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Lost in Space Reboot 2018 – Review


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Lost in Space Reboot 2018 – Review

Referring to my previous post announcing the return of the classic 1960s TV sci fi series, here is my take on Lost in Space – Review,

Jean & I binged watched all the episodes over two nights. In our humble opinion Netflix have done well with this reboot. I watched the original series when a youngster. It was good to hear the original & iconic theme music, especially when the Robinson family’s spacecraft Jupiter 2 took to the skies.

In these introduction episodes, there are a  few changes from  the original plot and storyline as of course can be expected as reboots usually vary a little bit from the original.

The Robinson family are part of other  colonists, including other families too, each with their own Jupiter designated spacecraft. The Jupiters’ are docked in the much larger  mother ship called ‘The Resolution’, which has a mysterious and  secret faster than normal human technology space drive.

This mysterious drive is the key to the unfolding story.

The Resolution is taking the colonists to an exo planet near the Alpha Centauri star system.

A catastrophe occurs and the family have to flee the mother ship in their Jupiter(2) & land on an unknown planet which can sustain life.

Quite a few media critics who saw the first two episodes on preview,  were lukewarm in their comments .

As I have found with other reboot  TV series such as the excellent ‘Star Trek Discovery’, the whole series has to be watched to get a truer opinion. At the end of its first run after initial criticisms, ‘Discovery’ won over the majority of it’s critics and die hard Star Trek fans. The characters are seen to evolve over the series as does the story line.

The (different from the original) bickering and a touch dysfunctional Robinson family finally  come together in adversity as these critics would have seen had they kept with the series.

Jean & I liked the evolving characters and exciting story, there was some funny humour and excellent CGI, overall a good reboot. We hope it will return for series two.

We currently await to see if Lost In Space will be renewed by Netfix for a second series. The viewing figures are apparently good  and we should know soon.

Jean said that this reboot gives a different connotation to:

Danger, Will Robinson!

All in all, we highly recommend this series for an exciting watch for the whole family!

Stop Press!

Netflix recently confirmed that there will be a second series, possibly airing later in 2019 or early 2020. 🙂



Lost In Space (Netflix Tv Series Reboot)

Lost in Space Reboot 2018, Netflix

Genre:  Sci Fi, Family in Peril in Space

Released Date: 18 April 2018 in the UK


  • Toby Stephens as John Robinson
  • Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Don West
  • Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson
  • Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson
  •  Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson
  • Parker Posey as Dr Smith


Lost In Space (Netflix TV Series Reboot)

I am happy to see this classic TV sci fi series Lost in Space return for a deserved 21st century reboot.

I remember rushing home from secondary (high) school to watch the original series (seasons), running for 83 episodes  from 1965 to 1968.  The first series was made in black & white as colour TV was two years away. The second series introduced colour. Along with ‘Voyage to the bottom of the sea’ and ‘Dr Who’ (1963 to present)  & ‘Star Trek’ (1965 to present , were and still are my favourites  as with my friends.

Lost in Space is based on the classic 1812 novel  ‘Swiss family Robinson’, about a family ship wrecked and castaway in the East indies. The Robinson family learn  how to survive and become self reliant.

1965-1968 Family, Don West with Dr. Smith & Robot            The 1998 Movie cast

The 1965 modern sci-fi reiteration sees a family of would be forerunners of planet colonisers along with the co pilot Major West and an unwelcome stowaway, enemy agent, Dr. Zachary Smith. Smith was sent aboard to sabotage the Jupiter 2 space craft. He succeeds but gets trapped as the spacecraft is lost in space. Smith brilliantly played by Jonathon Harris  continually tries to thwart the family. In later episodes Smith becomes toned down & more comic. His bantering with the robot assistant (who becomes regarded as part of the family) is popular.  The Robot’s frequent utterances of “Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson!”  Smith gets into all sorts of escapades with aliens etc., dragging the family with him.  My male school friends & I liked Penny Robinson as she was our age.

The 1998 movie generally keeps the same characters & roles, but is  darker than the 1960s innocent TV show. Gary Oldman is excellent as Dr. Smith. technical evolution of SFX (special effects) and CGI (computer graphic imaging) add to the story.

Now the 2018 series approaches and the show’s trailer shows what looks like brilliant SFX and CGI  now de rigeur for a successful screen sci fi  creation. This time some tinkering with the characters. A mixed race daughter, a reformed rogue finding a family he never had character which replaces that of upright major Don West. Dr. Smith is now portrayed by a woman, which will be interesting as we see how the characters develop.  The popular human constructed family robot is replaced by a  mysterious  alien robot found on planet they land on.

2018 Space Family Robinson

The New Dr. Smith

 “Danger, Will Robinson!”  Alien robot – friend or foe?

My only regret is that they did not keep the original classic shape I like for the Jupiter 2 spacecraft. I am looking forward to the series.

Jupiter 2 Spacecraft

Original 1960s version

Movie version

Netflix 2018 series version

Itazura Na Kiss & Versions

Itazura Na Kiss & Versions

Itazura Na Kiss is a a Japanese manga which has spawned version after versions across Asia.

The drama has proved popular that it has also been made into films.

The currently popular A Love So Beautiful is purported to have the same framework of the Itazura Na Kiss.

It is a story of a high school girl who finally found the guts to confess her love to a super handsome fellow student with an IQ of 200 via a love letter.  She ambushed him one day and tried to give him her love letter but he refused to take it.  Her undying admiration continued on fuelled by the boy’s hot and cold treatment of her.

Versions from different countries varies a bit but not much.  So you think if you’ve seen one, you have seen them all.  But that is not really the case as every version has its own charm and hook.

The first adaptation was a Japanese drama made in 1996.  It was made up of 9 episodes which can be seen in youtube.  It is said that this is the best version as it remained really faithful to the manga version.  It is even called Itazura Na Kiss.

It started with a Kiss (2005) & They Kissed Again are Part 1 & Part 2 of the Taiwanese version, starring Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.  This in my opinion has the real heart.  It looks and feels real.

Playful Kiss (2010) was the Korean version and my favourite.  I am shallow, I just adore the impossibly gorgeous tandem of Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min.  They have a cute chemistry and Hyun-joong is just oozing with sex appeal.

Mischievous Kiss Love In Tokyo 2013 & Mischievous Kiss Love in Okinawa 2 (2014) are the Japanese remake.  The Okinawa was when they went on their honeymoon.

Kiss Me (2015) is the Thai version.  Among the various versions, this one is the most different.

Miss In Kiss (2016) is a Taiwanese remake.  The girl in this version is the plainest amongst all the girls.  But having said that she is still rather endearing.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince


The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Also known as Coffee Prince

This drama is a good starting point to watch if you have just heard of that ever so gorgeous Korean actor Gong Yoo


  • Yoon Eun-hye as Go Eun-chan
  • Gong Yoo as Choi Han-kyul
  • Lee Sun-kyun as Choi Han-sung
  • Chae Jung-an as Han Yoo-joo
  • Lee Eon as Hwang Min-yeop
  • Kim Dong-wook as Jin Ha-rim
  • Kim Jae-wook as Noh Sun-ki
  • Kim Chang-wan as Hong Gae-shik
  • Kim Young-ok as Han-kyul and Han-sung’s grandmother
  • Kim Ja-ok as Han-kyul’s mother
  • Choi Il-hwa as Han-kyul’s father
  • Han Ye-in as Go Eun-sae , Eun Chan’s younger sistr
  • Eun-chan’s younger sister. Eun-sae has dreams of becoming a rich and famous music star.
  • Park Won-sook as Eun-chan’s mother

This is about a romance between a playboy, Han Kyul, and a tomboyish woman, Yoo-joo.

Yoo joo had to pretend to be a boy in order to secure a job in an all male coffee shop, which is a project given to the playboy chaebol, Han Kyul by his family to teach him a lesson for being spoilt and layabout.

Han Kyul treated Yoo joo well, just like a little brother.

But as time went by, he started feeling more than brotherly love for  Yoo Joo.

He started questioning his sexuality.  He was pretty sure that he was not gay as he was not attracted to other men.

But he can’t really deny himself any longer and just went for Yoo joo, who at his time had a massive crush of Han Kyul herself.  This is in episode 10.   🙂

If you had not seen this cute drama, then treat yourself to a binge-watch over the weekend!

I just rewatched episode 10 now and I miss them so much that I had to rewatch the whole thing.

So worth it! 🙂


Oriental Drama Queens

I have to say that I now have more than enough experience to give recommendations of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Filipino and Thai dramas as I have been solidly and shamelessly 🙂 watching them for so many hours each days, seven days a week.  So tired.

I have developed favourites and below are the queens of them all. Some of the ladies are included in my list of the most beautiful Oriental actress and some are not but they have so much charisma and personality go beyond physical gorgeousness.

Films, movies and tv dramas by these ladies are watchable and have become firm favourites of mine. And if you want to try watching Oriental dramas I can recommend to start with any work from these queens.

GlobalGranary List

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – Daebak


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – Daebak

Korean dramas have conquered Asia and are now busy spreading its awesomeness throughout the world, greatly helped by Netflix.

If you have not tried it and wanted to find out about Korean dramas, there is no better one to start with than Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, which is also known as Love in the Moonlight.

It is an epic historical cross-dressing love story, beautifully made with an overload of cuteness and sweetness.  Total kawaii.

The television series was made of 18 episodes.  It was so entertaining and gripping at the same time that it was so addictive.  Two episodes were shown each week, leaving viewers wanting more; sadly it ended this week.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ popularity is made possible by the right choice of actors portraying each role. Each of the cast did a fantastic job.  It might be historical in nature but it is fresh with a modern twist, which will delight anyone.

Viewers can’t helped but be drawn by the lead actor’s, Park Bo Gum, unbelievable handsomeness and perfect of stature and charisma. Being tall and slender he looks spectacular wearing the colourful hanbok.  My favourite was the purple hanbok which was pleated at the waist. 🙂  I have never seen a handsomer person walking, being stationary and flying on air while sword fighting in a long gown.  Park Bo Gum has the most beautiful smile with his perfectly white even teeth.  His orthodontist must be commended.

I watched the series via Kissasian which post each of the episodes between 7-10pm UK time still in a raw stage (unsubtitled) Because it is so good, I would watch it, not understanding a word said and yet enjoyed it tremendously.  I would often stay up until 2am when the subtitles were ready and applied at 1am. (I have such a sad life LOL)

I did a quick research on Lee Yeong, who the character of Park Bo Gum’s Crown Prince was based. I was rather adamant to continue watching the series because I found out that the real crown prince Lee Yeong died at the very young age of 20.  I did not want to invest emotion and time for a sad ending!

Anyway, Moonlight Drawn By Cloud is about the love story of the Lee Yeong and a eunuch Hong Sam Nong.

Before you become rather uncomfortable with the idea of boy on boy, lol, the eunuch was really a girl, who was pretending to be a boy, a rather beautiful boy.  The prince fell in love with the eunuch after he secretly found out that he was really a she.

The ending was bittersweet as one of the three handsome heroes (the crown prince, the scholar and the bodyguard) died in battle.  It was heartbreaking but I think, it was some sort of closure.

There was a sweet ending for the Crown Prince and Hong Ra On.

The drama was produced by KBS, which is now apparently involved in a bit of a drama themselves.  Some complaints were received about them for allowing Kim Yoo Jung, the actress of the series to be shown binding her bosoms to make herself flat-chested as a boy (it was a fleeting glimpse and not much skin shown) and also having had some kissing scenes with the gorgeous Park Bo Gum when in reality she is only 16 years and 10 months old.  She is still an underage girl.


BBC Plans to Shame the Elderly into paying TV Licence


BBC celebrates the year of the whores rather the horses an ironic mistranslation

BBC Plans to Shame the Elderly into paying TV Licence

There was a news item purporting that the esteemed British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is planning to use the silver haired celebrities to persuade the 75 and over to forego their free tv licence and voluntarily pay up from their pensions. These celebrities, most probably  extremely well off and awarded titles by HM govt will proffer  heart-rending pleas of poverty for the Beeb (BBC)

How much are the BBC be paying these celebrities?!!!

Shame on you BBC senior managers. You mismanaged a great institution and now passing the financial buck to the elderly and the vulnerable.

You obviously ignored the news today, where supposedly respectable charities are using their data gathered information to pressurise, almost abuse, the elderly and the vulnerable into donating.  You are adding to the woes of these people.

But then again Jimmy Saville, et al, allegedly got away with abusing whoever they fancy in your ‘backyard’.

I remember that there was a puppet show called ‘Mongrels’, which was more an adult comedy program than for children.  They shot a 3-minute stint in front of our office at Holders Hill Parade, North West London.  We thought it was a wasteful stunt.  There were about 20 people. Three were in the cast and the rest crew members.  Someone doing the clapper, a camera person, sound person, umbrella, and the rest standing around.  What a waste of lIcence fee payer’s money.  I would like to know how many people actually watched this adult puppet show, which was made at a great expense?!!!

If you need to shame the 75 and over to pay for licence fee, you should start at the heart of the BBC.  Do you really need the most highly paid stars to present something inane, bearing in mind that viewers are no longer focused into their televisions.

Also the corporation has layers of bureaucracy that would even make local councils look better 😉

To cut cost, why not cancel subscription to Eurovision?

Possibly the BBC should be like  ITV; put on commercials in between shows or have adverts on some radio stations.

Product placement during tv programs, Show someone from Eastenders watching on their Samsung tv, drinking coca cola, surfing in their Macbook pro or iPad, I am sure no one would mind.

The only shows that I usually watch on  BBC are the excellent documetaries,  Dr Who, which has not been great the last two years and Sherlock Holmes.  The latest single Christmas episode was too pretentious, it was incomprehensible and bored me to tears.  The writer was running away with his personal take on Sherlock, completely ignoring Arthur Conan Doyle’s vision.  What next, Sherlock having it off with Watson?!!! 🙁

Farewell Alan Rickman

Farewell Alan Rickman



After the sad passing of David Bowie, we mourn too fast and say farewell Alan Rickman.

He was one of my favourite actors, truly!

He was born 69 years ago in Acton, North London not far from where I live.

I remember in 1982,  first seeing him brilliantly playing the slippery unctious almost creepy  Reverend Obadiah Slope in the excellent BBC drama series Barchester Chronicles, based on the novels of Anthony Trollope. Even then he was a standout.

Such role type would follow Alan Rickman throughout his long and varied career.

He appeared in many TV programes, theatre plays and movies. He was a theatre director as well as a consummate actor.

You could see in his eyes that he had a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ (not take seriously), some of his roles although he always gave a brilliant performance.

In movies as a co star, he often out-acted the lead actors/movie stars.

Sometimes underated and indeed he should have been the lead in many more movies.

Rickman was deliciously over the top, sardonically as the Sheriff of Nottingham to Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Alan Rickman Sheriff of Notthingham

This was followed  by playing another baddie, Hans Gruber winning the battle of wit and acting  with Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

alan_rickman_Die hard

The movie that for me showed Rickman was a brilliant actor and playing a non baddie role. was in the excellent humourous and moving 1990 movie Truly, Madly Deeply.

Alnn RickmanTruly Madly Deeply005

Alan plays the ‘ghost’ of a recently deceased husband who returns to his desperately grieving wife to try and lessen her grief by showing what he was really like.

To younger generations, he was famous by reverting to type but playing the ultimately heroic character sneering  Severus Snape in the immensely successful and popular Harry Potter movies.

Alan Rickman Harry Potter

For me, he would have made a superb Dr Who, He had all the attributes, eccentricity of Snape, humour (as he  showed in the funny sci fi comedy Galaxy Quest) and commanding voice of reason essential to the good Doctor.

Added to that,  Alan Rickman  could also have been a flamboyant USS Enterprise starship captain in Star Trek  🙂

Spock Who?

Spock Who?


Alan Rickman had a  wonderfully mefluous baritone voice and could supebly deliver & convey dry humour, sarcasic and sardonic undertones to his lines with a twinkle in his eyes.

As noted, he had a marvellous  range of expressions. Sneers, dry humour & poignancy  would play across his face.

English & British acting has lost one of it’s crown jewels.

Requiescat in Pace  Alan Rickman



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