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Nostalgic Trip to Sergio Osmena High School

Nostalgic Trip to Sergio Osmena High School

After buying a new bed at Maypajo early this afternoon, Marilou and I decided to go back for some memory lane trip at the nearby Gagalangin.

Alma, our sister-in-law, asked us several times if we knew where we were going. ¬†Marilou and I confidently replied, “Of course, we know after all for 4 years we went to Osmena!” Smirk, smirk!!! ūüôā

Now, we got out and lo and behold!, everything is different, there is now a McDonald where some lovely stationery shops were once located.  Still we walked confidently following a straight path to Osmena.

It was so hot today. Thank goodness for the umbrella Alma insisted we take, at least we had some sort of cover from the punishing sun.

We had been walking more than five minutes when our confidence started to ebb. ¬†We can’t find Osmena High School.

Good thinking Marilou, decided to ask a kind-hearted lady, who said that Osmena HS is located near the market in Bulacan.  We asked her where the old one was?

She pointed to something near a bridge. ¬†My mind must be going as I don’t remember a bridge near our old school. ¬†Anyway we went to a building near the bridge but it did not look or feel like the old Osmena. ¬†We asked someone again and was told that the old building was over there, pointing to some ambulance trucks.

Luckily we met a young man near the ambulance trucks and he pointed to an ongoing huge construction behind him.  He said that was the old Osmena, pointing directly to the signage next to it.  It sure said that the project is for Osmena High School.  He did say that was not true.  This building work is for Torres High School.

If this is the case, then it is coming in full circle.

I was told that Osmena High School was originally created to take in the overflow of students from Torres High School.

Marilou and I were a couple of intrepid alumni, no doubt about that.  We decided to investigate further and look into the new Osmena High School.

We were decidedly surprised to see a well maintained gated building.  Lovely potted plants were hanging in corridors.  There was even an outside auditorium.  A bust of Sergio Osmena prominently displayed in front of the Osmena building.

Though we also noted that the girls’ toilet needed renovation, it was still a far cry from the days when we were young students of Osmena. ¬†We made do with a building with broken windows. ¬†We do not have a gated building with a yard so we did our flag ceremony outside where anyone can see, overlooked by anyone who lived nearby. ¬†We marched round and round the street for our Citizen Army Training (CAT).

We were the poor relation of Torres High then, that can’t be said now. ¬†And yet looking at the rankings of high schools in the Philippines, Torres High School ranks at #88 while Osmena is not in the list of the 220 tops. ¬†ūüôā ¬†What has happened?!!!

The Castle – Public House

The Castle - Photo by Jean Morton

The Castle
– Photo by Jean Morton

This is such a shame.  The last public house in Childshill has closed.  This historical building has succumbed to recession and it is now all boarded up.  It will probably turned into another housing development project just like the gas station opposite The Castle.

Where would we celebrate Christmas Eve? ¬†And New Year’s Eve for that matter?

Absolute Obsolete?!!!

(This blog is still a work in progress, very much so!)

There have been so many things in my lifetime, the last 51 years, which were new innovation, exciting brands, bric-a-brac that we can’t do without but only for them all to end up in the “Dodo Land” where the dinosaurs had gone to have eternal rest too!

In my teens, I used to love going records shopping with my sister, Marilou.  Nowadays, more often than not, the record that you can get is criminal for shop lifting.  LOL

Anyway my sister and I would save some of our allowance and then pool them together at the end of the week and head to Pritil market, where there was a good record shop. ¬†I remember buying the soundtrack album of ¬†Sgt Lonely Heart’s Club Band movie. ¬†My sister and I were really pleased with our purchase, we played and played it till the cows come home and as loud as our record player can manage.

An album is also called a long-playing album or LP or 33 as it has a has 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. Playing an album at a faster speed would make the singer sound like he was on Helium.  That was really

The singles were then also called 45s for having 45 revolutions per minute. ¬†Again if played slow, it sounds funereal. ¬†But would not do that to Leif Garrett. ¬†Leif was “Made for Dancing.” ¬†He was such a dish, a total eye candy. ¬†He was mine, Marilou. ūüôā

My father had a collection of the in-between records, the 78 rpm. They were mainly waltz, polkas, brass bands which he collected while he was in Guam  We used to love listening to waltz from the 78 rpm.  The sale or the need for the 78rpm was already obsolete long before Marilou and I started buying our vinyls for our turntable.

A bit of a DiD you know?

The phonograph or gramophone was invented by that great visionary, Thomas Edison in 1877. Mind you at that time there were some devices that had been invented prior to a phonograph. They can record sounds. But Edison’s version was the first to record and then reproduce the sounds afterwards.

This is how it worked according to Wikipedia:

“The recordings played on such a device generally consist of wavy lines that are either scratched, engraved, or grooved onto a rotating cylinder or disc. As the cylinder or disc rotates, a stylus or needle traces the wavy lines and vibrates to reproduce the recorded sound waves.”

Vinyls were slowly being paced out when the cassette player and cassette tapes came. I remember the first cassette tape I bought was of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. My Lolo (Grandfather) asked me why he has not heard us playing Thriller. He then gave me money to buy the album/tape. He was the sweetest, kindest man and I love him with all my heart!!! I still miss my Lolo.

We had a snazzy cassette player my late Father (the most intelligent man I know) brought back from Saudi Arabia. ¬†It was all silvery with so much buttons that would delight any button and knob fetishist! ūüėČ ¬† With the high-end cassette recorder, my Father also brought home tonnes of ABBA (what is it with men and ABBA?!!!), Dr Hook and gasp ūüėČ James Last and His orchestra tapes. LOL Probably the reason why my Lolo said to get some Thriller! LOL

I can’t fail also to mention that the tape recorder meant the end for a weekend lie-in in the Philippines. ¬†As soon as 7:oo am my brother, Jonathan, would play his tapes of Queen. ¬†He absolutely adored the band and would play Bohemian Rhapsody at maximum volume over and over.

If we moaned about this antic, he would play Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

I am so glad the cassette did not last long as it was a traumatic experience to see your favourite tape turned into a mushy mess of reels being spewed by the voracious tape hungry recorder.

It was a red letter day when the compact disc player was intoduced to the market. I was already here in London when we got a CD player. Peter and I were very happy with our new sound system. It was said then that the CD was indestructible. It would last forever and a day. But of course this was old propaganda, wishful thinking. A year after the CD player was bought, the laser reader went and some of my treasured CD started to loop.

Nothing last forever.


Olympic Games – IOC axe wrestling from 2020 Games

The International Olympic Committee has axed one of the oldest Olympic sports from the 2012 Games: wrestling.

Eurosport¬†‚Äst1 hour 11 minutes ago

WRESTLING Russian wrestler in the Olympic final

Eurosport – WRESTLING Russian wrestler in the Olympic final

The ancient combat sport was one of the events in the original Games in ancient Greece, and was one of the nine sports included when the Games were resurrected in 1896.

But the IOC have decided that what is now a very niche sport should no longer be in the line-up of sports when the 2020 Games are contested in Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo.

The Games have long been limited to 26 sports in order to keep the scale of the event from running out of control.

The list of sports is reviewed after each Games, with factors such as TV ratings, ticket sales and global popularity taken into account, and the IOC’s vote came after the 2012 report recommended that wrestling should be dropped. Modern pentathlon and Taekwondo had also been thought to be at risk, but so far have survived the cull.

There is a possible way back for wrestling, however: the sport has been added to the list of hopefuls which will lobby for Olympic inclusion from 2020, alongside baseball, softball, squash, karate, sport climbing, wakeboarding, wushu and roller sports.

The IOC will vote on which new sport to include at a meeting in Buenos Aires in September.

The Reign of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert were a loving couple; devoted to their children.  They were a representative of stability and reliable values. They were the ones that created a model role for the royal family.




Prince Albert

” Such beautiful blue eyes, and exquisite nose, & a pretty mouth with moustachios & slight, but very slight whiskers: a beautiful figure, broad in the shoulders and fine waist.”
– Queen Victoria’s impression of Prince Albert on their second meeting.

15 October 1839 – on this day, encouraged by her Uncle Leopold, Queen Victoria proposed to her cousin, Prince Albert.

They were married on 10 February 1840.




Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

The young Victoria loved to dance.  She can dance the Scottish reels to the Georgian minuets.












When Prince Albert died, the lonely Queen Victoria turned her attention to her gillie, John Brown.  He became her friend and trusted confidant.  Their relationship of deep friendship became a subject of scurrilous gossip by the press.  Victoria was often referred to as Mrs Brown.  She liked the way John Brown treated her, like a real woman rather than inscrutable sovereign.



The Reign of Queen VictoriaWhat the Queen Said and thought:


After her engagement to Prince Albert

“He clasped me in his arms and kissed me again and again.”


A marriage is no amusement but a solemn act and generally a sad one.”


Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.


“It is in one’s power to be happy – and to be contented.”


“It is quite a pleasure to look at Albert when he gallops and valses, he does it so beautifully, holds himself so well with that beautiful figure of his.”





“We are not amused.”
– Queen Victoria


We poor creatures are born for Man’s pleasure and amusements.
– Queen Victoria

I don’t dislike babies, though I think very young ones rather disgusting.
– Queen Victoria
 Did you know?

Queen Victoria was not only a loving mother but loved her dogs as well.  Her favourite dogs were Dash, Eos, Boy, Boz, Sharp, Noble, Lily, Maggie, Spot, Marco and Turi.


Apparently Queen Victoria was prescribed by her doctor a dose of marijuana to relieve her of menstrual cramps.

 Queen Victoria reigned longer than any other British Monarch (But Queen Elizabeth II is fast catching up).   She was in the throne for 63 years and 216 days.

Update:  As of September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning monarch of the British Royalty.

God Bless the Queen! ūüôā

”¬†I am sorry to say I have fallen hopelessly in love with the Queen, and wander up and down with vague and dismal thought of running away with a maid of honour.” – Charles Dickens


Queen Victoria’s queenly deportment started fairly early on. ¬†As a chid she had a sprig of holly pinned ¬†on her collar to ensure that she kept her chin up and did not slouch.

“To try and find out the reason for everything is very dangerous and leads to nothing but disappointment. ” – Queen Victoria



Queen Victoria was the ruler over what became ¬†the largest and most expansive empire in history¬†and, for over a century, was the foremost global power.¬†¬†By 1922 the British Empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-fifth of the world’s population at the time.¬†¬†The empire covered more than 33,700,000 km2¬†(13,012,000¬†sq¬†mi), almost a quarter of the Earth’s total land area.¬†¬†It’s political, legal, ¬†linguistic¬†and cultural¬†legacy is widespread. At the peak of its power, the phrase ” the empire on which the sun never sets” was often used to describe the British Empire, because its expanse across the globe meant that the sun was always shining on at least one of its territories.



Did you Know?

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were keen artists, mainly drawing.  They both appreciated the male form.  Victoria, however, would only draw the male body from pictures instead of having a live model.

Queen Victoria reigned for nearly sixty-four years from 1837 to 1901.  Still longer than any British Monarch, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Places bearing Queen Victoria’s name still exists in countries as far-flung as Africa where they have Victoria Falls and Lake Victoria. ¬†Hong Kong has Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak, and Victoria Road.

What they say and how they perceive Queen Victoria:

“I love the Queen – perhaps the only person left to me in this world that I do love…”
– Benjamin Disraeli

The Queen is a homely little thing when she is at her ease, and she is evidently dying to be always more so.
– Thomas Creevey

The three women I have admired most are Queen Victoria, Sarah Bernhardt and Lillie Langtry – I would have married any one of them with pleasure.
– Oscar Wilde