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Sharon & Gabby @ McDonalds

Sharon & Gabby @ McDonalds

When Sharon Cuneta hinted that there was a surprise for Sharonians any day soon and then she started posting throwback photos of Gabby Concepcion, her ex-husband, and the young KC Concepcion, their daughter, I thought there will be an announcement for a new film coming.

But it was more than that.  It is a commercial of them together for McDonalds Philippines.

And I have to admit, it is something special.  I have never looked forward to a commercial with so much anticipation.

Sharon mentioned that the advertisement will be first shown online at 10:20am Philippine time.

It was the first thing I remembered when I woke up this morning.

And lo and behold! I was smiling all the way through while watching them together.  They still have that old chemistry.  I have to say, Sharon never looked prettier.  She was incandescent, comes out really happy.

I love the tandem of Marian and Dingdong Dantes but Sharon and Gabby, in looks alone, trounced them.  Sharon and Gabby is on another level  🙂 🙂 🙂

Viva Films’ Dear Heart poster

You can see and even feel the sexual tension, which first surfaced in Dear Heart, their first film together when Sharon was only 15 years old.

The chemistry was so full on that it ignited real life passion, which led to them threading the aisles, with Sharon at only 19 years of age.

After being blessed with the most beautiful daughter, that is KC Concepcion, the couple broke up and had their marriage annulled.

A case of married too soon and too young.

It seems they are now both happy with their respective family.

Anyway, the McDonald commercial is more than just an ad for a burger, it is a nostalgia-fest for the old romantic at heart and youthful era of the 80s.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

We were at John Lewis in Brent Cross yesterday. At the children’s clothes and toys department, Monty, the penguin star of John Lewis Christmas 2014 advert, was at the pride of place.

Apparently children were encouraged to sit around Monty as every hour on the hour, I think, there was a story time.


Monty, the Penguin @ John Lewis/Brent Cross Photo by JMorton

I love the ads, especially Christmas 2008 ads; I really look forward to John Lewis Christmas advert every year. I love those cute sentimental ads. But this year, I was not really grabbed by the 2014  from the first time I saw it, which is unusual.  I guess it is not Christmassy enough.

Also the boy is just too old to be still interested in stuff toys, like penguins. My adorable 5-year old grandson would have said,”what is this crap,grandma?” He had us in stitches last year when he was opening his presents. Young Nathan knows what he wants and those he doesn’t like!!! 😉

Below is a review of the John Lewis 2014 ads from Guardian newspaper. It was so funny and very tongue-in-cheek. hahaha

The new John Lewis Christmas advert

Stuart Heritage
The Guardian, Saturday 15 November 2014

By now, the John Lewis Christmas advert is an institution; a can’t-lose cocktail of insipid, slowed-down Live Lounge balladry, organza-veiled nostalgia and a sharp reminder that existence is a meaningless sham designed to camouflage the ever-present spectre of death. This year’s offering has turbo-charged that blueprint. Ostensibly it’s the story of a lonely penguin offered a penguin companion by his child owner. Which is sweet, right up until the moment you realise that the penguin companion has had absolutely no say in this.

John Lewis has positioned her as a terrified cross between a mail-order bride and the goat that gets fed to the T rex in Jurassic Park. Then comes the Shyamalan-esque twist ending. You see, it turns out that the penguins aren’t real. They’re just toys, conjured to life by a child’s vivid imagination. Watch the ad back a second time and this becomes devastatingly clear. The kid isn’t feeding a penguin; he’s just flinging fish fingers on to the floor. He’s not staring at kissing strangers because he’s slowly coming to realise that his pet is lonely; he’s doing it because he’s a pervert. No wonder his mother can barely even bring herself to look at him. She’s just worked out that she gave birth to Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs. And, while we watch a boy smoosh two toy penguins against each other in a horrific approximation of sexual intercourse, Tom Odell limply whelps “It’s real love, it’s real love” over and over on the soundtrack. It isn’t real love. At absolute best, it’s a gonk-bonk. A nightmarish gonk-bonk that exists solely in the mind of an infant serial killer. Merry Christmas!

First Commercial on British Tv

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.
~Steuart Henderson Britt


Directly below is the very first commercial shown on British television. It was an advertisement for Gibbs SR toothpaste. It was transmitted on the evening of 22nd September 1955. It is interesting to have watched it once but it is just too dry and too informative, to the point of patronising, to watch over and over.

Obviously Mad Men of Advertising agencies have not been to sophisticated then!

First Commercial on British Tv

My favourite commercial is of white horses leaping side by side with surfers among giant waves. This is made apparently in 1998, so it is quite old and yet just too memorable to forget easily. The only thing though was that I had forgotten what the product it was advertising until I saw the video below on youtube.

Superbowl Coke Commercial ALA Monty Python

Coca Cola, my favourite drink, I am sure meant well with their multi-lingual version of America, The Beautiful,which was shown during last night’s much-anticipated annual Superbowl.

There was purity in the singing voice; very innocent. It was a truly good advert for diversity.

But it did make me laugh and feel concerned that whoever wrote the lyrics, wherever he/she may be, will feel slighted by some of the corrupted translations of this very patriotic anthem.

My Filipino ear heard that tiny Filipino part “sa ibabaw ng mga prutas” which means above the fruits,  definitely and laughably different from the real “above the fruited plain!”

Suddenly with my still befuddled brain, newly awakened from a goodnight sleep, I  started imagining juicy fruits being squashed and trampled by the giant feet of Uncle Sam reminiscent of Monty Python sketch. LOL

Monty Python foot

I wonder whether the other language translations are any better!

Lost in translation!

John Lewis Christmas 2013 Advert

JLI love John Lewis Christmas adverts.

John Lewis really seems to excel with their Christmas adverts. They are so heartwarming and cosy and makes you want to go shopping and buy everyone a present. 🙂


John Lewis Christmas 2013 Advert

I don’t usually like adverts, I find them boring, alright there are some adverts that are entertaining.

But usually with most commercials you would get up to make a cuppa and hope the advert is just finished when the kettle has boiled.

But not with John Lewis, you want to stay and watch. I also love the one last year but my favourite is the From Me to You. I even called John Lewis Customer Services to ask when they are going to release the song on records. They said that I was not the first one to ask but sadly it was just an advert.

Anyway let’s enjoy this Lily Allen’s version of Keane’s 2014 hit song Somewhere Only We Know.

The animation is top-notched.

Christmas is officially here. Let the shopping commence!!! 😉


What happened to Jeane Napoles

Oh Dear We Might have found what happened to Jeane Napoles


The video below is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it. It is so modern and full of surprises.

Just love it. Choose your handbag wisely … indeed!  Jeane should have known better to choose her designer handbag.