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Penny Dreadful

penny dreadfulPeter and I have just started watching a new television series called Penny Dreadful.  It was such an original concept.  Mixing fiction and non-fiction characters set in Victorian London.

It has a stellar cast, starring Eva Green, Josh Harnett, Timothy Dalton, Simon Russell Beal, Rory Kinnear and Billie Piper.

Peter was particularly captivated with the pilot episode.  It was a very tantalising and believable retelling of version of events with the case of Jack the Ripper.

The second episode was a bit uncomfortable.  There was too much gratuitous sex scenes and very strong swear words.

Billie Piper’s Irish accent is commendable, very strong but it needs subtitle.  We hear and understand words but not the sentence.

It was sad that the newer, gentler Dr Frankenstein’s creation called Proteus was savagely torn apart by the returning first creation, what a monster.

We can totally recommend this series and we are excited for the next episode.

By the way a Penny Dreadful is a rudimentary newspaper, like the tabloid.  It reports mainly dreadful and frightening stories and sells for a penny.

The Blacklist


James Spader’s The Blacklist

I have not heard about this TV series before but I thought someone very dear to me would love it. It is just his thing.

Apparently, The Blacklist is about a former FBI agent starring the very versatile James Spader. He plays Raymond Reddington, who was originally a shining star of an agent, but after some events during one Christmas, he went berserk and became one of the most wanted men from the FBI.

Anyway, the series according to the blurbs started with Reddington aka Red just suddenly surrendering to the FBI.  He convinced them that he and the FBI had always been working on the same agenda: catch the criminals.  He would now want to work with the FBI  to catch these baddies who were so good that that were off the radar, even of the FBI’s. Red had with him The Blacklist.  The one proviso was that he would only work with Elizabeth Keen, a neophyte FBI profiler!

Sounds good!