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Our Home Harvest 2016


Our Home Harvest 2016


When we were both still gainfully employed,  😉 it was hard to maintain our fairly long back garden, where the lawn must be mowed, the bushes regularly trimmed, the pond life fed, the garden furniture repaired, etc., the list went on.  We, therefore,  paved over parts of it, but still kept some smaller flower& plant beds and a good size lawn.

A good idea in any size garden is to use plant pots or troughs to grow plants, flowers and vegetables.

Some of the larger pots are fitted with small wheels (like castors) on the base.

This means that we can easily move large plants, such as the tomato plants, to follow the sun as it moves, to maximise exposure to the light and heat.

This spring, and as in previous years, Jean & I decided to try and grow some tomato plants in three of our large pots.  Tomatoes are quite inexpensive and plentifully sold in shops and supermarket during the summer, but growing your own has its own reward.  You can be sure of the freshness and they seem to taste better 🙂




This year’s weather has been mixed in London & SE England.

A rarely frozen and wet winter was followed by rain alternating with hot sunny days in summer, extending well into September. This combination has resulted in a nice crop of tomatoes. some have ripened and hopefully the others will soon as well.

Our two potted small apple trees have produced their ripe fruit nearly a month early this year.

They are ‘Jonagold’ apples, which are sweet and a little bitter to taste but simply delicious.

We found that If you have two potted apple trees, keep them near each other in order to get at least one good crop, this helps cross fertilisation from the bees etc.

We find each year that one tree produces more apples than the other.

However, this year both tree have a lot of apples, thanks to the weather.

our-pear-treeWe have one potted Conference variety pear tree, near the end of the garden, and as with the apple trees we also need to get another one as this lonely tree only produces a pair of pears each year.

Our wild blackberry bush has also produce a bounty of berries this year too!

We wonder if this year’s winter will be cold and wet again. Snow has not fallen to settle on the ground here in nearly the last two years, much to our grandson’s disappointment who is wishing of building a snowman in the garden!

Moth – Superstition and more

Moth on curtain

Moth on curtain, photo by PH Morton

Moth – Superstition and more

Isn’t the moth above beautiful?!!!  The photo was taken by’s resident photographer, PH Morton.

It was in our study three nights ago, on my computer, when a moth circled and circled me and then stop right above my head in my curtain.

There was a superstition about moth that they are a conduit of the dead and bringer of some news and comfort.

I thought of my grandfather immediately.  He passed away twenty-odd years ago.  Actually he was/ is the person I could trust most in the world.  He had never let me down.  I was a horrid child, who grew up into an ultra-sensitive, self-centred little madam and yet he loved me and was really proud of me.  I heard him once saying to someone that I was not just a teacher but a professor in university.  He was so proud!

Anyway talking about the moth, lately I was worrying about family, especially those in the Philippines.  I hope the moth was as a reincarnation of my grandfather, lol, who was there to assure me that everything was going to be alright.

The next morning, the moth was still clasped contentedly on my curtain.  I called Peter to free it into the wild of our garden.  Goodbye, Lolo, I am sure everything will sort itself out.

Spiders Spinning Webs


Golden Spider, photo by P Morton

Spiders Spinning Webs

It is a true wonder of nature how spiders can  weave superior and intricate webs!

Spiders are a particular source of phobia for Peter and yet he was happy taking photo after photos of these eight-legged insects.

Probably spiders are less mysterious and threatening when they are outside the remit of one’s abode, afterall a man’s house is his castle and he has a right to welcome or make unwelcome anyone entering his house, including the dreaded spiders!!!

Below are the photos Peter took over a period of a week.

Thank goodness, we do not presently have any spider inside the house, not that I know of.  Probably this is because I have put conkers in strategic places. Apparently conkers are anti-spiders. It is hard and frightening to imagine a spider freely moving in the bedroom while one is unconscious to the world.

I read somewhere that everyone swallows at least 60 insects, of which 7 are spiders, in their lifetime, while asleep! Can’t bear thinking about it.

Did you know?

There is a specie of spiders that is named after Harrison Ford.


The Example

HERE’S an example from
A Butterfly;
That on a rough, hard rock
Happy can lie;
Friendless and all alone
On this unsweetened stone.

Now let my bed be hard,
No care take I;
I’ll make my joy like this
Small Butterfly;
Whose happy heart has power
To make a stone a flower.

-William H. Davies

Photo by Peter Morton @ Golders Park "Butterfly House"

Photo by Peter Morton @ Golders Park “Butterfly House”

Did you know?
If you dream of a butterfly, you are bound to find romantic success or happiness within the bossom of your family.

Households’ Pests



I am not scared of spiders but I know who is.  Catching one even the smallest ones is such a drama with him.  😉

I have to admit though that I am a bit wary of moths.  I am superstitious when it comes to moths.  I had this weird idea, passed to me by my family back in the Philippines, that they are the visiting spirits of dead love ones.  And they are visiting to send some sort of warning.  Scary

Households’ Pests

According to two thousand Britons surveyed by Homeserve, the home insurance provider, the top pests that would send fear into most householders’ heart are the following:

1. Spiders – 67%

2. Hornets 65%
3. Rats 64%
4. Wasps 58%
5. Cockroaches 55%
6. Mosquitoes 51%
7. Foxes 49%
8. Mice 35%
9. Fleas 13%
10. Pigeon 13%
11. Slugs and Snails 12%
12. Moths 8%
13. Flies 6%
14. Ants 4%


Did you know?

Mosquitos apparently prefer to bite children rather than adults.

Also another mystery is that they prefer blondes to brunettes.  If that is really the case then I must be secretly blonde.  Mosquitos positively feast on my skin, that is why I contracted malaria as a child.

My sister said that mosquitos actually prefer people who have sweet tooth.


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