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Beauty: Eyes

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.
– Jack Black


Beauty: Eyes

According to research a big pair of eyes are very attractive.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to your soul.

They are the first thing people notice about you.

Therefore, we should look after our eyes.

*  We should carefully remove eye make-up before going to bed.

* Do not rub eyes with dirty tissues and dirty hands.

* Be gentle with the skin around the eyes.  Pat rather than rub!

* Get a good night sleep.

* Drink a lot of water to rehydrate the skin.

* Treat your eyes to some cold compress or cucumber slices session.

* Tidy up your eyebrows.  This technique can make you look younger.  Pluck any stray hairs around your eyebrows.  DO NOT OVER PLUCK!

* Invest in a pair of a good eyelash curler.  Curling your eyelashes really opens up your eyes.

* Try using false eyelashes.  They can become easy to use with practise.

* Using mascara is another trick.  Use black for drama.  Most make-up artists recommend to use mascara on upper lashes only.

DSCN9213Tears can be beneficial to your eyes.  They contain antibacterial substances which help clear most eye infections naturally.

Be An Easter Bunny…..


The Cotton Tails: Daffodil & Pop

The Cotton Tails: Daffodil & Pop


Easter Sunday is all about fun and rejoicing. The Lord God has risen from the dead.  We are literally happy bunnies.  And as such, below is a list to give yourself to celebrate the day. Let us all hunt for treasures in our Easter Bunny guise.

Be an Easter bunny….


Introduce yourselves!

Introduce yourselves!


Ideal Look for Men & Women?!!!

Apparently a lingerie company called Bluebella had conducted a survey amongst men and women regarding preferences of their ideal look for men and women based on attributes from gorgeous celebrities.

Meaning they have to create the perfect or ideal look from celebrities with the best hair, the most beautiful or enchanting face, the best shoulders, the best breasts or chest, the best abs, the sexiest hips, the shapeliest legs, etc.

Please see below the outcome. I must say, they are far from the perfection or ideal look one would really hope for.

If by some force of nature that I could metamorphose into a body and look like  anyone, I would definitely not want to appear as a  caricature similar to the ones below.  To my mind’s eyes, it would be a wasted opportunity…..

I am wondering why Cara Delavinge ? She is pretty girl but beautiful? No….  She has been featured and being written about in many magazines lately and I am just thinking what her appeal was?

Personally, I think Charlize Theron is fantastically beautiful.  She has got the whole package.

Here is photoshop’s very own version Dr Frankenstein’s She/He-monsters. LOL


cara 146459

Banana Shaped Body Type

We blogged the hour-glass figure previously which was best exemplified by our chosen celebrities.  This time we are going to talk about the banana shape figure.

The banana shape is just like what the fruits connotes.  It is rectangular or rather more or less straight up and down.  The shoulders, the waist and the hips measurement are almost the same.  This body frame is what is vernacularly called boyish or androgynous just like most catwalk models.  This could be the size zero generation.  The banana shape can be like an hour-glass figure without the a protrusions or curves.

Banana Shaped Body Type

Our banana shaped celebrities are:


Gwyneth Paltrow


Victoria Beckham

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Tilda Swinton


Keira Knightley


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

History’s Famous Hairstyles


There have been men and women who became famous because of their haircuts or hairstyles. So famous that the haircut became their trademark or named after them or the character they portrayed.  Sometimes their hairstyles are still talked about whilst their bodies of works had long gone, forgotten.

I remember my mother would ask the hairdresser to give me a twiggy haircut when I was 6 or 7.   I know of the twiggy look but not really sure who was Twiggy then, but I do now!!!

In high school I sported the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.  It was the 70s where everyone in tune to Charlie’s Angels.

I became known for my Farrah style throughout third and fourth year high school.  I had really straight long hair and the only way it can be given the Farrah treatment was to put my barnet fair* in rollers every time I was not at school.  I often slept in my uncomfortable foam rollers at night.  During lunch break when everyone would hang out in cool places and have a laugh, I would be running back home to put my hair in rollers.

In London’s East End famous Cockney rhyming slang, hair is called ‘Barnet Fair’* or shortened to ‘Barnet’ by many native Londoners 🙂

But the thing was I would be in a jeepney going back to school after lunch and people would look at me and admire my precious Farrah locks.  It was like in the television commercial of a one famous shampoo in the Philippines called “Gee, your hair smells terrific!”.  Really that was the name of the shampoo. LOL  They would really whisper to each other how beautiful my hair was.  The same thing at  school.  By the way I was also using that shampoo and it was gloriously, deliciously fragrant that my classmates would like giving me a hug to have a sniff at my hair.   I was really proud of my beautifully scented bouncy Farrah.  When I met some of my schoolmates in Facebook, I just have to say that I was the girl with the Farrah Fawcett hair and they remember me immediately.

History’s Famous Hairstyles

Here are some celebrities and people of history with famous barnet.

Hair Loss – The Bald Fact

It is foolish to tear one’s hear in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness.

~ Cicero

Hair Loss – The Bald Fact

Male balding also known as androgenic alopecia is more widespread among caucasian men.

Caucasian men lose their locks in direct proportion with their age, thus 30 per cent of men lose their hair at 30, 50 per cent at 50 and 60 per cent at 60.

But men who lose their hair on their head do not necessary mean that they are hairless everywhere else.  In fact bald men can be hirsute somewhere else.  And this is due to the male hormone DHT (dihydrootestosterone) which has an exfoliating property and as well as stimulate hair growth.

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