The Princess and the Matchmaker (South Korean Film Review)

Genre: Historical, Romance

Film:  South Korean

Genre: Historical, Romance

Date Released: February 2018


  • Shim Eun-kyung as Princess Songhwa
  • Lee Seung-gi as Seo Do-yoon, the fortune teller
  • Yeon Woo-jin as Yoon Shi-kyung, fourth candidate as husband to the princess
  • Kang Min-hyuk as Kang Hwi, second candidate as husband to the princess
  • Choi Woo-shik as Nam Chi-ho, third candidate as husband to the princess

The Princess and the Matchmaker (South Korean Film Review)

It is a very interesting story with top notched leads in Shim Eun Kyung as Princess Songhwa and Lee Seung-gi as the fortune teller. Both excellent actors.  I have to say also that Yeon Woo-jin never fails to deliver an excellent performance as well as the anti-hero.  The rest of the cast are also brilliant.

The story started in a drought ridden kingdom.  The people and the royals are getting worried with the prolong drought that they called every diviner, sooth-sayer, fortune teller in the land to end the drought.

It was agreed that the only solution is for the king’s daughter be married at once.

The king agreed but he does love his daughter, though sired from a concubine.  The king held a series of contest to determine the most suitable husband for the princess.

The list was finally narrowed down to four.

The Princess was very upset and yet intrigued.  She overheard one of the candidates bouth-mouthing her.  In her distress and fury she ended up kissing the very surprised fortune teller/guard.

The Princess then decided to leave the palace and see for herself the candidates in their on turf.

While she was in her mission, the fortune teller met her again and accompanied her to meet the first candidate.

He was only 13 years old, too young, too immature.

The next candidate was was super handsome and knows it.  He was hedonistic and into orgies and she found out that after marriage he is not likely to give up his penchants for beauties.

The third candidate was a very cruel man.  He likes punishing anyone even for minor misdemeanour. She was lucky, she almost died in his hand if not for the protection of the fortune teller.

She decided to go back to the palace.

The fourth candidate is very cunning and very ambitious. He was  He forced the fortune teller, by threatening his blind relative, to write/fake a soji indicating that the fourth candidate, Yoon Shi-kyung, is the most suitable to marry the princess.

All was arranged, the princess was to marry Shi-kyung.  He even arranged for Seo Do Yoon to be tied up and locked and guarded so that the wedding can go ahead without any hindrance.

At the last moment, Seo Do Yoon appeared, having been help by his apprentice to escape.  He was that it would be wrong for the wedding to go ahead as he was forced by Shi-kyung to write the soji.

Seo Do yoon ended up being banished by the king while shi-kyung was arrested.

The princess begged the king to allow Do yoon to come back, she said she was willing to give up her status as a royal.

This only enraged the kill.  He said what is love.

To which the princess says:

If in a person’s life is without love, what else is there?

A few days later it rained and rained.

The king gave the princess a choice.  Go and be with Seo Do yoon but she can never return to the palace.  She will be stripped of her princess status and she will be removed in the royal records.

Awww, the ending almost like Julia Robert’s Nottinghill.

I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

But she said was I am just a woman in front of your eyes.

To which he replied “in my eyes, there is no other woman but you.”

Awww and this scene was in the middle of a forest carpeted by white daisy flowers.




JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

JoJo Bizarre Adventure poster

Genre: Film, School, fantasy, Bizarre, Manga

Released Date: 2017



  • Kento Yamazaki as Jōsuke Higashikata
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki as Kōichi Hirose
  • Nana Komatsu as Yukako Yamagishi
  • Masaki Okada as Keichō Nijimura
  • Mackenyu as Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Takayuki Yamada as Anjūrō Katagiri
  • Yusuke Iseya as Jōtarō Kūjō
  • Alisa Mizuki as Tomoko Higashikata
  • Jun Kunimura as Ryōhei Higashikata

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

I am really not into this kind of genre but surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the film, probably helped by the couple of glasses of red wine, I imbibed with my supper.

A little tipsy,  I found the whole film made sense. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I watched this movie because of Yamazaki Kento, Nana Kotmatsu, Mackenyu and the perennially gorgeous Masaki Okada.

Okey let me see, if I can now make sense of what the film was all about.

Kento played Josuke, who was a descendant of a family with superpowers.  He did not really know about this family as he grew up with his mother and his maternal grandfather, who was an exemplary police officer.

Josuke is quite popular at school, not only because of his strength and agility but also due to his good looks, especially with his retro goth (lucille ball’s donut hairstyle, see above photo) hairstyle. 🙂

No one was allowed to negatively comment on his hair or there will be hell to pay. 🙂

A new transfer student, Koichi, having been saved by Josuke from bullies, promptly attached himself to Josuke.  But by doing so he put his life in peril as Josuke was being hunted by the evil forces of their town.  These evil forces were lead by Keicho Nijimura and his brother, Okuyasu.

There is something common amongst Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu.  They all have a ‘stand’, which is a spiritual guiding fighting element that they can exude, these stands are their luminous robot-like doubles who does their fighting for them.  CGI was quite good.

Only those with stands can see these spiritual beings.  That is why Josuke was popular with his classmates for his quickness in fighting, they don’t actually see his stand doing most of the fighting for him; they thought it was him.

Keicho has a bow and arrow that can make a ‘chosen one’ dead but come alive complete with a stand, who he then put under his  control.   This is all about gravity apparently, according to him.

A person that Keicho used his bow and arrow on was a crazed murderer.  The murderer and his stand ended up killing  Josuke’s grandfather, the kindly policeman.

Though Josuke has the power to heal anyone, his grandfather was a lost cause.

With vengeful wrath, Josuke vanquished the crazed killer.

He then went to have his final confrontation with the Nijamura brothers.  Koichi tagged along with him but got shot with an arrow by Keicho.

During the fight Josuke saved Okuyasu and in return Okuyasu helped Josuke to save Koichi.

Keicho’s stands were those toy soldiers and helicopters and tanks which came alive in their hundreds of miniatures.  The vast numbers of the toys soldiers had almost defeated Josuke and his stand but his stand has a power of unbreakable diamond.

The end was an atonement of Keicho to his younger brother Okuyasu.  He took a flying killing evil toy car that would have gone for Okuyasu.

The end was Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu going back to school rather chummy.

The film feels like it would spore a sequel because the talented Nana was not use much.

I enjoyed the film though rather bizarre.

Death Note Movies (Review & Summary)

Death Note poster

Genre: Mystery, Vengeance, Fantasy, Thriller


Death Note is based on a manga, which is so popular that it borne out several movies under its belt.


Death Note Movies (Review & Summary)


Death Note (2006)

Light is a genius law student.  He hacked into the National Police network and found out that many murderers and criminals are getting away through lack of evidence.

He was so frustrated that he threw away his law book but at the same time found a black mysterious note book.

The note book has Death Note on its cover and it says that any human’s name entered into the note book will die.  There are provisos  of course to minimise mistake.

The writer must envisage the face of the person, before and while writing his name on the notebook.  This is to prevent other people bearing the same name ending up dead.

The cause of death must be written immediately, within 40 seconds; otherwise the death will default to heart attack.

The Death Note book is actually a property of Ryuk, the god of death, who dropped it.

Ryuk found Light, who asked if Ryuk wanted the notebook back.  Ryuk said that Light can pass it to anyone and Ryuk would then erase Light memory of the death note.

After Light was reassured that he will not have to surrender his soul to Ryuk, he decided to keep the Death Note but he was warned that he will suffer agony and fear from using the Death Note.

Light used the name Kira as the god of Justice.

The unexplained deaths of criminals have worried and intrigued the police.  They are looking into this worldwide death with the help of an anonymous person, who comes by the name of L.

It would now be a battle of wits between Kira and L.

Light/Kira was an immature idealistic young man.  He wanted to rid the world of criminals.  He had gone beyond killing criminals.  He had now started murdering those who thwart his vendettas against criminals.  He just killed 12 FBI agents.

Death Note The Last Name



L: Change the World


Death Note: New Generation


Death Note: Light Up the NEW World

Policeman & Me (P & JK) Japanese Movie Review

P & JK poster


Genre: Romance, Family

Released Date: 2017


  • Kazuya Kamenashi as Kota Sagano
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Kako Motoya
  • Mahiro Takasugi as Heisuke Okami
  • Tina Tamashiro as Mikado Yaguchi
  • Daigo Nishihata as Jiro Nagakura
  • Aya Omasa as Fumi Komori


Policeman & Me (P & JK) Japanese Movie Review

This is a cute but rather sedate on the romantic overtures between leads.   I say this because for a married couple they only had a quick kiss right at the very end of the film, just before the credits rolled in.

I supposed this is because of the nature of the story.  Kako is barely legal at 16 and just in first year in high school, while Kota Sagano is 26 years old policeman.

They first met when Kako and her best friend, Mikado, attended a group blind date to fill in for a couple of college students.

Kako and Mikado had to pretend that they were 22 years old.

Anyway Kako and Kota hit it off immediately after Kota drank the alcohol being offered the underage friends.

When it was time to go home, Kako and Kota decided to run for the last tram but just missed it.

Kota then offered Kako to escort her home via a cab.  They were chatting away when Kako inadvertently admitted that she was in fact only 16 years old.

Kota was annoyed and scolded Kako for her childish prank.  Kako was mortified with embarrassment that she run off.  Unfortunately the street she went into was crowded with a gang of youths.

She was of course accosted; one of the youths was her rather delinquent classmate.

Before she could be hurt, Kota turned up and fought off the gang single-handedly until the police back up arrived.

Okami was just about to strike Kota with a skateboard when Kako stood up and got hurt instead.

She ended up in the hospital.

They had a heart to heart at the hospital and out of the blue Kota asked Kako to marry him if she wanted to continue seeing him.

Kako was surprised at the proposal.  Kota told her that since she was only 16, there will be all sorts of gossips about him and especially about her.  To prevent this they had to get married and he will protect her forever.

Her parents was rather chill about this so they were married immediately but he promised his new father-in-law that he will not make Kako pregnant while still in high school.

Their married life is not a passionate one.  It is more like friends.  He doesn’t share any of his important memories with her and his work and she is busy with school work.  They hardly see one another.

But Kota does make an effort to meet up with her when he can.

There was an incident where Kako was about to be stabbed by a gang member but Kota covered her with his body and almost died in the process.

Kako realised then she is just to immature to deal with the kind of job Kota does.  She therefore went back to her parents and resumed being just an ordinary high school students.

But this is a love story, so in the end when local police with Kota had to give a talk to the students at Kako’s school.  Kota explained that he no longer think of dying for those he loves but rather living with those he loves.  Awwww

They reconciled and promised to live together for a whole lifetime.

Kawaii! 🙂

Though lacking in cute overtly affectionate romance, there is a good chemistry between the leads.  They make a good couple.  And there is a heart to this story.

And the cinematography is fantastic.  Worth watching this film even for just the surrounding environ of the scenery.

Girls & Girls 2 (Chinese Taiwanese Movies)


Genre:  Friendship, Romance

Released Date: 2014


  • Ivy Chen as Xiwen
  • Fiona Sit as Kimmy
  • Yang Zishan as Xiaomei
  • Shawn Yue as Qiao Li
  • Wallace Chung as Lin Jie
  • Vanness Wu as Jiu Tian

Girls (Chinese Taiwanese Movie)

This is a story of three beautiful best friends, who are in their late 20s and had remained thick as thieves over the years.  They have experienced many things together and individually.

Some incidents almost broke their friendship but in the end they realised that their relationship was better and stronger than with the opposite sex.  They are each other’s support.

They realised that a relationship with the opposite sex should not define any one of them.  Men will come and go, those who would stay should cherish them and never let them go.

But in the meantime, they will keep enjoying their youth.

In the first movie, Xiwen was getting excited to her imminent wedding but only to find out that her intended, Li Wei, was having an affair and had fallen out of love with her.

She was catatonic with shock that her two best friends, Kimmy and Xiaomei acted as her carer while she lived her life in a wheelchair in total and utter shock.

Kimmy, despite being the diva and the poshest of the group was a mother hen. When Xiaomei fell for Jiu Tian, Kimmy tried to break them off as she thought the playboy Jui Tian was not good enough for the rather serious Xiaomei.  She did everything including seducing Jui Tian.

Xiaomei in the end broke up with Jiu Tian because she did realise that they were not suited but in doing so she also broke out of the friendship until when she was in a party, she almost got assaulted and the first person she telephone for help was Kimmy, who dropped everything to help Xiaomei.

The friendship was mended once again.

As to Xiwen, she did come out of her dark place and met a kind and gentle man, Qiao Li.  He said he liked her.  She started thinking about liking him too.


Girls Vs Gangsters (2) 2018


  • Ivy Chen as Xiwen
  • Fiona Sit as Kimmy
  • Janine Chang as Jialan
  • Mike Tyson as Dragon

Girls 2 continues on from the above but Xiaomei is not in the film.  She was replaced by Janine Chang as another good friend of Xiwen.

Girls 2 is about a bachelorette party for Xiwen who was to marry Qiao Li.  The celebration arranged by Kimmy was in Vietnam.

At first Kimmy and Jialan are fighting to the Queen Bee position among the group.  Janine Chang and Fiona Sit were hilarious.

But their holiday in Vietnam did not go as planned as they have encountered some sort of a mafia gang.

After drinking until senseless, Xiwen, Kimmy and Jialan woke up butt in a beach.  Kimmy and Jialan were manacled on a fairly large heavy box.

The three naked ladies went to look for somewhere where they can beg for some clothes.

They were lucky they found a half Korean and half American, who was only too happy to help with their clothing needs, however he can only provide a selection of huge boxing shorts.

Jialan fell madly in love with the half American and half Korean, who reminded her of Song Joong Ki’s character in Descendant of the Sun.  This part is actually the most hilarious.

The film is full of funny adventures and I have to say all the three girls gave their all.

In the end Xiwen got married to Qiao Li, who can only bee seen in back view.

Piece of Cake (2015 Japanese Film)

Piece of Cake poster

Genre:  Romance, Mature

Released Date:  September 2015


  • Mikako Tabe as Shino Umemiya
  • Gō Ayano as Kyoshiro Sugahara
  • Tori Matsuzaka as Ten chan
  • Fumino Kimura as Nanako
  • Kaoru Mitsumune as Akari
  • Tasuku Emoto as Masaki
  • Masaki Suda as Kawatani
  • Tomoya Nakamura as Tada
  • Tamae Andō as Toshiko Kurosawa
  • Ryū Morioka as Kinji
  • Kazunobu Mineta as Chiba

Piece of Cake (2015 Japanese Film)

Woah another Mikako Tabe film.

The film is a bit mature as it is about sexual relationship.

Mikako Tabe plays Shino Umamiya who was in a relationship with Masaki, who would often turned violent due to jealousy.

There was cause for jealousy by Masaki but there is no reason at all to resort to violence.  Anyway. Shino is a girl who was initially very afraid of the idea of being alone and therefore, though she had a boyfriend, she would still sleep with anyone, who showed her a bit of interest.

One day, after another violent confrontation, Masaki said that they were through.

Shino moved somewhere else, got herself a new apartment and a new job.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out that her new boss is none other than the gorgeous new neighbour, Kyoshiro.  But he was already living with a rather mysterious girl called Akari.

Shino did feel guilty but she just can’t help herself so she ended up sleeping with the boss as well.

Kyoshiro said that he loves Shino and he had broken off with Akira.

All’s well.  Shino has also found another part time job doing costumes for dramatic group.

Kyoshiro had told Shino that he had a friend who recently met an accident and he would often  visit this friend  Tanaka.

Shino and Kyoshiro are now quite happy together.  They decided to get a few days away in a spa.  At some point during their break at the spa, Kyoshiro received a call which he refused to answer.  After dinner Kyoshiro went into the men’s hot tub leaving Shino with the phone.

At first she was contented being alone but the sight of the mobile phone on the table was taunting her.  She gave in with her curiosity and checked the last call.  It was Tanaka.  She returned the call and it was Akari who answered.

Shino was so upset that she went and beat up Kyoshino in the men spa.

They ended up breaking off.

A year and a half later, Shino met up with her friend, Nanako who had Akira’s new novel.  Nanako said that Shino must read it as it about the three of them, Akira, Kyoshiro and Shino.  Apparently Kyoshiro really loved Shino but he felt he had to look after Akira as well as he was all she got in the world, or rather Tokyo.

Shino said that she is not interested anymore as she had not heard from him.  No calls, no texts; not even one.

Her drama group was entertaining in a bar/club when she met eye to eye with Kyoshiro.  She run and run as she doesn’t want anything to do with him after reading the new novel.  But Kyoshiro was able to run after her and ended up hugging her and telling her how much he loves her.

This is where the title comes in I think.  Their three-way relationship:  Kyoshiro was having his cake and eating it  too. Apparently Kyoshiro was having a relationship with both Akira and Shino at the same time.

You can’t have it both ways.  It is either you have the cake and keep it or you eat it and it will be gone.  You can’t have it as well as eat it.  pssshhh  That was too wordy.

Anyway Kyoshiro said that he has absolutely no contact with Akari anymore and he loves only Shino.  To prove it, he took her to a place with was his new house ,where he planted the garden with green leafy plants, her favourite.

Once again they are happy and joyous with each other’s company,.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (2013 Chinese Film)

Genre: Romance, psychological

Love Will Tear Us Apart Poster

Date Released:October 2013


Love Will Tear Us Apart (2013 Chinese Film)

This is a story that can actually happen to anyone, who is unlucky enough to meet someone who is mentally unbalanced 🙂

Liang Liang is a copy writer in an advertising agency who met up one of the models for an ad his company was running.

This was not actually their first meeting.  The model and actress, Miao Miao had suddenly got into his car and instructed him to drive. She was running away from a man.

Their sexual attraction was instant that Miao Miao moved in with Liang Liang almost immediately.

To start with they were fairly happy together, until Miao Miao began quizzing Liang Liang how many girlfriends has he had.  It seemed that he had girls from all the letters of the alphabet 🙂 ; a player.

This turned Miao Miao crazy that she grew suspicious of everything Liang Liang does.  She put him through hell.

Liang Liang had had enough of Miao Miao’s jealousy that he tried to leave only to come back after Miao Miao tried to jump out of the window of their apartment.

But Miao was getting worst, she was obsessed with Liang Liang.

Liang Liang even broached the subject of them having a kid to make Miao Miao more confident of their relationship but Miao Miao said she will not be a good mother and she would only ever look after Liang Liang.

And she did as well.  She looked at his emails, texts, bank accounts for any hotel, club, flower bills.

The last straw for Liang Liang was when he found out that Miao Miao had installed a hidden camera in their flat, directly overlooking Liang Liang’s computer.

Liang Liang finally walked out, though Miao Miao tried to persuade him to come back.  When she failed, she told Liang Liang to come back to the apartment and she will move out, afterall it was really his flat.

Liang Liang finally felt free.  He went out partying and having wild abandon sex with his ex.  But realised being alone in the apartment, Liang Liang was actually pining for Miao Miao.  He can’t settle, he was not eating nor sleeping. much  He was restless.

One day, he woke up with Miao Miao sitting on the bed watching him.

She asked him to take her for a drive.  They both look crazily manic and more or less you know that they would end up both dead.

A really good film and the acting by both the leads were spot on.  Ni Ni was perfect as a crazed chick.

Women Who Flirt (Chinese Movie Review)

Women who flirt poster

Genre: Film, Romance, Comedy

Released Date: 2014


  • Zhou Xun as Angie
  • Huang Xiaoming as Marco
  • Evonne Hsieh as May
  • Sonia Sui as Hailey

Women Who Flirt (Chinese Movie Review)

This is a lighthearted romance.

The cast are likeable, the cinematography is pretty good and the script is rather 2 dimensional, but all the same it delivered a rather endearing comedy drama of romance and a the littlest amount of heartache.

My favourite part of the film is the ending during the credit when Angie and Marco were re-enacting that iconic Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze Ghost’s pottery scene. (A half-naked Xiaoming is a sight to behold 🙂 )

Anyway the story is about long running one-sided love of Angie on Marco.  She had loved him for many years since college.  He did not have many girlfriends but suddenly he became rather serious with Hailey.

Angie felt threatened not only of the love but of her friendship with Marco.

She decided to act upon a course of action with her posse of ‘Barbie’ friends, the women who are expert on flirting.  She wanted them to turn her into the girl, who can compete with a very girly sexy Hailey.

But Angie is not really ‘feminine’  She is a tomboy.  As much as she wanted to, she can’t be confident as a flirt.

In the end she gave up on the flirting as well as on Marco.

But Marco noticed that Hailey is rather conniving.  He said that he now understand why the likes of Paris Hilton can’t get a decent man.  Too high maintenance.

He dumped Hailey and then he went looking for Angie.  He told her that he has gone gay and he would like her to be his hot gay lover.  🙂 (joke because she is too manish; flat-chested)

Too Beautiful To Lie (South Korean Film) Review

Too Beautiful To Lie film poster

Category:  South Korean Film

Genre: Romance, Family, Comedy, Drama

Released Date: February 2004



  • Kim Ha-neul … Joo Yeong-ju
  • Gang Dong-won … Choi Hee-cheol
  • Song Jae-ho … Hee-cheol’s father
  • Kim Ji-young … Hee-cheol’s grandma
  • Ku Hye-ryung … Hee-cheol’s aunt
  • Lee Chun-hee … Young-deok
  • Nam Soo-jung … Hee-cheol’s aunt

Too Beautiful To Lie (South Korean Film) Review

This film is a true classic.  Though it was made 14 years ago, it has stood the test of time.  It is still lovely to look at and the cinematography was outstanding.  But best of all Kim Ha-Nuel was likeable and gorgeous and so does Gang Dong-won.

The story is zany and hilarious, almost slapstick.

Yeong Ju (Kim Ha Nuel) was in prison for fraud but because she knew how to play the system, she got her parole.

On the day that she got out of prison, she excitedly telephoned her sister, who was choosing a wedding gown.  The sister was so overwhelmed with excitement of her wedding and the same time, rather embarrassed of the criminal background of her younger sister that she told her not to come to the wedding but rest and go on holiday instead.

Yeong Ju was so disappointed, especially looking at the ducks she lovingly carve as a gift to her sister.  So she took a train to Busan, where she sat with Hee Cheol (Gang Dong-Won)

Their meeting started on an immediate misunderstanding.

Hee Cheol was daydreaming while fingering his mother’s ring which he hope to give to his girlfriend when he proposes.  The train suddenly jerked and the ring fell from his grasp and went under the sleeping Yeong Ju’s seat.

Without wanting to wake her, Hee Cheol carefully reached for the ring.  At that point Yeong Ju woke up and found a man between her legs.

After Yeong Ju beat him up, the misunderstanding was cleared and Hee Cheol introduced himself rather compulsively.  He told her his name, where he lives, etc.

When the train had a stopover, Hee Cheol, stood up to go the loo but Yeong Ju noticed that someone else pickpocketed his ring.

Fearing that she might get the blame and still being on parole, she followed the thief.  She got the ring back easily but the train left without her.

She was upset because she left her bag with the ducks on the train.

She went looking for Hee Cheol and went to his village where she met all his relatives, who were all welcoming and kind especially when Yeong Jul showed them the ring.  They thought she was the girlfriend.  Later on, they also thought that  had made Yeong Ju was pregnant.

Hee Cheol came back to the family and no matter what he did, he cannot convince his family that he doesn’t know Yeong Ju.

Yeong Ju in the end told the truth, after she has gotten her bag with the ducks but by this time Hee cheol had fallen in love with her and she with him.

But Yeong Ju was determined to get away as she thought she was not good enough for Hee Cheol and his family as she has a criminal record.

But love always prevails in romantic movies. 🙂  thank God!

The film was well made, there is no boring moment.  Love it.

The ending also is lovely.

Highly recommend it.

The Anthem of the Heart (Japanese Movie Review)

Anthem of the heart poster

Genre:  School, Youth, Musical, Romance, (Psychological) 🙂

Date Released: 2017


  • Kento Nakajima as Takumi Sakagami
  • Kyoko Yoshine as Jun Naruse
  • Anna Ishii as Natsuki Nito
  • Kanichiro as Daiki Tasaki


The Anthem of the Heart (Japanese Movie Review)

This is a very watchable film with good acting from the four leads.

The story is about a girl who somehow ‘lost’ her voice.  It all started when she was very young.  She was a blabbermouth kid, who talked about everything that came into her head, including about the things that she saw.

She loves fairy tales and she aspire to be a princess someday. 🙂 Don’t we all?!!!

One day, this chatty little girl was coming home from school.  She passed this Blue castle-like edifice, which she loved so much. She did not know then that it was a love hotel (motel). She saw her father just leaving the castle with a woman.  They were so lovey dovey. 🙂

She excitedly run home to report to her mother what she saw. She happily said that her father was in the castle with a princess.  She then asked her mom ingenously why she did not want to be the princess?!!!

The mom told her never to talk about what she saw with anyone.  Then the next thing was that her parents were divorcing.

As the horrid dad was moving away after the divorce, the girl came running after him.  All he said to her was that it was all her fault. She shouldn’t have told.  The divorce was her fault and wish she never talks.

From then on the girl stopped actively talking.  When she talks she gets excruciating stomach ache.

During her middle school, her homeroom teacher appointed her as one of the four to lead the Regional Friendship Exchange Executive Committee.  Their project was to present something at  the community centre.  They decided to hold and present a musical.

Jun Naruse volunteered to write the script which is about a poor girl who wanted to join in with the dancing at the castle at whatever cost.

Of course no one can play the role of the poor girl except Jun.  For some reasons, she can sing beautifully without any problems but she just can’t talk normally.

During the preparation of the musical everybody got close together.  Naruse thought herself in love with Sakagami, who in return has been in love with his first love, Nito.

Nito is still in love with Sakagami but felt guilty for not standing up for Sakagami in elementary school.  She also thought that he was already in a relationship with Naruse Jun.

The fourth member of the team was Daiki.  He was an ace baseball player but currently injured so he had time in his hands.

On the last day before the musical event, Naruse overheard Sakagami confessing to Nito.

She was so upset that she lost her singing voice but regained her speech.

On the day of the presentation Naruse was nowhere to be found.  Anyway the show must go on.  Nito ably substituted for her.

Sakagami went looking for Jun and found her in the now derelict Blue castle.

She confessed her love to Sakagami, who was so kind in turning her down because he was in love with Nito.

Naruse accepted it and agreed to go to the community centre for the rest of the musical presentation.

She took over from Nito for the last bit of the drama and did it beautifully.

Towards the very end of the film, all fours were standing at the school building rooftop for one final shoutout.

Daiki shouted “I love Naruse Jun”

So happy ending for all after all,


I like this film because despite Jun debilitating inability for normal speech, she was not bullied or shun by her schoolmates.  Usually you get name callings and isolations from this kind of dramas.

Naruse Jun looks like a cute little puppy.



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