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1 March: It is March!


Thought of the Day:


“Nature by an absolute and uncontrollable necessity has determined us to judge as well as to breathe and feel.”
– David Hume

 1 March: It is March!


Happy Birthday to:-

  • Lan Blue



Spring is coming!  Spring is my favourite season of the year.

It is when the day starts to get lighter and the evening doesn’t go dark at 3:30.

Spring has a buoyant effect on me.  It removes the cobwebs in my brain and makes me feel lighter and brighter; more positive and energetic.

I supposed I do suffer a little bit from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which causes, winter blues and low feelings.

I like the sunshine, I like everything bright!  Be that as it may, SAD does not only occur during the winter or autumn time.  There are some people who suffer summer blues 🙁

Anyway I expect more sun now that it is March.  I can’t wait for the bulbs to come out from the ground and display their array of colourful blooms.



The Loving Couple – Feng Shui

The Loving Couple – Feng Shui


The Loving Couple, photo by JMorton

Origin: China; Fung Shui

Peter and I bought these Loving Couple in Divisoria in the Philippines because they looked so cute. We just couldn’t resist.

By the way, Feng Shui object d’art is big business in the Philippines.

Apparently, these figurines are of a newly married couple.

Aside from Mandarin ducks figurines, which I think is a slightly more popular choice, the Loving Couple is also presented to a newly married couple a symbol of true love.

Traditionally the Chinese believe that if put these wedding couple in a room where you are mostly with your other half, in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or even in the dining room,  your personal relationship luck will be activated and be a longlasting love.

I recently watched a drama called The Story of Ming Lan, where the second male lead gave the female figurine to Ming Lan to keep, while he kept the male one for himself.

Well probably because he separated them, he did not get to keep Ming Lan in the end.

I know, it is overthinking. LOL

Year of the Pig (2019)

Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Pig (2019)


Photo by JMorton

  •  It is the 12th of 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac of the Chinese calendar.
  • It is the 12th or last of the animals because it was the last one to arrive when the Jade Emperor called for a great meeting.
  • LAZY PIG comes from the story during the great race for the Jade Emperor’s great meeting, the pig took it upon itself to stop and forage, when it had its fill, he promptly slept.
  • Lucky flower is Lily
  • Lucky Colour: yellow, avoid red and blue
  • Characteristics:  Faithful in friendship, kind, generous, stylish, perfectionist and hardworking

24th December

Christmas Month

24th December


When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?

– G.K. Chesterton


Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are essential to Christmas decorating.  The stockings work like magnets for Santa Claus.  If you had been good all year round then your Christmas stockings will be filled with lovely goodies, come Christmas morning.

I think Santa and his reindeers will appreciate really snazzy designed Christmas stockings.  They see billions of these that yours must stand out and perhaps will get the choicest gifts.

I had a very sad story regarding Christmas stocking when I was seven.  I have to admit I was rather a bit of a handful as a child.  When there was a strife amongst my siblings, my parents knew that I started it all. LOL

Anyway, despite my being so naughty, I still hoped that Father Christmas, the dear old Santa Claus, would overlook my willfulness and would still leave me a present.  So with so much excitement like a seven-year old of the 70s, I hang one of my favourite red socks in our veranda.  It was a knee-high sock so I thought it could sufficiently hold a few nice pesos and chocolates.

It was my little secret.  I did not tell my mother and father or anyone because I had hoped to surprise them in the morning with my present from Santa; that even a naughty girl like me deserves a gift!!!

The next morning on Christmas day, I went to check and it was all empty.  (I was so very, very upset, so upset in fact that it still gives me nightmare now and seriously messed me mentally.)  😉

With the maturity of a seven-year-old, I told myself that I was so naughty I did not deserve a present from Santa.  Justice learned from an early age.