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Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe

Salted Caramel Milk Shake, Photo by JMorton

Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe

I had a salted caramel milkshake when we last went to Gourmet Burgers in Brent Cross.  I absolutely loved it.  The slight saltiness greatly compliment the sweetness of the caramel.  It was really refreshing.

I wanted to make it at home and found a very easy recipe to follow which I have posted below.

Enjoy, kindly let me know how yours went! 🙂


  • 300 ml cold milk
  • 1 ½ tsp caramel sauce
  • sprinkling of sea salt


Tip the ice cream, milk, caramel sauce with a little sprinkling of sea salt into a food processor.  Blend until smooth and frothy.

Pour into tall glasses and share.

Fortune Cookie Tells All

Fortune Cookie, photo by JMorton

Fortune Cookie Tells All

My fortune cookie says that “Everything is now in place for you to make a major decision with ease.”

The fortune cookies came as a freebie with our Chinese take-away.

But did you know?  Fortune cookies are not a Chinese invention.  They are in fact American.  A Japanese restauranteur in San Francisco, apparently started the fashion of inserting little bits of thank you notes in their buns.

This proved popular which then copied by a nearby Chinese restaurant and instead of thank you, it started to tell ‘fortune’

Duterte Vs USA Special Relationship – None!

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte Vs USA Special Relationship – None!


Rodgrigo Duterte, the outspoken incumbent president of the Philippines has clarified his relationship with the United State of America during a press conference in Cotobato City.

Duterte was particularly dismissive of Philip Goldberg, the former US ambassador to the Philippines.  Apparently Philip Goldberg during the election starter mouthing off, giving interviews against Duterte left, right and centre. (click here for what the interviews were about)  Duterte found this stunt by Goldberg inappropriate for someone who was an ambassador and a foreigner at that.

The US treats the Philippines as if it is still its  lowly colony.  Aids to be given are under innumerable conditions such as curtailing the war on drugs.

He liken US aid giving and its many conditions  similar to dogs on leash, tethered so tightly that they can’t get to the slice of bread the master throws far enough for the dogs to keep trying but to no avail.

Filipinos do not want to be disrespected.  The Americans are so free and easy with their words which is anathema to Orientals dignity and pride especially to Filipinos.  Loosing face is tantamount to being slapped.

Therefore, the US can keep their aids and assistance.  Duterte said that China is willing to give assistance, so does Japan.  Russia invited Duterte to talk, everything the Philippines need are in Russia.  He just need to come and get it.

He further advised the US to look for another country that can stomach the US treatment.  Filipinos are not so starved that they are willing to have their dignities trampled over.  They will survive.

A New Era in American Politics

A New Era in American Politics


Here in London, we stayed up to 4am watching the excellent BBC US Presidential election results coverage. We saw  the incoming results from what has been such a diverse and as many found, a divisive U.S. campaign, which has now ushered in a new era for American politics and governance.

Normally those from other nations may not bother to stay up to the wee small hours  to watch such. However the the two candidates involved and the known baggage they brought with them to the campaign, did make this election race a fascinating spectacle for many around the globe.


Hilary Clinton the favourite, an experienced  party apparatchik,  who seems to have been around since her husband Bill was President over 15 years ago was the Democrats candidate. Her role as the powerful Secretary of State under President Obama, was regarded by many as a stepping stone to the White House but in the end this counted as nought.



Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who had  never held any political office and had  failed   badly in a Presidential bid in 2004, was the rank outsider.

He imposed his formidable personality on the election race, sweeping aside fellow Republican candidates and in effect bulldozing his way to be the only rival to Mrs Clinton and the Democratic Party.

The televised debates between Clinton & Trump were at times acrimonious with enough mud slung to make a decent sized football field!

They made compulsive viewing, more so than any other previous presidential  debates.

History was being made.

Mrs Clinton had policies planned that  she put to the people.  Mr Trump was rather vague on the same. He however  made some big bold  promises to fix the big issues, not heard of before by the people.

Mr Trump’s antics and comments during the campaign will become the stuff of  legend.

Any other candidate who acted his way, would have been bundled away, never to be seen again!

It was understandable that Mrs Clinton and the Democrats, initially thought that with the at times bellicose Mr Trump as her rival, election to the Presidency would be straightforward.

It became clear that Mr Trump in his rousing election speeches and promises during the debates, tapped into the visceral anti establishment mood felt by the majority of  US citizens.

These disaffected citizens turned out en masse to vote for someone whom they see as a ‘new broom’ to sweep away over 15 years of  distrust in the political system, the  stagnation of the economy, jobs and the continued involvement in foreign conflicts.

Mr Trump had no political baggage and to use a cowboy analogy ‘shoots from the hip’.

In computer parlance ‘WYSIWYG’ (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). This was so refreshing to many voters, fed up with dissembling anodyne politicians.

His various peccadilloes and outrageous statements did not matter to his voters.

As  with the quote attributed to  Oliver Cromwell nearly 400 years ago,  we get Trump ‘warts and all’, nothing is hidden.

Noting the similar feeling between many British and US people,  Mr Trump mentioned the momentous UK exit vote from the EU and said he would do a ‘Brexit’ 1000 times over if elected. He did!

Closing A Deal The Harvey Specter Way

Closing a deal The Harvey Specter Way


Harvey the sharp suited and sharp minded Lawyer

Harvey the sharp suited and sharp minded Lawyer in ‘Suits’


One of  our favourite TV series is  “Suits”.

Closing a deal,  the series   is about a firm of  tough top US lawyers.  One of the  main character’s is named Harvey Specter, played excellently by Gabriel Macht, who is a no nonsense sometimes ruthless closer of legal cases before they get to court. He does have a heart but wont let it generally  interfere with his work . Whilst he can be ambitious,  rough & tough and pitiless at times, occasionally he will chill and be mellow.
The other main character called Mike (played by Patrick J Adams) was hired as a junior lawyer by Harvey because of his photographic (eidetic) memory. However Mike did not go to any law school despite his legal skills and ability to memorise complex law documents. Harvey keeps Mike’s secret

However, my favourite character is the eccentric a senior law partner called Lewis (played so well by Rick Hoffman), who has  wonderful expressive face and eyes, conveying anger, sadness and  happiness in well measured scenes.


Here are some of Harvey’s memorable quotes from the series:-

1. Don’t point out your coinage. Use it.


2. You always have more bargaining power than you think.


3.  I’m against having emotions, not using them.


4)  I don’t pave the way for people. People pave the wave for me.


5)  I  don’t play the odds, I play the man.


6)  Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make bad guys pay.


7)  Don’t send a puppy to clean up it’s own mess.


8)  It’s not bragging if it’s true.


9)  Those would all be  shades of  I don’t give a  ‘Sh*t.


New York, The Big Apple

Pat had gone back home to Ireland and was telling about New York.
“Have they such tall buildings in America as they say, Pat?” asked the parish priest.
“Tall buildings ye ask, sur?” replied Pat. “Faith, sur, the last one I worked on we had to lay on our stomachs to let the moon pass.”


New York, New York, a city so nice they named it twice.

I love New York. Next to London, New York is my favourite city. Peter also loves New York. If, sorry, when we win the lottery big time,emoticon praying we would definitey look for an apartment overlooking Central Park. 😉

It is amazing that despite the tall buildings surrounding New York, the sun seems to shine ever so brightly everywhere. We could not believe how bright and clear our photos were. And the people are shiny happy people. So polite and friendly.

New York, The Big Apple.

Did you know?

New York is the most photographed and most filmed city in the world.

Horace Mann – American Education Reformer

Horace Mann

Horace Mann

As Quoted by Horace Mann:

Affectation hides three times as many virtues as charity does sins.
—Horace Mann

“Be Ashamed to Die Until You Have Won Some Victory for Humanity.”

Biography, especially the biography of the great and good, who have risen by their own exertions from poverty and obscurity to eminence and usefulness, is an inspiring and ennobling study. Its direct tendency is to reproduce the excellence it records.
— Horace Mann

Character is what God and the angels know of us; reputation is what men and women think of us.
– Horace Mann

Horace Mann – American Education Reformer

Genius may conceive, but patient labor must consummate.
—Horace Mann.
Good books are to the young mind what the warming sun and the refreshing rain of spring are to the seeds which have lain dormant in the frosts of winter. They are more, for they may save from that which is worse than death, as well as bless with that which is better than life.
— Horace Mann
Habit is like a cable; we weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it.
– Horace Mann.
It is well to think well: it is divine to act well.
– Horace Mann

The pulpit only “teaches” to be honest; the market-place “trains” to overreaching and fraud; and teaching has not a tithe of the efficiency of training. Christ never wrote a tract, but he went about doing good.
— Horace Mann


Quentin Crisp – Englishman in New York

Coming home on my commute this evening and arriving at Golders Green, I read the latest offering quote/thought for the day written up by London Underground Station(Tube) supervisor Chris on the noticeboard at Golders Green Underground train station. When Chris is on duty, he likes to keep us commuters/travellers smiling with various quotes he finds.
The quote chosen today is from Quentin Crisp.

QCQuentin Crisp – Englishman in New York

Quentin Crisp 25 December (1908 – 21 November 1999) was a fascinating & colourful character, Crisp was a  flamboyant openly Gay Englishman, he was an author, actor and was a witty raconteur.
Crisp wrote and appeared in popular and hit one man plays describing life as a homosexual in British society 1920s-60s.

In 1975, the excellent actor John Hurt (known for his amazing performance in ‘The Elephant Man’), in one of his early roles, played Crisp in an entertaining  and thoughtful TV adaptation of Crisp’s autobiography called ‘The Naked Civil Servant.’ In 2009, Hurt reprised the role of Quentin Crisp in ‘An Englishman in New York’, which covered the latter years of Crisp’s life in New York.

Well worth watching!

Pop/rock star Sting dedicated his song ‘Englishman in New York, (1987) to Crisp. He had remarked jokingly “that he looked forward to receiving his naturalisation papers so that he could commit a crime and not be deported.” In late 1986 Sting visited Crisp in his NYC apartment and was told over dinner – and the next three days – what life had been like for a homosexual man in the largely homophobic Great Britain of the 1920s to the 1960s. Sting was both shocked and fascinated and decided to write the song. It includes the lines:
It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile,
Be yourself no matter what they say.

Here is wiki link about him

Quote of The Day 2412014


A gentleman doesn’t pounce, he glides.
– Quentin Crisp


I don’t hold with abroad, and think that foreigners speak English when our backs are turned.
– Quentin Crisp
If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.
– Quentin Crisp

I want to write the words that people want to print.
-Quentin Crisp

There are three reasons for becoming a writer. The first is that you need the money; the second, that you have something to say that you think the world should know; and the third is that you can’t think what to do with the long winter evening.
– Quentin Crisp

~ ~ ~

The trouble with children is that they are not returnable.
– Quentin Crisp

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