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My Robot Boyfriend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

My Robot Boyfriend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Robot Boyfriend poster

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 21 October 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: XX Episodes


Quick Precis:

The boyfriend is not completely robotic, he is still organic. LOL . He is more bionic rather than robotic.  Story really is about a bionic man falling in love.

How he became robotic or bionic?  Apparently he was a medical student who met an almost fatal accident.  In order for him to function as normally as he could be his scientist father reconstructed part of his body by implanting some mechanical enhancement.

Dance of the Empire (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Dance of the Empire (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Dance of the Empire poster

  • Genre: Romance, Historical Costume Drama Fiction
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: XX Episodes




No Secrets (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

No Secrets (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

No Secret poster

  • Genre: Romance, Intrigue, Supernatural, Serial Killer
  • Release Date: 17 October 2019
  • Origin: China, Remake of Kdrama,s I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Cdrama: 45 Episodes



  • Qi Wei as Lin Xing Ran
  • Jin Han as Jiang Xia
  • Sunny Wang as Zhang Xiao Yang
  • Maggie Huang as Gu Si Yu
  • U. Lin Huang as Zhao Mei Bin
  • Zhang Rui as Jia Zhong Ji


Delusional Girl MOMO (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Delusional Girl MOMO (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Delusional Girl MOMO poster

  • Genre: Youth, Comedy, Feisty Girl, Webdrama
  • Release Date: 23 September 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama:  12 Episodes



  • Qin Fen as Max
  • CiCi Wang Yiyu as Momo
  • Li Youchang as Li Mingkai


Dive (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Dive (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Dive poster

  • Genre: Youth, Sport, Diving, Drama
  • Release Date: 23 October 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama:  XX Episodes



  • Gu Jiacheng as Jiang Bailong
  • Judy Qi Landi as Mi Nan
  • Chanon Santinatornkul as Wei Te
  • Sun Weihao as Lu Haoran
  • Liu Quangang as Sun Yu
  • Fang Chuan as Yu Feng

Quick Precis:  A coach recruited four new athletes to turn them into a diving team.

The Love By Hypnotic (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

The Love By Hypnotic (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The Love By Hypnotic poster

  • Genre: Hypnosis?  Romance, Historical Costume Drama Fiction
  • Release Date: 14 October 2014
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 36 Episodes


  • Fang Yilun as Li Xian
  • Ling Meishi as Li MIngyue
  • Zhang Bohan as Li Xun
  • Zhao Zi Xin as Qiao Hui Xin
  • Leo Dong as Zikong Chen
  • Ni Hanjin as Yun Ci
  • Liao Huijia as Princess Kang Le
  • Li Jinyang as Song Jinyu
  • Adson Liao Yanlong as Di Wucheng
  • Guan Chang as Tan Li
  • Wang Haoge as Que Yan

Episode 1

The emperor was marrying one of his sons, the Ninth Prince Li Xian, to the princess of Xiyue for diplomatic reasons.

The emperor wanted total support and control of the Xiyue state against the uneasy alliance of Beixun and Nalun.

The arrival of the princess was much anticipated by the Beixun town’s people but assassins attacked the princess wedding entourage.

The entourage included Princess Mingyue’s second brother who was representing their clan.  The procession was rather slow which was appreciated by Mingyue, who at that time had changed places with her lady’s maid, Tan Li, so she can have a little wander and sample the delicacies of the town.

Mingyue was gorging herself with a whole basket of freshly cooked siopao, hot buns, with a bowl of mutton soup when she heard the commotion of running and fighting.

The intrepid princess gave chased to a white-robed masked man, who was following the assassins.

She missed her footing and was about to fall from the rooftop when the white-robed man caught her with one of the red curtains and allowed her to dislodge safely.

He then left and killed one fo the assassins.

Mingyue saw the white-robed man who did not stop to introduce himself to her.

Meanwhile, the second brother had found out that his sister was missing and that her made was standing for her in her red bridal clothes.

But before he became so stressed Mingyue showed up.

However, their duplicity was found out by Li Xian’s sister, the Princess Kangle.

Episode 2

Mingyue was adjusting her bridal gown rather uninhibitedly which was witness by her groom, the white robe man, who is the ninth prince, Li Xin.

Their meeting was not a love at first sight one, in fact it was more of hate at first sight because Mingyue begged her brother to let her return to Xinyue.

Her brother told her that her groom was not a bad man.  He was a hero who averted the work of the assassins just a day ago.

Her brother told her that she could easily control her groom because she has their clan power of hypnotism.

Mingyue was far from reassured because most of her attempts at hypnotism have been a complete failure.

Her brother then produced the Zhuxian Ball which he attached to her bracelet.  He said that the Zhuxian ball is a fail-proof.  But to hypnotize someone there must be an eye to eye contact, and a built-in trust, plus knowing the subject or the one being hypnotise’s erogenous zone or Achilles’ heel.

Mingyue became visibly cheerful and her brother used the Zhuxian Ball with her.  She started imagining being rather intimate with Li Xian.

Her brother was quite reassured that his sister did not abhor the prince at all.  But he reminded her to use hypnotism with caution as this was not known in Beixuan and they might consider it as Black Magic.

The next day, Minyue decided to try the Zhuxian Ball with Li Xian.  She went to his manor and tried to get close to him by seducing him.

Unbeknown to her his friends Zi Kong and Jinyu were watching what was going on with great hilarity from the other side of the screen, where Li Xain told them to hide when the Mingyue visited randomly.

Episode 3

Zikong and Jinyu were with Li Xian.  Li Xian was telling them about his experience of remembering his past as a young child when he was with Mingyue.

Zikong said that he was heard an uncle who stayed in Xiyue.  He was feeling homesick when he met a white haired man who started playing a stingless guzin.

The man played folk music of Beixun.  His uncle was moved.

There and then Li Xian decided that he would marry Mingyue and then let her hypnotise him so he will remember his past.

The next morning, he found Huixin in his garden.

Hui Xin told him that she has a gift for him which she personally embroidered.  She quickly told him that she knew that he was marrying because it was an edict from the emperor.  He cannot go against it. She said she would always be waiting for him.

Li Xian told her that they grew up together but she had always been a xiao meme (little sister) to him.  He advised her to look for someone who can make her happy and content.

Minyue was practising her hypnotism with Tan Li when Li Xian turned up suddenly.

He told Mingyue that she can hypnotise him but only with his consent.  He then wanted to know how it works, what paraphernalia she needs.

MIngyue quickly hid her bracelet but not quick enough or secretly enough because Li Xian found it.

It was their wedding day.

They had a lovely wedding dance, which broke Hui Zin’s heart because she can see the palpably visible sexual chemistry between the bride and the groom.

Even the Emperor and the Madam Consort commented on it.

Episode 4

It was the wedding banquet.

Mingyue was supposed to finish a dish of chicken which she initially looking forward to but found that it was so bitter.  She almost spat it.

The Emperor saw her grimace as she was forcing herself to swallow the bitter chicken.  He asked her if Beixun chicken was not good enough for her.

Before she could answer, Li Xian tasted the chicken as well as found it so bitter and he knew his brother, Prince Li Xun, had something to do with it.

He then dip the chicken into some water and made Mingyue eat it.  She liked it.

Lin Xian said that Li Xun made the chicken bitter as he drank his wine.  Suddenly he felt giddy. Li Xun drugged the wine.

Unfortunately, their wedding ceremony was far from over.  Li Xian had still to shoot three arrows into the air for the longevity of his marriage as well as the prosperity of the empire.

Lin Xian had lost his vitality.  He cannot pull the string of his bow.

The Emperor and Madam with Mingyue went nearer to Li Xian to see what was holding him back from shooting the arrow.

Mingyue knew he had been drugged so she went to the podium to where Li Xian was.  She said to him that he would help him.  So she said their audience that they would shoot the three arrows all at once.

She told that she would help him but he had to give her back her bracelet. He promised he would.

So they got together so they could both release the arrows.

The Emperor was impressed with Mingyue because she was loyal to her new husband.

After the arrow ceremony, Mingyue asked Li Xian for her bracelet.

Li Xun partially overheard about the mystery of the bracelet.  So he began plotting.

Li Xian and Mingyue retired to their bedroom to consummate the wedding.  As it was a contract wedding, Li Xian said that they had just to spend one night together and then they can have separate rooms afterward.

They had a very hilarious fight for who will get the bed.  They commotion and giggling were heard by the Eunuch Zhou who was sent by the emperor to spy that the married couple are spending the night together.

The next day they had an audience with the Emperor and the Madam Consort.

Mingyue mentioned that her husband had given her a fertility bracelet that she must wear everyday.

The Emperor ordered that she must indeed wear the bracelet.

As they were going back to their manor. Li Xun waylaid Mingyue to ask for her bracelet.  He told her that he will tell the Emperor what the bracelet could do with the memory.

Suddenly Li Xian was there and holding the bracelet.  He told Li Xun that the bracelet is a fertility bracelet and the king knew all about it already.

Episode 5

Li Xian has been sleepwalking to Mingyue’s bed.

Mingyue was so annoyed to find him sharing her bed.