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Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio Nuts


Pistochio is divine, especially salted roasted ones.  Delicious.

Apparently this cracking good eat is a relative of the cashew.

They are very moreish, once you’ve eaten one, you just keep eating until there’s none left in the packet or bowl, like what I had just done.

Ripen Fruits with a Banana

Ripening tomatoes with banana, photo by PH Morton

Food Tips

Ripen Fruits with a Banana


Now that summer has rolled into autumn, it is now time to gather in the fruits and vegetables still in the garden before the onset of cold weather and frost.



From his experience of keeping an allotment for more than 50 years, Mick, our neighbour, and good friend has lots of tips for gardening and how to store the yield produce.

He said to ripen green tomatoes, store them with a banana in a closed container. We use spare space in a kitchen drawer.

Peter applied this tip with a few green tomatoes last night and when he checked them this morning and found that they had started to ripen. (See above photo)


Do not refrigerate an unripe banana.  The temperature of the fridge will halt the natural ripening process of a banana and would now remain green and unripe even when taken out of the fridge.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are full of goodness.  They contain a lot of folate and indoles, which are bioflavanoids and nitrogen compound. Indoles are supposed to reduce the risk of cancer.

Brussels sprout is cabbage lookalike in miniature. And like cabbage, brussels sprout can cause flatulence.

Choose small green ones and they can be store in the fridge in a paper bag.  Keep them unwashed to prevent them going yellow and tasting bitter and soggy when cooked.

And they got their name from Brussels in Belgium.

Cook’s Glossary: Fruits & Veg

What Is It?

The world is getting smaller and smaller everyday, as the song goes.  And that is true.  You can go around the world much lesser time than 80 days as the classic film says.

People are not the only one to travel.  Animals, vegetables and minerals also jetset or cruise to anywhere in the world.

Below is our list of the weird and wonderful travellers from across the globe.

Cook’s Glossary: Fruits & Veg


EnglishScientific NameTagalog (T)

Ilocano (I)



SK/South Korean

India (In)

ArtichokeCynara cardunculus var. scolymus


Persea americanaAbokado (T)

Abukadu (I)

Abokado (JP)
Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon/Balsam Pear/ Bitter SquashMomordica charantiaAmpalaya (T)

Parya (I)

Karela (In), Kugua (Ch), Yeoju (SK), Nigauri (JP)
Brussels Sprouts, Brussel Sprouts
Calabash, Bottle GourdLagenaria sicerariaUpo (T)

CottonfruitSandoricum koetjapeSantol (T)
Flat Green Beans also known as Helda Beans & Romano Beans
JicamaPachyrhizus erosusSingkamasDoushu/Liang shu (Ch)
Langsat, Lanzones

Lansium parasiticum

Passion FruitManga
Persimmon, Sharon Fruit
Pili NutCanarium ovatumPili Nut
PomeloSuha (T) Dugmon (I)
TomatoSolanum lycopersicumKamatis
Velvet Apple/Velvet PersimmonDiospyros DiscolorMabolo