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Demon Master (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2018

Demon Master (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The Demon Master poster

  • Genre: School, Youth, Romance, Rich Boy, Poor Girl
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 46 Episodes


  • Yu Vicky as An Chu Xia
  • Wen Sheng as Li Sheng Dong
  • Jia Zheng Yu as Han Qi Lu
  • Ming Wen/ Ming Yuan*
  • Sister Yuan Yuan (Mother)


This is actually the Season 3 of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me.  They have gotten engaged for about five minutes and broke up.  Strange storyline afterall they should know each other very well that one can’t live without the other and yet a simple misunderstanding was enough to break them.


Episode 1

An Chu Xia and Han Qi Lu were away on holiday.

Han Qi Lu used the occasion to get engaged with An Chu Xia by presenting her a huge heart-shaped engagement ring over a very dramatic proposal where he pranked her that he had fallen into the sea from their yacht.

A Chu Xia was ready to have a nervous breakdown when Han Qi Lu surfaced from the water grinning like an idiot, holding the ring towards her.

Han Qi Lu promised her that he would ever hold only her in his heart.  She also said that she would only love him.

But their love was tested almost immediately.

Li Sheng Dong was also staying at the same holiday hotel and he is one for the ladies.  A foreign lady was very interested in him.

Unfortunately, she went to the room of Han Qi Lu and An Chu Xia by mistake.  The woman laid in the bed in her underwear while at the same time Han Qi Lu was coming out of the bathroom.

He was so shocked to see her and An Chu Xia as well.

An Chu Xia went mental and told Han Qi Lu that he was a cheat.

Han Qi Lu was annoyed at An Chu Xia who does not trust him.

They ended up having an argument which An Chu Xia walking out.

She ended up in a bar where she had a few cocktails and much more if Li Sheng Dong did not intervene when a guy tried to pick her.

An Chu Xia was almost passed out and li Sheng Dong had to carry her out of the bar and into his hotel room which it turned out was next door to the room she shared with Han Qi Lu.

Sheng Dong was very kind to her and treated her well,  An Chu Xia thinking that he was Han Qi Lu started hugging him and telling him she missed him and at that point Han Qi Lu found them.

Han Qi Lu blamed her and telling her that because she found that he was supposed to be with a woman, she purposely went out to find herself a man.

Then ended up breaking up.

Episode 2

An Chu Xia enters Sheng De College as a freshman.  She quickly found out that the arrogant Sheng Dong was also her schoolmate.

From the beginning, they seemed to rub each other the wrong way.

And then Han Qi Lu turned up at Sheng De College as well.

Episode 3

This episode is just the same with Meteor Garden and Ming De University.  There’s an F4, called the Masters of Sheng led by Sheng Dong, whose family financed the exclusive college.

As the F4 used to do, they gave both An Chu Xia and Han Qi Lu the sign that they are both persona non grata of the Masters and they made to suffer various punishment.

Han Qi Lu always gets a step ahead of what was going to be done to him, well he was a Master Devil after all.  But An Chu Xia suffered some humiliation.

But she did not cower and remained strong.

With her attitude, Sheng Dong started liking her and does many things to make her his girlfriends.

An Chu Xia though is not moved.

Episode 4

Then Han Qi Lu started to chase after An Chu Xia as well.

Just like Sheng Dong, Han Qi Lu became a bae at school but he or rather they both only have eyes for An Chu Xia.

An Chu Xia though is beginning to soften towards Han Qi Lu again.  Awww, it was always a matter of time.

But she also started to realise that Sheng Dong is not so bad.

Episode 5

An Chu Xia found Sheng Dong about to beat up another boy.  She stopped Sheng Dong and told him that because he was rich, he thought he can do whatever he wanted.

She later learned from a girl that the boy who Sheng Dong was trying to frighten was actually a bully who asked for money and never repays it as she saw with her own eyes at the games centre where he was bullying a young boy.

An Chu Xie asked permission from Han Qi Lu to talk with Sheng Dong.

An Chu Xie and Han Qi Lu are more or less back on track again.

The other Masters were all wondering what Sheng Dong sees in An Chu Xie.  To them, she is just a plain girl, nothing special.

Poor An Chu Xie though suffers for the attention of Sheng Dong and Han Qi Lu.  She is being bullied by the other girls.

The girls found out that An Chu Xie has two left feet so they wickedly put her forward as representative of their class in a ballet dancing performance.

While practicing she sprained her ankle and Han Qi Lu took her to the clinic.

Sheng Dong then appeared saying that he likes An Chu Xie and will be protecting her from now on.

Episode 6

It was the day of the singles’ party and An Chu Xie danced her swan lake solo.  It was not perfect but she did not overly humiliate herself especially when the mean girls can only talk about the cute design of her costume.

Han Qi Lu made it known that she is the swan of his heart.

He then took her to his room.

Episode 7

Nothing happened!  Han Qi Lu was very gentlemanly despite An Chu Xie wish that they share the same bed.  He instead had a cold shower or wash to calm him down.  LOL

Sheng Dong transferred to the design department to be with An Chu Xie.

He did not particularly have any interest in design.

An Chu Xie had been tasked to help Sheng Dong out.

She was teaching him how to thread needles when a very jealous Han Qi Lu found them.

Episode 8

Han Qi Lu’s mother came to visit but bought a new mansion near Sheng De college.  She asked Han Qi Lu and An Chu Xie to move in.

She then gave a housewarming party inviting their schoolmates.  The rumour blew up immediately that Han Qi Lu was actually from a mega-rich family, ten times richer than Sheng Dong.

During the party, they played ‘Truth of Dare’.

A dare was given to An Chu Xie’s good friend and roommate to hug the person of the opposite sex next to her, who happens to be Han Qi Lu.

Ming Wen the friend was not too sure what to do so Han Qi Lu quickly hugged her.

An Chu Xie was not very happy and walked out.  She was jealous.

He then began to question that perhaps An Chu Xie likes Han Qi Lu because he was richer.

But Sheng Dong really likes An Chu Xie and does everything to protect her and be closer to her.

He was concerned about the phantom perverts who had been appearing in the ladies’ dorm and stealing undergarments.

Sheng Dong convinced An Chu Xie to once and for all try to get this mysterious pervert.

They almost got him but he got away because Sheng Dong chose to look after the frightened An Chu Xie rather than give chase to the perv.

But Han Qi Lu was just outside and had a fight with the perpetrator.

Poor Han Qi Lu got hit with a dust bin in the head though.

Is this where he loses his memory?

Episode 9

Nope, he has not lost his memory yet and the perv got away.

Anyway, there was a contest at the university for the Mr Campus.  An Chu Xi suggested that Han Qi Lu joins.

Sheng Dong also found out about the contest and was encouraged by his friends to join.

An Chu Xie then was told by Ming Wen that the prize for the winner is to model at the art design.

During the contest, Han Qi Lu tied with Sheng Dong.  It was only An Chu Xie who has yet to cast her vote.

As she decides who to vote, she opted instead to vote for her old friend Feng Shao.

Han Qi Lu was upset with An Chu Xie that she did not vote for him.

What he did not know was that An Chu Xie was trying to do him a favour because the prize was modelling in the buff, which Han Qi Lu quickly found out, being the ultimate winner.

Episode 10

It was the Design Department away day in the countryside.

It was painting nature.

Sheng Dong was there and so was Han Qi Lu.

The day became between the two of them.  They were competing who was the best cook.

For once Sheng Dong got the better of Han Qi Lu.

But An Chu Xie remained steadfast towards Han Qi Lu.

Their evening was interrupted by a call from Ming Wen, who called from the hospital for some mysterious illness.

Episode 11

An Chu Xie noticed that Sheng Dong was cheating during the exam.  Being such a busybody, she took it upon herself to tell berate him of his wrongdoing.

Sheng Dong said to let him be because if he fails the exam he will be dropped by the school.

An Chu Xie pitied him so she became his tutor.

Han Qi Lu was not very happy.  But in the end, he helped Shending his little group tutoring them in English.

Sheng Dong passed the exam with flying colours but still got into trouble for it because his professor would not believe that he could get a passing score.

Sheng Dong was so upset that he said he will redo the exam in front of the professor.  Again he passed it and the professor was forced to apologise to him in front of the class.

Episode 12

Sheng Dong offered to take his new friends for a treat but outside a man was waiting for the girl who hurt him in the Karaoke bar.

An Chu Xi knew immediately that it was Ming Yuan he was referring to that is why she ended in the hospital.

But An Chu Xie being a busybody and wanted to be the centre of attention all the time, said that it was her in the karaoke bar.

An Chu Xie had to confess to the dean at the school which meant she was expelled.

Ming Yuan was ready to confess that it was his fault but Han Qi Lu stopped her saying that An Chu Xie had everything under control.  They were doing it for Ming Yuan.

The man accusing a girl (Ming Yuan) to have attacked him was actually someone who add a drug to the drinks of the girl.

An Chu Xie, Han Qi Lu, and Sheng Dong found the evidence and gave it to the dean.

Han Qi Lu was about to propose to An Chu Xie once again but was interrupted by Sheng Dong who challenged Han Qi Lu an old fashion duel/combat.

Han Qi Lu accepted after Sheng Dong said that if he loses he will never ever try to get in between An Chu Xie and Han Qi Lu.

Their first duel was won by Sheng Dong but he later found out that his friends cheated for him.  He was very very upset because he said he does not want to get An Chu Xie by cheating.

So he went to her and had a bittersweet farewell.  He gave her the diamond engagement ring she lost at the bar when they first met.

An Chu Xie tried to talk to him and console him but he walked away fighting his falling tears.   Awww but he did say to her that if Han Qi Lu ever makes her cry he will answer to him.

Episode 13

Sheng Dong decided that he was going to enrol into a culinary school which made his father so angry that he has told him that he lives on his own and cut ties with him including his credit cards and other sources of fund.

Poor Sheng Dong can’t rely upon his other friends because his father had warned the family of his friends that their business will suffer if they will help Sheng Dong.

Sheng Dong does not have anyone else to turn to but An Chu Xie and Han Qi Lu.

Han Qi Lu was good enough as a person to let him in.  His mother though allowed Sheng Dong to stay indefinitely because she found his cooking really good.

Episode 14

Han Qi Lu’s mother was so desperate for An Chu Xie and Han Qi Lu to get together that she tried to feed Han Qi Lu a fecundity soup, probably to make hims frisky and jump An Chu Xie, who was conveniently handcuffed to him.

They went everywhere together almost like Siamese twins.

The mother told the gullible pair that no one in China can undo the locks.  She will send someone from abroad if they are being good together.

Ming Wen took less than a minute to unlock the cuffs.

Seriously this drama is so bad, it is rather endearingly watchable.  If you had watched the Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 1 & 2, you can tell immediately that Han Qi Lu and An Chu Xie are behaving out of characters.

They have been both damned down.

Chu Xie is now an insufferable busy body who did not care much of her humongous diamond engagement ring that she lent it to Ming Wen who “lost’ it.

Han Qi Lu on the otherhand is emmasculated.  A cute girl on his side and he would not jump her?!!!  At his age, hormones should be ruling his tiny brain.

Strange!  Very unlike the original characters played by the gorgeous Li Hong Yi and Fair Xing.

Ming Wen borrowed the An Chu Xie’s engagement ring so she appears posh in a party that she was going to attend.

She lost it.

Then at the school, a collage of photos of Ming Wen in a bar was posted on the student board.

The students were shocked including An Chu Xie.

Ming Wen blamed An Chu Xie because apparently, Chu Xie was the only one who knew about her past trouble in the bar.

Episode 15

Stupid An Chu Xie finally told Han Qi Lu that she lost the ring.

Han Qi Lu took Ming Yuan to a jeweller to look at rings.

An Chu Xie got to find out where they were.  She turned up very annoyed that he was choosing a ring with another girl.

An Chu Xie had an accident,  She sprained her leg.

Episode 16

Sheng Dong and his father made up and he was ready to go back home.

Sister Yuan Yuan (mother) was very upset to see him go.

Han Qi Lu had become an actor.

Ming Yuan is beginning to feel envy towards An Chu Xie.

An Chu Xie was visiting Han Qi Lu at the film set when she happened to find a child and started calling her as his mother.

They brought him home and Sister Yuan Yuan was so happy because the boy was so cute.

Episode 17

There was a presentation of jewelleries designed by students of the Sheng De College’s Design Department.  Why the presentation was going on, the most valuable piece which was a necklace mysteriously vanished.

The suspects were An Chu Xie and Ming Yuan.  But later on, An Chu was exonerated because they found out that her father was mega-rich, richer than most of their fathers.

That leaves Ming Yuan.

Again, An Chu Xie tried to help her but Ming Yuan spurned her do-gooder act.

As An Chu Xie is super busy body, she asked Han Qi Lu to help Ming Yuan on her behalf.

Han Qi Lu warned her to stop interfering but An Chu Xie begged him.

By the way, the little boy who attached himself to An Chu Xie had been found and taken by his real mother, who was a famous actress.

During the interview by the dean, MIng Yuan denied having taken the necklace but the dean kept tellllng her to own up before they investigated the truth and found her out which would mean immediate expulsion.

Han Qi Lu to the rescue.  He told off the dean of accusing someone with unfounded evidence.  He then took Ming Yuan out of the room.

Episode 18

Outside Ming Yuan was harassed by a couple of boys who said that she was thick-skinned.

She asked Han Qi Lu if he finds her annoying.

“No” said Han Qi Lu.

Ming Yuan without an7 hesitation back hugged Han Qi Lu.

This was seen by another friend of An Chu Xie.

Episode 19

Ming Yan is getting out of control of her envy and jealousy of the clueless An Chu Xie.

Episode 20

An Chu Xie was kidnapped by Senior Ou Yang, who has a grudge towards Han Qi Lu and the Han Corporation because apparently, they had a hand in the bankruptcy of his father.

Han Qi Lu was able to save An Chu Xie but she ended up in the hospital.

Ming Yuan was happily showing Han Qi Lu and An Chu Xie that she had been accepted to study at Florence, Italy.  She invited them both to dinner to thank them,

An Chu Xie has already promised to meet Feng Shao.  Han Qi Lu turned up.

Ming Yuan shared a drink which Han Qi Lu with a drink she drugged.

Episode 21

Han Qi Lu was half dreaming that he was in bed with An Chu Xie but as he looked closer it was a naked Ming Yuan.

He told her to stop crying because he will fulfil his responsibility towards her.

Han Qi Lu coldly told stupid An Chu xie that he realised tha Ming Yuan was the girl he really wanted to marry and he does not want anything else to do with An Chu Xie.

An Chu Xie pleaded with him at first but she eventually gave up.

The conniving Ming Yuan has the gull to ask An Chu Xie to continue being her best friend.

When Chu Xie refused, Ming Yuan slit her wrist.

It worked too because gullible Chu Xie was ready to forgive and forget.

Han Qi Lu told Ming Yuan that he will take responsibility towards her but in his heart, there will only be Chu Xie.

He can’t let go of Chu Xie, it looks like he wanted his cake and eat it too.  He would marry Ming Yuan and keep Chu Xie as his mistress.  LOL

Finally though Chu Xie grew a bit of shame and a little self-respect.  She packed her bags and was ready to go.

But she was thinking if Han Qi Lu begs her to stay, she would.  She is stupid.

Episode 22

Seriously this drama is so stupid and yet so compelling.  LOL

Han Qi Lu told Chu Xie that she can leave the house.

Han Qi Lu and MIng Yuan were going to have their engagement party but Sister Yuan Yuan was not giving up.

She told Chu Xie to dress in a bridal gown and attend Han Qi Lu and MIng Yuan engagement party.

Shen Dong showed Han Qi Lu a video of  a sober Ming Yuan following someone carrying the drunk/drugged Han Qi Lu.

Han Qi Lu announced his fiancee and described how he fell in love at first sight with Ming Yuan.  Finally Chu Qi was ashamed enough to leave the stage.

Han Qi Lu whispered to Ming Yuan that he knows everything and she has to confess to their guests that she was a fake bride.

Ming Yuan, without a choice, announced to the everyone that everything between her and Han Qi Lu was a fake and was staged to see whether Chu Xie really loves Han Qi Lu.

Everything was sorted and they made up but they seemed to just disappear.

When they came to, Chu Xie and Han Qi lu were inside a car.

Han Qi Lu signaled to Chu Xie that they will jump out of the car in the next available time.

They both ended in the hospital.



The Legends (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

The Legends (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


The Legends poster

  • Genre:  Romance, Wuxia, Historical Costume Drama, Fiction, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Cultivation Powers; Stong Female Lead
  • Date Released: 28 January 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel
  • Cdrama: 56 Episodes


  • Bai Lu as Lu Zhao Yao
  • Xu Kai as Mo Qing/Li Chen Lan
  • Xiao Yan as Qin Zhi Yan
  • Dai Xu as Jiang Wu
  • Lio Leo as Luo Ming Xuan
  • Viola Mi as Luo Su Ruo
  • Hong Jiang Tao (Lu Zhao Yao’s grandfather)
  • Wu Lin as A’Da
  • Li Zi feng as Qin Qian Xian


Episode 1

This drama started with a legend.

A long time ago. the Demon King, Li Xiu had the idea of uniting the whole of the pugilistic world.  He then created a secret formation of magic which catapulted him into the dark side.

A most unfortunate thing happened, his son Li Chen Han became a casualty of his devilment and powerful sorcery.

His son grew stronger by the day. Fearing that Li Chen Han is also mentally advancing toward evil, he had LI Chen Han manacled in chains under formation.  He then had him sealed inside a cave.  The seal is almost full-proof.

Anyone inside cannot get out and those outsides cannot get in.

He ordered that the seal is guarded within the mountain.

When Li Xiu was satisfied with his arrangement, he left to try to cast out the devilry that gotten hold of him and by so doing will find a cure for his son LI Chen Han.

But during his travel, he just vanished.

Several years had passed and the mountain seal was still intact, thanks to the Lu Clan who had been tasked to guard the mountain.

The mountain had gotten a sobriquet as the Fengmo Mountain, meaning a mountain of sealed evil.

Old Man Lu and his granddaughter are trapped just outside the mountain.

The granddaughter was Lu Zhao Yao.  She has never seen outside the mountain.  She has never seen verdant grassland, vibrant towns, flowers and clothes, shoes and handbags. Shame! 🙂

They lived in an arid mountain and their past time is spent perfecting Lu Zhao Yao’s martial arts.  She will inherit the task to guard the mountain.

Lu Zhao Yao was chasing a rather pesky boar, which run towards the gate of the sealed mountain. Zhao Yao accidentally touched the seal.

Zhao Yao was roasting a piglet when a root-like power started moving towards the sealed mountain, the mountain started shaking and grumbling.

Old Man Lu knew that someone had managed to break the seal.

He went to investigate but somehow someone was there before him.

The man was the Golden Deity of the Phoenix Mountain.  He had been progressing his cultivation and reached a high level which enabled him to break the outer formation of the mountain.

He found that the seal had been broken and a young man was chained in the middle of the roomy cave.

The Golden deity, Luo MIng Xian, formulated a stack of swords to stag Liu Chen Han but it seems LCH is being protected by the manacles that were holding him in.  The chain themselves caught the swords and then Luo Ming Xian was yanked from the ground and shaken like a ragdoll and thrown out.

LCH got away and went immediately into the town where he became a victim of bullying from beggars and street people.  Oh, the evil that men do!

The supposedly evil LCH was actually rather kind.

Old Man Lu (I have to say for a guard he was ineffectual, his time-keeping is appalling; he was just like the police in dramas, where they arrive too late).  Anyway, Old Man Lu had confirmed that the seal had been broken and he was quite happy because this meant his clan duty of care is now over.

He did not tell this to Zhao Yao though.

Zhao Yao was promenading through the barren woods when he found a man collapsed against a tree.

Zhao Yao was immediately enchanted by the man’s utter gorgeousness and she told him so.  She was curious to know if there were plenty of handsome men outside the mountain.

She took the injured Lou Ming Xian to safety, she then nurtured him to health.  When he got a little better they had a chance to talk.  He asked her how he can repay her kindness.

Quick as a flash she told him to stay with her in the mountain and she will look after him.

Rather sadly LMQ said that he had so much to do outside and he has to leave as soon as he is fully recovered but he told her that if she ever leaves the mountain then she must look for him at Mt Phoenix.

He left but he gave her a glimpse of what it was like outside.

Waiting for LMQ just outside the mountain was the Sacred deity Su Ruo.

LMQ told them immediately that the seal had been broken and the evil son had gotten away.  He described LCH appearance to them.

Quick as a flash, LCH was cornered and arrested and taken for execution.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yo had perfected her martial arts, she was even able to unarm Old Man Lu.

She asked him if she can get out of the mountain.

He told her if she can break the seal she can get out.

Episode 2

Yap, Zhao Yo managed to break through the barrier and got out of the arid mountain into the luscious other side.

She promises her grandfather that will just a wander into the outside and then she will come back with some goodies for him.

Meanwhile the legitimate sects have gathered to execute the Demon son.

Zhao Yo got heard of it and decided to rescue the LCH from being roasted alive.  She threw a sword that cut off the chains holding him back.

The sect leaders got angry and rather patronisingly told her that if she can defeat him then they will let her go with the LCH.

I have to admit, Bai Lu is so good with the fighting scenes and this one is no different.  Anyway , after a long skirmish with many of the sectsd joining in, Zhao Yo won and able to take away LCH with her.


Hello Again (Taiwanese Drama Review & Summary)

Taiwanese Drama 2019

Hello Again (Taiwanese Drama Review & Summary)


Hello Again! poster


  • Genre: Romance, Rich Man-Poor Woman, Feisty Girl, Cute Guy, Business
  • Date Released: 2019
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • TwDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Amber An as Chang Ke Ai
  • Bruce Hung as Yang Zi Hao
  • Sean Lee as Cai Xiao Gang
  • Modi Chiu as Liang Zi Jie
  • Wu Pin Jiie as Jian Xin Ye/Jamie
  • Stanley Mei as Li Jian
  • Yin Fu as Zheng Yin Yin


Episode 1

I love, love, love, love this drama.  I love Amber An.  She is one of the three Taiwanese actresses who I love the most.  (The other two are Joe Chen and Ariel Lin).

The first episode started really well.

It all began when the leads were both in high school.

There was no romance between them.  In fact they hated one another.

Pushing Hands (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Pushing Hands (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Pushing Hands poster

  • Genre: Romance, Business, Real Estate, Tai Chi, badass woman
  • Date Release: 26 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 47 Episodes


  • Jia Nai Liang as Liu Qing Yang/Hei Meng
  • Wang Ou as Chen Yi Fan
  • Liu Huan as Liu Nian
  • Bian Xiao Xiao as Chun Yu
  • Wang Jing Song as Mei Dao Yuan
  • Rong Rong as Mrs Mei
  • Dai Chung Rong as Yang Yang’s Mother
  • Ren Luo-Min as Yang Yang’s Father

Episode 1-2

This actually a pretty interesting drama about big business and what goes on in there.  It also shows how a profitable business could go bankrupt the next.

Liu Qing first met Yi Fan during a motorbike race.

They had a contest where they met an almost fatal accident.

Liu Qing is a bit of a playboy who does not really know what do do with himself yet, career-wise.  He can be a generous friend and the funds come from his father.

Then it suddenly stopped when his father went missing while their business folded up.


Buried City to Shut All Lights (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2018

Buried City to Shut All Lights (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Buried city to shut all lights poster

  • Genre: Romance, Revenge, Tragedy, Wuxia, Historical Costume Drama
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 36 Episodes


  • He Lan Dou as Yi Lou
  • Feng Li Jun as Chu Che
  • Zhang Yuqi as An Zuqi
  • Ren Xi Hong as Zhao Cheng Xiang
  • Ding Xiang Nan as Zhao Jin Xu
  • Yu Zixuan as Chu Qian
  • Wu Heng as Liu Hongying
  • Yao Shuhao as Qi Yan
  • Wei Yankan as Chu Qin
  • Sang Na as Rui Qian
  • Xu Bing as Duo Daren

There was a tag to this drama as a tragedy and that made think whether to watch this drama or not.  But I have seen a trailer and it looks cute.

He Lan Dou is a good actress, I loved her in Youth with her strange fringe.

So I shall be brave once again and will start this drama.

As they say nothing ventured nothing gained.

Episode 1

A few years ago, a caravan of men, women and children were travelling in a dark lonely road during super blood moon.

Out of nowhere a super fast force started to attack each of the men/guards and elders leaving only the children.

This force turned out to be a ferocious wolf with blood red eyes.

He was about to charge on the children when one of them fought back but was bitten on the arm.

Many years later…

A young girl, Queying, was brought by her father to a young man, who was an expert martial artist.  The girl will be the young man’s disciple for three months. The shifu is Chu Che, who is cold and lived in isolation.

The young girl was told by Chu Che that as long as she was his disciple, she has to forget her past and had given her a new name as Yi Lou.

She had to follow everything he says.

Yi Lou is a feisty girl and ignored Chu Che’s warning at first.  In fact she challenged him to a fight which of course she lost.

He then gave her a letter from her father giving permission to Chu Che to punish Yi Lou in the severest possible way if she runs away or misbehaves.

Chu Che sent Yi Lou to town to contact his sister so she can be properly attired.

In the town she met the sister as well as Chu Che’s best friend An Shi, sho happens to be a doctor.

An Shi brought back Yi Lou to Chu Che’s.

He examined Chu Che’s arm and told Yi Lou to prepare the medicine for Chu Che and to make sure to give it to him.

It was another super blood moon.

Yi Lou’s parents were enjoying a late cup of tea in their front porch when they noticed that the full moon had turned red, blood red.

Out of the outbuilding roof, a wolf appeared and attacked.

Meanwhile, Yi Lou was enjoying her peach cookies when she heard the commotion from her Shifu’s room.

She went to investigate and saw…

Episode 2