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Passion and Fashion of Kim Kardashian

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How can a beautiful girl like her be the object of so many nasty comments?!!!  Probably because her life is an open book  as shown to us all the ups and downs in  gory details  “Living with the Kardashian”.

I like Kim.  She seems to me to have worked her socks off to get where she is now.

Kim has worn some of the most flattering clothes as well as the most ridiculous ones, most women would not be seen dead in.

She has also been photographed in her birthday suit to try to ‘break’ the internet.   She must have succeeded as she was the talk of the town for ages.  Well if you got it why not flaunt it!

At least we can thank Kim for making it ok to be amply endowed in front and at the back.


Passion and Fashion of Kim Kardashian


Update: 4 Dec 2014


kimyeDid you know?

This photo of Kim and Kanye West wedding kiss has gathered quite a record.  It was liked by more than 2.4million, making it the most liked photo in the history on Instagram.

Career Longevity of Talent Contest Winners on TV

Why are the winners of X-Factors, Pop Idols, BGT and now, the Voice in the UK have not gone to mega-stratosphere, meteoric rise careers.

Once again another winner from these TV singing contest is now a has-been before her singing profession even started!


The Voice UK coach slams Leanne Mitchell’s record company for album flop – says they should be ‘freakin’ embarrassed’


By | the juice – 5 hours ago has now waded in on The Voice UK series one winner Leanne Mitchell album flop debate, blaming her record label for delaying its release. has slammed Leanne Mitchell’s record label, blaming them for her album flop. Copyright [Wenn]The Voice coach has laid the blame squarely in the hands of Leanne’s record label Universal for the album’s less than inspiring charting of 135 earlier this month.

He told The Radio Times: “The record company should be freakin’ embarrassed. Somebody should be held accountable.

“These singers are on television every week. So you’ve already accomplished things that stars don’t accomplish.

“Do you wait a year later? Somebody should get slapped because you waited too long.”

Harsh words from Mr there – although we do think he does have a point.

Fellow coach Danny O’Donoghue previously blamed Leanne herself for the album’s failure, claiming that she was work shy.

He said: That’s not my fault, that’s not the show’s fault, that’s not the BBC’s fault, that’s just her fault. You can take an artist like that and question their work ethic.

“I was told by Tom Jones, and by the label as well, that Leanne just did not want to work as hard as you have to work to be a pop star.

“She wanted to come on a show and win a singing contest. That’s good for her, because she won the show. But it’s not good for the premise of the show.” came up with a novel way to add some excitement to The Voice UK. Copyright [BBC] meanwhile also came up with a novel way of improving the show’s flagging ratings, by dunking rejects in water.

He explained: “It needs to be better than it was at the beginning.

“Something like where you could actually dunk them. ‘I don’t like ’em’ and they’re in the water’.

“An exit button and you just catapult them out.”

Now THAT is something we would watch.

Made In Chelsea so far……

BAFTA 2013

BAFTA 2013

Original Ladies Cast

Original Ladies Cast

Congratulations to Made in Chelsea for the BAFTA award, fully deserving of best Reality and Constructed Factual BAFTA Award.  Love all the characters and it is sad to note that the original cast is dwindling.  No more Caggie.  No more Hugo.  Gabriella and Amber I have not seen for a while and now I hear Millie is leaving MiC to be with her fiance, Professor Green, who is due to tour the US.

I love Millie. she is so feisty. She just come out and do things without thinking about it first. Lovely!

Made in Chelsea

I can’t wait!

Made in Chelsea Series 5 will be in our living room soon.  By 8th of April we will meet the likes of Millie, Binky, Spencer, Cheska, Louise, Andy and Lucy.

I hope the usual guys are still in the series plus more new faces.

The Voice Vs. Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)

It seems our Saturday Evening Television viewing is now dominated by endless variation of reality/talent shows. The last few years ITV has produced the X-factor and latterly Britain’s Got Talent alternately.

The X-factor concentrated mainly on creating instant pop/rock idols where many of the final winners shone briefly as would be pop stars before fading to obscurity.

BGT covers not only trying to discover new singing sensations but stars from all sorts of entertainment genres such as dancing, comedy acts, animal acts, etc.

These two shows seem at times to concentrate on the real life drama of some contestants – their foibles, eccentricities and raw emotions. The viewing public who can’t get enough of these have now tired of these voyeuristic viewing.

The BBC sort to try to break this mold by importing a US tv talent show called The Voice. Its unique feature is that the four judges do not see the contestants whilst performing their songs/music. They judge the performers solely through their voices and music, therefore no preconception at first sight of the contestants. The judge(s) who like what they hear will turn their chair and face the contestant for the first time. The interested individual judges would try to persuade the contestant to join his/her team.

Although BGT is still having more viewers, the Voice maintains impressive viewing figures.


Well it is March, it is that time of year again when the naffiest of all singing contests is televised live all throughout Europe.

This year, the UK is represented by the much loved singing legend, Englebert Humperdinck. Will he be the one to do it for the country?

No chance in hell!!!

Eurovision, I am afraid, is no longer a contest of excellence in vocal range performance but has descended to childish behaviour of “he is my friend, you’re not, he is my neighbour, you’re not – I am not going to vote for you.”. This is greatly manifested during the voting period when it becomes predictable who gives what point to which country. It is a farce.

But having said that, the UK has been sending atrocious performers to the Eurovision over the years. It is hilarious. I supposed the likes of Jessie J, Lily Allen, Adele, etc would rather die that do Eurovision. LMAO.

Whether UK sends a real stinker to the Eurovision or not, the UK will always be granted a place in the Finals because it gives a great deal of monetary contribution to the contest. The last winner from the UK was in 1997 by Katrina and the Waves singing Love Shines a Light. I must confess that I do not watch the whole show, I would just try to catch the voting part. It is so funny. I miss Wogan’s voice-over though but Graham Norton was not bad last year.

Staging the show is an expensive business. Ireland won it for 3 consecutive years. There were whisperings that they’d rather not win it again soon after, which became a topic for that brilliant Father Ted.

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