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Cactus and Feng Shui

29 May

Cactus, Photo by PH Morton

These cacti grow by the window sill at the back of our house. The one with rather a phallic shape has been with us for so many years.

The cactus was so old that we thought it needed a change and let it grow in the garden. My son saw it and thought that it was unceremoniously cast away in the garden and he got rather upset. He reminded us that the cactus is as old as him. My baby is 27 this year.

We fetched the plant back and put it on the window sill, which is a good place as per Feng Shui tradition.

I read somewhere that cactus is feng shui friend.  Cactus placed by the window sill deters a potential burglar.

Apparently, the thorny look of cactus gives off clear and present danger to would be burglars; that it is not worth the effort being attacked by cacti. 😉

I love our cacti over our window sill,  They seem to love the position.

They are low maintenance.  I often forget that they were there, except when either my husband or I close off the curtains ;( ouch), that I do not water them as regularly as I should be doing.  But they are growing fine and do to fail to produce flowers after flowers.

This cactus is also rather old.  When we first got it from the shop, it had artificial flowers attached to it.  We had to admit that we thought it was real. It was after a few months and we noticed that the flowers were as fresh-looking, it would not die down so we got curious and pluck one of the flowers and it was on a stick and glued.

We removed all the flowers and this cactus grew and the next year it actually flowered for the first time and it has given us lots of beautiful flowers year after year despite forgetting to water it most times.

Cactus, I think, is the ideal plant for us.