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The Eternal Love Seasons 1 & 2 (Chinese Drama Review)

The Eternal Love poster


The Eternal Love (Chinese Drama Review)

  • Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Historical
  • Date Released:  Season 1 – 2017
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Xing Zhao Lin as Mo Liang Cheng (4th Prince)
  • Liang Jie as Qu Tan Er / Qu Xiao Tan / Qu Xiang
  • Chen You Wei as Liu Shang
  • Sun Yi Ning as Jing Xin
  • Richards Wang as Mo Yi Huai / Mo Yi Feng
  • Wang Hao Ge as Mo Jing Xuan [14th Prince]
  • Xin Rui Qi as Zhao Qing Yun
  • Zhong Qi as Qu Pan Er
  • Hu Chun Yong as Yu Hao


I am watching this drama this weekend.

I have just finished episode 1 and I must say, I enjoyed it.

It is a time travelling drama.

A girl from the present time travels to the past and possessing the body of the Second Daughter, Qu Tan Er of the Qu Family.

Qu Tan Er, poor girl has developed a rather schizophrenic personality.  One minute she is the demure, introverted and shy Qu Tan Er and then she is possessed by the girl from the 21st century who is feisty, modern and self-confident, Xiao Tan.

The back story was that Qu Tan Er tried committing suicide as she was being forced to marry the 8th Prince when she was already in love with the King’s oldest son.

When she recovered enough from her suicide attempt, she became a different person.

I must say this drama is so entertaining that I have just finished watching episode 2.  I was surprised at how quick it went.

Episode 2, Qu Tan Er has now become the consort of the 8th Prince.

Episode 24:  Yup it is 12:58 am and finally finished the last episode of this interesting and enjoyable drama.  It is full of action, and beautiful sceneries.  There are also yards upon yards of beautiful free-flowing Hanfu costume.

And the actors are so flawlessly gorgeous.

Most importantly, if you wanted romance, this sure is big, I mean huge in romance.  The kissing scenes are so sweetly erotic.

Love this drama. It is not flawless because some of the dialogues (or probably the English translation) would leave you feeling mehhhh!  Like when ‘Old Weirdo” said that the Demon King has grown really powerful and became an expert in Martial arts.  That was funny.

If you are feeling nostalgic in living in the past, wearing all those beautiful flowy hanfu, think again, apparently, your family can be your own worst enemy.

So much so that I shall be watching Princess Agents or is it, Agent Princess. 🙂

And last but not the least to mention is that it has  beautifully haunting original soundtrack (OST)

The Eternal Love Season 2

The Eternal Love Season 2 poster

    • Release Date 22 October 2018
    • CDrama: 30 Episodes
    • Cast:
      • Xing Zhao Lin as Mo Liang Cheng (4th Prince)/Cheng Cheng
      • Liang Jie as Qu Tan Er / Qu Xiao Tan / Qu Xiang
      • Che You Wei as Liu Shang
      • Sun Yi Ning as Jing Xin
      • Richards Wang as Mo Yi Huai / Mo Yi Feng
      • Wang Hao Ge as Mo Jing Xuan [14th Prince]
      • Zhong Qi as Qu Pan Er
      • Hu Chun Yong as Yu Hao
      • Liao Hui Jia as Princess Lan Ye Xi


Note: There might be some confusion with regards to the characterization of the 4th Prince.  In this series, he is not two but comes in three personas.

He is Cheng Cheng (Mo Liang Cheng) in the present/modern times.  He is Prince Mo Liang Chen of the Dongyue Kingdom and he is also Liu Shang, wearing a latex mask to conceal his identity as Cheng Cheng and Prince Mo Liang Chen.

Episode 1

I love this drama so much I am watching it without subtitle so cannot understand what was going on fully.  But having said I have enjoyed it.fd

At the end of season one, the lovers were parted when Qu Xiao Tan was sucked in by a vortex, created by the explosion by the Demon King, that spewed strong gravitational force that skewed space as well as time.

Well, they were not parted for long because miraculously Mo Lian Cheng complete with his princely outfit materialised in the modern-day dimension surrounded by tall buildings with cars whizzing in a cacophony of sound heralding the fast-paced of the 21st century.

Mo Lian Cheng got used to the times pretty quickly; out with the long hair, in with the boy band hairstyle, out with the beautiful hanfu replaced by well-fitted trousers and shirt.

For a year we learn to adapt to a new way of life in another dimension.  He became a prosperous antique dealer.

But all this time he had only one goal and that was to find Qu Tan Er.  He knew that she would not have any memory of him as the timeline in this dimension was different.

Mo Lian Cheng did not waste time, he has a superhuman stamina of body and mind.  He can read books after books a la Superman.

He looked for her every single day until he finally found her working as a realtor.

He did not waste any time in contacting her.

When they first met again Mo Lian Cheng was excited to see her.  She was intrigued by him as well.

Especially when out of nowhere he asked her to marry him.  Huh?!!!

Exactly!  He then qualifies that he needed to be married to a native of that area to be able to purchase a house.

So cute, when his female assistant suddenly arrived and was rather proprietorial towards him, Mo Liang Cheng made sure that there was no misunderstanding.  He told off the assistant of coming to his house for not calling first and also his house is private and she should never come again.

He was going to drive Qu Tan Er to her house when he has a powerful intuition that something is going to fall on his car.  He opens the door and pushed her out and then a huge fridge falls from the sky straight to his car trapping him inside.

Qu Tan Er was inconsolable, neighbours came out to help free Mo Lian Cheng from the car.

Qu Tan Er ended up sleeping his bed with him.  It was the sweetest scene ever.  Their old chemistry is still delightfully present.

Episode 2

Qu Tan Er cannot understand what was going on and she thinks he was a bit of a perv.  So she tried avoiding answering his calls.

She went for a blind date in a restaurant.  But what she does not know, Mo Lian Cheng was not the only that cross-over to her dimension.  There were baddies, called the soul reapers, who were intent on doing her harm or returning her to the past.

Her date was taken over by the soul reapers.   He drugged her drink causing her to fall asleep.  Thank goodness Mo Lian Cheng cannot bear to let her out of his sight so he was able to save her in the end and once again ended up in his bed.

She was annoyed that she seemed to always end up in his bed.  She quickly tried to get away but not fast enough because Mo Lian Cheng gave her a deep passionate kiss with annoyed her even more.

She was just walking to catch a ride when a black car stopped next to her.  A woman hypnotised her into entering the car and drove her near a cliff by the sea.

Mo Lian Cheng was just in time to see her diving into the water under mind control by a black-suited woman.

He jumped after her and after some beautiful slow-motion underwater,  we see him seeing the prince Mo Lian Cheng.

Qu Tan Er also woke up in the body of Qu Xiao Tan without remembering the past.

It seems this dimension is not the one their original one where Mo Lian Cheng and Qu Tan Er first met.

And curiously it seems that there is going to be two Mo Lian Cheng in this dimension!

Episode 3

Yes, there are two Mo Lian Cheng.

Qu Tan Er’s father had been banished to the front line by royal decree.  His position as minister of finance has been taken away because of his corruption and insubordination.  As a punishment, the House of Qu has been broken down with his first daughter serving as a made at the mansion of the Noble Dugu while Qu Tan Er will become a made of Mo Lian Cheng, the Eight Prince.

Qu Tan Er was confused because Mo Lian Cheng, who she considers as her boyfriend from 21st-century dimension was aloof and remote and doesn’t seem to know her.

While she was sweeping the yard, her version of Mo Lian Cheng came to her now dressed as a prince as well and gave her a tender hug.

Poor girl, she will be so confused.

Episode 4

Qu Tan Er finally confirmed that Prince Mo Lian Cheng that she has been trying to seduce was not her Mo Lian Cheng’s boyfriend.  He does not have a rose tattoo in his chest.

Everyone is after the Soul Suppressing orb.

The Noble concubine Dugu has become the King’s favourite and she has been generating controversies to implicate Prince Mo Lian so the King does not favour him anymore.

Noble Dugu was doing it to avenge her Yu Family who was massacred.


As of 7th November 2018, it has been announced that there will be a Series 3 to this drama and hurrah, the original cast will all be in it.  Yey

Episode 5

Liu Shang (doppelganger) has become Prince Mo Lian Cheng adviser.  The prince does not trust him fully because he finds Liu Shang strange, who avoids physical contacts and can seem to echo and reads his mind.

Episode 6

Tan’er thought that the Mo Yi Feng, the first prince, was from the future as well because she saw him with an old pocket watch. When he asked her to go back with him, she thought he meant to the future so she willingly went with him but they were stopped by Future Mo Lian Cheng, who told Yi Feng not to interfere with Tan’er as she was going to be his future princess.

Tan’er got so confused because as soon she parted from Future Mo Lian Cheng, she met Prince Mo Lian Cheng who was on a carriage with different clothing as well as being so aloof.

She thought he was schizoid.

This episode is so cute because Prince Mo Lian Cheng is starting to fall in love with Tan’er all over again.  He even becomes partial to steam dumpling which he did not like to eat before.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Epidose 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Tan’Er, Princes Mo Liang Chen and Mo Yi Feng were summoned to the palace by the Emperor, who wanted to know who Tan’Er would like to marry.  Would it be Yi Feng or Liang Chen?

Tan’Er surprised everyone by saying that doesn’t want to marry either.  The Emperor guesses that she was already in love with someone else.

She previously won the prize to determine her own life-partner, hence, the Emperor did not push her to name her lover.

But as soon as they were out of the palace, Prince Mo Liang Chen asked her whether the person she was in love with was Liu Shang.

Mo Liang Chen then told her that he was going to change her mind.

Directly from the palace, Tan’Er went to Liu Shang’s manor, where they had a hug and a kiss.  He then told her that he knew already what happened at the palace.  He then cheekily told her that she had fallen in love with him. So cute.

But their romance might not be all sweetness and light as Liu Shang is beginning to lose his sight.

The pretty and feisty princess of Yoyheng had come to the palace

Episode 18

For alliance purposes, the Princess Yoyheng was being treated with extreme indulgence.  The King of Tang had told her to choose from any one of his sons.

Princess Yoyheng ultimately chose Liu Shang because he answered her question with a very modern sense.

Tan’er was so jealous that she did something about it.  After having an almost energetic bed scene with Liu Shang/Cheng Cheng, she borrowed his latex mask and then use it to approach the Princess of Yoyheng to tell her that Liu Shang has terrible habits.  Not good at all and that he was in love with someone else.

The Princess though can’t be convinced to give up on Liu Shang.

Meanwhile, the Mystical Old Man has finally found a brake to space and time and there is one chance that ChengCheng and Tan’er can go back to their own timeline.

Unfortunately, Tan’er did not show up at the allotted time and though Cheng Cheng is slowly dying in this dimension, he refuses to leave without Tan’er, who had been taken a prisoner of her own father.

They want to use her for the soul-destroying orb.

Episode 19

Tan’er and Cheng Cheng missed their chance to leave this dimension to back to theirs.

Unfortunately Cheng Cheng is now on his last leg.  He was going downhill fast.  Before he gets really bad, he asked the Princess of Yoyheng to help him convinced Tan’er to give up on him.

They pretended to be an engaged couple.

Tan’er was obviously very sad, she told Cheng Cheng that she hated him, that he was a liar, who went back on his words about being always with her and protecting her.

Tan’er went back to her father’s mansion to nurse her bleeding heart.

Prince Mo liang Cheng confronted Liu Shang to ask him who he really was because he just found out that the real Lui Shang had already died.

Cheng Cheng has no recourse but to tell the truth,  He removed his mask and told the prince that he was him.

Episode 20

The Princess of Yoyheng felt so sorry for Cheng Cheng and guilty about Tan’er.  She doesn’t want to be the derail the course of true love so she went to the Yu Manor and clear the situation with Tan’er.  She told Tan’er that Cheng Cheng has only her in his heart.  It was because he was very sick so he pushed Tan’er away.

Tan’er went looking for Cheng Cheng and found him already blind.  Still, he tried to push her away but she gave him a good resounding slap that seemed to have woken him up.  They made up seemed loved up but not for long because Tan’er’s father who looked like he was possessed with something malevolent turned up looking for the soul suppressing orb.

With his magic/cultivation, he hurt the already weaken and blind Cheng Cheng.

Then Prince Mo Liang Chen turned up with his bodyguard and the Old Man.

Tan’er’s father had her taken by his soldiers with swords around her neck.  He asked for the return of the soul suppressing orb or Tan’er will get ‘it’.

The orb was given back to the father who took off with Tan’er with them.

Cheng Cheng was dying.

Episode 21

Prince Mo Liang Chen allowed the Old Man to transfer some of his energy to Cheng Cheng and in doing so, he learned a bit about Tan’er and Cheng Cheng’s love story and they were not from his dimension.

Tan’er had been manacled in a secret dungeon by her father to force her to open the soul suppressing orb.

But when she tried to open it, it would not budge.

Her sister came to visit her to give her food but she managed to convince her to bring Prince Mo Hi Yuhai.

Episode 22

Pan’Er told YuHai where Tan’er was being kept by her father. They went to rescue Tan’Er but the father appeared while Yu Hai was trying to free Tan’Er.

They had a fight and the father used his dark energy to stimulate the poison which Yu Hai already ingested during his wedding night with Pan’Er.

The poison is eating him from within and he has not much time to live.

Pan’Er went to her father’s study to get the antidote.  She swallowed the pill and then kissed Yuhai on the lips to suck in the poison into herself.  She lovingly sacrificed herself.

Yuhai got better but she was dying.

She asked YuHai if he ever loved her, even for a brief moment.

YuHai was very honest.  He said to her that in his heart there will always be Tan’Er.

To compensate for her devotion towards him, Yu Hai promised Pan’Er that in his next life that all the love he has will all be solely hers.  (Hmmm clue for the third season)

Cheng Cheng came to the rescue of Tan’er.  He had a sword fight with Tan’Er’s father who was possessed by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Since Cheng Cheng was not really 100 per cent healthy as he was living on borrowed energy from Mo Liang Chen, he was not up to the strength of Tan’er father.

Thank goodness, the fully recovered YuHai appeared and took over from Cheng Cheng.  He managed to kill his father-in-law but not before Pan’Er had to sacrifice herself all over again.

YuHai told her off for being a fool.  Pan’Er confessed that she was dying anyway because she has now the effect of the poison he originally ingested.

Before she died, she whispered to him where her father kept the book and the soul suppressing orb.

As YuHai was leaving with the body of Pan’Er in his arms, he told Cheng Cheng that he might have save him but that does not mean they are friends.

They are just beginning, meaning as foes.

Cheng Cheng was very upset because one of his mission was to ensure that YuHai does not turn bad and die.

As Cheng Cheng and Tan’er were leaving the secret dungeon themselves, Tan’er asked Cheng Cheng about the inscription on the heavy wooden door.

Cheng Cheng said that it tells the story of his grandfather, Mo Yi Feng who died in a battle but his soul was absorbed into an orb which was kept by his friend, Yu???.  The dungeon was secretly built to house the soul suppressing orb.  But unbeknown to them another person followed them to Dongyue Kingdom and it was Yu Qiaotan who was the cause of the death of Mo Yi Feng.

This was the reason why Tan’Er, who is really Yu Qiotan, was being hunted by assassins even in the 21st century.

Episode 23

Prince Mo Liang Chen still has doubt about being one and the same person as Cheng Cheng.  He had been testing him continuously.

And add to the confusion, Yi Huai has guessed correctly that there are two Liang Cheng.  One is nearly blinded and one his brother.

But Tan’er is having the time of her life.  She wondered what she did so good in the universe that she is rewarded with two gorgeous men at the same time.

Episode 24

Prince Mo Liang Chen has been competing with Cheng Cheng over Tan’er’s affection.

Tan’er now complains that she was getting fat from the cakes made for her by Mo Liang Chen and Cheng Cheng.  She told them that she was on a diet but still they feed her.

Being one and the same, they always think alike.  They each bought her a house. She had to choose which one she wanted.  She asked if she can have both.

Yi Huai is really determined to confirm his suspicion about the two Mo Liang Chen.  He instigated a scenario where he will surely find out the answer.

While Prince Mo Liang Chen, Cheng Cheng and Tan’er were house-viewing,  Yi Huai arranged that they are ambushed by a masked assassin.

The fight ended with Cheng Cheng being stabbed in the chest and his real face revealed for Yi Huai to see.

30 November 2018 Update

I heard that Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie won’t be back for Season 3.  Xing Zhao Lin needs a bit of rest & relaxation from making back to back dramas for 2018 while Liang Jie, who is an engaged lady has had too much kissing in this season 2 drama that she wanted a bit of rest as well.

Oh no.  what would season three be like?!!!

Episode 25

Yi Huai had Tan’er kidnapped.  Then conveniently with the King and Liu Shang, someone dropped the unconscious Tan’er into a deep pond.  Liu Shang jumped down and swam towards Tan’er but dislodging his masked in the process.

The king called both the Prince Mo Liang Chen and Cheng Cheng for a serious talk.

Yi Haui said that it was obviously Prince Mo Liang Chen who tried to assassinate the King and had Liu Shang disguised as Cheng Cheng to cover up to the injured Prince Mo Liang Chen.

There is a lot of logic to this statement so Prince Mo Liang Chen and Cheng Cheng were thrown to prison.

One thing that was good being locked up together was that they had a chance to have a proper heart to heart discussion and resigned with the thought that they are really one and the same

The Empress Dowager, who had a soft spot for Prince Mo Liang Chen visited them in prison.  Though she can’t comprehend that there were two versions of the prince before her, she put a key to the bread she brought the prince.

Episode 26

Cheng Cheng got out of prison but Prince Mo Liang Chen remained as the guards came sooner than expected.

This is a very sad episode.

Prince YiHua staged a rebellion to take over the throne, he forced his father the king to issue an edict that he was stepping down and allow Prince Yihuai as the new emperor.

But the king drank a cup of poisoned tea.  He would rather die than be coerced into giving up his throne.

Prince Yihua was desperately sad that his father was dying.  He told him that he did not want him to die.  Prince Yuhai said that he just wanted the throne so he can make Tan’er his empress.

He then told the king that this rebellion would have not happened if he and TanEr were allowed to live a happy and peaceful life together.

The king said that he did not personally prevent the marriage.  It was willed by his father.  Taner was always meant for Mo Liang Chen.

As he was dying, the king hugged his son and said that all along he was the closest one to his heart and he will always be the one to succeed him.

I cried so much.

Episode 27

Prince Yuhai is the new emperor and first of this edict was the arrest of Mo Liang chen, Cheng Cheng, Taner,  Jingxin and the 14th Prince.

They got away except for Jingxin and the 14th prince.

Despite tortures, Jingxin refused to divulge the whereabouts of Taner, Cheng Cheng and Mo Liang Chen.

Cheng Cheng is getting weaker and he asked Mo Liang Cheng to look after Taner when he’s gone.

The 14th prince got away but had to leave Jingxin, who he promised to rescue.  They confessed to one another.  The prince said that he loves her despite her being only a maid.

Mo Liang Chen and Cheng Cheng did not trust how easy it was for the 14th prince to get away from his jailors.  They were right, it was part of a plan.

Mo Liang Chen and Cheng Cheng went into the palace with their men.

Epiode 28

Mo Liang, Cheng Cheng and their band fell into the trap of Prince Yuhai.

He said though he will give him a chance.  If Mo Liang Chen can defeat him, he will relinquish his claim to the palace as well as Tan’Er.

They had a duel and it looked like Mo Liang Chen was winning.  Prince Yuhai suddenly dropped his sword and used his soul suppressing orb power to defeat Mo Liang Chen.

He succeeded as well as Cheng Cheng had to stand in front of the cutivation power of Prince Yuhai to take the full force of the orb.

Old Weirdo appeared and took the weakened Cheng Cheng and Mo Liang Cheng was taken out by his bodyguard.

Prince Yuhai told Tan’er that they can now be together.  Taner told him that she was not his Taner.  She was from the future, the same as Cheng Cheng.

Poor Cheng Cheng died and Mo Liang Cheng was not very healthy either.



Qixi Festival (Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Qixi Festival (Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Global Granary would like to wish you all a Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!  Jiayou

Yep, me too.  I find it rather ‘strange’ to be celebrating Valentine’s Day today.  Valentine’s Day is on 14th February every year.  🙂

Today, however, is the Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival.  This festival is celebrated just like the St Valentine’s Day, where lovers go on dates, giving presents like chocolates and flowers.

The Qixi Festival originated from one of the poems from the Shijing collection of Odes and Songs dating back from 11th to 7th century BC.

The poem is a narrative of the saga of the romantic but forbidden relationship that develops between a human and a goddess.

Niulang was a poor cowherd boy, who lived with his brother and brother-in-law.  He was a male Cinderella, maltreated and abused to the point of being thrown out of the house.

Niulang then met an old man, who told him that there was a job going for a resourceful cowherd.  Niulang was so grateful to the old man, who was, in fact, a supernatural being.  He brought Niulang to the heavens to look after sick cows.

In no time, the bovines where thriving.  The old man was grateful to the young man.  He noticed thought that Niulang looks lonely.  As a reward for the hard-working man, he introduced her to a beautiful girl, who spends her day weaving.  She is a goddess incognito and her name is Zhi Nu.

It was love at first sight for both of them.

A marriage between a mortal and a deity is strictly prohibited.

But they did not care; they were in love and got married, had two kids and would have lived happily ever after if the goddess’ grandmother did not find out.

The grandmother, Wang Mu Niang Niang, thought her granddaughter was contentedly weaving infinite yarns 🙂 in a corner of the heavens; she did not know that she was playing wifey to some mortal.

She was incandescent with rage that with her hairpin she scratched a wide ribbon in the heavens separating Zhi Nu from her mortal family.

Zhin Nu and Niulang with their children cried so much that their tears flowed into the chasm between them creating a river.

It might be pity or it might be a wish for some peace and quiet from all the cryings that a great flock of magpies forms a bridge so the family can be reunited for a day.

So it was then decided that on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month each year, the magpie will help to reunite the family.  That is why today is also known as Magpie Day.






Chinese Roast Pork with Seasonal Vegetables Stir-Fry

Chinese Roast Pork with Vegetables, photo by JMorton

This recipe is in two parts.

First of is making the Chinese roast pork and it then sliced and cooked/stir fry with the seasonal vegetables (widely available vegetables in whatever season)  Substitute or add any or more vegetables in available in your fridge.

Chinese Roast Pork with Seasonal Vegetables Stir-fry


  • 2-3 Lbs. pork loin or belly1/4 cup.Hoisin Sauce
  • 1/4 cup Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Honey
  • 1/4 cup dark Soy Sauce
  • 1 inch Ginger, peeled and chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tbsp. Sriracha (you can get it now in Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Oriental supermarket
  • 1/2 tbsp  Sesame Oil
  • 1/2  tbsp Onion Powder
  • 1 tsp.Red Food Colouring (Optional.)
  • 1 tsp. Chinese 5 Spice

Directions for the Chinese Roast Pork

  • Mix together all the ingredients except for the pork in a large shallow bowl, like a covered pyrex dish or a flat casserole.
  • When all the ingredients are incorporated, Stir in the pork, ensure that all sides are drenched with the marinade.
  • Put a lid on the the bowl, using its on cover or with a cling film and leave to marinate in the fridge overnight or at least for two to three hours.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.  Using a large roasting pan with a rack, fill the bottom of part of the roasting pan with water.  Ensure the water does not touch the top of the rack.
  • Carefully arrange the the pork into the rack (don’t let it touch the water, so as not to dilute the marinade that had been absorbed by the meat).
  • Put the roasting pan into the middle shelf of the oven and cook for 45 – 60 minutes. Remove from the oven after thirty minutes and brush with the marinade on both sides of the pork.  return to the oven and continue to cook.
  • Once done, remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before slicing into half inches thickness.

Seasonal Vegetable Stir-fry



  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 cup green bell pepper,sliced
  • 1 cup baby corn, cut in half
  • 1 cup red bell pepper, sliced
  • 100 g mushroom, quartered
  • 1 cup broccoli florets
  • i cup mung bean sprouts
  • 1 cup carrots, sliced
  • 1 cup onion, diced
  • Shrimp juice (derived by crushing the head of the shrimp) or use shrimp bouillon
  • 1cup water
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. In a large wok, saute the garlic and onion until golden (do not burn to prevent any any bitter taste)
  2. Stir in the carrots, green and red bell peppers and baby corn.
  3. Add the broccoli.
  4. Stir in the sliced pork.
  5. Mix in the oyster sauce.
  6. Pour in the shrimp juice and 1/2 cup of water and bring to a boil. The allow to simmer for 3 minutes.
  7. Dilute the cornstarch with the rest of the water then pour mixture in the wok. Mix well.
  8. Tip in the mung bean sprouts  and cook for 2 minutes.
  9. Check the seasoning by adding salt and pepper according to taste.
  10. Transfer into a serving bowl and eat hot with freshly boiled rice or some noodles.

Pork Dumplings Recipe

Dumpling, photo by PH Morton

Pork Dumplings Recipe

This is so delicious.  So scrumptious even with the simplest dip.  In fact the simpler the dip, the better as the herbs used in the dumplings enhance the flavour.

The recipe is to follow shortly

Yang Yang – Chinese Actor


Yang Yang – Chinese Actor

Yang Yang


  • DoB: 9 September 1991 (27)
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Career: Singer, Dancer & Actor
  • Currently on the top 5 most influential celebrity in China.

Films & Tv Dramas:


Yang Yang is a Chinese actor & singer.

His career went mega stratospheric; he was commemorated in an official stamp. 🙂  I can understand this as he has got a perfect profile 🙂 🙂 🙂

He was only asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2016.

Here he is singing.

Click here for the magic of Yang Yang.

Hu Yi Tian – Chinese Actor

Hu Yi Tian – Chinese Actor


  • DOB: 26 December 1993 (24) – born on the 100 years of Chairman Mao’s birthday anniversary.
  • PoB: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Height: 1.88 m (6’2″)
  • Educational Background: majors in Landscape Architecture @ Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic
  • Occupation/Career: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Civil Status: Single

Dramas & Films:

Hu Yi Tian is a young Chinese actor.  He recently starred in an unbelievably sweet drama as a young proud genius who fell in love with a cute energetic girl.

The drama, A Love So Beautiful,  was so popular that Hu Yi Tian has been given an award as one of the three actors of potential of the year during the star-studded Tencent 2017 award ceremony.

Hu Yi Tian has previously been cast in another successful drama ‘Love ’til the end of Summer in a minor role.

Click here for his performances of Chasing the Light, OST for Love Til the End of Summer at the China Drama 2017 Awards and ‘I Like You So Much You’ll Know it (A Love so Beautiful OST) during the New Year’s Countdown concert in China,

Having seen him in his second/latest role as Jiang Chen, he will go far.

Hope he does another drama with Yue Shen.  They had such a good chemistry, that fans would easily suspect that there was real attraction there.  🙂 🙂 🙂


Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • He had his first girlfriend at 18.
  • He has had 3 girlfriends so far.
  • He likes DIY. (Do it yourself)  He made his own leather wallet.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He used to hate the mole on his nose but has grown to like it.
  • He was popular in high school and had girls chasing after him.
  • To all the girls out there, Hu Yi Tian wants someone who is respectful, with good conduct and academic performance.  His ideal type is innocent, kind, cute, lively and cheerful.  (No wonder he was so good as Jiang Chen.  Xiao Xi is actually Hu Yi Tian’s ideal!!!) LOL
  • Heightwise – he wants a girl between 1.4 – 1.8m tall.
  • Prefers dogs over cats
  • Prefers gaming to basketball
  • If he can choose a superpower it would be invincibility
  • He describes himself as slow to warm up, persistent and down to earth and he wants to be a positive energiser
  • He calls his fans and supporters “Mahjongs”
  • To the Mahjongs, he wants to be called ‘Teacher Hu’
  • He wants the colour blue to be the official colour for his fans to promote.
  • He shops online a lot.
  • He likes pork jerky and squid.  He also like macadamia nuts and other snacks.
  • Favourite dish?  As long as there is meat on it, he’ll like it.  He likes friend chicken particularly.
  • Favourite colour/s: Black, White & Grey
  • His lucky No is 8
  • He prefers milk over coffee
  • He does not like alcohol
  • He’d rather watch romantic films rather than the horror ones.
  • He likes long hair with a fringe on a girl.
  • His idol is Huang Bo
  • His ears turn red when he is feeling shy!
  • He wants to play a role of a sick serial killer. 🙂
  • Shen Yue’s first impression of Yu Hi Tian “Wow, he is super handsome.”





Update:  Finally Hu Yi Tian will be making another drama.

About time too!!!

Thank you Huace Global.

He will star with Chen Zheyuan in the remake of a popular wuxia drama called Handsome Siblings.

Hu Yi Tian @ Weibo

27 April 2018 

Gorgeous Hu Yi Tian in tux @ weibo

Courtesy of @dramapotatoe twitter account

Hu Yitian’s agency releases weibo post addressing 3 topics –

  • Zero tolerance for obsessive stalker fans
  • Received feedback on his hairstyling in and will be changing a hairstylist
  • He’ll also be filming 2 modern dramas as the male lead in July & Oct!

(oh please, can one of this modern dramas be with Shen Yue again!!!)

Update: 18 June 2018

Oh no!  Our gorgeous Hu Yi Tian is caught up in a rumoured hotel scandal.  Apparently he was meeting a girl in a hotel room and it was caught on cctv.

The girl he was meeting allegedly divulged that he contacted her in 2017.

She has also an audio allegedly of Hu Yi Tian.  I read the translation and it was pretty candid.  It is on the genre of sex, drug and rock and roll!  🙂 🙂 🙂

And what is not right was the alleged dissing of his co-star (our beloved Yue Shen), who he said in the audio was casted because she was plain.  Not very pretty so that the fans who are not very pretty themselves can easily relate to her.

That was not very nice.  No wonder he was so good as Jiang Chen, no social skills!  🙂

This kind of scandals should not happened fairly early on in his career.  Discretion, dear boy.  Holy smoke, don’t snuffed up your career before it even starts properly.

Hopefully this scandal is all a hoax!

Hu Yi Tian had started filming a new drama with Elaine Zhong called Youth Should Be Early.  The story is based on a novel.

Apparently a girl proposes to her boyfriend on their graduation day.  She was turned down by the boyfriend, who wanted to carve a career first.

Go Hu Yi Tian, Go!!!

Update 29 November 2018

Hu Yi Tian started filming Unrequited Love, third of the novel trilogy of Zhen Hua (the first two being With You, My Huckleberry Friend).  The leads will be Hu BingQing and Zhang YiJie.




Suddenly Seventeen

Suddenly Seventeen

This is an engaging Chinese film. It is about a couple who have been together for ten years.  Liang Xia is now 28 years old and really wanted to get married with her boyfriend who she had been living with for 5 years.

But her boyfriend, Mao Liang, is so focused with his job and seemed to be cooling off from their relationship and even broach the subject of actually breaking up.

Heartbroken, Liang Xia ate a chocolate from a box given to her by a mysterious man from Shopping network.

Upon eating one, she suddenly turned into her old 17 years old self.  Someone who was feisty, confident, artistic and carefree.  It was a new life for old life.

The chocolate has at least six hours effect and then she goes back to normal.

As she started eating more of the magic chocolate, she started to change, more confident and she also fell in love with a young boy.

This turn of event puzzled her old boyfriend.  She is no longer the clingy rather neurotic girl.

When all the chocolate had gone her transformation was complete, she is now a confident independent woman, who does not rely or expect marriage from the boyfriend, who she broke up with.

The movie ends with her gorgeous ex boyfriend running around town buck naked to get her attention.  Ahhhhh

But she was not hurrying to get into a relationship.  Lovely movie with a lovely ending, very empowering.

We do not have to rely on anyone for our happiness, it is within us to be happy.

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