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Rebecca Adlington Buys New Nose

Rebecca-Adlington-3174861Our British sporting heroine, Rebecca Adlington had succumbed to the pressure of celebrity self-image.

Apparently winning a couple of gold and two more bronze for excellent swimming prowess was not enough to elevate Rebecca into a stratospheric euphoria. Instead, her being in the public eye had resulted in her being image-conscious.

Becky Adlington was never ugly, she was attractive but lacking in self-confidence. This has probably had something to do with winning two golds for Team GB which made everyone expect for her to be honoured and made a dame by the Government, the way they did with Dame Kelly Holmes.

I think Kelly Holmes was over-honoured. The Government made a knee-jerk reaction; they used Kelly Holmes’ triumph at the Olympics to deflect people and voters from what was going wrong in the Government.

It was unfortunate for Becky that people started thinking that she would be honoured the same way as Kelly. When she failed to get the same celebration from the Government, Becky might have probably felt let down. Really unfortunate for a young woman’s ego.

I hope Rebecca’s new nose brings here some comfort and more self-confidence.

Becky A

She does look better and seems more confident with her “new” nose.

Lara Prior-Palmer – first woman to win Mongol Derby

UK sportsmen and women are on a roll.  They are gathering medals and merits left right and centre.  Really good for British sport.

Lara Prior-Palmer is in a league of her own.  In winning the Mongol Derby, she created several records in one fell swoop.

Lara Prior-Palmer will go down in history as:

  • 2013 Winner of world’s longest horse race.
  • First Briton to win the Mongol Derby.
  • First Female Rider to win the Mongol Derby
  • The youngest person to win the longest horse race.

Well done Lara. Bravo!!!

You are GlobalGranary’s Sportwoman of the Year!


Lara Prior-Palmer – first woman to win Mongol Derby

A 19 year-old from Hampshire became the first female rider to win the Mongol Derby – known as one of the world’s toughest horse races.

Briton becomes first woman to win Mongol Derby
Lara Prior-Palmer chasing Devan Horn on the last leg of the Mongol Derby Photo: Richard Dunwoody

Jolyon Attwooll

11:22AM BST 12 Aug 2013

Lara Prior-Palmer also became the first British rider and the youngest person to win the race since it began in 2009.

She claimed victory in the 1000-kilometre race in dramatic circumstances, with the American woman Devan Horn actually crossing the finishing line first on Saturday.

However, race rules stipulate that each rider’s horse must pass a veterinary inspection at the end of each leg, and Miss Horn’s horse’s heart-rate did not recover in the required time. She was issued with a two-hour penalty, which handed victory to her British rival.

Prior-Palmer, who is the niece of Lucinda Green (six times Badminton champion), wrote in the Telegraph prior to the race that she “wasn’t scared of anything at the moment.”

The course is a recreation of Genghis Khan’s ancient postal system of 25 horse stations across the Mongolian steppe.

Riders change their semi-wild Mongolian horses at each station, and stay with the local herding families that run the stations and provide the horses.

Lara said: “I can’t really believe it … I came into the first station last because my horse was so slow and I had to walk him in. I thought that would be the end of my Mongol Derby.

“I knew that there were 30 people and nearly all of those 30 wanted to win and I really just wanted to finish.

“If you compare my first few days to my last few days I was going so much slower … and suddenly I just got the hang of it and how to ride the horses and what to do to catch up with the rest.”

Richard Dunwoody, the official race photojournalist and former champion jockey, said he’d witnessed “phenomenal riding” and that both front-riders had “set a scorching pace”.

Half of the 30 riders who started the race have now withdrawn, with only 15 now expected to complete. Many have fallen off or been bucked off their semi-wild horses or sustained injuries.


What is the Mongol Derby

  • 1000km horse race across Mongolia
  • 30 riders compete
  • Race takes in a mammoth network of 25 horse stations across the Mongolian steppe
  • Riders change their semi-wild Mongolian horses at each station approximately 40km apart

Source: BBC

Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon 2013

At last after 77 years Great Britain has a mens Wimbledon winner. in 1936 the great Fred Perry was our last champion. Andy Murray, ranked number 2 in the world beat the number 1 Novak Djokovic in a thrilling final. My Lovely wife and I watched the game in 3D on our TV. The Olympic and US Open champion ‘played out of his skin’ as we say, going one better than last year when he was the beaten finalist. At last he holds the famous trophy. Scotland will be proud of their super sporting son. My distant Scottish roots are happy too 🙂
Glorious sunshine set the scene for this clash of tennis titans. Hopefully more Grand Slam wins will follow for Andy.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray

yağlı güreş – Oil Wrestling

Did you know?

Yağlı güreş is the national sport of Turkey.

Have you heard of yağlı güreş?

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Apparently it is also called oil wrestling or even grease wrestling for the obvious reason that the opponents are liberally covered in  olive oil.  The contest used to last for at least two days but has now shortened to 40 minutes for  baspehlivan and 30 minutes for the pehlivan category.  If no clear winner  a further 15 minutes is added to the former and 10 for the latter.

I think both the opponents are clear winners.  The lovely olive oil would have given them soft and lovely skin. 🙂

Must ask the hubby if he fancies a bit of yagli gures. 😉 LOL

Mo Farah @ the London Marathon

mo london marathonIt is that time of year again. The London Marathon is upon us, it is to happen this weekend. As all previous London Marathons, it will be well attended; 36,000 runners and 650,000 spectators are expected from all corners of the world despite that grim occurrence at the recent Boston Marathon.

Mo Farah at the London Olympics

Mo Farah at the London Olympics

Mo Farah, the twice-gold-medalled British Olympian is expected to take part.

But what is this we hear that he will only be running the first half? We have also heard that many athletes and sportsmen/women are bemused with this decision.

Mo and his trainers have said that this is all tactical and a taster for next year’s full participation to the London Marathon. What has Mo been doing after last year’s Olympics? Surely he is the most prepared marathon runner in the world as he has been training non-stop in Portland, Oregon.

My “id” brings the cynicism in me. It tell me that this is more to do with money, money, money for the hefty appearance fee.

Hope Mo will continue to hold on to his crown and be ready for Brazil 2016.