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See You Again (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

 Chinese Drama 2019

See You Again (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

See You Again poster

  • Genre: Romance, Time-Travel
  • Release Date: 16 July 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes


  • Tiffany Tang as Shi Jian
  • Shawn Dou as Ye Jia Cheng
  • Yang Shuo as Yi Pei
  • Lu Yi as Yi Bi Ya
  • Lyric Lan as Zhao Wen Wen
  • Caesar Li as Zhang Kai
  • Zhou Qi Qi as Song Xiao Jing
  • Mu Le En as Lai Qiao
  • Benny Qian as Chang Jian
  • Feng Li Jun as Cheng Zi Song
  • Chang Kuo Chu as Master Yi
  • Wang Ce as Yi Qing Dong
  • Gu Yang as Fang Rou
  • Zhang Zhi Wei as Professor Song

Quick Precis:

After a plane turbulence, Shi Jian woke up ten years back in time.

As a resourceful girl, she endevours to meet her future husband, Jia Cheng, ahead of time.

She also rights some wrongs in her past.

One big surprise, she realises that her hunky boss, Yi Pei, had been in love with her.


Rak Kan Panlawan (Thai Lakorn Review & Summary)

Thai Lakorn 2017

Rak Kan Panlawan (Thai Lakorn Review & Summary)


Rak Kan Panlawan poster

  • Aka: Confusedly In Love
  • Genre: Romance, Gender Confusion (by me)
  • Date Released: 2017
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Lakorn: 14 Episodes


  • Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn as Tulyana/Toon
  • Nine Naphat Siangsomboon as Methakawin/Matt
  • Hiranyasap Toon as Matt’s father
  • Deaw Suriyon Arunwattanakul as Suphanut/P’Nat
  • Big Thongpoon Siripipat as Sean
  • Sheranut Yusananda as Sarochinee
  • Gap Chanoksuda Raksanaves as Pimmy

Episode 1

Tulyana or Toon was a lesbian.  She is cute with big eyes and was quite popular with the girls.

But she had been dumped by girlfriends three times so she decided to go straight and try to find a man have a relationship which she hopes would lead to marriage.

With her two best friends, they went to a fortune teller who told  Toon that she will meet a man and get married.

The man has old face, meaning she met him before, he is tall and handsome and would be carrying flowers when she sees him.

They went to the restaurant afterwards and was giggling over the tall and handsome guy, carrying a flower, Toon was fated to meet when in walked in P’Nat, carrying a bunch of white roses tied in pink ribbon.

They were utterly convinced that P’Nat was Toon fated man.

Toon started to fall in love.  She sent her friends away so she could be alone with P

But there was another tall and handsome man carrying a bunch of flowers.  He was Matt, who upset his father so he was sent back to Thailand.

Matt was looking up old acquaintances and both the flowers tied in white ribbon for a female friend.

While chatting Matt and his friend, Sarochinee, noticed that there was going to be a ramble.  Toon and PNat got caught as well.

They ran into Matt and friend.  Toon bumped into Matt and they ended up in the ground.

The bouquet of flowers got switched accidentally.

Toon’s friend found out that P’Nat has a girlfriend already.

They tried to tell her but P’Nat turned up with his girlfriend, Naen.

Poor Toon, she was walking away from P’Nat and his girlfriend when she was accosted by her own ex-girlfriend, who showed off her rich new boyfriend.

It was like end of the world for her.  She was rather out of it and she got run over by Matt but he didn’t but the bike behind his card did.

Matt saw her bumping her head of a tree.  He had a good look at her and realised that he knew her.

She stole his girlfriend from him once.  LOL

Episode 2

Matt is the new CEO of Blue Planet Zoo where Toon works.

Toon was scared that he was going to fire her after she told him to get out of the restricted area not knowing that he was her new boss.

He reminded her as well of the girlfriend stealing.

However, Matt had noticed that she was very hard-working and competent with her job.  He told her not to be so complacent with the job because he could still fire her for insubordination, stealing others’ girlfriends.  He also warned her not to develop any romantic ideas about his younger sister, Pimmy.

Toon had told Pimmy that she had stopped being a tomboy.  Pimmy could not believe her but asked her how to tell if a man is gay.

Pimmy who had a crush on Sean, wanted to know if he was gay as he had ordered a huge amount of designer clothing and accessories.

Toon taught her a few tricks to find out, including Kdrama’s falling into his arm.  Pimmy tried it and she was sure that Sean is straight but then again, looking at her face intently, he asked her what foundation she uses because it was very smooth.  He also then ordered eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and face powder from her shop.




Love And Destiny (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Love And Destiny (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Love & Destiny poster

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Wuxia
  • Release Date: 15 July 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 60 Episodes


  • NiNi as Ling Xi
  • Chen Chang as Jiu Chen
  • Zhang Zhi Xi as Qing Yao
  • Karina Hai as Yuan Tong
  • Liu Qian Han as Ling Yue
  • Li Dong Xue as Jing Xu
  • Li Jia Ming as Yun Feng
  • Zhang Hai Yu as Si Ming
  • Yuan Hao as Cheng Yan

Quick Precis:

Jiu Chen was the god of war who used all his power to successfully seal of the demon lord.  All spent, Jiu Chen took a much deserved nap, which lasted 10,000 years.

A young maiden, who happened to be drop-dead gorgeous, accidentally woke Jiu Chen from his slumber.

Jiu Chen fell in love with the maiden and the maiden with him.  But like a good love story, it was never plain sailing. The course of true love never did run smooth.

The maiden, Ling Xi, has evil within her (as one does, LOL).  She is the key to release the demon lord.

Jiu Chen can’t let Ling Xi dies so he trained her to be a badass warrior to fight evil side by side with him.


Ban Shu Legend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2015

Ban Shu Legend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Ban Shu Legend poster

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Politics, Romance
  • Date Released: October 2015
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 42 Episodes



Coffee & Vanilla (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Japanese Dorama 2019

Coffee & Vanilla (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Kohi & Banira poster

  • Genre: Romance, Rated 16, Live-Action Manga, Age-Gap
  • Release Date: 5 July 2019
  • Origin: Japan; Adapted from
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Fukuhara Haruka as Shiragi Risa
  • Sakurada Dori as Fukami Hiroto
  • Kuroba Mario as Akutsu Takaaki
  • Ogoe Yuki as Yoshiki Tsubasa
  • Hama Shogo as Ichiyanagi Yuki
  • Kita Noa as Ashiya Natsuki

Episode 1

Nao and Daichi did not get together in Good Morning Call but they made up for it in this drama.

But I have to say that as much as Sakurada Dori is gorgeous in this drama, I don’t see him really or come across as much older than Fukuhara Haruka at all.

Anyway, Shiragi Risa is a naive 20-year old ingenue from the province.  She was very pretty and innocent looking that she attracts many male attention.

She does not know how to deal with the more aggressive ones because she had not much experience of love relationship having come from a girls school in her hometown.

One day, she was in a coffee shop, just about to enjoy her vanilla frappuccino when another boy came to sit on her table.  He invited her to go out with him and would not take no for an answer.

He was very insistent and was getting aggressive.

Thank goodness another man came to the rescue.  It was Fukami Hiroto, who pretended that he was late and sorry for having Risa waiting for so long.

He then took Risa away with him.

They were a few metres away from the coffee shop when he let her go as he deemed she was now safe.

Risa looked at him and was attracted by his confidence and good look and just stood when he left her staring at his back.

But then he turned around and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner with him.

They went to a high-class western restaurant and Risa was so impressed but giddily nervous looking at her gorgeous date.  She wanted to fall in love.

She never had alcohol before so even one glass had sent her to sleep.

When she woke up, she was in Fukami Hiroto’s bed.

Fukami Hiroto is a businessman.  He was supposed to be much older than the 20 year old Risa.  In the live-action drama, he is supposed to be 30 but in the actual manga, he is 32.  He is very experienced.

But some reason, he had fallen for Risa because she was so kawaii.

Risa was so ready for his tender love and care! 🤪

He had been seducing her with push and pull tactic.  Sometimes he was all over her and when she was ready to receive some action, he would pull away and treat her as her indulgent uncle, gives a pat on the head.

After a week she did not hear from Fukami Hiroto. her friend Natsuki encouraged her to give him a call after all he is her boyfriend.

Risa called Fukami on the phone.  It was very brief and there was a female voice in the background.

Risa was on her way to her dorm when a pair of arms hugged her from the back.

It was, of course, a very apologetic Fukami Hiroto.  He took her to his apartment and they had a heart to heart.

He told her that he wanted to have her, everything of her.  But before he makes her his, he wanted her to start calling him his first name, Hiroto rather than Fukamisan.

Calling him in his first name is as familiar as you can get.  Only family and wife/girlfriend can do so as the Japanese would have it.

And the deal was done.  Risa woke up the next morning realising that she in no longer a girl but a woman!  She overheard Hiroto on the phone. He said that it would be shocking if his real identity is revealed.

I have to admit Sakurada Dori is gorgeous half naked.  Really sexy.

Episode 2

The morning after, Risa woke up being stared at by a soppy Hiroto.  He said that she was beautiful even asleep.

He seemed perfect, he can even cook.  He made her breakfast and asked her perhaps he could cook for him one too.

Risa said that she was not very good at it.

Risa spent the day with Hiroto.

He wanted to know everything about her including where she shops and where hangs out.

The boys had agreed that Risa was the belle of the university.  They all like her.

One of these boys was Yoshiki, who attends the same class as Risa.

One day, he approached her and noticing that she already a ring on her finger.  He asked her if the ring was from her boyfriend.

Risa bashfully confirmed that she was taken.

Yoshiki asked her who was her boyfriend, whether he goes to the same university and what does he do?

Risa said that her boyfriend is a salaryman, mature and gentle.

From behind someone said, good to know.  The man then proceeded to the podium.

The man was Hiroto who was a guest speaker.  Hiroto was a CEO of Fukami Holdings employing 1000 people.

The students were impressed, especially the girls.  One asked if he had a girlfriend already.

Hiroto said that it was not part of the lecture but he answered the question all the same.

He said that he had a girlfriend already and he wishes he can hold her in his arms right that minutes.

Amidst the ohhs and ahhs from the student, Risa was shyly excited.

After the lecture, Risa went looking for Hiroto, who snatched her for a quick kiss against a wall.

Yoshiki saw what was happening with the couple.

Hiroto saw Yoshiki looking at them.  He gave him a warning and challenging look while still kissing Risa.

Yoshiki refused to give up easily.  He saw Risa looking at some recipe on her mobile phone.  He told her that he can help her learn cooking.

He then took her to a restaurant where he had a run of the kitchen.  He was a part-timer at the restaurant.

He thought her how to fry eggs but he was all over her.  Risa felt a bit wary but she really wanted to learn how to cook for Hiroto.

Risa and Yoshiki were on their way back to the university when they saw Hiroto.

Hiroto had come to fetch Risa.  Yoshiki was rather familiar with Risa and she was embarrassed.

But Hiroto seemed fine with everything, which only made Risa worry and upset.  She reckoned that if it had been the other way around, she would have been mad if he was with another girl.

Hiroto took her to his apartment and fed her ice-cream. It was so delicious, she felt happy again.

Hiroto was giving kiss marks to Risa’s neck.  One thing led to another while the ice-cream left on the table started melting…

The next day, Yoshiki saw Risa.  The evident kiss mark on her neck made him rather aggressive.

He cornered Risa against a wall and about to pounce for a kiss…