1

The drama started with Shui Guang on the phone nagging her boyfriend to hurry up while he was driving.  Before you know it, him and his passenger were involved in a crash, where he died.  It seems there is some mystery yet to be revealed about her dead boyfriend.

The boyfriend’s family blamed her for his death.

Two years on, Shui Guang was just a shell of depression.  She is lacklustre and moving on an auto pilot.

She teaches kendo to children.

One day, while particularly distraught, she somehow hurt one of the young students, who happens to be the brother of the benefactor of their training school.

He was Zheng Lan, the president of a games company.  He was all for dismissing Shui Guang from her job but then he saw her.  She looked familiar and he was intrigued.

Episode 2

Lawless Lawyers (KDrama) Review & Summary

Lawless Lawyers poster

Genre: Legal, Thriller, Romance

Date Released: 12 May 2018 – 1 July 2018

KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Lee Joon-Gi as Bong Sang-pil
  • Seo Ye-jin as Ha Jae-yi
  • Lee Hye-young as Cha Moon-sook
  • Choi Min-soo as Ahn Oh-joo
  • Yum Hye-ran as Nam Soon-ja
  • Shin Eun-jung as Choi Jin-ae
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Choi Dae-woong
  • Lee Han-wi as Ha Ki-ho
  • Lee Dae-yeon as Woo Hyung-man
  • Cha Jung-won as Kang Yeon-hee



Lawless Lawyers (KDrama) Review & Summary

Apparently this is a story about a young maverick lawyer who has a rather murky past.  He used to be a gangster but in order to avenge his mother, he now uses the law and its many loopholes to his advantage.  He is not even averse to using his fist when needed.

Sounds really interesting and with Lee Joon-gi, this should be a winner.

Episode 1 -2

The first episode is a background to the lawless lawyer that is Bong Sang-pil.

When Bong Sang-pil was a little boy, he and his mother used to lived in Ginsung.  His mother was a lawyer and she wanted for him to follow her vocation to being able to get justice for people using law.

She was quite proud of her career.  She carved Bong Sang-pil’s name into a desk in her office and make the boy promised to become a lawyer one day.

One rainy evening he went to visit his mother to her office.  She was very agitated as if expecting someone to come after her.

She helped her son to hide when she realised that people were coming to get her.  She also gave him a photo of her with a man.  She instructed him to go to the man if something happens to her.

The band of syndicate wanted the SD card!

She declined to give the sd card.  Unfortunately, the meany gang boss noticed that someone else was in the office.  He knew it was her son.  They tried to harass her that the boy fearing for his mother’s safety came out from where he was hiding.

They threatened to kill the boy so his mother had no choice but to give in a surrender the SD card.

Young Bong Sang Pil was a clever boy, he saw the card and swallowed it.  Unfortunately this got his mother killed.

But before she died, she helped him scape the building.

He went to find the man in the picture.  He was a gangster.

Bong Sang pil was thirsty for a vengeance.  He begged his new found ‘uncle’ to teach him martial arts.  But his uncle said that he should become a lawyer just like what his mother wanted him to be.

Present day:

Ha Jae Yi is a lawyer.  Unfortunately during one of a case about domestic violence turned to murder, the judge in charge was a misogynist.  He gave Ha Jae Yi’s client a 20 years prison sentence, much more than the one recommended by the public prosecutor.

When Jae Yi questioned the judge, he told her that her client deserved what she got and started prodding her.  Jae Yi got so annoyed she beat up the judge.  She was suspended from practising law for six months.  No job and no money, she went back home to Ginsung.

Bong Sang Pil is all grown up. He had become a very successful as a lawyer in Seoul.  He thought it was time to go back to Ginsung and start his vendetta.

Jae Yi ended up working for Sang Pil as his office manager.

This drama is watchable.  Both leads are good-looking and you warm up to them immediately.  There is also great chemistry between them.



Here to Heart (Chinese Drama) Review

Here to Heart poster

Here to Heart (Chinese Drama) Review

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Sweet Revenge, Mystery

Date Released: 2018

CDrama: 36 Episodes:

Based on a novel by An Ning called Warm Chord

Ost: Miserable Warmth – by Hebe Tien


  • Zhang Han as CEO Zhan
  • Janine Chang as Wen Nuan
  • Ji Xiao Bing as Gao Fang
  • Liang David as Pan Wei Ning
  • Jin Kim as Guan Ti
  • Zhang Jenny as Yi Xin
  • Jing Chao as Zhu Lin Lu
  • Zhou Qi Qi as Wen Rou

The story is about a couple who got separated.  Despite the time that had elapsed they can’t forget one another.

The hurt was too deep to just sweep under the carpet.  Therefore a little sweet revenge is on the card.  (Lovely!) 🙂

This should be an exceptional drama as it stars two popular Chinese actors in Zhang Han and Janine Chang.  These two are getting better looking as they mature.

This drama is like a long CF for Nivea.  It takes central stage! 🙂

Episode 1

Wen Nuan seemed to have run away to London seven years ago and had been working with Nivea.

Then three months later, she is back in China and working for Qian Yu Technologies, whose CEO is none other than her ex-boyfriend CEO Zhan.

CEO Zhan missed her so much and his thoughts can be heard  that in all the years she was always been the only one in his heart.

But you would think they get back together immediately.  No!  CEO Zhan is playing it really cool.  He was in fact frosty towards Wen Nuan.

Anyway Wen Nuan has a boyfriend already who is the CEO of a rival firm, Dai Zhong.  He is the playboy, Zhu Lin Lu.

Episode 2

CEO Zhan had just promoted his PA and of course this created a vacancy.  Despite Wen Nuan having only worked at the Qian Yu Technologies, she got promoted to the PA position for the CEO.

The first time they came face to face, they stared at one another for at least a couple of minutes.  They were longing for each other but both don’t know what to do.

CEO Zhan has a project called Alpha Project,  which he would be in direct competition with Zhu Lin Lu.  Wen Nuan offered to not be involved with the project in order not to create any suspicion of any kind, CEO Zhan declined, saying she works for him now.

It looks like Wen Rou, Wen Nuan’s sister was in love with CEO Zhan as well.  She confessed to him seven years ago and was turned down as he was already going out with Wen Nuan.  Wen Rou was so upset she slit her wrist.

Episode 4

The management of Alpha Project have invited both Dong Zhon and Qian Yu to London to propose their bids.

Episode 5

Dong Zhon won the bid.  After a brief euphoria, Zhu Lin Lu found out that an integral part of the Alpha project, Professor Wang, had left the project.  This changed the nature of the project Dong Zhon is now saddled with.

Wen Nuan and CEO Zhan spent part of their time in England visiting some of London attraction.  We can see the Shard, Thames river, the City Hall, London Bridge, etc.

They ended up at the London Eye where they shared a kiss.

Episode 6

Back in China, they are back to being frosty to one another again, especially when a selfie of Lin Lu and Wen Nuan was posted on social media.  CEO Zhan was not happy with it.

As a punishment, he is working Wen Nuan like a horse.  She doesn’t get time off work anymore even during weekends.

Episode 16

This is an excruciating episode.  CEO Zhan is playing mind games with the vulnerable Wen Nuan.  He is blowing hot and cold.

Wen Nuan overheard Yi Xin in conversation with CEO Zhan that she was in cahoot with one of Qian Yu’s employees to frame Wen Nuan.  CEO Zhan said he knew!  And told her that he will not take any action and just to forget all about it and not to tell anyone.

Wen Nuan was upset and thought that  CEO Zhan must like Yi Xin very much.

CEO Zhan had a business appointment in a Karaoke bar where he dragged Wen Nuan to.  Wen Nuan was almost sexually harassed by the other CEO in front of CEO Zhan, who did not really do anything to help.

Wen Nuan and CEO Zhan ended up doing a duet of “Without You’ and had a fleeting kiss afterwards.

CEO Zhan received a call from Yi Xin and he up and left Wen Nuan in the bar.

Episode 17

This episode has a cute ending. It is Wen Rou’s birthday and her young employee surprised her with a mini rock concert.  Awww Their budding love story is cute.

Episode 23

Wen Nuan had resigned from her job at Qian Yu as she can’t stomach being the tool to ‘steal’ the clients of Dai Zhong.

Episode 24

CEO Zhan won’t approve of Wen Nuan’s resignation, thus, won’t allow HR to select another PA.

Yi Xin is using her dying father to her advantage.  Even to the point of asking CEO Zhan to make her an honest woman so her father can die in peace.

CEO Zhan said that he had to let her down this time as she well know that there is only Wen Nuan in his heart all this years.

Also Wen Rou part confessed the reason why Wen Nuan broke up with him.  It has to do with her, when she drunkenly confessed to CEO Zhan seven years ago.  She did not tell him though the ‘real’ reason why Wen Nuan was really upset.  It has something to do with Wen Rou’s attempted suicide.

Episode 27

Finally the wait is over, for now!  They have reconciled and now live together in their dream house.  I have to admit that I was starting to lose patience with their protracted will they, won’t they romance.

I have to say that I have never seen both leads cry so much.  Everytime they had a heart to heart, they both would cry and yet at end, they are back to square one of misundertanding one another because of things left unsaid.

In this episode, they were so sweet.   Finally they opened up.  seriously they could have easily done this about 12 episodes ago! 🙂

HOWEVER, we can’t get comfortable yet.  There are more hurdles to clear.  A major one is CEO Zhan’s mother, who dislikes Wen Nuan for leaving and making her son desolate seven years ago.  She was pro-Yixin.  This was on the trailer for the next episodes.

Episode 30

Back to being excruciatingly painful once again.

These two lovebirds truly love each other but forces surrounding them are not ready to give them a break.  For one, CEO Zhan’s mother is against the relationship.  There is a mystery there somewhere.  The mother is saying that Wen Nuan is to blame for the demise of her husband, CEO Zhan’s father.

There was also that issue about Professor Wang, ex employee of Alpha.  Dai Zhong had started their litigation against Qian Yu Tech involving Prof Wang, a major mover and shaker of Alpha.

CEO Zhan was forced to go to London without saying anything to Wen Nuan.  He was so busy that he had not time to answer or call her back.

But surprise surprise, Yuxin was pictured having a convivial lunch date with CEO Zhan  which was televised on Chinese tv much to the sadness of Wen Nuan.

There was also that notion that Wen Nuan was the one who tipped off Zhu Lin Lu regarding the Prof Wang case.  Of course she is not guilty, but there is a misunderstanding brewing between the lovers.

Episode 31-34

Wen Nuan is one pool of utter sadness.  She was asked to see CEO Zhan’s mother, who told her that she was not good enough for her son.  Wen Nuan has only brought her son grief and misfortune as well as being the author of the death of CEO Zhan’s father and Wen Nuan’s own father because of her immature behaviour.  She should leave  CEO Zhan and never show her face again.

During the diatribe of CEO Zhan’s mother, Wen Nuan had an attack.  She started to remember bits and piece of what happened in the past.  Mrs Zhan had a bit of a fright with what was happening with Wen Nuan.

Her sister took her back home.  Wen Nuan then pack her bag and left for London again.  She just saw CEO Zhan hurrying towards the airport looking for her.

CEO Zhan left a negotiation that could make or break Qian Yu (Shallow Cosmos) to look for Wen Nuan.

In the end Shallow Cosmos is in deep financial problem.

Many major employees are leaving because of the rumour that  it was going down.

Guan Ti one of the three original of the trio of Shallow Cosmos, who was in charge of research was so annoyed that his pet project of  Robotic Girlfriend is being sidelined for the project headed by Professor Wang.

In his annoyance, he had a meeting with the competition in view of a transfer.  He then gave his resignation to CEO Zhan, who was still adamant that Prof Wang’s project is still the one to save their company.

Wen Nuan had undergone hypnosis to finally remember everything of the past.  Again she is more certain that she’s not good enough for CEO Zhan.

CEO Zhan was cornered by his mother to make a decision about a marriage to Yixin.  But he said he doesn’t have any intension of getting together with YiXin.

Yixin said she had waited seven years, she is preferred to wait until she becomes a family.  But Pan Wei Ning is working really hard to gain her affection and it seems he might be making a little progress.

Wen Rou, he assistant/young boyfriend, and Li Lu have discovered that monies are being taken out from company’s account.




The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (Chinese Drama) Review

His Excellency’s First Love poster

This drama is also called Moonshine and Valentine.

Genre: Romance, ET, Historical

Date Released: 2018

CDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Victoria Song as Huanan/Guan Pi Pi
  •  Huang Jing Yu as Helan Jingting
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Tao Jialin (PiPi’s boyfriend)
  • Liu Yongxi as Xin Xiaoju (Cafe Owner)
  • Xu Fangyi as Tian Xin (PiPi’ friend in love with Jialin)
  • Lin Shen as Xiu Xian (plastic surgeon )
  • Li Yongming as Zhao Kwanyong (plastic surgeon)


The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (Chinese Drama) Review

The drama is a love story that lasts several lifetimes. He Lan comes from the fox clan, which originated from a planet from another galaxy which was much like Earth.  Through evolution the aliens, fox clan, started to acquire human form, until they are perfect specimen of eye candy. 🙂

Episode 1

During the Tang Dynasty (not sure which dynasty really) a girl who was still a minor was ‘bought’ from her parents to marry a blind boy from a rich family.

I think much of the story started from this initial meeting of the lovers.

I read somewhere that the girl had to sacrifice herself in order for the boy to have perfect sight at night.

At the present day, PiPi has a boyfriend who is gorgeous and extremely able with his education.  While PiPi is interning, her boyfriend in going to America for further studies.

PiPi is currently having some self-esteem issues.  She feels that she is not good enough for her perfect boyfriend.

HeLan on the other hand had just found her in this lifetime and he would never let her go.

Their first meeting was eventful but not in the usual way where they fall in love at first sight.  In fact PiPi handed some change to the blind Helan thinking he was a beggar. 🙂

Episode 2

It was Jialin’s birthday and PiPi was trying to buy him a shirt.  She did not really know his size but then realised that she can’t afford the shirt anyway.

PI PI was helped out in getting the right size by a man who turned out to be He Lan.

When she told him that she was buying it for her boyfriend, He Lan bought all the shirts.  PiPI run after him and accidentally dislodged his sun glasses.  She stared at his opaque irises, which was dangerous for her.

He Lan sent his minions to give an apple, which is lightly drenched with his blood, to PiPI, who he said would be feeling unwell due to having looked at his eyes.

Right on cue, PiPi was vomiting in the office.  Despite feeling unwell she continued on with her task as an intern journalist.  She turned down the apple as she hates the fruit.

PiPi went to her boyfriend’s house for his birthday celebration with only a red bean preserve as a present, which he was rather dismissive about.

Also attending was their good friend, Tian Xin.

You can see that Tian Xin and Jia Lin are becoming more than friends.

Episode 3

Pi Pi was tasked to take photos of the mysterious Jade expert, He Lan.  She was waiting for him surreptitiously, when he found her hanging on his fence.

She started having a nose bleed and he carried her in and fed her a small slice of an apple.  Within minutes she was like a new woman.

Episode 4

He Lan gave PiPi a VIP invitation for the following night’s auction.  He said if she attends, she can interview him.

No brainer really, so she attended and ended up bidding so much money for an orb necklace, on behalf of He Lan, which was then given to her by him as a memento, which has something to do with what happened a long time ago.

Episode 5

PiPi’s boyfriend is stalking her friend, Tian Xin.  He wanted to cheat on PiPi with her friend.  To start with Tian Xin did try to resist Jia Lin.  But Jia Lin is not taking no for an answer.

He told Tian Xin that he will book a table in a restaurant and will wait for her at whatever time.

PiPi met up with He Lan in a posh restaurant to interview him.  He ordered a lot of food for PiPi alone as he said he was a fox and doesn’t eat human food.

PiPi was going along with his ‘nonsense’ at first but got tired of it.  He Lan further said that he only eat flowers, from the unfertilised plants (organic flowers)  He also mentioned that others from his fox clan eat liver, human liver.

PiPi said she was ending the nonsense, weird interview.  She got up and He Lan followed her.  He said that he can prove that he’s not human.  He put her head next to his heart.  His heart is beating so slowly at 1 beat per 10 seconds.

Unbeknown to PiPi, Tian Xin was also at the restaurant and saw her with He Lan in which looked like and embrace.

Episode 6

Jia Lin was still waiting at the restaurant for Tian Xin.  He was told  by the waiting staff that he had to leave at it was closing time.  He then saw Tian Xin in front of him and this will be the start of their affair.

The next day, Jia Lin went to look for Pipi at her work.

Thinking that he was He Lan, she run off from him.

They all ended up at a club.  Jia Lin was just about to speak with PiPi when Tian Xin took him away, presumably to tell him that it was not the right time to tell Pipi about them.

Episode 7

We find out the the 900 years old He Lan is in fact a hybrid.  His mother was human and father was an alien fox.

His weirdness has spooked Pipi.  So she researched what repel a fox.

She found out it was realgar.  She got some and invited He Lan to lunch.

Of course He Lan new all bout the realgar that PiPi had gotten.  And to make a point he dipped his finger into the pocket of realgar, which as a corrosive effect on his skin.

PiPi was shocked saying that she doesn’t really understand what is his motive and she wanted the orb necklace removed from her neck.

Without much ado, He Lan removed the necklace and left her in the restaurant.

Episode 8

PiPi resigned from her job so that she could concentrate in learning English.  She wanted to go to America with Jia Lin.  Jia Lin, however, has other plan.  He wanted Tian Xin to go with him.

He Lan is very upset.  He was looking at the orb necklace and then put it away.  Does it mean he has given up on PiPI?



The Princess Weiyoung (Chinese Drama) Review

Genre: Historical, Romance, Revenge

Date Released: 2016

CDrama: 54 Episodes


  • Tiffany Tang as Princess Weiyoung
  • Luo Jin as Tuoba Jun (Prince Gaoyoung)
  • Vanness Wu as Tuoba Yu (Prince Nanan)

I have just started watching this mainly because of Luo Jin who was so handsome in Love’s Lies.

I am now in episode 6 and really enjoying this historical drama.

The Princess Weiyoung (Chinese Drama) Review

It had been snowing for at least three days.  The birth of the Yin’Er the new princess of Lang Ling stopped the snow.

The astrologer though said that her birth is auspicious but this is cancelled out by the contrasting shape of her eyes.

The king of Lang Ling was joyful of the birth of his daughter but he was called away immediately to meet up representatives of Northern Wei.

That was the last time they saw the king until 16 or 18 years later he was freed by the Weis.  He had only a few hours to say hello to his daughter and the Queen Dowager when a Weis conspirators assassinated the king and the people of Lang Ling.

The princess barely got away with her life.

She saw how her father killed and the Queen Dowager almost beheaded.  She was so distressed that she fell over a ravine.

The next time she was compos mentis was when she woke up in bed being tended by a young woman.

She later found our that the woman was Wei Young, a banished daughter of the Prime Minister of Wei. Wei Young was a victim of discrimination because her mother is a lowly concubine who used to be a foot bather maid in the manor of the PM.

The evil consort of the prime minister sent an assassin to do away with Wei Young.  Just before dying Wei Young said to Yin’er to avenge her.

Yin’er took the identity of Wei Young and went to the PM’s manor to pretend as his daughter.



Wok Of Love (Korean Drama) Review & Summary

Wok of Love poster

Wok Of Love (Korean Drama) Review & Summary

Genre:  Romance, Business, Comedy, Food

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 40 episodes


  • Lee Jun-ho as Seo Poong
  • Jang Hyuk as Doo Chil-sung
  • Jung Ryeo-won as Dan Sae-woo

Episode 1 & 2

The three leads all met up in a salon.

Seo Poong and Dan Sae-Woo were getting married but not to each other.

Doo Chil-sung was having a hair-cut.  He wanted a number two, a very close to the scalp.  But Dan Sae-woo said that she would not recommend it.  It would make him look like  a thug, a gangster.  He looked at her and fell in love at first sight.

The characters are introduced gradually.

Seo Poong is a popular chef in a Michelin rated restaurant.  He just married a long time girlfriend, who is a doctor, who was sleeping with her patient, who happens to be a chaebol and the new president of the hotel Seo Poong was working at as a chef.

Doo Chil Sung is an ex-gangster with a heart of gold.  He has a posse of ex-gang members, who he had been trying to re-educate to better themselves and perhaps would lead for each of them to find a good job, good relationship, get married and start a family.  But at the moment, Doo Chil Sung is failing with this plan.

Dan Sae-woo is an easy-going heiress.  She just registering her marriage before the actual ceremony.

Episode 3-4

This is a month later.

Seo Poong found out about his wife’s affair with the hotel’s president.

He did not only lost his wife, he lost his job as well.

Dan Sae-woo was waiting for her wedding ceremony to start when her ‘husband’ run away and her father was arrested for fraud.  Bad luck comes in three.  The third is that she had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. 🙁

With the sad, almost hopeless, current situation Seo Poong and Sae-woo had found themselves in, Doo Chil Sung was there to support them.

At first I had to admit that I found this drama rather weird.  It was like watching a Bugs Buddy cartoon comes to life.

But these later episodes were really interesting.  From Bugs Bunny to Twin Peaks.

The cast are adorable especially the very versatile Jang Hyuk.  I find him a very unaffected actor.  A people’s actor.  He seems like a very lovely person. Not too self-aware, no airs. And willing to support younger actors.

It seems that Jang Hyuk may be the second lead in this drama in the sense that he won’t get the girl.  It would really be nice if he does get the girl as there was chemistry between him and Ryeo Won.

Yep this drama is one to watch for 2018.

Episodes 5-6

The good news is that Sae Woo does not have terminal cancer; the bad news is that her horse has the terminal cancer.

She had to borrow $10,000 from the Light and Shadow Loans,  which is owned by Chil Sung.

This early on, she confessed to her father she was visiting in prison that she met two nice men: a chef who gave a fortune cookie and Mr Light who lent her money.  Her father asked her who was the nicer, and she said the chef.  But her father said that it sounds like Mr Light was the nicer guy.  She then agreed that he may be right.  But we know who her first choice was.

Poong’s first day in his new restaurant was chaotic.  The ex-gang members were ganging up on him.   They refused to do what he tells them, until it got embarrassing when they had to serve a soap tasting jajangmyeon to their first customers, who happened to be his ex-wife and her new lover.  The lover insulted him and his skills as a chef.

Poong had no other choice but to fire all the kitchen assistants and hire new ones.

Next episodes should be exciting as we meet new characters that would make up the kitchen staff.

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